I am sam from bangalore, I used to talk to my wife regarding other men when we were having sex and found that she used to get very excited with the idea of getting other cock in her pussy. I used to imitate the other cock with massager and we used to enjoy it very much. She sucked my cock and I fucked her pussy with the massager there by imitating other cock. WOW! We started to enjoy this very much. When I brought the topic of bringing this to reality Haasini just smiled and said no! 

The chance came when a friend of mine was posted to Pune. He was staying at a hotel and did not bring his family along. His name was Aakash and he was handsome guy of my age. Haasini liked him too. They used to chat and cut jokes while we had our dinner. He became good friend of my wife too. When we had sex I used ot tell her to imagine Aakash fucking her and the effect was promising. Her pussy became flowing and she had nice strong orgasms.

Finally I told Haasini that we can accommodate him in our flat in the second bed room. She was reluctant at first but readily agreed to this when I told her that he needs some family life too. So Aakash moved in into our house with great pleasure. This started the whole new sex life for me and my wife Haasini. When my wife went to bed Aakash and I often talked about the hot girls and ladies in the city. Aakash said that I am a lucky guy to have such a lovely, sexy wife. He was single for 2 months. “At night, when you get horny… it is a hard time!!!” he said…. and we both laughed!

Aakash was always allowed to use our bath. And after we talked about the girls and the hot wife’s in town he took more time in the bath afterwards to make himself ready for bedtime. One day I found out why. I followed him to the bathroom and looked through the key hole. Aakash started the shower. And then he opened the box where we put the worn clothes. Sorry I don’t know the English word! He took two or three of my wife’s “dirty” panties from it and started to sniff them while jerking his cock. First I was shocked but in the next moment it was very exiting. While smelling her panties his cock became bigger and bigger. WOW it was more than 7 inches long compared to my 51/2 inch. I started to jerk my little penis two. I saw that he liked the smell of my wife’s pussy. After about 2 minutes he shot a huge load of cum into her panties and put them back into the box. I came in my pants, too! I was much exited. Aakash now knew how my wife’s pussy smells, a thing which was one of my privileges as her husband. I watched Aakash 6 or 7 times doing this ritual before going to bed. Our bath room is located between the two bedrooms. When my wife and I had sex it was a exiting thought, that Aakash was not far away… If our door would have been open he would have been able to hear the noises of the bed and the moaning of my wife. Haasini tried to be more quit though.

One night, Aakash and I were sitting in front of the TV, we talked about my wife. We drank some beer and had fun. “Your wife is very sexy, Sam! You are really lucky!!” I told him that Haasini had never had another man and that she was interested to have another man (I lied). Aakash didn’t believe me, first. But I told him a fiction story about my wife and her wish to have a really big cock in her pussy. I had some scanned photos on my computer and I showed him. The pictures displayed my wife in her undergarments, topless and posing on our bed in her panties and bra. I knew that he saw the panties before when he smelled her pussy juice in the bathroom. His eyes became bigger and bigger.

Aakash went on making compliments about my wife and I told him, that I hope she will find one day a nice man with a big cock who would fuck her brains out and spice our sex life. “Wouldn’t you be jealous if Bhabi fucks other man in front of you.?!?!” He asked. I said I would like to see my wife happy and that would be the most important thing for me! A few beers later I asked Aakash if he would be interesting to go down on my wife and lick her pussy… while I said this my cock was hard as a rock. He was a little bit shy and his head turned red. Aakash said that he likes my wife very much… he loves her sexy ass and he wondered often how her sweet bouncing tits would taste! That was so horny… Aakash was talking about the details of my wife. Then I told Aakash a “secret” (and I lied twice): …”My wife planed to visit you one night in your room! What will you do if she really makes it happen..??” I asked Aakash. Aakash told me he would do anything I want him to do her… but only if I would not get mad at him…. I said to him that she likes to enjoy his full man power… and I would like to watch… We talked till the morning what could be and what could not to be…. and then we finally went to bed. I fucked Haasini furiously and told her everything we talked.

