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I am Jairaj from Kerala, now working in Calcutta. I am 43 years old, but energetic, enthusiastic and very young at heart. As good luck had always smiled on me because of my charismatic nature,

I had a stream of relationships with girls and ladies in my life which I would like to share with you. I am going to describe one of my best experiences in life with the wife of my friend. Once, my friend went to another city far off on an official assignment for a couple of weeks.

He requested me to keep in touch with is wife in case of any urgent need or help which I gladly agreed to. The very next day of his leaving, I got a phone call from her. She wanted to come over to my place on Saturday evening for a confidential talk in privacy.

I said she was most welcome though she told to let me know the exact time of her reaching later. Before hanging up, she giggled meaningfully asking me to wonder about what she wanted to talk to me.

On Saturday, two days later, in the evening I got another call from her to tell she would be reaching my place at about 10.00 in the night. She requested me to keep the front-door of my flat unbolted.

She had given me sufficient hints and I could easily guess the purpose of a lonely lady visiting a man in the late hours of night. Here, I would like to give a description of the lady. She was around 35 years old, fair and good-looking.

Adding to her sensual vital 36-30-36 statistics, she exuded sex-appeal from body and appearance. She looked a seductive temptress from head to foot. I could guess she must be very hot and horny.

Besides, I had reasons to believe she was not sexually satisfied with her husband. I had taken my dinner early and was looking, through the window, at the night sky heavily clad with dark clouds.

It was brightly lit with occasional serpentine lightning followed by roars of deafening thunder. Interestingly, what was going on outside was exactly happening in my mind too. My mind was excited over the thoughts of what was

possibly going to happen in my flat that night starting from next 10-15 minutes. Soon, the nature unleashed heavy storm making trees sway their heads menacingly. As expected, heavy downpour started, each drop of rain measuring like a bucketful of water.

After about five minutes, I heard a faint sound of my front door being pushed open gently. I was expecting that anytime. Luckily, the apartment opposite mine was vacant. I went to the door to welcome and let her in. Her condition was really pathetic.

She was completely soaked in the rain and her wet sari stuck to her fair body like a second skin showing off the contours and curvature of her silky body in a voluptuous way. Worse, the “anchal” (pallu) of her sari was off place and

her big bosom was heaving heavily with the nipples jutting out provocatively. I thought she was either running or walking quickly with long strides in the rains to reach my place without being noticed by anyone.

The transparent sari, blouse and light pink bras which became see-through being wet, gave a semi-nude appearance of her big, well-shaped breasts. No wonder, if her electrifying appearance in that sensual and captivating manner made thousands of volts

of current pass through my nerves, I was not to be blamed for. She had known very well I was a well-mannered gentleman. Though I was trying hard to keep my own self and composure, she noticed a sudden sparkle appeared in my eyes when

I shot a quick glance all over her body for once. She knew it was human and natural. She knew too it would have been difficult even for a saint to resist his burning temptation looking at her provocative and sexy body in the drenched condition.

The nature continued with its furious onslaught of torrential rain, storm, lightning and thunder. She gave a sexy smile and excused herself to request me to show my bathroom. I led her indoors and bolted the front-door.

I took a pair of my kurta and pyjama and gave it to her for changing. I ushered her to the bathroom attached to my bedroom but quickly told her that its bolt was having a little loose fitting. I sat on my bed paging through a magazine.

She shut herself inside the bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard the shower running. I was trying to imagine how she looked like in nude under the shower. I lost all interest in the magazine and kept it aside.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door was opened carefully a little and she called at me requesting to hand over a towel. I went towards the door with a towel. She hid her nude body behind the door and extended her hand to outside.

I placed the towel on her hand and apologized for forgetting to give one before. When my fingers touched hers, I felt a chill run up my spine. As I turned to walk back, the Mother Nature played the naughty trick.

The strong wind that rushed inside the room through the open windows of bedroom, gained access through the half-opened bathroom door as cross-ventilation and pushed it ajar with huge force, sending her unbalanced and tripping to the bathroom floor.

In the melee, she released a suppressed scream spontaneously. I turned back, went running to her rescue. I held her, made her stand up and inspected if she was hurt or injured. But she was fine. But, alas! The situation was really inexplicable and indescribable.

