The rain came down suddenly, entirely unexpected catching Anita and Kavita totally unawares. Both the young wives had walked down to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some essentials for the household. Incidentally this was the same mall where Amit had deliberately let others have a good view of Anita while she was in the dressing room.

There was a loud thunder and people ran here and there seeking shelter. Anita was clad in an off white churidar pyjama and kurta her dupatta demurely draped around her slender neck. Nobody could have guessed that this was the same girl who had been playing around nude so merrily on the beach a couple of weeks back. Kavita was wearing a beige salwar suit and both of them were seeking shelter from the onslaught of the merciless rain.

Within no time, Anita’s white clothes got wet and started sticking to her skin revealing her diaphanous and embroidered bra. In order to escape the prying eyes of the onlookers, they decided to walk back to Kavita and Dileep’s flat which was closer. As they hurriedly walked there was another flash of thunder and the electricity failed. The cloud was so thick that even at six in the evening, it appeared to be pretty dark. Kavita fumbled in her purse for the key and opened the door.

`My God, Anita you really have got drenched. So have I for that matter but your clothes were white. Good that you were wearing a bra otherwise..’ Kavita laughed.

`Really. This was most unexpected!’ Anita replied.

`Your clothes have also become dirty. Go to the bathroom and take a bath. I will in the meanwhile look for some candles and prepare a hot cup of tea for you.’

Anita kicked off her sandals at the door itself and quietly walked to the bathroom. She was familiar with the house having visited it a number of times previously as well. It was dark so she stripped in the bedroom itself and went into the bathroom. As she was about to open the shower, she heard Kavita shouting that all the clothes may be put in the washing machine. Anita again emerged from the bathroom, picked up her clothes, stuffed them in the washing machine and opened the shower. The cool water cascaded down the contours of her shapely body providing her with a much needed relaxation.

When she had finished, she closed the shower knob and looked around for a towel. The crisp and dry one which was available was a bit too short but what the heck! Anita dried herself and tying it around her waist emerged topless. Kavita was in the kitchen and that was the place to which Anita headed. She moved noiselessly but the tinkle of her anklets announced her arrival to Kavita. She turned around and said ` Good. I hope the towel was nice and crisp. Take it off and hang it on that string there.’

Anita untied the towel and dutifully hung it where Kavita had asked her to. Although nudity was not new to her but being fully naked in a friend’s house was unusual. She had small darkish nipples and beautiful full breasts that were as fair as Anita’s complexion and the nipples were in magnificent contrast to her fair skin. Due to the breeze they were slowly becoming erect.

`I.. well, could I get something to wear?’ she asked.

`Why. Are you feeling cold?’ Kavita sounded concerned.

`No. Just feeling odd.’ She laughed.

`Odd? Oh, I see. You are nude. That is why. Oh, come on, Anita. That day you were far more confident than me on the beach.’ Kavita also laughed.

`Yes, but I don’t think now that it is such a good idea to be fully nude on the beach. I mean one has to take care that the sand doesn’t get in. Topless is fine.’ Anita said.

`Tell me frankly, did Dileep enter you?’ Kavita asked.

`I guess so.’ Anita shyly replied.

`I thought so. The way he pulled off your panty, I knew that he wanted to see your pussy. I don’t blame him though. You have a lovely pussy. So properly shaped. I am impatient that way so I just shave it off.And those foreigners too managed to have a good look at your nude self. Poor Dileep is not here otherwise he would give virtually anything to see you this way in his house. I hope you don’t mind my asking you too many questions. Did he discharge inside you as well?’

`No, there was too much commotion and hustle bustle. Amit too was wrestling with you and there was so much chaos. I think he barely managed to enter me. So far as those foreigners were concerned, I would have certainly run away had he not held be so firmly by the arm. That’s all. What about you? Did Amit discharge?’

`No. I think the reason is the same as yours. By the way how is it that Amit is circumcised?’ Kavita asked.

Anita shrugged her shoulders.

`So how did Dileep’s cock feel?’ Kavita asked.

`Different. Just a bit more fleshy as the skin rolls off.’ Anita replied.’ How did you find Amit’s?’

`Different as you said. The head is exposed and the sensations immediately get to the pussy.’ Kavita said wishing silently that should have lasted.’ I think I’ll prepare a quick bite and then you can spend the night here itself. How will you go back in this rain and darkness?’

