This is a story about a woman called Haasini. Haasini is 23 years old, married for 6 months, 5”5, 57 kgs weight, 34-28-36, extremely fair complexion, brown hair, in short a truly sexy and voluptuous woman anyone would die to fuck.

She is married to a handsome looking man Abhinav. She has a satisfactory sex life. She doesn’t has anything much to compare as she came from a conservative family and her knowledge of sex was very minimum. Her first encounter was with her husband on the first wedding night. She also didn’t allow him to touch her before marriage as she thought of it as a Sin. There was Abhinav’s mother in the family. Abhinav father had died long time back. His mother also loved her dutiful daughter in law as she looked after her all the time.

They lived in a house which had two sections, the above section was empty for over 2 years. Meanwhile Abhinav was working in a Computer Firm and was given a project of 3 months in the US and then he will come back. Due to Visa Complications he couldn’t take his beautiful wife along with him. Haasini also told him that she will stay back and look after her mother in law. She was also a shy person so never went out of the house and interacted with neighbours. So after Abhinav going she was feeling lonelier than before.

Haasini knew how beautiful she was, sometimes also liked the amount of male attention she used to get. After marriage, Abhinav who has a more modern outlook made her wear sleeveless blouse and low cut blouses. Though she was hesitant she did it for her husband’s happiness.

Now the main story starts, just after a week of Abhinav’s departure to US . A family moved in the above portion of the house. Haasini’s mother in law was very annoyed by having neighbours. They were married couple Varun aged 37, sturdy looking, 6’1,dark complexion, bearded, heavy body and Silvia 34, 5”6, 69 Kgs, Heavy body, 38-34-38, wheatish complexion. They had two children both in boarding school. Varun was working for a multinational company as a manager and Silvia was a housewife. He was an ugly looking fellow but from the time he moved in he had his eyes set on beautiful body of Haasini.

Now Silvia started to meet Haasini on day to day basis. First Haasini tried to avoid her but as she was herself lonely started to like Silvia’s company. Silvia was a smart and witty lady, she struck up delightful conversation with Haasini and she was spellbound to her company. Two weeks passed away and her friendship with Haasini started to grow. Now Haasini was visiting her house everyday. She also went shopping with Haasini. Once they went shopping it started raining heavily, they were both soaked to the core. Silvia called her hubby as his office was nearby. Her hubby came to pick both of them up. Varun was mesmerized seeing Haasini fully drenched in Rain. She was wearing a low cut sleeveless blouse. Her saree was sticking to her body, all her body outlines were highlighted. The cold weather making her nipples pointed. Varun complimented Haasini on her beauty. Haasini was really embarrassed as a stranger was fully exploring her body in prescence of his own wife. Varun was literally undressing her with his looks.

After they reached home, Haasini went to her mother who told her has to leave for her sister’s house as her son has expired and told her that she will be back in 4 days. Haasini said ok, but she was scared living alone. Her mother left for her sister’s house. It was 6.30 pm. She went to Silvia’s house to ask her whether she could stay with her at night. When she knocked the door she was received by Varun who told her Silvia has left for her mother’s place for 2 days.

He asked her to come in. She could not refuse as he was behaving like a through gentleman though Haasini knew the way he was ogling her body hours ago. She was a wearing a black saree and matching blouse at that time. He was in kurta pajama. Haasini asked how is he going to have his dinner. He said he would order it from somewhere as he had no option ( indirectly asking Haasini to invite him over for Dinner ). Haasini had no option but to ask him to come over which he readily accepted.

Haasini went back and started cooking. It was not even 15 minutes that the door bell rang, she opened and saw Varun standing. Due to working in kitchen, she had tied her saree to the exposing her beautiful navel. Also she was perspiring a lot. Varun said he had nothing to do so he thought he might come over and be of some help. She said to him there is no need and she will do the work by herself. In the meantime she asked him to be comfortable and watch some TV. Then she started working in the Kitchen. He also came in and started chatting with her. She also started to like the conversation and was not minding Varun ogling her body as she was tired and was busy preparing dinner. As she was serving Dinner, Varun was curiously looking at her juggling breast.while serving food. His eyes were transfixed on voluptuous ass when she was turing back.

Varun was having a lot of difficulty holding himself back having such an angel beside him. He was very horny and his massive dick was making a huge tent from his pajama. All the time, he was complementing Haasini on her looks and was praising her. Haasini was getting redder with each compliment as she was not used to male company except her hubby. He thanked her for the lovely dinner and told her that he will be back in 15 minutes. Haasini said its fine and he should not bother but he said he has something for her. She got confused and was eagerly waiting for the surprise. He said he had brought his wife a nighty and as she was Fat ( saying jokingly ) it didn’t fit her and shopkeeper refused to take it back. He forced Haasini to take it. Haasini said she doesn’t accept gifts but due to Varun’s pressure had to accept it. Varun said to her if she didn’t mind she can try out the nighty as it can be loose for her as his wife is too heavy.