The next days were strange for me. We had all breakfast together. I watched Aakash as his eyes followed my wife by every step. I knew he was hot for her. And I knew I had to do something because my wife recognized Aakashs “new ” attention. At night I talked with her about Aakash. I told her, that he had no wife for more than 1 year (I lied again). “No sex and no nothing!” My wife wanted to know why and I told her about Aakash’s divorce story (I lied again and again)… Haasini said “Uhhh.. It has been a hard time for Aakash!” I told her, that Aakash said he likes her very much. I said “Aakash, said I would be a lucky guy to have such a sexy wife. He would give anything for a night with you!” Haasini was flushed: “Really??” I said “Yes!” “But don’t panic.. he likes only wife’s with totally shaved pussies!” We laughed together and slept.

Day by day I told her more details about Aakash. But I said that she should keep these secrets in her mind because it would be embarrassing for him if he knows that she knows… One evening when I came home I found my wife in the bathroom. She was checking her makeup because she wanted to meet some of her friends. She stood in front of the mirror and was wearing a white see through blouse and bra with nice transparent sari. She turned to me and said “Is the make up ok?!” I looked with a smile at my wife and said “Perfect!”. I lifted her sari lowered her panties and looked at her pussy. I saw that she has totally shaved her pussy. I was shocked. I knew my wife for about 3 years and she never made her pussy bald! That was for Aakash I suppose. But I said nothing. “Don’t get to bed too early, I will have a bit fun with your bald pussy” I said. 15 Minutes later my wife left the house.

Aakash was at the gym but arrived soon at our house and went to his room. After he took a shower I visited him in his room. “Aakash, would you like to see my wife in action??” Aakash was confused. “What do you mean by that..?” he said. “Haasini will return late this night from visiting her friends. She said she wants to have some fun with me in our bedroom… I think she is a little bit horny and in a god mood if you stay awake you can watch us from the door..! I will keep the door open for you” Aakash was really interested in this idea…” I told him, he should wait until he can hear my wife moaning… than he can come over to watch. Aakash was very exited and promised that he would take care so that my wife wouldn’t recognize his voyeur activities.

Haasini came home at 10:15 pm. She went to the bathroom and then she entered our bedroom.” Are you awake?!” She kissed me and sat on the bed. “Yes I am awake, honey! – you look great!” My wife wanted to surprise me and rolled her sari up, exposing her newly shaved pussy. “Do you like the new style of my pussy??” She presented her shaved, bald pussy. “Oh, yes… it looks great!!” We started kissing and touching and I told her about Aakash. I said that he was about to go to a call Girl to enjoy ! Haasini was shocked. “Why?? He is a good looking man… he can get every woman he wants!” I replied “Really…?? EVERY WOMAN??” … 

My wife said “Yes, EVERY woman!!” I laughed and said “Ok. So go to his room and make love with him!” Haasini looked a little bit confused and I said: “Aakash told me a secret. He said that he would like to have one night with you!! But he doubts you never would do this!” (I lied again) Haasini smiled and said again “Really… he wants to make love with me!?! It’s a joke, Sam!” I promised her that I was not joking. “What would you do if I will do this?” my wife asked with a smile. “I would let you go and maybe watch a little bit” I replied. “Hmmm… you are a pervert Sam. You can’t let your wife go for a fuck with another man”! I said “Why not? I love you and you love me. Why should Aakash not have a little bit of my beautiful wife? He needs some fun too!” Haasini gave me a kiss. “You would not get mad?? Really??” she asked. “No” I replied.

Haasini looked in the mirror and posed a little bit. “Do you think Aakash likes me dressed sexily?” She asked. I realized that the trick was working and I saw that she was really horny. “Oh… my god! I can’t do this, Sam! You are crazy!” she said with a big smile on her face… “You can, Haasini… Aakash is crazy about you!” I said… Haasini’s eyes were glooming… and she stepped over to me. “Ok. I will go to his room but you have to promise me that you stay here in our bedroom, Sam! I know nothing will happen between me and Aakash but it’s too embarrassing for me if I know YOU can see me while I am asking Aakash how I look and all!” I promised my wife that I will wait for her and not disturb her.