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Both of us became suddenly aware she was stark nude. As I glanced over her wet, sensual, naked body, my mouth opened in the shape of a big ‘O’. Both of us became aware, our respective mental equilibriums were being lost.

The mysterious chemistry began to work. History was going to repeat once again. Our eyes met for a few seconds which spoke to each other in an unknown language. We also became aware our bodies were boiled up. She became a bundle of shyness and blush.

As she hurriedly tried to cover up her bosom and pubic area with the towel, I went near her, like a somnambulist. All hell broke loose as I touched her and hugged her tightly keeping my face buried on her neck. I did not know if I was kissing or licking her neck,

as both of us were in another world. When my searching mouth covered her lips, she came to her senses. My hot breath was all over her face. My kisses were very soft but sensual. My hands were caressing all over her naked back.

The temperature generated inside her was so much that her wet body dried up in no time. I led her to the bedroom, still holding her close to me. She seemed to please me with her obedience. I made her lay on my bed.

I sat on the bedside, looking at and admiring her nude body for a long time. She felt shy and blushed when my gaze fixed on her bosom and her love triangle. Slowly, I went closer and began to kiss her from head to foot.

She moaned when my lips touched her thick lips, nipples and inner thighs. I was careful not to touch her pussy. I planted hot, sensual kisses on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, armpits, breasts, nipples, navel, thighs and foot.

Then I began to lick her body, again from head to foot. I made her lay facing down and kissed and licked her nape and back. On completion, I turned her over and concentrated on the erotic zones of her body.

First I took her each lip into my mouth and began to suck – first softly and later hard. Then, I took her tongue inside my mouth and sucked it hard. Next, I moved to her firm, protruding breasts. Her boobs were fairly big, may be 36”C size.

I wanted her to sit on bed and milk me like a baby. So, she squatted on the bed, keeping my head on her left hand rested on her lap. She held her left breast with her right hand and slowly thrust the nipple into my mouth.

I took it inside and began to suck it, first delicately and then hard. I cupped her right breast with my left hand and began to play, fiddle and squeeze it while I continued to suck her other breast. Though her nipples were soft and tender, but they became firm and erect as I began to suck it.

Due to my squeezing, the flesh of her large breast seemed to spill out through the gaps in between my fingers. After sometime, I exchanged with her other breast for my sucking. As I sucked, she kept her upper body bent a little backward in extreme pleasure.

Her eyes were closed out of the pleasurable sensation she derived while I sucked and squeezed her breasts. This went on for nearly twenty minutes. Once both of us were satisfied, I made her lay on her back on the bed again.

Now, my mouth was making its downward journey from her bosom. As my mouth touched her cleanly-shaven pussy, suddenly she arched her body a little with a shrill moan. My mouth probed her entire pussy with frequent hot kisses.

Occasionally, I rubbed my chin and cheeks on her pussy giving titillations and pleasurable sensations. Then I began licking it madly. This made her squirm in bed in utmost ecstasy. She admitted her husband never mouthed her pussy

before and she was enjoying this pleasure for the first time. I licked her entire pussy the way one wipes the floor with a cloth. Then I separated the outer and inner labia with my fingers. I found her clitoris, took it inside my mouth and began to suck it.

Ohhhh…..aahhh…. she released a wild shrill and yell out of extreme pleasure of ecstasy as I continued to suck her clitoris hard. After five minutes or so, I observed her pussy became very hot, wet and secretions almost oozing and dripping out.

I separated her vaginal walls and slowly inserted my tongue into her love-tunnel. I began to twist my tongue and lick the inner walls of her vagina in a wild way. This made her go out of her head as she moaned and bounced on the bed involuntarily arching her body frequently.

She held my head with the hairs, pulling them apart and pressing my head very hard to her pussy encouraging me to suck more hard. I was enjoying myself by sucking and gulping her pussy juice, now secreting profusely.

I seemed to be thirsty for a month or so by the way I sucked her pussy eager to quench my thirst, as my wife was in the native place. I think the more I sucked, the more juice her pussy secreted.

Sometimes, my sucking was so intense and hard, it made whistling sounds. And the wriggling of her body was so wild I thought she may nearly topple out of the bed. Suddenly, I had a change of mind. I lay on bed on my back and asked her to sit on near my face.

