I am Rahul, aged 25 years and presently putting up with my brother ( 31 ). He got married some 4 years back. I became a die hard fan of my bhabhi, Haasini from the day one because of her beauty. She is sooo fair that the very word fair will be gross insult to her skin texture.

Her good height (5 6″) and curvaceous body, all in correct proportion, makes her the most desirable lady and my brother always feels proud of his prized possession. After about a year my brother shifted to Mumbai and his career took off in a brilliant manner. I completed my studies and settled for a job in Mumbai at a lesser salary, only to be near her and feast my eyes.

My brother was doing good and they had no problem in accomodating me in their magnificient 4 bedroom apartment. My infatuation grew by leaps and bounds when I saw her in tight jeans, skirts, backless blouse (only when she used to go for party with my brother ) and saree all underlining her feminity and that marvelous curvaceous body displaying no symptoms whatsoever to proove that she is mother of a year old toddler.

I tried to get close to her and all I could manage in those initial 3 to 4 months was she liked my company. She seemed to be pretty satisfied with all the sex she was getting from my brother. It was then that I decided to seduce her. I had developed a feeling that if I am not able to fuck her then my entire life is a waste.

One evening while we were watching T.V Haasini complimented Hrithik’s body and poked my brother for being out of shape. Her simple statement gave me hope and I decided to shape up my body. I knew that if not like Hrithiks body I can certainly have a good body to show off. The very next day I joined gym and my efforts paid off within two three months Haasini asked me if I am seeing any girl, in front of my brother.

I said no bhabhi, but why are you asking. She looked at my brother and said ladka aaj kal body banaa raha hai . My brother laughed and said chalo aacha hai, usko aish karne do ek do saal. As per instruction of my instructor I had controlled my diet and I used to feel good standing nude in front of full scape mirror.

I observed that Haasini used to, in one pretext or other, take a look at my budding biceps and would tease me lage raho munna bhai . It gave me required motivation and I really worked hard. It took about a year for me to have good biceps and triceps. I felt that I got good attention from not only Haasini ( she felt it ) but other girls in the building and sensed a tad of jeolousy from Haasini when Ritu started to frequently come to meet me.

Haasini and myself then engaged ourselves in cat and mouse game where she , as if accidently, quite often, let her pallu slip giving me a good cleavage show and used to hold my arms every now and then, but always in absence of my brother. Then one day, on Ritus suggestion, I got my arms tatooed.

I showed it off to Haasini and she became a bit more explicit and I felt that she started competing Ritu (die hard fan of size zero ). I, infact soothed her ego, said Ritu, yaar if bhabhi would have belonged to Mumbai she would have given Katrina Kaif a run for money . Ritu also agreed and asked Haasini bhabhi aap kaise itna apne ko maintained rakhtee ho.

I added ( to please Haasini ) yaar bhabhi toh mere umr ki lagti hi nahin hain, do teen saal choti lagti hai . Haasini was visibly pleased with all this. (Haasini knew that I was, by that time enjoying sex with Ritu). After Ritu left, I kept on complimenting her beauty as she kept on cooking. She giggled as I kept on complimenting her.

In humid weather of Mumbai, I removed my T shirt, exposing my now well toned upper half, and said uff yeh humidity mein bhabhi aap kaise yeh saari pehan leti ho . She looked at me and watched my body and said tatoo aacha lag raha hai . I asked her sirf tatoo ?. She sexily angled her face towards me and said upar ka body to aachaa hai, neeche ka Ritu se pooch lena and she giggled and I laughed and said usko bhi kaise maloom hoga.

Haasinis eye danced all around my body and said Rahul, I know what you two are doing these days . I pretended and innocently asked what are we doing ?. She just meaningfully smiled and said kyun mere muh se sun na chahta hai. I insisted and said, haan . Before she could reply my brother came back and we changed the topic.

I further opened up with Haasini and one fine evening told her about Ritus interest in horse riding. She joked riding is for you and you should be more intrested in riding and perhaps she is more interested that you ride perfectly . I laughed and then indirectly discussed few positions. She expressed that it is the adventure which gives pleasure and thrill not the act itself.

I asked her to explain. She said buddhu, bachpan mein aam chori nahi kiya kabhi , I said kiya hai . She asked chori karke khaane mein mazaa tha ya ghar mein dad jo kharid ke laate the . I said chori waala . She sucked her own lips and asked samaje . I laughed and said haan par bhabhi ab is case mein chori kaise karoo, aam to hai mere paas .

