Part 1

After the tiring fuck Haasini went to sleep wondering what might happen. Haasini was woken up at about 3 am in the middle of the night by Varun who was nibbling with her aerolas. His beard was creating a sensation on her nipples. Haasini also wasn’t able to understand why she was falling for a ugly looking guy like Varun. Her body was devoured and ravaged by this monster and the surprising thing was she hasn’t felt this complete in her entire life. Varun now shifted her on top of him. Her beautiful milky white body was in stark contrast with Varuns black skin. Now Varun was smooching her deeply and she was willingly co-operating.

He was deeply kissing her and now was making her sit on his cock. She understood what was coming and was now that he wants him to ride her. She slided down on his cock but her cunt was still tight and was not able to sit properly on it. Varun saw this and then he held her by her waist and pushed her body on to his cock in a bang. Haasini moaned/shouted loudly as she didn’t expect this move. Now he was just moving her like a someone lifts weight. Up and down ( just like a slam bang thank u mam ) kind of stuff. She was moaning loudly as her cunt was penetrated again and again by the monster. Now Varun cock was sliding in and she was adjusted by her size. His testicles very slapping her beautiful buttocks. And Varuns rough hands very roaming everywhere around Haasinis body. Haasini kept moaning loudly and suddenly her body began to tense up and she was on the verge of her climax. This was the third climax she was having and she hasn’t hade this much orgasm in her entire life. She screehed cloudly dug her nails into Varuns chest and orgasmed.

The orgasm seemed to have shook her entire body. And she was not able to sit properly Varun saw this and shifted her from on top of him and now he was on top of her pumping her hard. He was admiring her beauty while saying that her husband is impotent and she needs real man that is him. He also said he needed a bombshell of woman like her who he can fuck and fulfill his fantasies. Now he was licking her nipples and also biting he was totally wild. Haasini was also so tired she wasn’t able to tell him to be gentle. Suddenly Varun started moving faster and emptied his load deep into her fertile womb and collapsed on top of her.

He was licking her neck and her face. Like a baby licking a lollipop. After a few minutes she came to her senses. She then went to her bathroom to clean herself up. While going to the bathroom Varun was her beautiful ass swaying left and right and unbelievably his dick started to harden. Haasini sexy and voluptuous body was driving Varun mad beyond control. When Haasini went to the bathroom she examined her body.

Her nipples had bite marks all over them and were swollen . Her pussy was bruised and battered like being hit by a battering ram. Suddenly she saw Varun standing behind her he then pushed her body forward and made her bend on the wash basin. Now the water was running in her hair.

Varun took out some oil from the bottle and applied in on the ass. Haasini started to plead with Varun she is very tired and not to fuck her in her ass but Varun wasn’t listening one bit to her. He then started teasing her anus my rubbing his cock tip on it. Haasini was totally exhausted though she was a bit excited but her sexual drive was totally over. She pleaded to him again.

Varun said I am not a idiot to let of you. He said now she is all hers and has to submit her body to him whenever he wants. Haasini was virgin in her ass and as she was a sensitive women never wanted to be fucked there. It was never in her fantasy but now her ass was going to be evaded by the big monster. Haasini was crying as Varun drove his monster inside her. Her body almost felt numb. Unable to feel anything. She might have fainted as it was much more sex then she has in a week with Abhinav. She was then brought back from sleep when she heard the doorbell from outside. She recollected herself and saw Varun on the bed.

And as she opened the door she saw Silvia Standing there and enquiring that her house is lock and where is her husband.

Silvia came inside Haasini’s house. Then she told Silvia probably her husband has gone some where. She said she will wait here for him. Then she suddenly saw the Haasini’s disheveled state. She said what has happened to you. Seems like you have got some tonight.

Haasini was totally short of words. How can she Silvia that man who was fucked her senseless, even take the virginity of her ass is Varun ( her husband). Silvia said ,” come on, i have been married for 15 years now), the look on your face tells that you had a great, exhausting and a satisfying night”.