She understood what I wanted. Mounting and sitting on my face, she separated her legs and thighs as widely as possible and thrust her pussy on my face and mouth. As her pussy found its way into my mouth, she closed her thighs covering my face in a suffocating manner.

As I began to suck, she bounced and jumped in sheer ecstasy and pleasure thrusting her pussy very hard onto my mouth. As she wanted to suck my cock, I stopped her. She didn’t know the reason why I declined for the same, till we reached the final stages of our lovemaking later.

As my sucking continued for more than fifteen minutes, I became aware her body was completely gripped with lust and libido. I knew she could not sustain any longer as she wanted the real thing soon and fast.

I observed the burning desires reflected on her eyes, understood her expressions and body language. She lay on her back keeping her legs and thighs widely apart and raised, inviting me to penetrate and bury myself inside her body.

We stood up and she began to undress me. Once I was fully nude, she observed my hot and erect cock curiously. Perhaps she was trying to imagine what mayhem my menacing monster may make once entered inside her love-tunnel.

As she was unable to restrain any more with the burning desires, she wanted me to make love to her soon. But, I excused myself and went to my adjacent drawing room. I returned after five minutes or so while she was still in bed.

I mounted on her, but not exactly sitting on her body, taking care not to put any weight of my body on her. She pressed her boobs together with her hands. I inserted my cock in the cleavage, between the breasts and started making thrusts.

She must have felt my cock very hot and rock-like. I continued to fuck her breasts for nearly five minutes. Then she caught my cock, placed its tip on one of her nipples and drew the outer skin of my cock to cover her nipple.

I made delicate thrusts with my cock to her nipple. It looked as if her boob was milking my cock or my cock feeding her boob. We were getting pleasure, indeed. I suggested to her to have different positions, both of us having individual choice alternately.

She wanted me first to have my choice. So, I made her lay on her back keeping her buttocks close to the edge of the bed. I kept a soft pillow under her buttocks and widened her legs and thighs maximum possible apart keeping the toes resting on the bedside.

Yeah, this position made her large, velvet pussy elevated and very much revealing. I placed myself between her legs and kept the head of my erect cock at the opening of her vagina. Her pussy was slightly palpitating and throbbing, welcoming the entry of my cock pronto.

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I made delicate thrusts and pushes. She reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans. As her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside. Once fully inside, I made slow thrusts then increased my force and speed.

She was fully enjoying my thrusts. As the momentum gained up, in extreme pleasure, she locked my body with her legs tightly around my hips and bounced to give upward reciprocating thrusts to match mine.

She looked as if immersed in the ocean of sexual pleasure as she released wild shrills out of sheer ecstasy. Each time, when our thrusts coincided, my cock was driven fully inside her love-tunnel shaking her body.

She moaned fiercely each time I entered her, swaying her head side ways releasing ecstatic moans. Every time my hot cock went deep inside her pussy, it made soft plushhhh…plushhh..plushhh.. sound. In utmost ecstasy, she moaned:

“Oh…dear….fuck me more hard….faster….deeper… plough my pussy….tear it apart….make it bleed…. quench my thirst….kill me… extinguish my fire of lust inside my pussy with your cock-milk sprayed all over…. Aaahhhh….. ooohhhh…

I am getting extreme pleasures….You are a marvelous lover….You took me to Heaven for the first time. How I wish this thing to happen every night. Unfortunately, my stupid hubby is incapable to give it…”.

I responded and really accelerated, my cock now working inside her like the piston of a steam-engine running at 1000 kilometers per hour. I shook her body and the cot each time I entered and withdrew in quick succession.

This went on for nearly ten minutes. I knew, she was about to reach climax as she made spasmodic movements and gyrations with her body, her vaginal muscles gripped my cock tightly crushing it inside her vagina.

I also enjoyed it and in another few seconds, she made a loud shrill and cry and went limp. Yeah, she attained orgasm. As she opened her eyes a little later, they reflected her fullest satisfaction. I was still licking her pussy juice from the vagina as an After-play.

She frankly expressed she experienced the pleasure of reaching orgasm while fucking for the first time in her life. We rested for a few minutes. I told it was her turn to dominate now. So, I lay on my back.

