We reached our room at around 10pm. And both of us were horny. And we were ready for the act for the night. He however didn’t want to rush things. That’s the thing I like about my boyfriend. He is very calm and polite and takes things slowly and nicely. I knew I was going to have a great time losing my virginity to him and I was happy about that.

As we entered the room I wanted to fresh up and get myself ready for the night. I wasn’t wearing any panties as it was totally wet from my juices that oozed all day imagining about the experiences of the night to come. Also he wanted me to dress up like a bride so that I would look like his newly Wed wife and he can make love to me. I liked his idea. Besides he always had a kink about the wedding night.

I went to the bathroom, freshed up, cleaned my private parts and came out. Next he went inside asking me to change into a saree while winking at me. I was so turned on by his behaviour that I wanted him to make love to me right away but I wanted to go by his way. So while he was in the bathroom, I changed myself into a lavender saree with a matching front open type blouse along with a red colored bra.

On the lower half I wore only a matching purple skirt and skipped wearing my panty. I was sitting on the king sized bed and was waiting for him like a bride waits for her husband in the wedding night. Juices were still oozing out of me and my imaginations were going wild. Then came my prince, I was awestruck by his charm and the way he carried himself.

He came close to me and whispered in my ears “Baby you look damn Sexy”. Those words just made me feel good. He got down from the bed and asked me to come with him till the door which was about 8ft from the bed. He held my hand softly and again whispered in my ears that he wanted to carry me in my arms to the bed like a prized possession.

I really wanted to do that, maybe a desperate girl inside me wanted to be carried in the arms of a prince. I nodded in affirmation. I leaned a little bit and he carried me in his arms, things felt like moving in slow motion and all the romantic songs in the world came rushing into my head.

Moments were like those of bollywood movies but even before I could sink myself in those moments I was brought back to earth by a shake, which was that he wasn’t able to carry me In his arms and almost let me go off his hands but somehow I balanced myself from the fall and we had a hearty laugh. He knew all the ways to make me laugh.

On many instances he let me take control, this was one of my calling, so I took his rough hands in mine and led him to the bed. We both climbed the bed and lied besides each other with me resting my head over his arms, it felt good. My heart was pounding little bit and I was getting an overflow of emotions.

He whispered into my ears that I was the best thing that had ever happened to him and how much he loved me. After romantic talks for few more minutes, he tilted my chin with his hand, moved his chin little bit closer and kissed me. It came like a surprise. Not that I didn’t want him to kiss, but I wasn’t expecting a kiss in this position. It was romantic.

Our bodies close to each other, his face near mine, his rough lips over mine. He kept exploring my mouth in that position. We tongue fought with each other and I could feel his hands moving across my hips. After few mins he said he is going to undress me. I nodded in affirmation and let him take control now. He smiled and made me sit. Unpinned the pallu of my saree.

He just stared at my breast over my front open blouse for a moment and then proceeded to unbutton my blouse, removed it over my shoulders and threw it over to the table near the bed. Once the blouse was out of the way I was now in my red bra. Did I mention he bought that for me. Not for this occasion but while shopping.

Seeing me wearing that in our best moment was a great turn on for him. I could see that in his eyes. He just stared on my breasts like a hungry lion on its prey. Normally I wouldn’t like anyone staring at my breasts but he was my man and I didn’t mind him looking at me in lust. And some part of me actually wanted him to be in lust.

He leaned forward and dug his face on my cleavage, smelled me, hugged me tightly and said your treasures are so beautiful and they are mine for life. Don’t know why but that turned me on so much. He massaged my boobs over the bra for quite sometime and then removed my bra and sent it to give company to the lonely blouse. So now I was naked on the upper half of my body.

He changed position and climbed over me with both his knees placed aside my waist. He leaned forward and kissed on my cleavage, that sent out chilling sensations through my body. He did this for few more times, and then started staring at my boobs. My nipples were erect out of pleasure. He leaned a licked my erect nipples one by one.

He took his hands placed them on my boobs and pinched both my nipples softly at the same time. I couldn’t control and I let out an involuntary moan. He locked his lips over mine in order to prevent my moans and pinched my nipples again and I started to twitch my body like a fish out of water.

After few minutes started to stare at my breasts and it felt like felt like he was deciding which one to attack first. And finally he made the choice. It was my right girl who attracted him first, he just leaned and kissed on my right breast and did it feel like heaven? Yes more than that. Then he went on to kiss my left boob. He took turns and kept both my little girls satisfied.

He then kept his left hand over my right breast and kissed on the left one. While kissing he pinched my breasts. He switched and did the same for both of my breasts. And by now I had started to leak down the southern part. Kissing, licking, sucking and pinching, my breasts were getting all the attention they didn’t get in these many years and I was fucking loving every moment of it.