Yes, I think you are right.’ Anita replied.It is too dark to even read.’

`Don’t worry. I have a walkman and a cordless one at that. Put the plugs in your ears and have a nice time. Nothing like good music to soothen one’s nerves especially that of a nude beauty like you. By the way this pendent firmly placed between your breasts looks very erotic. Your breasts are so closely placed that had I been a man I would have certainly tried to have sex between them. ‘ Kavita teased.

`Yes, I guess that is why the cleavage shows.’ Anita said.

`So that was the reason why the shopkeeper’s eyes were firmly fixed on your cleavage when you bent to examine the fabric.’ Kavita teased.

`Now that you mention it perhaps the servants in my house would also be getting a good view when they come in the morning for the household chores. After all, the lady of the house has to bend for so many things.’ Anita replied good humouredly, aiming a whack on Kavita’s buttocks which missed her.

`Don’t try this. If I give you one, on your bare buttocks it will sting and then Amit will have lots of complaints. OK, Anita tell me something. It’s a bit personal but you comfortable with orals?’

`Yes, of course. Why?’ Anita sounded surprised.

` take it in?’ Kavita persisted.

`Come on, now, Kavita. There is no rule as such. I do swallow it whenever I feel like it or Amit just rubs it into the body.’ Anita replied.

`And any other friends of Amit who have had as much fun with you guys as we did?’ Kavita’s queries seemed to be endless.

`My, today it seems you have decided to get all the information out of me. Well, once there was a mix-up. One of his friends was staying over and we invited him to our room since that was air-conditioned. Then the electricity went away and I did not know that. It was only when things had gone too far and he was entering me that I realized the mistake but I decided that I would let the friend keep on thinking that I presumed him to be my husband and till date he thinks that I don’t know that it was he who was doing it.’ Anita concluded.

`Well, you seem to have had a very colorful life. You know it has been a fantasy since that day to see Dileep making love to you.’ Kavita replied.

Okay with you?’ Kavita carried on further when she saw that Anita fell silent. By the way what do you do when Amit is away for a long time? Dildos?’

`Usually Amit doesn’t go away for a long time but if at all I feel like it I make do very well with cucumbers and brinjals. I don’t have dildos’ Anita admitted.

`Really? That’s interesting. What do you do with them then?’ Kavita sounded interested.

`What else? I make a salad and we both enjoy it. And if we have a guest, he/she too gets to taste it. Unknowingly of course.’ Anita smiled.

`Well, why not try it again. I was thinking of arranging a salad today. No brinjal but I have an appropriate sized cucumber.’ Kavita said and immediately got a cucumber out of the refrigerator.

`Come on, Kavita. I have never done this before anybody.’ Anita blushed.

Don’t feel shy. I am not asking you to reach an orgasm. Just the entry of about two inches and that’s all.Open your legs. Please.’ Kavita said.

`God! This seems so odd. Good that there is no electricity or else I would be embarrassed to death. And if anybody were to see us this way, what would they think? Some sort of an orgy going on.’ Anita joked.

As Anita slowly opened her legs, Kavita placed the tip of the cucumber and slowly exerted a little pressure. Anita opened her legs a bit more and Kavita placed Anita’s ankles on her shoulders.

These are pretty anklets that you have.’ She said as the first two inches or so of the cucumber were now laced with Anita’s pussy juice.That should be fine, Madam. By the way what about my fantasy of Dileep and yourself. Once he has this salad, it will be difficult to control him.’ She said jokingly.

Let the guys come and we will see.’ Anita suddenly laughed. By the way, I am sorry if I pricked you the other day. I had no idea that Amit would come up with a desire where we would have to stand breast to breast and pussy to pussy.’

`Come on now. You hardly need to be sorry. In fact I enjoyed it.’ Kavita replied.

Kavita remained busy with one thing or the other and Anita started feeling drowsy by listening to the dulcet tone. Meanwhile the electricity was also restored and Anita started feeling slightly uncomfortable. She sauntered off to the bedroom and soon fell asleep while the storm raged outside.