Haasini gave me a kiss and left our bedroom still in her sexy clothes. She closed the bedroom door. She went to the bath for 2-3 minutes. Than I heard her enter Aakash’s room. I was so exited… my heart was beating like a drum. I was sure Aakash will be very surprised! I waited 4 or 5 minutes and decided to follow my wife very quitly. I passed the bathroom and stood at the entrance of the other bedroom. The door was a little bit open… and I saw Aakash and my wife sitting on the bed. Aakash’s small TV was flickering and had lightened the room a little bit. They were sitting next to each other and were talking… On TV they played the music channel and my wife tried to make the music a little bit louder by reaching out for the TV. She moved over the bed on all 4 and gave Aakash a good view to her sari clad tight ass. Aakash touched her back and began to stroke downwards to her ass. Haasini smiled and pressed her ass against his legs. …they began touching and teasing each other all over their bodies…

I became rock hard in seconds. I was shocked. My wife was lying in our guest room with Aakash. They began to kiss and I saw a big bulge in Aakash’s short. He began to massage my wife’s tits and he took her breasts out of the bra. Haasini grabbed his cock through his shorts and began moaning… “You are a wonderful wife, Haasini! Sam is such a lucky guy!!!” whispered Aakash and wrapped my wife’s tits completely out of the bra-cups. Her dark nipples were totally erected and hard. She said “I think at the moment YOU are the lucky guy, Aakash!” She kissed him deeply and continued massaging Aakash’s cock through his shorts. Aakash replied her kisses and then started to suck on her beautiful heavy tits… Haasini moaned with eyes closed and slipped her hand into Aakash’s pants. Aakash did the same and I saw him getting busy in my wife’s see through panties. My wife was now in just her undies and looking great. With my cock in my hand I thought I will go crazy… my heart was throbbing… my mouth was dry as I watched my wife with Aakash. That was the moment I lost all my privileges as Haasini’s husband. Aakash was kissing and fingering my wife… and I saw how she enjoyed it. Through the thin fabric of her panties I saw his fingers slipping in and out of my wife’s pussy! Soon, he took her panties off her ass cheeks and continued finger fucking her wet swollen pussy. Haasini moaned and began to unzip his shorts. 2 minutes later they both lay there on the bed completely naked. I stroked my cock like crazy. Haasini said…”nothing will happen between me and Aakash”… and now here she was on his bed…. her legs wide spread with his pulsating cock in her hand… her fresh shaved pussy wide open for his fingers and his tongue was dancing in her mouth! It was unbelievable..!!! They began to move on the bed and they ended in 69 position! My favorite position to do my wife orally!! I saw her mouth going down on Aakash’s big cock. She was stroking his cock 2 – 3 times to pull his huge fore skin back. Than she lowered her mouth on his prick and began to suck and lick. Aakash was spreading my wife’s ass cheeks and his face disappeared between them but I could not see what he was doing there. Her reaction was clear… she moaned loudly and continued sucking his cock intensely…!!

They moved on like this for 15 minutes. Then they lay there on the bed kissing and touching. Aakash moved on top between my wife’s legs. Haasini stopped kissing him and said “No, Aakash… that’s too much… You know there is nothing more I would do in this moment but it’s impossible!” Aakash moved his ass in circles and whispered “Why Haasini….??” He kissed her deeply… “First: I can do this because of my husband… and second: I am not on the pill at the moment, you understand!?” Aakash moved on kissing my wife and pressing his cock against her wet pussy… “Haasini… I will be sure your husband would be very happy if you would go on and don’t be afraid of becoming pregnant. I am not able to make you pregnant. I am sterile! I did this last year!” said Aakash. I was sure he lied but it was very exiting that he tried to fuck my wife….. Haasini kissed him… “Really Aakash.. is this true??” my wife asked….”Yes , yes…. Haasini.. come on… please..!” He moved up and down and french kissed my wife again. Suddenly Haasini groaned deeply and I saw his ass moving slowly over my wife’s pussy. She was spreading her legs wide and moaned with closed eyes… “hmmmm,Ahhhhhhh no…. Aakash…. ahhhhh… ohhh god… Aakash.. You are so big! Mhhhh please slowly… hmmmmm yes!Ahhhhhhhhhh!!” Now my dream came true…. it seemed another man was fucking my lovely wife…!!