She seated herself on my body near my thighs keeping her legs folded backward at each side of my body. She held my cock with her right hand and with the help of her other hand, she slowly guided it into her pussy. With a little pull and push, it went fully inside.

Then, she speeded up with violent and vigorous thrusts sending my cock deep inside her. She was bouncing and jumping in the act. The pleasure was too much for her as she leaned her upper body backward keeping her hands at the back of her buttocks, as a support,

so that she could thrust her pussy forward with more brutal force. While she fucked this way, I cupped her boobs and squeezed them. She was reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and ecstasy indeed.

Later she bent forward, hugged and kissed me passionately on my mouth as she continued her onslaught of vigorous lovemaking with her pelvic in a crouching manner. While she did so, I lovingly caressed her back. In another five minutes, she reached her second climax.

It was too much for me to control and I also burst out flooding her love-tunnel with my cock milk.

We lay side by side and rested for nearly twenty minutes. Now, it was going to be my turn next. I had known watching the images of lovemaking reflected on a mirror,

gives extra pleasure to the lady. Both of us stood up and came to the big dressing-table having a full-length mirror. I placed a writing table in front of the mirror and made her stand on the floor touching the table, facing the mirror.

I made her bend forward, the upper body facing and resting on the table, keeping her legs and thighs widely separated. I stood behind her and tried to penetrate her pussy with my cock. Yeah, I had difficulty.

She helped by keeping her thighs maximum possible apart and separating her vaginal walls with her hands. With a little adjustment of our postures, my cock went half inside her. It was then I made a thunderous thrust with my cock.

It pained both of us, but my cock went inside fully the way a hot knife cuts through a lump of cheese. I bent forward lying on her back, embracing her body with my hands. I clasped my legs with hers. Then I started fucking her while I cupped and squeezed her breasts.

This posture was more or less the way a dog fucks a bitch. I made vigorous thrusts with my cock ramming it deep inside her pussy and taking it out in quick succession and force, simultaneously squeezing her boobs with my hands.

She held her pelvic thrust backward, each time I made forward thrusts. This way, I hit her uterus violently. She moaned and yelled, a little with pain and more with pleasure while we both enjoyed seeing our nude, clasped bodies and lovemaking reflected on the mirror.

She liked this position very much and told me if the lovemaking could continue throughout the night. In fact, we were enjoying this doggy position the most as with my each thrusts, her body was moved a little forward along with the table.

In another five minutes of my vigorous fucking, she reached her third round of climax. She expressed her admiration by licking my whole face with her tongue. We came to the bed again hugging and kissing each other,

now a little tired and exhausted. I asked her if she would like to have a cup of hot coffee to replenish our energies. She readily agreed on the condition that she would make the coffee. So, I showed her the kitchen, gas, utensils, sugar, milk, etc.

While she was making coffee, still nude, I went behind her and started caressing and playing with her ass. I tried to push my cock into her anus knowing it won’t go inside in standing position. Then, I knelt in front of her and started licking her still wet pussy.

She was enjoying my sex-play deriving maximum pleasure while she made coffee though she patted my head and told lovingly….”Oh… naughty lover, there is a time for everything… why can’t you wait till I finished making coffee”?

After a cup of good, steaming coffee, we came to the bed. I sat keeping my back resting on the side-rail of the bed, while she sat in front of me keeping her back resting on my chest and her legs and thighs separated.

My one hand was busy squeezing one of her boobs while my other hand played with her pussy. It was really astonishing for me, but my play turned her on very soon as she turned to look at me hungrily.

I welcomed her expression with a smile and nod and said it was now her turn to dominate again.

So, as suggested by me, we stood on the floor, facing each other in front of the mirror. I kept her hands circled around my neck tightly. I held her at her buttocks with my hands.

Then she made a big jump mounting on to my waist-line circling my pelvic with her legs. The attempt was to insert and drive my erect cock deep into her pussy at one go. But we did not succeed. We tried 3-4 more times, yet we failed.

Lastly, we could manage it by inserting it inside her pussy with the help of her hands. Now, she clung on to my body with her hands and legs while I held her tightly at her buttocks with my hands and my cock fully buried inside her pussy.

