I am Richika from Hyderabad. I am 20 years old and have an appealing figure of 34-28-34. My boobs are the most interesting part of my body. I am studying B. Com. from a private college here and I hardly go to the college.

I have a group of friends with whom I can be generally be found in any of the cinemas, food joints or on necklace road. We are three friends. We three enjoy a lot and all of us have a high sex drive. We even have lesbian sex sometimes and watch porn movies a lot in our room.

We three are not from Hyderabad but came here only for studies. Actually we came here to have fun and to get out, we convinced our parents that we have to study hard so that we can get good job. Now I will narrate you an incident which took place couple of weeks ago.

We three were virgins till and that night, I got my virginity broken. My friends Nisha and Tripti had to return to their home town for a family function. They were cousins and went to meet their families. I was alone in my room for about one week and was thinking how to pass my time.

The night they left, I went to a pub nearby and was waiting to get some company to get inside as it had only couple entry there. In Hyderabad, you can get partners near the pubs as there are both males and females waiting alone to get inside.

I also started waiting there and people coming there were mostly couples as it was a week day. Then I saw a group of 4 females and 5 males enter the pub. But one of them was not allowed as he didn’t have any partner with him.

Then I went to him and asked him if he wanted to take me as his partner. He was ready for that and we both entered in the pub. This is one of the most rocking places in Hyderabad and the music here is simply great.

The ambience is so charming that any body who visits it will come again and again for sure. After we got in, we took a seat in a corner. I introduced my self to him. He too did that. He said that his name was Abhi (Name changed) and was working in a web designing company.

He was looking smart. He was about 24 of age and had a muscular body with a height of about 6 ft. I am 5’6” which is a pretty good height for women. We were talking about each other and shared our interests while having Vodka.

He was a nice person and I was getting wet in my panties seeing the way he was staring my eyes. I thanked him for being my partner and asked him to go and join his group of friends. But they were all gone and he said that they might have gone to the room to have sex with their

girls. I was a bit shocked to hear this and was silently sipping my drink. Then I asked him about his girl friends. He said that he didn’t have any girl friends. Then I slowly changed the topic and asked him about sex. He said that he had sex couple of times with some of his colleagues but

all of those were passing on affairs and is currently not interested to get committed as he don’t have time to fulfil such commitments. I was impressed by his frankness and decided to get fucked by him. He then asked me about my relationship status and about my virginity.

I told him that I was still single and virgin. I also told him that I stay with my friends, who were out of town, in a nearby area. After about 2 hours, we decided to move to his room. It was clear that it was the D day for me and I would be losing my virginity that night.

We came out of the pub and I got on into his Skoda which was shining in the parking area. We got in and drove to his house. In the mean while, we were talking about sex and were getting horny. He stopped at a medical store and brought some condoms and gel for extra lubrication.

Then we went into a big mansion in a posh area. He said that it was his house and he owns it from the income he got. It was really big and awesome. It was a two storied building and had three rooms in total.

He stayed alone there and sometimes he was accompanied by some other designers of the company who used to work at other stations. He has a servant who looks after everything but works only for 12 hours. He leaves at 8 in the evening.

So, there was no one in this house and we two were alone. I then went into the bath room and had a bath. I was wearing a miniskirt and a tight and short t shirt. I just removed them off and was only in a panty. I was his shirt in the bathroom and I wore it and came out.

When I came in the bed room, I saw that he was not there in the room. I waited for sometime and he entered the room only in shorts. He went to the other room to have bath. Then he got some vodka from his mini bar and also some ice cubes.

He made drinks for both of us and we started to drink. After one peg, he came forward and kissed me. I also opened my mouth and let him kiss me. This was the first time I was kissed by a male. Then he started licking my tongue and caressed his hands all over my back.

I was caressing his hair and back. Then he slowly started kissing my cheeks, nose, ears lobes and came down to my neck. Then he lifted me and took me to his bed. Slowly he started opening my shirt and my boobs were in full exposure to him.

I was lying only in my panties and he was in his shorts. Then he started hugging me and playing with my boobs. I got great pleasure from the way he was pressing my boobs, kissing and licking them. I was shouting to lick even harder and press those boobs even harder.

This made him mad and he started to pinch my nipples and bite my boobs. I got some love marks on my boobs. Then he played with my stomach area and kept an ice cube on my navel. It left great. I was out of control and wanted him to suck my whole body up.