Silvia than came closer and was expecting the bite marks on Haasini’s body. She said what a beast of a man have done that to you. but I dont blame him. Anyone who is with u would have done the same thing. Haasini had never heard such remarks from Silvia and she was taken aback by her sudden change in behaviour. Then suddenly she hugged Haasini.From the other side of the room she saw Varun, and he winked at her. So it was planned.

Silvia then said wouldnt she like to introduce her to her lover. Haasini had her back to Varun so couldnt make out anything. She tried to fend of Silvia ( obviously she didnt deny that she has been with a man, as it was all so obvious). Trying to fend of Silvia she said leave him, and then in a total act of desperation she kissed Silvia. Silvia was now certainly taken aback. Well now that was very nice of you Haasini and then she reciprocated her kiss. Both their toungues were dancing in each other mouth. Haasini was feeling loved and protected around Silvia, although she was a woman. Now Silvia said now she knew why her husband was mad after her as she herself cannot control herself from loving her.

Haasini thought its now or never. She thought Silvia would understand and is she so adamant going into the bedroom. There is no way she will not come to know about Varun.

So after a fast thought process she spoke to Silvia, ” Silvia I have to tell you something the man who is inside the bedroom is your husband Varun, I am so sorry but he forcibly fucked me, you only said that he has hots for me every since he saw me and look what he has done with my body”.

Silvia smiled silently thinking ( sweet innocent woman has come in the trap and i dont have to feel guilty about it as well). She said it is natural to happen. She said not to worry what has happened is fine, now she is will stop Varun from seeing her.

Now Haasini suddenly spoke up, she thought that her sexual fulfillment will only last for a day. She said no he was brutal but i enjoyed it as well…..

Now Silvia said to her, “ so you also like him”, to which Haasini smiled naughtily and said yes.

She said that though she loved the fulfillment of her body last night, but Varun was very brutal and he ravaged her. Silvia said that it is true but that might have been because he could not have controlled himself seeing Haasini’s body. She said that he likes her a lot and might be very happy.

Then Silvia thought of a wicked plan. She said she would like to see Varun and her to it again. To which Haasini replied wont she feel bad seeing her husband having sex with another woman, to which she replied that she would like to see how he makes love to such a fine woman like Haasini.

Varun had moved back to the bedroom and feigned sleep. Silvia told Haasini not to tell Varun that she has come. She told Haasini to keep the door slightly ajar so that she can also enjoy the beautiful view of her beautiful body being devoured by her husband. Haasini smiled to which Silvia kissed her on the lips again and squeezed her breasts. Silvia told Haasini that she has been sexually liberated to such a big extent in just one night to which Haasini just nodded.

Silvia said to Haasini to be naughty this time around. Haasini said how would that be, to which Silvia replied that till now Varun has always taken you against your will, Now try and offer your body to him yourself. See what changes you find in him. Haasini said it’s a good idea and she would like to try it. She said now that she is going into the bedroom.

Now Varun was sleeping on his back and was stark naked. His muscular frame of 6”1 height, but his 9 inches of black hard cock was now in a flaccid state of 5 inches. Haasini on seeing his cock smiled to herself. She started by removing her nighty and becoming completely naked. Varun was having a lot of problem pretending to be asleep but he was curious to see what surprise does Haasini has for him. Now Haasini after applying some minimal wake up an doing her hair properly was looking like a goddess. Varun wanted to get up from bed, grab her, fuck her silly and impregnate her. He wanted to do that so that she never leaves him. He wanted her to be his fuck toy forever. He said to be patient and it might be she give herself willingly( he thought so because he had to go back to the bedroom he had not heard the latter conversation of the conversation between Silvia and her).

Now Haasini suddenly crawled up to the bed and she her face was bent down close to the cock of Varun. She had never sucked a cock in her life before, but she wanted to now ( just after one day of her sexual awakening ). She blew some air now to his testicles; Varun could not believe what was actually happening. Now Haasini was giving soft kissed on the black snake, which was gradually waking up. Varun now opened his eyes completely and saw her hair falling down her pearl like face while she was licking and sucking the tip of the cock. Now Haasini also knew that Varun is awake but she didn’t make any eye contact with him and continued on her job at hand.