She made a funny face management kaise pass kar liya tu, arre buddhu, thoda dar ho jaise ki koi dekh liya toh, ya kissi ko malum pad gaya toh, thodi jaldi ho ki koi aa jayega toh etc etc. She enacted whatever she said and I laughed heartily and asked her bhaiya ke saath kaun kaun si choriyan karti ho . She realised she talked too much and said ab bus karo, jo marji kar.

I was satisfied with the progress I made and didnt overstrech the talk. Just after few days I again poked her saying bhabhi you are sooo sooo beautiful, pls share how bhaiya gets romantic with you . She said kahan ka romance, you are with us for last 2 years, did you see him romancing with me. I said woh apne chote bhai ke saamne thodi na aapse romance karenge.

She said, arre nahin, your brother is not at all romantic, alag type ka hai, khyaal aacha rakhte hai, khush rakhte hai but,no thrilling romance. I acted as if I am shocked and asked her aur kya karenge . Haasini was again in her flow and said tum nahi samajoge, I insisted then she asked me sach sach bataa Ritu ko kya gift sabse jyada pasand aaya .

I stressed my brain and acted as if I was feeling shy and said woh bhabhi jab hum Goa gaye the toh use ek lingerie kharid ke diya that is her special one . Haasini winked at me and said good ! Now your brother gives me gold, diamond in gifts but nothing of this sort . I protested and said everybody can not give gold, you should be greatful . Haasini said this is the point, I am greatful but, I am missing the thrill .

I now knew how to seduce her and what exactly she wanted. My wicked mind chalked out a plan and I simply waited for my brother to go out of station. Then one day over dinner my brother said he would be going to Delhi next morning. His flight was of morning 5 a.m and he hoped to return same evening.

I dropped my brother to airport at 3:30 a.m and came back and decided it was now or never. I had a feeling that Haasini, too, is waiting for initiation from me. Haasini had removed her top gown and was wearing two piece night dress, a silky top hung on her shoulders with just two thin straps and a mini skirt type short.

With no bra, her firm chuchi stood up like mount everest and created a gap between her top and body. Her almost bare shoulders spoke volumes about her velvety skin.The shorts were well below her navel but enough above her bushes and unlike Ritus flat stomach, there was a slight mound around her oval navel making it deeper and sexier and it was enough to charge me up.

She gave me feel of her sexy boobs, slender waist and those sexy buns and without showing she showed a lot. I had a good look at her smooth velvety skin and deeply exhaling said bhabhi, bahut sexy lag rahi ho . She laughed, tying her hairs in bun form and giving me opportunity to look at her smooth armpits, said apni bhabhi ko sexy kah rahe ho, tere bhai ko malum pad gaya toh teri aur meri jaan le lenge .

I asked her kyun ! Main kya taarif nahi kar sakta . Nahi nahi mera ye matlab nahi tha Rahul she responded. I watched her from head to toe, stopping at her boobs and then navel area (so openly with her knowledge for the first time ). She asked me for tea, I agreed and said, terrace mein chalte hain . It was about 4:30 a.m and very dim moonlight flooded the terrace.

She sat reclining herself on that luxiorous beach chair, top portion inclined, and one leg little up. With one hand she held the mug and other above her head. She looked sexy and my lund reacted by growing in erection. I stood near railing, watching her and enjoying. I was in jeans and shirt. She softly said jaa jaake change kar lo, bhor ki is breeze mein aacha lagega.

I kept my mug on railing, and one by one unbuttoned my shirt. I decided to give her strip show. I then slowly removed my shirt. She responded by putting her both hands above her head, making her chuchi more attractive. As I proceeded towards my jeans, she sighed and crossed her legs and played with her feet.

As I unzipped the jeans and slided it just enough to expose my huge bulge, I saw her rubbing her face over her arms and she whispered stoppp itt Rahulll, pls go inside and change . I defied her wish and continued with my endeavour and gently slowly removed it then picked my clothing and walked towards her. She watched me and circled her tongue twice over her lips in quick succession.

I stood near her and put my clothes on the string. My huge bulge was perhaps just a feet away and she surely must have smelled my jockey, which I wash with lemon water(a good way to avoid pungent smell of sweat, try it readers ). I observed she had closed her eyes and was breathing erratically. She waited for me to do something and I waited for her to say something.

She had seen me in my shorts but never in my jockey. It was still dark there and I won the battle when she opened her eyes, saw me standing there only. She croaked kya hua, yahan khade kyon ho?. I softly replied bhabhi, jagah to do . She gulped and said aisay and I teased her kyon aisay kya problem hai . She had regained a lot and said kam se kam shorts to pehan lo .