Those moments made me realise the true meaning of being a woman. And my man was taking all the care for me in the transition from a simple girl to a horny woman. This play went on for a long time which I completely lost track of. And I wanted to just get immersed in this heaven till eternity.

After taking good care of my breasts he lifted his head and just peeked inside me, it felt like he was watching into my soul and I was looking into his, there was love in his eyes, the love I have always felt being with him, but right now the love was amalgamated with lust which made him look even sexier.

He came closer to me and whispered “Baby I’m going to Suck your Belly Button”, don’t know what’s sexy about that but I started to drip juices again. He went south little more and licked my belly button. I once again let out an involuntary moan. I had heard play with breasts and pussy but with belly button? Something I hadn’t ever heard and I never really anticipated.

But here I was naked on my upper half and a being kissed and licked on my belly button. Suddenly he sucked it so hard that I let out a scream holding his head in my hands. I sure did like that, and it had set and explosion inside me. He just looked into my eyes and said “Someone’s enjoying the play” and I smiled at him giving an indication to contibuecontibue, which he did.

Till now it was only me who was naked, I told him to remove his dresses, he said OK and removed his shirt and vests. And said that he will remove his trousers right before introducing his chota bheem to my pinky. Saying so he again kissed me on my lips. Since he was literally sitting over me, I could feel his bulge over my crotch.

After much of play over the navel he said “Babe I’m going South” and I nodded. So he went further down and tried to remove my saree and skirt and eventually removed it. Now I was in front of a man, naked and ready to be fucked for the first time and instead of getting nervous, my body just wanted to get all the pleasure.

As a virgin I had kept both my legs joined, he tried separating them but I was little bit reluctant even though I wanted to, he looked at me smiled and said “I think I’m going to have tough time making an entry” I felt shy but I smiled too, infact I blushed. He then kissed on my thighs for sometime and then again tried to spread my legs to get a view of my honey pot,

but once again unwantedly I closed my legs, at this he asked “Janu are you OK? Do we suspend here and just lie down?” I was bit ashamed but really wanted to have a great time and didnt want to disappoint him so I opened my legs and said “Please insert slowly dear, am afraid it would pain a lot” to which he replied

“Insert? Now? Who told? I haven’t even undressed on the lower half, I thought you would know what Im going to do” I was bit surprised by that I couldn’t really guess what he was going to do. I had heard and seen in porn movies where guys suck girls pussy, but that happens only in porn right? And my brain was making all the weird guesses.

He stretched his hand forward to the sofa and grabbed his hand kerchief from his jeans. He said he is going to blindfold me and make me keep on guessing. Saying so he leaned forward once again and kissed me passionately over my eyes and bit my lips and tied the kerchief over my eyes.

Then he went down south and kissed over my thighs and opened my legs and exclaimed “Vow, finally I found the place where I would find happiness, pleasure and enjoyment for the rest of my life, you look beautiful down here baby” It was the best compliment I had heard. My man is so good with words that he keeps me wet just by his words itself.

In few seconds I could feel warm air hitting over my pussy lips and I moaned. Finally I knew he was going to perform there. I never considered that as today’s play and I didn’t expect him to do that but there he was, blowing warm air over my vertical lips and making me moan softly.

He said “Baby no peeking” and I said “OK dear” and he said “Baby lie back and enjoy the moments closing the eyes” and I obliged. He then parted my pussy lips and kissed on my pussy. It felt awesome mainly due to two reasons, one I was never kissed there and two, the feeling of having a man’s lips near a woman’s delicate part is so sexy in its own way.

His kissing went on for a while, by now my dam was broken and I was oozing gallons of juices, so much that it could flood whole village. He told that he liked me being totally wet, while I was moaning in pleasure, twitching and oozing juices in gallons near his face.

He said he felt great because he knew he was doing the right tricks on me and was was making me enjoy the moments and that was his main idea for the night, to make me enjoy losing my first time. He parted my pussy lips and inserted a finger inside me and I made a loud moan,

it was small but it felt something poked me hard and it was the first time something entered me apart from my own fingers. He didn’t ask anything this time and inserted his tongue inside me and licked me which felt great. He then inserted another finger and started to lick vigorously. Initially for few seconds it felt awesome.

But suddenly I felt the strong sensation of burst inside me, I felt like peeing and at the same time like exploding, I knew I was going to have a massive explosive orgasm and I guess he knew that by my body reaction. I said “Baby I feel like I’m going to explode” to which he said “If that feels good for you am happy for you” and he continued further and said that

“Baby don’t control your emotions and voices, let them flow, if you wanna scream louder and moan louder go ahead, to hell with what others will think, this is your first orgasm with me and I want you to enjoy it the most, I want to remember exactly how things happened for the first time’ and saying this he went to continue his works.

