My name is Varun. This was my first sexual encounter that happened to me when I was just 27. This was my first experience in sex. Until then, I didn’t know any thing in sex. I belong to an orthodox wherein even spelling the word sex is prohibited. However, I had some fantasies by listening to my friends. The pleasure I got is with my Haasini. Haasini is my G/F.

Then one day there was a function at my Grandfathers house, so we all were invited for lunch. As my Grandfathers house was situated at a far place, I went with my cousin in his car, as my parents were busy so they couldn’t attend the function. Therefore, I had to stay back at my grandfathers house coz getting back to my home late in the night was difficult coz of heavy security due to chief minister staying in our vicinity.

My Haasini who lives a little away from my house also came there to attend that function. I am delighted to see my Haasini there. My Haasini was 24, 5′ 8 slim figure, nice hips and 34 curved breasts. Her husband was preparing for a divorce with her coz he was more of a drunkard {he used to drink since the time he woke up and all through the day}

and a notorious vagabond and also some Varun problems regarding properties that Haasini was holding, so he was staying at a different place along with their only son so my Haasini was living alone in her apartment. Haasini is really beautiful and sexy, I always had the hots for her, and Haasini knew it. As Haasini has maintained herself, as Haasini was particular about her looks and off course her figure.

Especially I love her boobs. Haasini is fair in color, her statistics are 34-29-36 as her boobs are huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy.

All the males whoever seeing her will definitely dream about meeting her nude in bed and fucking her very hard. No exceptions. As I was watching TV in the bedroom that was upstairs the same afternoon just before the function my Haasini walked into the bedroom and went to have her bath knowing that I was there in the bedroom. After taking bath, Haasini came out.

I was stunned as Haasini came out with only sari. Haasini did not wear any blouse or bra under the sari. As Haasini had bath Haasini was wet and her sari was stuck to her large and erect boobs. Then suddenly as air blew the sari moved of aside I saw her boob so clearly. I felt my eyes were blasted. I still remember it now. Then that night after the function, I went to a movie and returned home.

After having dinner, I was told to sleep upstairs. It was almost 10 at night. When I went upstairs I saw my Haasini there. Haasini was fast asleep as Haasini did a lot of work during daytime wearing a nylon sleeveless gown. In the midst of her sleep, her gown had slipped unto her knees exhibiting a portion of her milky white thighs. Then I went and lied beside her. The scene of her boob was still in my eyes.

I lied watching her boobs for few minutes. Then a feeling arose in me. After lot of courage, I first put my forefinger on her boob and pressed it. I felt that I never touched anything softer than that. I stayed pressing her boob for sometime. Then Haasini suddenly moved and I removed my hand quickly and lied still. Haasini was turning towards me in sleep.

Then I quickly put my hand such that her boobs will rest in my palm. My expectation was exactly right. Her boobs landed in my palm. I felt as if in heaven. The complete boob was pressing against my palm. I lied like that for some time. Then Haasini again slept upright. Then I put just my fingers on hers. Haasini showed no reaction. Then I put my complete palm on her boob.

I was pressing hers. They were superb. I did not leave her even if Haasini turned the other side. I leaned over her and was pressing her breasts all night. As I do not know what to do, further I did not do anything. It was my first time. I was terrified, as I do not know about it. Then I left her, as it was about to be sunrise. The next day I left to my home with this experience stored in my mind.

Moreover, my Haasini left for her home the same evening. As my parents were shifting to Bangalore. They decided to let me stay with my Haasini so that I can pursue further studies and call me over once they settle down there. My parents requested my Haasini and Haasini at once grabbed the opportunity to let me stay with her as long as I study or till the time I go

{as Haasini too knew I had hots for her and my time to win my Haasinis body} to stay with my parents so that Haasini can have a watch on me as both my parents had lot of trust in her. The day had come & my parent’s left for the Bangalore. My Haasini was there to take me to her house.

After going there, I remembered every thing and I was frightened whether my Haasini would ask me about my behavior that day. However, Haasini seemed that Haasini does not know about it after couple of days passed. I masturbated regularly when I saw her getting ready to take bath imagining that I was also taking the bath with her & we were having sex with her under the shower.

I imagined Haasini was all wet & her nipples, ass, boobs, clit & everything female shining with the wetness. When I had already stayed a few days in her house I guessed Haasini must have guessed my feelings for her. Haasini started bathing with her bathroom door half open, started dressing in translucent nightgown & many a time hugged & kissed me without reason pressing me to her private parts.