My tone was that of a challenge kyon, dar lag raha hai . She little bit increased the pitch of her voice from whisper and said dar ! Kis baat ka . I then insisted to baithne do, aapne paas . I stressed the last two words. She shrugged her shoulders and gave me little space. As I sat beside her facing her, our bare skins touched and I for the first time felt she was burning hot as if she was having fever.

I felt her shiver and my whole body had goosebums. I heard her weak voice plss doosra chair le lo . I pretended that I could not hear her and I put both my arms around both side of her face and fully bent myself, just inches away from crushing her magnificient chuchi, and took luxury of resting my lower lip over her earlobe and blowing hot breath over her ears whispered kuch boli tum.

She had turned her face and I too felt her hot breath. She whispered pls Rahul, dont make things difficult for me, pls go away . I deeply inhaled her aroma, and in process of moving out from that posture exhaled over her neck and shoulder. My lund was soo hard that it wanted to be free but I wanted to arouse her to point of no return.

I remained in that odd position and put my one leg over the chair (one leg still on floor). I touched her legs with my legs and my bulge of lund brushed her from side on her thighs. She shivered and closed her eyes. I gently nudged her and made her fully aware of my hard, erect lund.

She responded well to my nudge and gave me enough room and I was side on position, she had twisted her lower half which gave me opportunity to fully press my lund on her ass. I wanted desperately to go to next level of the game and I whispered bhabhi, chori karne ka man kar raha hai.

I took her silence as her consent and simultaneously rubbed my legs on hers and put my hand on her stomach, softly squeezing her navel area. She was not breathing and kept on quivering as my hands approached the base of her magnificient chuchi. I felt her quivers and as no longer able to hold her breath, she exhaled and started taking short frequent breaths.

I was in no hurry and my fingers took circuitous route, circling her entire chuchi and then finally reached her hard erect nipples. As I played with her one nipple trying to find the intensity of her desire, she thrust her ass providing counter pressure on my lund. I finally tweaked her nipples and she moaned aaaaaagghghhhh.

I had exposed her one chuchi to my greedy tongue and in no time it was inside my mouth and I sucked, lapped and kept on nibbling one and tweaking the other one between my fingers. She started combing my hairs with her fingers and kept on moaning ooooohhhh aaaaahhh ummmmmm uuuffffff ooooommmmmm.

I slided my left hand beneath her body and handed over the tweaking of her nipples (by right hand) to left hand and my free right hand straight away went to inside her shorts. She was wearing G string and I massaged her choot from over her soaked panties. It responded well oozing out more.

She pulled my hairs and as I looked up, leaving her nipples, she kissed my lips and then whispered chalo bed room mein . I asked her why. She sexily giggled and said buddhu, chair toot jayega aur phir wahan bada ground milega . I again kissed her, sucked her lips greedily and asked her bheetar manaa toh nahi kar dogi.

She countered me agar chori pakdi gayi toh is saathi ko akela toh nahi choor doge. I lifted her up in my arms and admidst her kisses said kabhi nahi . I took her to my bedroom, I opened all windows while she sat on the bed. As I came near her she held my waist and with ease slowly lowered my jockey. My lund sprang out and she kissed it.

She played with her tongue along the length of my lund and then it vanished inside her mouth. I felt the hotness of her mouth and all the tingling she did with her tongue. I held her head and and blurted out suck it baby, I have been waiting for this since I saw you . She tested me with mild jerks and licking the tip but I controlled my pressure built up.

She then pulled me and came on top of me. She sat on my crotch, and removed her tops. I exclaimed oh my god ! Sooooo lovely Haasini . She smiled and said bhabhi hi bolo Rahul warna naam se bulane ki aadat pad jayegi . I cupped her chuchi, 2 perfect U and asked kyon . She removed her shorts balancing on my crotch and sexily said yeh silsila shuru hua, mujhe maloom hai ab tum jab bhi mauka milega mujhe litaa hi doge.

She rubbed her choot on my pubic hairs and bent down to kiss me. She then licked my nipples and sucked it. I was all charged up and brought her down. As I positioned myself between her legs, she pulled me down and playing with my tongue she whispered, tere bhai ko nahane ke liye sirf 5 minute lagte hai isliye jo bhi karna sirf 3 minute mein.

I laughed, and asked her aur baki ke do minute . She said kapade pehan ne ke liye . I gave a huge thrust and entered her fully. I took her nipples in my mouth and she said fuck me hard and fast Rahul. I sprinted and began fucking her at rapid pace. It was like I was running 100 mtr race. I kept on banging her feeling her choot walls squeezing my lund.

