My cousin, my father’s sister’s daughter who was married and had a 8 year old got admitted into the post graduate program of the medical college in my town and her company allowed her leave for two years to finish it. She moved into our house. Unleashing a wave of sexual awakening in me. I was entering higher studies in a prestigious institute, was entering age 21, still a virgin.

I mean real virgin, who hadn’t had even had a wet dream till then. Let us call the cousin Anu. She was in her early thirties, short and was no beauty but had DD breasts and very pronounced curve in behind as well. I didn’t notice her much and nor was I inclined. She used to take me out to shopping constantly calling me out the man of the house etc.

She used to sleep upstairs after studying late in the night and I slept in the bedroom downstairs, with my parents in another bedroom. One day, during the night I developed severe stomach ache. Not knowing what to do, my mom woke Anu up and she immediately came down gave me some tablet and told my mom that she would watch over me.

She laid down her bed next to mine on the floor and was massaging my tummy. Over a period of ten minutes, she was asking me where it was hurting and when I replied lower she kept on lowering her hand brushing against my genitals. I didn’t think much of it. After that she shifted her bed to the same room. It is very common in Indian families to have cousins sleeping in the same room on floor.

Over a period of time, she would drift closer during sleep and occasionally a hand would caress me all over during the sleep ! She also started wearing sleeveless night dresses and somehow, after my parents had gone to bed, a lot of buttons in the top would open up. Again, in hindsight this is glaring to me now, but at that time I really didn’t think much about these….

One day she took me out to a movie, that movie had very violent scenes, She would grab my arm and hold on tight during those scenes. I leaned closer to her to comfort her during these scenes. After the movie’s interval when she came back from the bathroom, when she again grabbed my arm,

I clearly noticed her nipples brushing through the blouse and when I looked I noticed that she had removed her bra and kept it in her handbag ! I was very much intrigued. After this after everyone had gone to sleep, she would go to the bathroom and return bra less in her nightie to sleep next to me. Over a period of time, she started hugging me a lot in her sleep.

I was scared, though it was an indescribable feeling, it was one that made me feel good as well. I joined my institute and used to go home on holidays etc. Each time I was there she would shift her bed next to me. After her first year, she needed to go to a lab in another medical college to get some samples for her research paper which was part of her MD.

She asked my mother, whether she can get me to accompany her as it would be safer rather than travelling alone. My mother agreed, so when I went home for college break, I was asked to accompany her. We had to buy some lab supplies in Chennai, so we went by train to Chennai and checked into her Company’s guest house. The room, had two beds laid out in European style.

When I went to bath and came back she had put together the beds into a single large one. We went out got the samples and came back later in the evening. After dinner, I crashed. Late past mid-night, I felt Anu close to me, hugging me. After a while she adjusted position so that my face was nestled between her breasts. She also kissed my forehead.

Then she put one of her leg over me completely hugging me and rubbing her as well. I pretended to be asleep. After a while she also dozed off. I was scared but wanted to know how to take it forward as well. Next morning, she had laid out her clothes on the clothesline in the bathroom and was preparing to take a bath. I had to use the bathroom urgently.

When I was on the toilet an idea occurred to me. I just grabbed her bra and took it out with me. She then went to take a bath. I just dropped the bra outside the bathroom door. After the bath she came out with a smile picked up the bra. I was on the bed pretending to read a newspaper. She just had a small towel on her bosom and slipped the bra on.

Fumbled with the hooks in the back, then called out “Can you hook it for me”, when I went close knowing well I can see her front in the mirror said “Let me adjust”. She lifted up the cups, exposing her breasts completely and then slipped them back on slowly. I was just dumbfounded and it was my first sight of a woman’s breast !

I just hooked up the back and returned to the bed. We then went out to more medical shops to get further supplies that day. I was thrilled at the night’s arrival and the possibilities that were there…That night, the usual, hugging started later, a little later when she turned away, I waited for half an hour and then moved closer to her hugging her in a spooning position.

She then turned facing me, hugged me. Kissed me on my forehead. I was still scared. Slowly adjusted my position, so that our lips were at level and was making minor moves. She then put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips ! It was my first kiss. I was in heaven. She gave little kisses and then deep ones. Finally, slipped her tongue and sucked out my tongue.

I then moved my hand down and tugged at the chord that was holding her nightie (gown). She helped with it and I saw her in her bra and panty. First time in my life. She just pulled her bra over her breasts and took my face near her breast. I instinctly kissed her nipple and she said “Suck on them”.

I sucked on them and her body twitched, I got scared and stopped momentarily, she then pressed my face again and I continued the sucking for what must have been very long time. I grabbed both her breasts and was squeezing them to my heart’s content. She then grabbed my hand and put it between her tights on her crotch. I was in seventh heaven.

Her nylon panty was all wet ! I rubbed it instinctively and was sucking on her breast without any control. Suddenly, I was shocked as it felt I had to pee and a huge uncontrolled eruption happened out of my penis into my underwear. I was too embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do, I told her “I am scared and I want to stop”.

She got scared that I will reveal this and hugged me and kept on kissing me and saying “Don’t get upset” repeatedly. We went to sleep hugging each other. Next morning, we took the bus to the next town where the college was situated. We checked into a hotel there. She went out to the college and got the process started,

she stayed up late in the college and got to the room very late after a quick meal, she was totally wasted and was knocked out. I just kissed her firmly on the lips and went to sleep as well. Next morning, she got up gave me a kiss and this time walked out bare chested from the bathroom put on all her clothes totally in front of me.