The day had arrived. I was lying about in my Haasinii’s bedroom while Haasini had gone inside to take a bath with the door open as usual. I heard her groan in the bathroom but restrained my curiosity just to keep up the respect for her. Haasini called me in for some reason. I had to go inside hesitatingly even though my adrenaline was running like wild.

I went inside to see her dressed in her bra, which was black in color. Haasini had the largest boobs I had ever seen on any woman. Noticing my risen prick, Haasini told me that Haasini couldn’t open the bra strap & wanted me to open it for her. Haasini obviously was wearing the panty at that time. I went behind her & opened it quite easily.

The bra fell on the floor I waited in anticipation for what waited me next. Haasini then turned around & faced me all nude in her breast portion showing me her pink apple sized nipples. Now that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want to miss this chance. I hugged her and kissed her on the neck.

I was very much tensed up thinking of having sex with a woman twice my age really got me excited. However, Haasini was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was brief though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Now Haasini held me close to her and rubbing by back, as I was getting nervous. Haasini asked me if I was virgin. I replied positively.

Haasini said do you want to break it. I did not know what to say. My mind was full of confusion. Haasini came forward, as I was shivering and out of control. Again, Haasini kissed on my lips and asked me to relax. Now I was responding properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Moreover, Haasini put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer.

Her big nipples were brushing on my chest and Haasini was pressing her breasts against me. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. Haasini came further closer and started grinding her pussy against my hard shaft. As I could feel the softness of her well shaved pussy holding my shaft gripping in between her thighs and grinding vigorously.

As I could feel the juice oozing out from her pussy leaving wet trails on my shaft engulfed with my own precum oozing out simultaneously. Her body language was making me restless. Haasini started the shower. Water poured down her back. Haasini then guided my hand to her panty and let me slide it down. Her pussy, boobs.ass were all in front of me wet as I had seen in my heavenly dreams.

Haasini then undressed me. My prick stood up tall & thick with a little juice in the front. Haasini rubbed it up & licked it up from her fingers. My cock was brushing against her thighs and pussy. It got stimulated further Haasini then took my hand to her ass & slowly moved it to the front and letting me cup her pussy and gently pressing my palm against her pussy

as I slid my middle finger in between the slit as Haasini was giving me the full treatment. Haasini sat down on the floor and started kissing my cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden Haasini took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. It was feeling great. Haasini started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. Haasini was doing this with great care and taste.

Haasini got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I was feeling her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples. My face was focused on her pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. I felt like I was going to come out. So tried to remove my cock from her mouth.

However, Haasini ordered me please Fill my mouth with your cum. “There was a explosion from my cock Now her mouth was filled with my cum and my juice was sprinkled on her face and her neck. Haasini grinned happily and swallowed my cum. I was exhilarated, grabbed her from the floor, and made her stand as I started licking her from her ear lobe. As we were still standing.

We were entwined in each other’s arms and kissing each other hotly and fervently. Haasini was very lively. Then my Haasini told me to take her to bed “….dear Varun, let us go to bed….let us enjoy fully……fuck me in the bed… I gently lifted her in my arms and Haasini too wrapped her arms around my neck and kept on nibbling my ear lobes while I took her to the bedroom

as we both were drenched being under the shower all the while I made her lie down gently on the bed. As Haasini lay down with a seductive greedy look in her eyes staring deep in my eyes as I couldn’t resist that look I placed myself right over her as Haasini wrapped her arms around my back and started sliding her fingers up and down my bare back I came down to the face and kissed her gently

on her tender lips as I licked the inside of her mouth & felt I was in heaven. Her body was responding to my hands. Haasini asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for me. I started squeezing them. Haasini sighed sexily “….oooohhhh my dear Varun…..oooohhhh yess…. That’s fine…

I like it… I like it very much……go on squeezing my breasts like that …… aaaahhhhh …” Haasini sighed. Haasini continued to say “……uuuufffff……..dear squeeze them hard…..yess squeeze my breasts hard……” That encouraged me. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I could. Moreover, I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. Haasini kept on sighing in

all the while I was kissing and licking up and down her neck, Haasini asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts “….dear please mouth my breasts…..don’t you feel like kissing my breasts….oohhh please, suck my nipples also…… will like it dear…..please kiss and suck my breasts…..come on dear….oohh do it …. I want it dear …..”

Haasini was uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I came down her neck and then gently slid my face over to her breast I mouthed her breasts one by one. I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. Haasini sighed and moaned sexily “aaaaaahhhhhhhh dear… uuufffffffff………yesss…. That’s fine……I really like it…..”

I sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. The softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts made me more fervent on kissing, licking and sucking her breasts. Haasini was giving all sorts of encouragements. I was enjoying too much. My G/F was moaning and sighing heavily.

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