She moaned and moaned encouraging me hhhaaaaannn haaaaahhhnnn aaaiisssseeee hiiiii aaahhhhhh uuuummmmm hhhaaan ufffffffffff kaaarooooo aaaapniiiii mmmurrraaaaddd purrriiii kaaar loooooo hmmmmmm uffffffffffff oooohhhhhh Rrrraaaahuuuuulll ummmmmmmm uuufffffff issss gharrrrr kee haaaarr aaahhhh ummm koneeeee koneeeeeee meeeinnnn mmmujjjheeeeee chhdooooddddddnaaaa boooloooo rrrrraaahuuulllll kkaaarororgeeee aaaaaahhhhh naaaaa.

At that time I was not in position to talk. I was panting and just enjoying her tight choot. I was not able to breathe and I opened my mouth to get some air, my mouth dried out and I made strange effort to breathe. She turned me and came on top of me and started her slow grinding of my lund. I gathered my breath and cupped her chuchi and again came on top of her.

I took her to edge of bed, stood up and put her both legs on my shoulder and again pumped her like a mad man. She was oozing out in gallons and I felt it wetting my balls. She deliriously moaned aaammmmmm hmmmmm uummm aaaaahhhhhh ooooommm hhhaannnn and then I felt her stiffen and I started pumping her furiously. I started firing and her volcano too erupted.

I kept on jerking into her choot till I felt she was still and calm. I stood there breathing heavily with both my hands over my hips. Haasini said you are slow, you took 8 minutes to finish it off sweetheart, pakade jayenge . I not able to breathe, laughed and said aagli baar try karta hoon. She commanded its dawn now close the window and relax. After the lust (or love ) calmed down, I felt niggling pain in my left shoulder. I asked her as to why she did it and it inaugrated another round of emotional outburst. She calmly said ‘ Firstly I did’nt want it to be that hard and secondly I do not want you to forget what both of us did today morning ‘. I subtly said that even without this I would have never forgotten todays incidence.

She literally licked my wound and said ‘o.k Rahul you bite me’. I sarcastically said and what would you tell to my brother, you would be ruined. She laughed and said ‘you care for me, or you are afraid’. I said ‘both’. She asked me ‘Rahul, you wanted my body, na’. I hesitated a bit and said ‘ initially I was deeply infatuated and had lust for you but I never wanted to harm you ‘.

She just sighed and said ‘ just go and have a tetanus injection ‘. I asked her ‘ Haasini, tell me honestly, you wanted sex or you are in love ‘. She just said ‘ what do you think’. I was again confused and said ‘ perhaps we would have never crossed the limit had I not seduced you ‘. She smiled and said what if I would have seduced you ?.

I immediately said, I would have loved it and gone for it. She laughed, got up from bed, and said ‘now if you had high morals, say, the bade bhai factor, ingratiated in your mind and add to it the courage factor then would you have done it ‘. I was speechless, I shook my head. She taunted me and said you got the answer, my dear provided you don’t consider me to be a whore.

She went to bathroom and just took a quick shower and as she started to dress up and softly said ‘I have enjoyed both the times and thanks for that and as I,too,wanted it to happen so I allowed you’. I nodded as if I understood but in reality I myself did’nt understand why I wanted her so badly. It was about 4:30 p.m and she again licked my wound and said ‘ go and get the injection’.

She then called my brother and asked him regarding his time of arrival. He said he would be back home by 11 p.m. After few minutes of casual talk she hung up and winked at me. She said ‘we still have about six hours’. I just smiled. I did’nt know where we were heading. I, too, got ready and left the house.

I took injection and applied a balm. The Dr. laughed and said you got a nasty wife and better engage her while she is having her orgasm or you would be hurt like this only. I acknowledged his concern by just smiling. I wandered aimlessly for few hours thinking about what I have done. I then rang up my brother and asked him if I should pick him up from airport.

He declined and said he would come by his own. I called Ritu and felt good talking with her. At around 9 p.m I returned back. Haasini complained and I said I am confused. She asked me, ‘regarding what’. I blurted ‘ regarding fucking you ‘. She just said ‘ nau sau choohe kha kar billi haj karne nikili’. My nephew was nagging her and she said wait for me.

She came back within 15 – 20 min after he slept. I dejectedly said ‘ Haasini, mera majaak mat udao ‘. She hissed, ‘ Rahul, why are you confused ? Is it b’coz I asked you a question you love me or not ? Basically, I am beginning to feel that you would have been comfortable had I behaved and acted like a whore or your brother would have been impotent ‘.