Then he started sucking my body from top to bottom. He played with my belly button and licked it very well. I was completely wet in my panty. I desperately wanted his cock now. So, I got on him and started kissing him from top to bottom.

Then I removed his underwear and saw an 8 inch cock fully erect. It was the first time I was seeing this monster cock in my real life. I got tensed and thought that my pussy had to bear all the pain to take that monster cock.

But I also thought that I was a lucky girl to get such a big cock and that too for my virgin pussy. I started playing with his cock and took it in my mouth. I took the whole dick in my mouth and started giving him a blow job.

He was moaning and grunting while I was pressing his nipples and his balls. After about 10 minutes of sucking, he released all his cum in my mouth. Wow!!! That was really nice. I never tasted it and was happy to satisfy that hungry cock.

I drank some and spit out some as it chocked me. It was thick. He then kissed and again went to my navel and places an ice cube on my belly button and started to lick me. I was enjoying this to the fullest. I was biting my lips and was caressing his penis while he was licking the ice

cube in my belly and pressing my boobs. Then he placed an ice cube on my breasts and started licking the whole area. I pleaded him to go to my pussy as it was getting out of control. But he didn’t do that and even didn’t allow me to touch my pussy.

He was really torturing my pussy. After about another 10 min of sucking me, he went down and started to kiss my thighs. He again got an ice cube in his mouth and ran it along my legs. It was a great feeling but my pussy wanted some more man handling.

Then he gave up to my requests and started kissing my pussy over my panties. Then he removed my wet panties and saw the overflowing honey pot in there. He started licking my shaved pussy and that brought me some relief. Within no time, I had my orgasm.

One of the best I ever had. Then he brought two ice cubes and kept it on my pussy. I skipped a beat because of the feeling I got there. He started licking it again with the ice cube. I was in heaven. It was great and I couldn’t control any more and pleaded him to break my virginity.

But he didn’t listen to me and started to lick me. I got another orgasm and fluids oozed out of my vagina. He then started to play with my clit and rubbed it with an ice cube. It was really a great pleasure. I came again but he didn’t stop there.

Then we got in 69 positions and I started to lick his penis again and he inserted a finger in my pussy. It didn’t pain a lot because of the lubrication. Then he inserted another finger and it pained a bit. He started finger fucking me with two fingers and I came again when he got his

third finger in. I came enormously. It seemed he found my G-Spot. I was in heaven. I never had such great orgasm ever in my life. I was completely tired after four orgasms but my pussy wanted the real thing in there. Then he got up and got the condoms.

I sucked his penis again and rolled the condom on his penis. He then made me to lye and got on top of me. He again started kissing me from my head till the toe and squeezed my boobs. Then he placed his penis on the entrance of my pussy and slowly thrusted it inside my pussy.

It started paining a lot and I was shouting on him to get away. He asked me to bear the pain for some time. Then he reached my hymen and waited started to shake his ass lightly. Then he rammed in my pussy with full force and in one go, he broke my hymen.

I shouted in pain and tears rolled out of my eyes. Blood was oozing out of my pussy and he started fucking me. Slowly my pain subsided and I was enjoying the pleasure. Finally I was no more a virgin. I was urging him to fuck me very hard and he increases my speed.

I too helped him by lifting my ass and we he fucked my for about 30 min. I got many orgasms and I lost count of it. I was very tired. He fucked my in different positions and even allowed me to ride his penis. I enjoyed each second of those 30 minutes and then when he was about to

explode, the removed the condom and exploded on my face, boobs & stomach. His cum came out for about 30 sec and then I cleaned his penis. He started to lick his own cum on my body and cleaned my body. We were tired and slept there in each others arms.

After about 2 hours, I felt his penis trying to enter my mouth. I got up and licked his penis and pressed his balls till he came. Then he started to lick my pussy and press my boobs. We again got into 69 and started to lick each other’s organs.

He was hard again and this time he decided to fuck my boobs. He placed his penis between my boobs and started fucking them. It was really great experience. He came on my mouth and I swallowed it and licked him clean. He also did that. We slept again and got up in the morning.

He was getting ready to reach his office for a meeting. I also had a quick shower and went to my room. He asked me not to contact him again and if we met in person, we might have sex again.

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