Now as she took the cock in her mouth she found that it almost jerked and was getting longer and rock hard. The smell of the cock was weird (as it just fucked her asshole and was stained with his and her cum), but Haasini was instead of being repulsed was drawn to its smell.

Varun was holding the angelic body of Haasini close to her. He darted his toungue into her hot mouth and started to taste her luscious lips and juicy mouth. He grabbed Haasini’s white ass and grinded it more against his dick which although had just ejaculated was still semi-hard. Silvia could not control herself just being a mere spectator and watching from behind the door. She was already naked and her hands were busily working on her clit. The truth was Silvia had some lesbian tendencies and she has been with a couple of women before. But never in her life had she found anyone who had a more seductive body than Haasini. For the first time when Silvia met her she started praying, “ oh god, let her be a lesbian. Plz”.

Now as the fact was, the trap was laid by Varun into Haasini fell into. She thought when everyone knows why not make her presence felt. She walked into the room and patted on the shoulders of Haasini. Haasini was startled at once as she didn’t expect Silvia to come into the room like this ( though she knew she was watching all the time).

She took Haasini’s face into her hands and started kissing. She looked at her husband softly and said “ I hope you don’t mind sharing her”. To which Varun just smiled back and said not at all. Varun has never seen two ladies make it out in real ( though he had watched a lot of porno, but this was just like a dream come true). Now Silvia pushed Haasini off Varun to the other side of the bed and jumped on top of her. Now her big breasts were over the face of Haasini to which Silvia just asked , “ Suck them baby”. This was the only invitation Haasini needed. She started to suck Silvia’s breasts like a small baby. Silvia was also feeding her breasts to Haasini like she was her mother. She cuddled Haasini’s face into her big and soft breasts and started to murmur oh baby you are so sweet suck tem well. After 10 minutes of sucking Silvia’s breasts. Silvia suddenly disengaged and went down on Haasini. She was Haasini clean shaven pussy and saw that she was so excited that the juices were flowing down to her thighs. Then Silvia asked Haasini naughtily, “ do you want your mama to suck your pussy baby”.

This was too much for Haasini to bear and she hissed “Yes, mama suck it”. Silvia’s just dived into her clit teasing it, biting and nibbling at it softly. Haasini was squirming like a fish out of water. She said to Silvia please don’t tease me…. Suck it, and suck it hard. Silvia also now paid into her demands and her tongue entered the walls of her pussy and was clicking all around the circumference of it. Haasini almost jumped as her requests were met. Silvia was busy devouring her beautiful pussy. Haasini has cummed so many times since last night, she never knew her body has so much of sexual capacity, but still her juices showed no sign of stopping. Silvia’s soft toungue were doing wonders to her pussy. Silvia was paying attention to each and every part of her pussy. Now Silvia became a bit aggressive and was biting her clitoris simultaneously. Silvia now dug her nails into Haasini’s lovely asshole and was teasing it heightening Haasini’s pleasure. Haasini could not take it anymore and took Silvia’s hairs into her hand and started banging it with her pussy. Silvia was shocked to see the wild side of Haasini. Haasini was now overpowering her and was now dominating her. She was forcing Silvia to such her faster and bring her to orgasm as soon as possible. Now Haasini could feel an orgasm build inside of her and suddenly waves of ecstasy hit her and she was cumming all over Silvia’s face. Now after lapping up Haasini’s juices. Silvia stood up and her face was covered up with more of Haasini’s juices. Now Varun saw this and he was fully erect.