But he wasn’t letting me close my legs he kept them separated and continued to lick me, I pleaded to him, that he let me close my legs but he didn’t and said just wait and enjoy and kept licking. I felt the tension building up, felt like I was dying in pleasure, some different world, which belonged to me, I grabbed his head mostly his hairs and had a massive orgasm,

moaning loudly in pleasure, oozing don’t know how much juice, twitching my body as a fish and dropped dead in about 10seconds. He raised his head, unfolded my eyes, looked into my eyes and said in a sexy tone “Baby that was awesome, you taste finger licking good” on this comment I gave a shy smile.

I said to him “Baby it felt awesome” to which he said it was only trailer and main action is still remaining. I understood that next he was going to penetrate and savage my flower. He was still wearing his boxers and was about to take it down, when I volunteered to do that and he said OK.

With my both hands against his waist I pulled down his boxers and as soon as the boxers went upto knee height, the little fellow sprang out of the cage and looked at me. His member was round, thick and about 5.5inches which he told me later. His member looked kind of cute. Small and elegant.

The same member I would be seeing for the rest of my life and the same little guy who would be the main source of my pleasures of being a woman. I was curious to touch it and he nodded in an action to go ahead which I did. It felt smooth and little bit slippery due to the precum.

Also his member was limp, the reason he told for that was that he was erect for a long time but didn’t do anything so his guy had lost erection, he further said that if I care and love him enough he would regain his full strength. He asked me if I could give a hand job to him, I was like why do you ask? You showed me the pleasures of wooman hood, I sure can do that for you babe.

Even though I had seen hand jobs in porn movies but this was the first time for me touching a cock, so stroked him gently and he let out a moan. I jerked him a little bit and I could feel his member gaining erection. I knew he was getting turned on. He said “Baby that feels awesome.

First time a hand other than mine is touching my member, and it sure feels great when the soft hands of a woman touch your jewels” I winked at him. I did not know when to stop so kept doing that. Suddenly he stopped me I asked “What happened baby did I do anything wrong?” To which he said “No baby, tension is building up and I don’t want to get wasted now”.

He asked me if I can give blowjob as he would really like it. It was a question to my face, I wanted to return the favour but was holding myself. All the women who say the don’t give bj’s are liars. Everyone gives bj’s and they like giving that. For me it was like giving him pleasure.

I hesitated ad tried to avoid and said “Sorry baby I would like to, but feeling uncomfortable, promise next time I’ll surely do that.” To which he said OK. But I knew from his reaction that he got disappointed. So I looked into his eyes and said “Baby I’ll try now, but I don’t think I can do till you ejaculate” He said that if I was uncomfortable I should refrain. But I asked again to which he agreed happily.

Now he was lying on his back with chota bheem right in front of my face I could see the nerve endings and the pungent smell was making me horny. I was little afraid too, so I closed my eyes for a moment and kissed on his dick head, to which he moaned. I guess he liked that, so I kissed him again after removing his skin delicately. His red head was throbbing.

I wetted my lips and rubbed my wet lips over his dick head for which he moaned a lot. I knew he was feeling good and that’s what I wanted. After couple of minutes I licked his head like a lollypop. Making circular motion over his mushroom. I got an idea to increase his excitement, I extended my circle and reached upto his chest and pinched both his nipples at the same time,

while his cock was still inside my mouth and I sucked it with full force. I guess he couldn’t controll the sudden surge of pleasure and he moaned involuntarily. And I could feel his cock growing exponentially inside my mouth. I raised my head and looked him in the eye with care and before I could utter a word he exclaimed “Baby that was awesome how did you know this trick?” To which I winked at him.

For the readers to not wander with your thoughts, I have also watched hardcore porn. Now before I could continue anymore, he grabbed my head and said “That’s it, now time for the real movie” all of a sudden I got nervous. Seeing my sudden change of expression he asked if we can? To which I said

“We should, we came too far. May not get a chance like this in near future “he said OK and made me lie down on the bed. Kissed me on my lips, fondled my breasts, spread my leg and fingered my pussy. He took his rock hard cock in his hand and rubbed it over my pussy. I could feel the minor pulses of his cock.

The moment was nearing but he halted for a while I gave him a questioning look to which he said, let me wear helmet, to which I smiled and asked him to go on without a condom as I wanted to feel the real cock. But he insisted on wearing condom and actually thought things even at the heat of the moment.

Now once again I was ready for action, to be taken, so he spread my legs, fondled my pussy. Tried to insert his cock a little bit but it didn’t got inside, I was too wet but still his cock wasn’t getting inserted. He leaned down and kissed on my pussy lips and spread my pussy lips using both his fingers and again pushed his cock but still it didn’t enter me.