She then left me money for breakfast and lunch and left for the college. I heard the doorbell and opened the door to find her all smiles. She said that the process went off really well and she had all the samples she needed. She said let us celebrate and gave me a kiss. With her on top of me I opened her brown blouse and took it off.

I then with struggle, and with her laughing at that, unhooked her bra. I sucked her breasts to my heart’s content. I asked her “What is her treat ?” She said let me give it. She then removed my underwear and asked me to close my eyes. After a minute I felt something warm and velvety wrapping my hard penis.

When I opened my eyes I saw my penis entirely in her mouth and she was sucking on it vigorously. Within a minute, I felt the need to pee and was tense. She just looked up smiled and said relax. I then felt as if I had peed. She continued her sucking and then opened her mouth and showed something that looked like yoghurt.

With a smile, she swallowed it and then after caressing me for 10 minutes again put her mouth around my penis and sucked it. Again, I felt the same sensation, this time I was not tense at all and let it erupt into her mouth. She came up and kissed me and passed on the yoghurt cream into my mouth from hers – it tasted alkaline and we kept passing it back and forth and finally she swallowed it again.

After this whenever she went to the bathroom she would leave the door totally open. I would hear her peeing into the toilet and the sound was very exciting to me and my penis would get very hard. I also kept my door open and once when I was peeing, she came behind, grabbed it and adjusted the aim. After I was done, she just bent down sucked it and cleaned it for me.

I was in heaven and had no idea, what lied ahead for me in this. That evening we took the bus and then the train immediately and got back home. At home, in the night, my elder brother had also come and he was also in the same room with us. IN the night, when I slipped my hand inside her panty, she said “Not now” very quietly and was just caressing me.

I was totally frustrated. After that next day I went back to my college. I really was caught in the grind of college for the next six months and she also finished her college and returned back to her job. I used to go to sleep constantly replaying our time together and several nights will erupt into my underwear overnight in sleep.

During the start of vacation I planned for a halt at her place and reached her house at 6am. I was warmly received by her, she was glowing when she declared that husband was out of town on business. She grabbed my arm caressed me and whispered “Tonight”. Just that one word sent chills down my spine and I was tingling all over with anticipation.

I got ready and chatted with my aunt and Anu’s daughter. That night, Anu was on the cot with her bed laid out and she laid out a bed for me on the floor. It was monsoon season, and there was plenty of thunder and lightning. At 10pm the house shutdown and all of us were in bed. Her daughter was sleeping with her grand parents, a habit she had formed when Anu was in my house for her studies.

I still thank god for that. After, some time, I slowly pulled my hand up and just rubbed her bed. Slowly, her hand came down and she said wait. I was excited and frustrated as well. Soon heavy rains started, it was very noisy. I guess, she was waiting for that noise caused by the rain. She came down and lied down next to me.

In no time, we got nude and this time she whispered “Relax” into my ears repeatedly. I sucked on her breasts. Put my hand down and felt between my thighs. Her pussy was so smooth, later she mentioned slipping out work in the afternoon to get it waxed for me ! I then asked her “What next, guide me” she grabbed my penis and laid it on the entrance to her pussy, grabbed my but and pulled me in.

It was the most joyous moment in my life, my penis slipping into a woman’s pussy for the first time. Instinctively, I began to hump and in a few mins a violent eruption happened. She wrapped her legs around my but tightly and held me in place. Kissed me violently on the lips and even bit my lip. She whispered, “It was so good”.

While we were doing it, there was lot of lightning and it was as if, flash bulbs were going on around us filming us having sex. We both put on our clothes and went to sleep. After that, next morning I took the train to my home. I also took up a job in Chennai and joined the company soon. Around a month later, after our sexual episode,

One day I got a call from anu that she is admitted to the hospital, when I asked, she said not to worry she was having an abortion. She mentioned that she missed her periods and found her to be pregnant ! She said “Kiddo, you are now fit for marriage”. After this she came to Chennai on business called me to her company guest house, I went there to find her with her husband and daughter.

The guest house bathroom was one which opened out to two adjoining rooms. When I went to wash my face, she smiled and slipped in the key to the other room. I then came out of the bathroom and said to her husband that I have to park my bike in a safe place and that I will be back in a few mins. In then opened the other room went in locked it and waited.

Few moments later, I saw the bathroom door being opened quietly and Anu entered the bedroom totally nude and pussy totally bald. We fucked like rabbits. When I was really drilling her pussy, we heard knocks on the other door of the bathroom with husband wanting to know is she done. She moaned and said that it would take her a few more minutes.

After I erupted into her, she asked me to lick her pussy and clean it up. Which like a good boy I did. When I wanted to pee, she asked me to pee into her mouth slowly and drank the whole thing ! It was shocking and sensual at the same time, to see her gulp it down, with her husband and daughter on the other side of the door…

After that I migrated to US and keep in touch with her through infrequent calls, which stopped after my marriage. Everyone was asking why Anu didn’t show up for my marriage. I can only smile at the reason. I have since fucked my wife, and after moving back to India several of my maids as well. I have even fucked a mother daughter combo of maids (separately of course).

It was a huge to kick to get both of them pregnant at the same time. To this day, I remember my first time and Anu is still the source of my fantasy for masturbation. She came to my house last year. During the night, I got a call that toilet is leaking in her room,

I entered only to see her with a smile and even at almost 60, still gives damn good blow jobs…She is an associate professor in a medical college near Chennai now. I am looking forward to my next visit to her house already. Yes, her pussy is still bald and neatly maintained.

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