After about two hours Kavita received a message that both Amit and Dileep were returning. She thought of waking up Anita since she might feel odd to be found sleeping in the buff but decided against it. For a while she watched Anita as she slept, he shapely and firm breasts rising and falling with each intake and exhale of breath, one ankle carelessly kept over the other knee due to which the pussy lips were also slightly visible. What added to the sight was the belly button which had a dainty ring in it complimented by dainty anklets on her nail polished feet.

Sure enough, after a while both Dileep and Amit arrived.

`Boy, that was a tough one. The rain was unprecedented. I am glad that Anita too is here. By the way, where is she?’ Amit enquired.

`She was feeling tired and so has fallen asleep.’ Kavita replied waiting expectantly for the moment when her husband and Amit would go into the bedroom and find Anita sleeping nude.

`Well, which room have you put her in? I mean the other bedroom is non functional.’ Dileep replied.

`Where else? She is naturally sleeping on our bed. As it is our bed is quite spacious. All four of us can fit in easily.’ Kavita replied.

I guess so.’ Dileep said. I think I’ll have to give a pair of shorts to Amit.’

`That won’t be required.’ Kavita replied with a twinkle in her eye.

`Why?’ Amit sounded bewildered.

`Well, you can see for yourself.’ Kavita replied as she led both of them into the bedroom.

`Wow. That’s great. I had no idea today was my lucky day.’ Dileep said.

`Stop drooling.’ Kavita chided him.’ What I was suggesting was that since she is naked, it would look out of place if Amit were to wear anything. Would you guys like anything to eat or are you ready to hit the sack? Perhaps a bit of salad would be appropriate.’

Since the guests would be nude, would it look good if we were to wear anything? Certainly not. So, let’s strip and get into bed.’ Dileep said exuberantly while chewing the bowl of salad that Kavita served them. By the way, this salad is good. Has a different spicy taste.’

During this time, Anita had changed her posture and was lying in a fetal position. Kavita still had fond memories of the other day and so she deliberately placed herself in such a manner that her nipples were touching Anita’s. Amit and Dileep occupied the side positions. Amit slid into bed and sat still for minute or so. Anita was on her side with her knees bent a little. You could just make out her pussy showing from the back. Amit called her name out three times and she did not answer. Amit slid over into position and slipped the head of his cock up against her pussy.

She was wet as usual and with just a few slow smooth strokes he started to enter her. Though it was dark but the candle was still lit and both Dileep and Kavita were watching this scene with bated breaths. It was clear from Amit’s body position that he had entered her and was making love to her with slow strokes.

` Amit, there is a request.’ Kavita whispered.


`Now that we are so free, why don’t you let Dileep make love to her while both of us watch or if you so wish you can make love to me. And Dileep, please don’t discharge inside her. She is asleep and any spillover would cause her discomfort.’ Kavita said and Dileep nodded.

`I don’t really know what to say. If its okay with both of you, its okay with me.’Amit replied. Dileep was uncircumcised Amit wondered whether even in her somnabulence she would notice the change. Their cocks were roughly around the same size except for this very visible difference. Amit panicked a bit at this point and just to make sure that Anita indeed was asleep, he called her name out loud. Anita still did not respond and after about 30 seconds he called her name out again and still no response.

Dileep glanced at Amit and he nodded yes. Amit got up quietly and watched as Dileep slowly slid into his place as Anita slept peacefully. He slowly positioned himself so that the tip of his penis was at her entrance. He slowly placed the tip of his sock at the entrance of Anita’s moist pussy lips. With his fingers he parted them slightly, just to place the head of the cock in them. He then moved in and out several times with just the head entering the moist lips and emerging. Both Amit and Kavita were close and could see everything. On the next thrust the tip of his penis disappeared. He moved so slowly and carefully. Each thrust moved just a little further inside of her which was followed by a number of thrusts where the thrust was of the same level as the previous one so as not to wake her up. As the others watched, slowly and bit by bit his cock was embedded to the hilt in Anita’s pussy. He remained that way for a while watching the expression on the faces of his wife and Amit.

While watching the scene of Dileep entering Anita Amit unknowingly started playing with the bare breasts of Kavita and she moaned slightly. She could also feel the hardness of his cock digging into the crack of her ass. As they watched it appeared that Dileep was too close to coming to continue. Amit positioned himself behind her and easily placed the tip of his cock at her wet pussy. Her reaction was all the encouragement he needed as she groaned deeply and pushed her pussy back toward him. He pushed forward at the same time and almost immediately was buried fully inside her thanks to Kavita’s act in guiding his cock into her.