Once the penetration was full and perfect, she started bouncing, still clinging to me and sending my cock deep inside and a little outside. We both looked at our own reflections on the mirror while we made love this way and enjoyed to see it.

It was uncomfortable for me to hold her entire body weight for long, but as I saw she was enjoying it the most, I told her to continue as long as she wanted. Luckily for me, within another 4-5 minutes, she reached her next climax.

As she offloaded herself from my body and glanced at my still erect cock, suddenly something seemed to crystallize in her mind as if she had not thought of it before. It really made her wonder that in spite of our four rounds of lovemaking spread

over nearly two hours now and each time she reaching climax, yet, I ejaculated only once. She wondered how this could be possible! She knew men normally reach climax, ejaculate and pump their seminal fluid within 5-10 minutes of the fucking.

When she asked me so, I smiled at her but did not say anything. As she persisted with her mounting curiosity, I told her that before our lovemaking, I went to the adjacent room to practice the yoga technique to control my mind and body so that

I can continue lovemaking withholding my ejaculation for longer periods. Suddenly she showed her respect and admiration for me for sacrificing my own pleasures for her sake. But she was determined to give me my share of enjoyment.

Though she told me so, I thankfully refused as she was visibly very tired and exhausted. I felt that she would be unable to sustain for another round, may be for next few hours. She was not going to give up but determined to

give me entire satisfaction of our union and lovemaking. Yielding to her request, I again went to the adjacent room. She peeped through the window to see me sitting on the floor in the “Padmasana” posture of the Yoga Asana,

in meditation and deeply breathing. After a few minutes, I stood up and went to her. To her query, I said I practiced yoga once again to relax my mind and body so that I can reach climax now and ejaculate.

So, as the last round, we went to the bathroom. We stood under the running shower hugging and kissing each other. After both of us were fully drenched, I took her to the bathroom wall and kept her back leaned and resting on the wall.

I widened her legs and thighs so that her pussy became visible. I inserted my cock inside her slowly. With a few pull and push, it went nearly full inside. I moved my right hand and caught the flexible shower turned to spray water on our bodies.

Then I started my real assault inside her pussy, sending my cock deep inside her. She found me a marvelous lover as I ploughed her entire pussy with my cock and nearly made it in a mess. Though she was getting pleasure,

perhaps it went exponential by the thought that she was submissive to me now to help me get my climax and sexual satisfaction. And, she told me that for the first time, she enjoyed lovemaking under a running shower.

Within a few minutes, I attained orgasm and I kept my entire cock fully thrust inside her deeply at that moment. She said she could easily feel my cock pumping and spraying my cock-milk deep inside her.

Though she wanted her body to absorb every drop of my fluid, but being in our standing position, it oozed and dripped out of her vagina. As soon as I completed my ejaculation, for the first time, I limped and my body fell on to her like a fallen tree-trunk.

She caressed my head, now resting on her bosom. She kissed and licked my entire face passionately. She seemed to have developed great admiration and respect for me. A few minutes later, I woke up from my slumber, slowly withdrew my cock from her vagina.

We bathed together under the shower and soaped each other. While we still stood under the shower, I knelt in front of her and began to drink the water flowing through her body and dripping out of her pussy.

Smilingly, she asked me: “Hey… naughty lover….are you still thirsty”? I did not reply, but gave her a smile which spoke volumes. We wiped and dried up our bodies and came back to the bedroom. We sat on the bed and talked for some time.

Then she put on her clothes which were still little wet. She combed her hair and got ready. I glanced at the wall-clock which showed 2.10 AM. It was still drizzling outside. Though both of us wanted to spend more time together, but she insisted

of going back to her house soon to avoid risk of being noticed. I thought it was okay as some people used to wake up around 3.30 AM to pluck flowers from shrubs around for their morning pujas.

We came clinging to each other, to the front door. Then we hugged and our lips glued in a hot, deep and long passionate kiss. In a low voice, she profusely thanked me for the most wonderful and unforgettable pleasures given to her. I thanked her too in reciprocation.

She added it was for the first time she experienced orgasm, that too in multiple. When she got out of my house, she looked over her shoulders, smiled and waved at me in a gesture of goodbye. I too waved back.

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