Haasini said ok and went back to change. When she was changing she found out that nighty was exactly the same size as hers. It was of pink colour of very flimsy material. And she has never worn clothes like this before. It was sleevelss as showing upper side portions of her boobs. Varun knocked at the door and said is it ok? She said yes. He asked her whether the size is fitting her. She said yes. He said can he see. She was trying to refuse him. Suddenly there was a phone call in the drawing room.

She had to rush to pick the phone as if Varun would have picked up the phone it would have created a problem for her as what a stranger is doing in the house at 10 pm at night. So she went in the nighty itself. She picked up the phone and it was Abhinav . She was talking to him for 5 minutes. When she kept the phone down she realized that Varun was looking at him the whole lavishly. He said that she is looking like a model in this dress.

Haasini know realized her situation, she was completely alone with a stranger who she can tell was lusting for her. Varun then went close to her and put his hand on his bare shoulder saying how soft her skin is and maybe his wife would have been beautiful as she is. Haasini tried to break his hold but suddenly he hugged her. She was desperately trying to be free but is was not leaving her. Her beautiful breasts were crushed against his muscular chest. Varun said to her that she will be his tonight and he wont leave a chance like this at any cost. He asked Haasini to co-operate as he is going to have her one way or another.

Haasini was scared and she knew that she has to submit to this wild man. She never liked him his scary beard, and a strong build up always looked evil to the beautiful simple lady. Then Varun dragged Haasini to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Then he jumped on her literally crushing her with his weight. Her was kissing her wildly and was trying to insert his dirty tongue in her beautiful mouth. She was trying to resist but she was weak in comparison to this man. Then he teared the straps of the nighty which he had just gifted to her and threw it away.

Now she was in Bra and panty. Varun was hypnotized by her body and was licking his lips in anticipation that he will have such a young and beautiful body that he only imagined in his dreams to fuck to his desire. He was know pinching her breasts over the bra. And Haasini was pleading him to leave her. She said she is just like his younger sister on which he replied if his younger sister had a body like her he would have fucked her too , now Haasini knew that it is going to happen. Then Varun took off her panty but her bra was still on.

He started to lick her pink cunt As Haasini was a conservative women she never knew about oral sex. Even if this man was ugly looking like a beast but he was giving her enormous pleasure she had never imagined existed. Now he was licking her biting her clitoris and she was moaning in pleasure. He knew that he has got her and will be getting the babe of his life under him tonight. Now he went up and took off her bra and started liking her beautiful nipples. She was moaning as she haven’t had sex since a month and for a newly wed it is very long time.her clitoris was running like a flood with her fluid. Now when Varun was certain that this sex starved beauty wont leave. He got up and took of his clothes. Haasini was amazed to see the 9 inch black monster which was completely erect. Pointing directly at her

He brought her mouth near his dick and she swallowed his dick. She could only take few inches but Varun wasn’t complaining. The site of this beautiful naked women licking him was enough to turn him on. Haasini was also stunned and was sucking his dick and was enjoying being used by this ugly man. Varun was holding her beautiful brown hair and was slowly pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. Haasini who was never had a thought of being with another man was sucking his dick like an icecream.

When he was on the verge of cumming he stopped. He made her lie down on the bed and spread her legs as wide as possible, she was resisting feebly but she knew her body is going to be ravaged by this 9 inch monster which is just used to a 5 inch dick of Abhinav. She asked Varun to wear a condom on which he said he will remove his dick at the time of discharge. He then started deep kissing her and she was also responding giving her young body to this ugly fellow. Now he positioned his dick on the entrance of her pussy and in one go rammed it in, early 6 inches went in, by far more than she was used to. Her eyes popped out of her sockets as she saw her vagina explored to new depths. Tears were streaming down her eyes.

Varun was busy penetrating her and was having the night of his life. Wildly pumping her and putting cock more and more into her. Now Haasini also started to enjoy and scream in pleasure and Varun was bucking his hips wildly like a bull. Haasini never thought sex could be so raw and exciting. Though she was satisfied but she never knew sex could be so complete with the monster buried inside her vagina. Varun was saying he loves her and said that he would do anything for her and had a eye on her when he saw her for the first time.

Haasini was also moaning wildly and saying she hasn’t experienced such raw and masculine cock inside her and she didn’t knew sex can be some complete and pleasurable. Now both were reaching their climax. Haasini said she is cumming on which let out a body shaking orgasm. Varun also increased his speed when he saw her climaxing and came inside her. Haasini realized what just happened but couldn’t to anything. His seeds were dropping in her cunt filling her up. She was scared so much of sperm will impregnate her as she was on the most fertile period of her cycle. Now both of them lay there exhausted. Haasini asked Varun why did he cummed inside her.

He is not her husband and moreover of different caste now what will happen. Varun then kissed her deeply and told her that she is by far the hottest cunt he has ever fucked and wanted to have a baby with her. Haasini then slept naked with him wondering whats in store in her life with this wild man.

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