He stood up and started kissing Silvia’s face and tongue sharing Haasini’s sweet juices with her. Now Varun said looks like the bitch is in heat looking at Haasini. Haasini just nodded and opened her arms up for Varun and said, “ come take me”. Varun trying to mock her for the night before said no wait Haasini let me get a condom before doing this. Haasini said no need of that, just fuck me, fill me up, even if I get pregnant I don’t care. Varun was so excited seeing such nasty words come out of Haasini’s mouth. He kissed her took her legs on his shoulders. He put his cock on the entrance of her pussy and with a bang slammed it in. Haasini realized that Varun only knew one way of making love and that is the hard way. Varun now took one of Haasini’s nipples inside his mouth and started biting it madly. Haasini trying to pacify him saying eaasyyyy…. Lover. You have my body… treat it nicely. Hearing these comments Varun was delighted and pacified and he started sucking her breats nicely while pounding her with the same speed. Now Varun knew Haasini is his forever. She took Haasini by the waist and pushed more of his cock deep inside his vagina.

Now Silvia realized that she is being left out. She straddled Haasini’s face and put her pussy directly on her mouth. Now what a sight it was. Haasini face was being fucked by Silvia’s hot pussy while her pussy was being ravaged by Silvia’s own husband Varun. She was becoming a puppet in the hands of this sex frenzy couple and enjoying each and every moment of it. Now Varun started pounding her screaming aaahhhhhhh….. what a pussyyyy… so tight and warm… mmmm… I will give you a lot of babies Haasini… You will be my second wife from now onwards. Haasini could not reply to any of this as she was busy sucking Silvia. Now Varun started banging the beautiful housewife wildly and in response she was also getting hotter. Now as he banging her Haasini started biting Silvia’s pussy mercilessly and Silvia started shouting….. Oh Haasini leave it.. oh you are hurting me.. don’t bite me … but Haasini was not listening to anything.. She had decided that if she is going to be Varun’s fuck toy. Silvia is going to be her. Now it seemed all the three are wildly approaching there orgams. Difference was Haasini and Varun were just beause of pleasure but Silvia was a misture of pain and pleasure. Silvia tried to get up from Haasini face but Haasini grabbed her hips and pushed her down and bit her pussy hard signaling to Silvia to never get up again.

Now all of the three were bucking wildly in unison. First to cum was Silvia . She cummed hard on Haasini’s face and was totally spent and slided off Haasini face. Now she watched in awe as Haasini took her husband face into her hands and started smooching him wildly. She now replied to his question ,”yes I will be your second wife and the mother to your naughty wild and beautiful babies..” this was too much for Varun too handle and cummed wildly into Haasini unprotected womb.. Haasini also cummed in unison and both were panting and lying in each other arms.

Now Varun cock was in full mast, but now Haasini was licking and sucking it with full enthusiasm. Varun now finally uttered the word, “ oh Haasini I love u darling, sorry for what I did last night, I just couldn’t control myself seeing you for such a long time”. As Varun was completing his sentence Haasini bit his cock lightly to which Varun grunted. He smiled to himself and thought “ oh so the beautiful girl has a wilder side as well”. Haasini could not even believe herself what she was doing. She might have never thought that she would have been doing all this stuff to anyone ( even her husband that is). She was also feeling free and enjoying herself being so wild.

Now Varun placed her hands on Haasini lovely her and started to caress and slightly said to her,” please darling suck a bit faster”, to which Haasini immediately increased her speed. She wanted to enjoy herself and wanted to see if she can satisfy the beast the man infront of her. Now Haasini started deep throating Varun. Though she was gagging she never thought as she was adamant on giving him the best blowjob of his life. Now Varun Started to flex his hips and his cock went more and more. He grabbed hold of her and started mouth fucking her. Though it was difficult for Haasini but she knew Varun is wild guy and this is the difference and enjoyment she is going to have in his company. Now Silvia who watching from the door which was slightly ajar, she had also stripped from her clothes. Now she was fingering her pussy. In the meantime Varun was pumping his cock in and out of Haasini’s beautiful mouth. He grunted a lot and said he could not hold any longer and started pumping his seeds into her mouth. After he finished ejaculating he grabbed her and brought her face to his mouth and tasted his cum. She now was to hot and pressed her mouth to his

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