I am 26 years old male and married with two children. I am the only son of my parents and since they are in business I grew up in my maternal uncle’s family. I was well loved by all since I am the only boy in the family. I do not know since when I developed an infatuation with my aunty. As I was older than my cousins (uncle’s children) I remember my aunty since I was a small boy.

Since, early childhood I was horny. I used to masturbate even before I could ejaculate. It must be around 12year’s of age that I started to notice the lovely body of my aunty who was around 25 years. She was very lovely and caring towards me but I had a big lust over her. I used to peep into her cleavage from her blouse opening whenever she bends for household works and that used to be my fantasy for masturbation.

She had started to gain weight sligthly after having her second child at the age of 26. My lust towards my aunty increased by many folds after an incident when I saw her bathing in a white petticoat. She was about the 5 ft and 55 kg and at that time I was 5′ 6″ weighing 65 kg. I was going to toilet and she was taking bath. The toilet was at a corner of a big room at the ground floor with the tap.

So one has to enter the room (not proper closed bathroom) for toilet. OOf! How can I forget the lovely view of her body revealed through the wet white petticoat which was stuck to her body revealing almost every thing. I could clearly see her lovely body, boobs, ass and thighs. When I entered the bathroom she was rinsing her lovely boobs with water with the petticoat down.

She quickly covered?? when I reached there unexpectedly. But that was more than enough for me. Wow what lovely pair of boobs and pointing tits she has. They must be around 38 in size. Big rounded fair skinned boobs with slightly darker areola and nipples. This was the first time I saw a fully grown naked body of a mature woman. I still remember the colour of smooth milky milk jugs of my aunty even after 15 years.

She was fair skinned with good body structure. It must be because of this incident and image impression in my brain that I still like full bodied women but not skinny girls. Soon I entered the toilet but I was taking long in the toilet to peep through the hole in the door while she was still bathing in the filmsy covering. She was standing wet soaping her boobs openly again thinking I am inside the toilet and cannot see her.

Then she applied soap in her thighs and deep in the crouch lifting the clothing and rinsed the body pouring enough water. The petticoat was just hanging there somewhere on her waist revealing almost 85% of her lovely body. The boobs, back, ass crack, thighs all were clearly visible through the wet cloth.

Unfortunately, I could not see her pussy as she was a little pot bellied and the petticoat was not stuck there in the pelvis region while standing. Soon after, I went to school with the memories of dick raising pictures in my mind. I still regret that I could not stay there longer to see her changing into dry clothes and drying herself with towel.

Then I started to take every opportunity of taking glimpse of her body while changing her clothes or doing other works. It was very casual for her as I had been there since a small kid. It seemed she never realized that I had grown up and in fact lusting her body. She used to change in her bedroom without closing the door.

But I knew places in the living room from where I could see her in reflections in glass or peep through holes.I slowly started to envy my uncle got jealous of him. I used to sniff the bra of my aunty that she left after changing when she was gone outside. Whenever there was opportunity I used to jerk off on her bra but took care not to ejaculate there.

At many times I used to masturbate on their bed and manage the bedsheet afterwards. One afternoon, I was about to enter the living room casually as in other times but the door was closed from inside. It was rather unusual to have the door closed at that time so, curiously I waited to check why the door was locked from inside.

They had locked the living room door for privacy as the bedroom was at the other end of the living room. I went close to the door. Then I heard some unfamiliar sounds from their bedroom. I was listening to the sounds holding my own breath. After some time, I could clearly hear the unique plat plat plat plat sound of their fucking and moanings of my fantasy woman my aunty from the bed room.

I knew they were into it whole heartedly without any worries. But I did not know exactly what was causing the sound when only penis was entering vagina as per my knowledge at that time. The pumping was getting heavier and faster as my uncle was fucking her really hard. It was only afterwards that I came to know that the sound was due to clashing of the bellies as both my uncle and aunty were slightly pot bellied and they must have been fucking the missionary position.