I said ‘ no it is not like that ‘. Truthfully, I myself could not understand my problem. Haasini then naughtily said ‘ chalo koi baat nahi, abhi maloom pad jayega ‘ and she left. She came back wearing a frock ( I have never seen that dress ). It just covered her ass and her beautiful long legs looked gorgeous.

It was sleeveless and the cut for arms were deep enough that one can easily put in his hands to have fun with her chuchi. She was braless that I knew. She came in front of me and posed sexily. I felt my lund getting stiff again. She sexily gyrated her hips, spreading out her arms and put one of her leg very near to my lund. I bent my head to check wether she had panty or not.

Oh ! My god, it was just her frock. She nudged my lund with her legs and said, ‘ tum ek number ke bastard ho, khud ko confused kahte ho, but, phir taiyaar ho gaye sex ke liye ‘. I tried to control myself and Haasini, as if dancing pose sat beside me with one leg on my lund and with other she caressed my cheeks. She ordered me to unbutton my shirt but I did’nt.

She smiled sexily and said ‘ chalo aisay hi sahi ‘. She rubbed my lips with her feet and in reflex action I just could stop myself from kissing it. She sexily whispered gooooood babbbyyyyy com’ mon youu want it, jjjussstttt dddoooooo ittttttt babbbyy ummmmmm liccckkkkk itt. I felt spellbound and licked it. She encouraged me and moaned uuummmmmm aaaahhhh theee wholeee legg babyyyyy.

I licked her upto calf and then vigorously sucked her calf. She kept on moaning aaaahhhhggghhhh ufffffff mmmyyyyyy lllloverrrrrrr boyyyyy opennn itttttttt youu aree hurting yourselfff, makeee itt freee ummmmm and pressed my lund with her feet. I hurriedly unzipped my pant and in one stroke removed it from my body. My lund sprang out like a spring.

Not fully hard but hard enough to be on its own without any support. She swiftly turned and took it inside her mouth and sucked it hard. I felt my lund growing in size inside her mouth. I moaned uffff Haasiniaaaaa dheeereeee. She licked it then giving attention to tip. I grabbed her frock and pulled it out. She was totally nude. She stood up and crazily went to terrace, all nude saying terrace par.

The opposite high rise building was, at the most, 50 mtr away. Though terrace lights were switched off but it was not totally dark out there. I went after her. She stood there striking ‘titanic pose’. I said ‘ Haasini lets go to my room ‘. She whispered ‘c’mon Rahul, ‘. She turned and kissed me. I strained my eye to look at the opposite building but could not see anything.

I hugged her and kissed passionately. She removed my shirt and both were totally nude. I sucked and licked her nipples angling and bending my head, she gently chewed my earlobes and charged me up. I slowly kneeled in front of her and she kept her legs over my shoulder, sttill standing, as I sucked her pussy.

She moaned ummmm Rahuuuulll tummm mujheee pagalllll kar diyeee hooo aaaghhhh uffffffff ittniiiiii mastiiiiii ooohhhh myyyyy goddddd uffff hmmmmm. She was oozing out her juices and was praising me. The pleasure weakened her knees and she collapsed over me. She then again took my lund and started sucking it.

I was still on my knees and now it was my turn and my tension kept on creeping up. She realised this and stood up and turned and held the railing and bent herself to the extent that her pussy was visible from rear and I positioned myself. I rubbed my lund and then entered her from rear. Once fully inside her, her mobile rang. She hurriedly said, make it fast, he has landed in Mumbai.

I began thrusting her at rapid pace. She moaned very softly, barely audible aaahhhhh ummmmm hummmmm hummmmmm ooohhh Rrrraahullll hmmmmmm oooohhh uffffff. I was feeling tense and soon I ejaculated. She was still not done. I felt guilty for her. I said sorry but she kissed me and whispered ‘ its o.k, sometimes it happens ‘.

She hurriedly took her frock and instructed my to clear the mess. She ran to bathroom and I rearranged the living room. She returned within ten minutes, water dripping down her face, then rang up my brother and said ‘ han bolo, bathroom mein thi ‘. She again winked at me and motioned me to take shower. I took shower and came out in my usual dress, shorts and T shirt.

She kissed me and said he is coming and don’t forget to peep inside our room. She winked and wore a gown over frock to cover herself. I switched on T.V and settled for HBO when sound of calling bell filled the room. My brother had arrived.

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