Aakash first moved slowly as she had begged for. Then he took her spread legs over his shoulder and began to pump my wife faster!! She was moaning and I saw her face full of lust! I heard his balls slam against Haasini’s sweet ass… “I am crazy about you, Haasini… I’ll fuck you when ever you want!!!” said Aakash and fucked her faster and faster….!! Haasini was out of control; she came 2 times and let Aakash do anything he wanted to with her as I watched his cock sliding in and out of Haasini’ slimy pussy!! They changed from position to position till they ended doggy style…! Aakash fucked her deep from behind. He grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks to have a good view of Haasini’s gaand…! Her Titts were “flying” around with every of his thrusts… I saw her ass cheeks wobbling as he slapped against them. Aakash was ready to cum…. “You sweet, little bitch! Do you like my cock??…. Shall I give you my cum…Hmm.. Aahhhhhh fuck..??? Shall I pull my cock out..?? TELL ME!” He sounded very dominant at this point.. Haasini gasped and moaned “…Ohhhhhhhh NO! Fill me, Aakash… don’t pull your cock out!! Fuck me…Fuck me please!!” Aakash increased his speed of fucking and began to groan loudly… then he stoped for a second and continued with 5 or 6 very heavy thrusts into my wife’s pussy while she had her face down on the pillow! Aakash dropped his load in my wife’s vulnerable pussy!

I came in my pants…. That was too much for me!! I fantasized very often about the scene of another man fucking my wife but I never thought it would be so hard to watch for real when my lovely wife got stuffed like this..!! I knew that Aakash has blown all his hot cum into my wife’s belly….. I was shocked and exited at the same time that she allowed him to do this..!!

Aakash and my wife started to kiss again and placed themselves on the bed. I quickly went back to my bedroom. I slipped into the bed and waited to see what happened. About 10 minutes later I heard my wife entering our bedroom… she came straight to our bed and sliped into it, too. “Darling…” she wispered.. “..are you still awake??!” I smelled my wifes pussy…. and I tried to do as I woke up ..”Oh… yes… Haasini, I am awake! Is it late..?? Did you show him your dress and undies??” I said. Haasini began kissing me and said “Sam, you said you won’t get mad at me.. right!? Whatever happens!” Is said “Sure, Haasini..!! Sure! I love you!” She answered “Ok, honney I think tonight one of your dreams came true!”…. “What do you mean, Haasini??” She took my hand and placed it onto her swollen, wet clit! “What do you think is that!? It’s your wifes fresh fucked pussy!”.. she smiled at me and gave me a deep french kiss. I thought I could tasted Aakashs cock through her lips and tounge and kissed her back! Her pussy felt so soft and wet and it was soooo hot and sloppy!!!!! “Have you made love to him..??” I asked her “Honey, he fucked me with his amazing cock… making love is not the right sentence… but it was great!!” She kissed me again… “You said you won’t get mad, right!??!?”

“Do you like the feeling of my freshly fucked pussy and what you feel..!?!?” Haasini asked and came over me…. I laid on my back and now had her swollen, cum filled and shaved pussy right in front of my face..! “Please cool her a little bit with your tounge, Sam! So you can also try how your wife’s pussy tastes now, with the cum of Aakash still oozing out! That is what you dreamed of, isn’t it?!” I could not answer this question.. Instead I was pressing my face against my wife’s sloppy slit…. 

I started to eat her out. It was an amazing taste. Aakash’s cum mixed with my wife’s juices…! I loved it! Haasini enjoyed my treatment and encouraged me stiffing my tongue deeper inside her pussy! Her slit was oozing for minutes so I tried to suck all the juices out of her. “Ohhh.. Yes Sam.. Eat this pussy out… you know I am not on the pill at the moment… If you don’t want me to get pregnant make it absolutely clean!!” She smiled at me because she thought that Aakash was sterile…. I gave my wife a final oral climax while I stroke my little cock. I came again… and after she told me the details we fell asleep.

That was my first TRUE experience with the wife watching theme!! It was great! And from this night our sex life changed completely! Aakash was living in our house for another 4 weeks than he moved to his own flat in our city. He became my wife’s lover and took nearly all my privileges from our marriage as Haasini’s husband. Haasini promised me to love me forever but she also let me know that Aakash is the only one who can satisfy her needs as a woman. Haasini and Aakash showed me more and more of their private sex life.

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