I was there enjoying the thrill for about 3 minutes with my pounding heart beat but ran from the door soon after the sound stopped in fear of getting caught by someone. However, all these incidents made me hornier and hornier. I used fuck my aunty at least thrice a day in my fantasy while jerking myself off. I didn’t know when the fantasy will turn into reality.

I used to look around for clues of their fucking when nobody was home. I used to get in the rooms as I knew where the key used to be hidden. Sometimes I used to find white patches in her inner wear left for washing confirming sex the previous night. I knew that the patch was by wiping the come after sex. Once while looking around I found a pack of condoms hidden somewhere in their room.

This was my first seeing of a condom in real thought I knew about it. The mere sight of a condom gave me instant hard on and I wore one condom to jerk off immediately and threw away the entire packet. They must have been searching for the condom pack later but who would know that it was me who threw it away in jealousy.OOf the hormone level of a teenage boy! How I could get instat hard on.

Luckily for me, my uncle went abroad for job for two years leaving my aunty for me to enjoy. By then I was 19 at the most horniest age matured with heavy masturbations throught all these years and my aunty was around 32. She was still very very sexy and attractive with two children of 13 and 7 years both in hostel. I was the only child (boy) there.

By that time I used to stay at my uncle ‘s place only in the day time but used to sleep at my own home with my parents only 1 km away. My aunty was there alone with my maternal grandmother. So, I used to spend my daytime at my uncle’s house to give them company. The other good reason for me staying there was the television which I did not have in my house.

I was in fact looking for one or another reason to stay there overnight in the hope to see my lovely aunty sleep in the bed room next to the living room with TV. I knew this could increase my chance to fuck her in real. I was praying with my stading dick to make this dream come true.

I had read somewhere that a married woman living separated with her husband for a long time desires for sex very much. I imagined that my aunty is burning for sex and in need of a sex partner.I fulfill her sex needs but it was more of my need than her. I used to fantasize that she masturbates in the absence of my uncle.

Only I needed a chance to stay at her place overnight because I could not dare to make any advances in the day time. The luck favoured me once. There was a late night live TV programme one night. It was highly awaited programme and everyone was waiting for it. I thought this is the right opportunity and good reason for staying overnight with my aunty.

Since, there is an extra bed in the living room there was no problem is sleeping. My aunty used to sleep in the bedroom inside the living room. Both my aunty and I were in the couch watching the TV programme. There were too many commercials making the programme very lengthy. It must have been 12 am when my aunty could not watch TV anymore.

So, she just reclined on the bed at the side of the couch. I was still watching TV. Soon, my aunty fell asleep. Now, my sleeping beauty was of more interest than the TV programme for me. My fantasy was there in front of my eyes. I was staring at her body. She was laying sideways on the bed facing the TV side. I scanned her body.

She was slightly or rather full bodied draped in sari and blouse. The pallu was not in place revealing the cleavage from the blouse cut. I moved closer to the bed side and reclined on the couch with a pillow near the bed. I could see her chest rise and fall while she breathed in her sleep. The visible part of her boobs was getting heavy on me.

She had her right hand under her right cheek and her left hand was close to my pillow on the couch. Now, is the time for my move I thought as it was well to 1 am. I switched off the TV and switched on the night bulb. There was enough light for me to enjoy the beauty of my sex goddess. I lied down on the couch and slowly dared to touch her left hand.

I inserted my left hand and got hold of her palm. It was so soft to touch her hand. There was no reaction from her as she must be in deep sleep. I slowly started to rub her hand with my right hand and I was enjoying the softness of her left palm. She had bangles on her wrist and I was simply playing with them while enjoying the nice view of her face and cleavage.

I don’t know when she felt all this. After some time she woke up and got up without saying anything. She said, ‘Come you sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the couch.’ I was so afraid that I could not say anything but exchanged our bed. For about 15-20 minutes I could not do anything. She again fell asleep. Then again I started to fondle her hands was slightly pulling her hand.

It must have been hard with my pulling that she woke up and asked me,’What happened? Why are you holding my hand?’ I was dumbfounded. Before I could make any answer she again asked,’Did you have night mare? Are you afraid?’ I just replied hmm and pulled her hand again. I don’t know why she just moved on the bed at my side.