He looked at me and said “Baby you are so tight” and winked at me and further added “Baby please let my monster inside your pink heaven” I smiled on that. He said “I’m going to push a little hard, don’t be surprised, it will hurt for some time but soon it will feel good” and before I could nod in affirmation, he grabbed my waist, moved his hips a bit and inserted half his dick in a push,

even though it wasn’t a surprise but it pained a lot like hell. And I screamed in pain and cried a bit too. He noticed that so he with his dick still inside leaned forward and kissed on my lips and at the same time fondled my pussy. He said “My chona, mg baby I know it hurts a lot and I would do anything to take that pain away. But for the first time it always hurts baby, am sorry.

But I promise I’ll give the best moments to you” and he lied over me for a minute. I could feel the pain getting subsidised and I was feeling purely loved by this man. He once again rose and this time before doing any moments he actually made his cock grow inside me by stretching his muscles. It side did pain a bit but I could feel the pulses and his cock inside me and I gave a soft moan.

He understood my reaction and pulled out his cock and said “Sweety from now onwards you are a complete woman and your treasure belong to me” and he inserted his dick once again. Now it did pain but very less and it did feel good this time.

So he grabbed me by my waist and inserted his full dick and started doing to and fro motions, initially I wastn able to match his rhythms but soon I was able to move hips according to him. He was now inserting his dick fully inside me and his dick was stretching my pussy walls and hitting all the unexplored regions of my dungeon. I was in ecstacy. I was in heaven.

He was kissing me occasionally, playing with my breasts and fondling my nipples and sometimes pinching them. I lost controll of myself and was moaning a lot and it didn’t seem like he cared. He stopped for a while, before wrapping his arms around me and making me lie over his hands and he continued his motion,

now his bare hairy chest was rubbing against mine and his nipples were brushing against mine with each stroke. And the dotted condoms was adding more pleasure by creating a frictional sensation inside my pussy. I was uncontrollable. I knew that it would be a matter of minutes before I blast. I felt the pressure building right from my spine and towards my hips.

I screamed and moaned and he encouraged by saying “Let it out baby” and with a huge moan I broke my dam. And he stopped for a while and didnt do any movements. Rather he kissed me and rubbed my breasts with one of his hands and with his dick still inside me, while I came he rubbed over my pussy with his other hand. Whike I held him by his hairs. It felt so good.

Too many pleasures hitting me all at the same time. I felt like I could die for this moment. The best best moment in my life. I don’t know for how long I came but it felt like it was for eternity. He laid on me with my weight still over his arms. He asked “How was it”? I couldnt reply anything and just hmmmed. He said “Good to hear” it was like he was reading my mind.

He knew how to satisfy me. I felt really good to have him as my boyfriend. After about few seconds he again started his movements and since I already came, I didnt feel much of a difference, but now I wanted him to enjoy. I could feel his cock growing inside me and expanding its territory inside my pussy.

I asked him “How are you feeling dear” he replied “Im making love to the love of my life, so yes it feels awesome.” he was always good with words. He asked me if I it would hurt if he increased his pace to which I dont know why but I said “Even if my pussy gets torn to give you the pleasures you want, I wouldn’t hesitate”.

He winked at me saying “You speak like you are drunk, but so be it”. Saying this he increased his pace. His arms were still under me which meant that most of my upper body didn’t have much contact with the bed and his chest was rubbing with my chest and I was feeling the pressure again.

I whispered in his ears “If we go at this pace, the score would be 3-0” to which he smile and said “its going to be 2-1 in few seconds, I can’t hold any longer.” So he increased his pace and held me tight. I could feel the tension between his thighs and his heavy breath right next to my ears. He grabbed me hard, gave a huge moan and opened the flow of semen from his pipe.

I could feel the hot liquid getting collected inside the condom. It was kinky. He fell on me like a huge tree cut down from the root. With his dick still inside me but shrinking in size. He bit my ears and said that was awesome and the most beautiful orgasm I have ever had. To which I said “I thought you said you were a virgin” and he replied “If hands are excluded, then Yes I lost my virginity to you.”

He further added “the score is 2-1 let’s make it 3-1” before I could say that it was enough for me, he took his dick from my pussy, I could see the condom which looked like a bag filled with water. He went south and started fingering me and kissing me over my pussy. This time he was little rough, maybe to make me come soon. So he continued doing that at quick pace for about a minute.

And I shuddered and left out a huge moan and came again. I was oozing juices and he kissed me over my pussy while I was still coming. I was expended. And was gasping for breath. He climbed over the bed, came closer to me and whispered in my ears “You win, the score is,3-1”.

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