I just took the opportunity and quickly hugged her tight as if I was afraid. She was puzzled and said,’Why are you afraid? See! you are no more a small boy. You have grown taller than me. Not a boy but a man.’ I didn’t say anything just kept my hug. Ahhh the feeling of her entire body so close to mine was an experience which can not be described in words.

It was just electrifying. I just felt softness everywhere. I did not know that women are so soft. I had my face close to hers and my left hand above her right arm hugging and pulling her close to me. I was struggling to feel every part of her body but not directly. I must have moved there in some ways. Then while pulling my left leg she said,’Come put your leg above me.

I am habituated to sleep like this with your uncle’ss leg over my body. I find it difficult to sleep when there is no leg on my body’ Ooh what could I ask more. There I was sleeping with my dream sex goddess as close as anyone could possibly on the same bed. This was more than enough for my dick. It was already rock hard. Now, I was in a difficult state.

I did not know what to do next. I did not know whether she was acting smart or just trying to show care for me as a boy. But I was in such a state that I became damn sure that I need to break my virginity with my fantasy woman now whatever the consequence. I was dying to kiss her soft and beautiful lips so close to mine. I was dying to knead her soft big boobs that were so close to my chest.

I was oozing with my pre-cum and wanted to get over her and at least dry hump her. But I could not dare anything. Maximum I could do was move my hand hugging her on her back a little avoiding her ass as if doing it innocently. I knew both of us are awake and silent with closed eyes. I was enjoying this thrilling moment at the best.

The feeling of her soft body in my hug was sending me in heavens.This went on for quite some time. I think she was also enjoying the heat and closeness of a young boy stuck to her body. Afterall it had been months for her without anyone to hug. At that time, may be my rock hard dick was poking her somewhere. She must have realized that I am grown up enough.

Capable to fuck her. She must in a dilemma at that time. Shall she or not fuck me must be going in her mind. We were laying sideways facing each other. Suddenly she brought her hand to feel my dick. I was sleeping with my pants and shirt on. How can ghee not melt when there is burning fire nearby ? She felt my dick througout its length and got hold of it from over the pant.

OOooh.. it was an awesome feeling. Instinctively I was pushing my pelvis front and back. It was getting unbearable for me. I was in intense pressure to reach the peak anyway. It must be the same to her also. This must have made her really difficult to remain silent. She whispered,’ you want to do it?’ Now, this was my chance. How can I deny? I just said,’hmm’.

Then she herself made the move as I was actually a virgin to real sex except the years of experience in masturbation. How can masturbation bring experience enough to fuck someone? To my relief, she herself unzipped my fly and took my dick out. It was rock hard 6 inches long and 6 inches round. She told me, ‘Come on! take your pants off’.

It was shocking for me as I was more of an introvert and shy in nature. I was reluctant and did not want to get naked in front of her. On the contrary I want her completely naked. She asked once again but I said its ok no need to take off completely. My aunty laid on her back and lifted her sari up to the pelvis.

She slightly pulled me towards her and in no time I was on top of her with my naked dick touching her naked pubic region. Wow! what a feeling. The soft and sexy body of my aunty under me. I remember how my body crushed her soft body under me. I was breathing heavily but I was still not sure how to start the real penetration. At that time I did not know anything about foreplay.

I only knew that I have to penetrate her and stroke. And I could not dare to ask what to do next or make a move by myself. I could see she still had her eyes closed and was silent as if nothing has happened. I wanted to see the part of her body that I had not seen yet. But I could not dare to. From the inside I wanted to kiss her lips and instantly get my dick in her pussy.

Slowly, I moved my hot lips close to her right cheek but could not dare kiss her even on the cheek. My breath must have tingled her and we were enjoying this moment silently. I felt her smooth and shapely thighs with my right hand and moved my hand up. Now I could feel her pubic hair on the raised mons pubis. But her pussy was closed in her thighs.

But, I was trying to penetrate her instinctively giving a wonderful sensation of rubbing. Even this was giving me immense pleasure. I didn’t know how it feels to be inside a pussy. But this was million times better than jerking off with hands. I must be pricking in her pubic region close to her pussy but not inside really.

This must have been frustrating for her that my aunty herself got hold of my dick, parted her thighs a bit and guided it inside her pussy hole. Then I just pushed it inside. It was so warm, smooth, wet and slippery that in no time my dick was deep inside her pussy. The sensation was too much for me.

I could have never imagined that the sensation of a moist warm pussy engulfing the dick with my eternal jerking off with hands. How can rough hands substitute a nice warm pussy? Or else why would anyone die for pussy instead of relying on the hand job only? I pushed in deeper and deeper as if there is more to get inside. But somehow, I was not able to.

The pot belly of my aunty was preventing me from getting it fully inside. Then, by instinct I lifted my upper body on my hands and penetrated by making an angle with hers. Finally, it slipped in without any effort. Oh ho ho the pussy was so moist, soft and hot that I can not describe what the feeling was. My aunty had her hands on by buttocks pulling me in tightly.

At that time I realized she was breathing heavily. I immediately started stroking her. I wanted to last this for eternal me fucking my dream woman of so many years. With my experience of controlled ejaculation I was holding myself while stroking her. She was also enjoying from beneath and was pushing her pelvis up while pushing my pelvis with a great force. I realized she has been really sex starved.

I was pumping my woman, my lust, my love with steady strokes without hurrying as I knew fast stroking will end me soon. Then instead of stroking I started to move aroung my pelvis. I was taking out my dick but was moving it inside the pussy. I was grinding my pelvis on hers. She breathed faster that before and was applying very good pressure from below.

But the sensation was so intoxicating that I could not hold anymore. The pressure was building inside. I felt every nerve of body stretched. I could feel my dick was pulsating with every move I made. I may have made hardly 20-25 strokes in her pussy that I literally exploded myself in her pussy. I could not hold my strokes any more.

I was just ramming her pussy grunting loudly to get my entire load of cum in her. I remember it lasted as much as the actual stroking before. My orgasm was so intense that I lay on her completely worn out. But, I did not want this to finish though I had no strength left to do anything. Soon, my dick slipped off her flooded pussy and went limp.

Then she pulled her petticoat under the sari and moved to wipe my dick. But I was so highly aroused that I could not let her touch my dick now. it had become extremely sensitive. I did not let her do it, Then she told me to wipe it myself. I wiped my dick with her petticoat. so, this is why there used to be white patch on her petticoat sometimes when I used to search for clue of sex in her clothings.

I was totally exhausted and satisfied with the sex but somehow it did not put her fire. She turned to my side and tried to fondle me again. Unfortunately, I was not in any state to get aroused again. it looked like I will not get my dick erect ever again in my life. So was the sensation of her pussy.

She said to me,’See we have made a mistake. It is my mistake and it is yours too. But, I am sure that you will not tell this to anybody not even your friends. I trust you.’ The I asked her,’will you get pregnant?’ She laughed and teased me, ‘Are you worried?’ I did not reply. After a brief silence she said,’Don’t worry! I do not get pregnant anymore.

We were trying to have a son for so long but I did not get pregnant no matter how hard we tried. Doctor said it is because of fat in my uterus.’ I was more than happy and we snuggled together. Though I was fully satisfied with shoving my dick in her pussy I thought that I finished very quickly.

I was still wanting to see her fully naked, suck her lovely lips, get my tongue inside her mouth, pess her soft boobs which were still in her blouse, and stroke my dick vigoroulsy till she get her orgasm. I was thinking that may be I can have another chance in the morning before she gets up. I didn’t realize when I got fast asleep.

When I woke up with the hope to get a nice morning sex again she had already left the bed. I quickly got up and looked for her everywhere. I wanted see in her eyes in the daytime after the wonderful sex we had the last night. I was angry that she left like that after showing so much love in the night. Somebody told me that she had gone to a temple for worship.

She usually did not go to temples like that in the early morning. I thought she must have gone to wash away the sin she (we) committed last night. Good anyway. At least this was the beginning of our sins together.

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