Dileep looked over at the other bed as his cock was in the firm grip of Anita’s pussy and saw that Amit was in the process of making love to Kavita from behind. She was now on all fours and he could see her bare breasts wobble back and forth from the force of Amit’s thrusts. Amit seemed to be looking down at his own wife as Dileep was inside her. Amit’s thrusts became stronger and he began to grope at Kavita’s ass as they fucked. She was now groaning with each of his thrusts and as she neared her orgasm she rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Her expression looked as though she was completely lost in the pleasure of the moment. Seeing this, Amit also deliberately slowed down.

After a little while it looked like Dileep was all the way in and he stopped moving again. When he started again, he did very long and slow strokes even letting the tip of his penis come out of her and then gently going back inside her pussy lips holding the cock in a tight grip. He actually did this for over ten minutes, stopping sometimes for a minute or so as he made love to her. Dileep started a long session of thrusting into her, and then they both saw his muscles tense up as he pushed all the way into her and froze. Amit was taking slow and deep strokes in Kavita’s pussy who was close to orgasm just by watching her husband and Anita. Dileep stayed that way for a couple of minutes inside Anita’s pussy and then withdrew his cock still erect.

`Well, how was it?’ Kavita finally asked her husband after a moment’s interlude.

`It was great but don’t you think Anita should have been woken up?’ Dileep asked.

`The next time can include orals as well.’ Kavita replied as they settled down to sleep.

`Why next time? Why not now? You girls don’t seem to understand how difficult it is for men to go to sleep with two nude females and hard cocks?’ Dileep protested.

`Look, Kavita why don’t you, well play around with Anita? I mean even if you taste her pussy, the juices that will be flowing out will be Dileep’s only and that way, she will wake up gradually.’ Amit said.

`Sure.’ Kavita replied. As Dileep went over to the other side of the bed, Kavita took her husband’s place. Very gingerly, she touched Anita’s taut nipples. Anita’s nipples were sensitive and within no time started getting harder and harder and erect. This was something Kavita had noticed the other day on the beach as well. Moving her fingers down, sliding them over her skin, Kavita brushed the tips of her fingers over her nipples.Anita took a quick breath and sighed. As Kavita waited Anita stretched and started pushing her chest out to Kavita. Kavita just couldn’t believe how she felt. For that matter even the men were aroused eagerly anticipating as to how Anita would react. Just touching Anita’s skin was driving her crazy. She could feel herself getting more and more aroused. And her pussy was getting more and more wet.

Her fingers kept moving over Anita, squeezing, rubbing, massaging. She pushed her fingers down over her nipples, flicking her nail over her very erect nub. Anita moaned in response. Kavita flicked her brown nipple again, over and over again. Taking her mounds in her hands, she pushed them together and rubbed back and forth. Anita was breathing quicker, short gasps coming from her mouth. Closing her forefinger and thumb around her nipple, Kavita pinched gently. When Anita moaned louder, she squeezed harder, pulling on her tight little nipple.

Kavita played with Anita’s tits, working her fingers over her nipples and squeezing with her hands. Anita leaned back, thrusting her breasts forward. Her chest rose up and all three of them exchanged smiles. Kavita had to taste those brown little nipples. Leaning forward, she did what she loves to have Dileep do to her. Using just the tip of her tongue, she slowly circled Anita’s right nipple, never actually touching her nub. Anita moaned and pushed her tit up further into Kavita’s face. It was evident that she was enjoying this and would soon be awake fully charged. Moving to her other breast, Kavita repeated the slow circles, torturing her.Finally, she flicked her tongue over her left nipple and pulled it into her mouth.Closing her lips around the tight-knit chocolate brown nipple, she sucked slowly, savoring the flavor and sensation. Although she too had enjoyed herself as much as the others on the beach the other day, but tonight was different. Here was she sucking on another woman’s nipple while their respective husbands were watching.

Anita moaned and pushed upwards, pushing her breast into Kavita’s mouth. Kavita’s hair flowed down covering her chest as she suckled at her nipples. Anita gradually opened her eyes and she moved Kavita’s hair with the flick of her hand and watched as Kavita’s lips closed over her other nipple and sucked hard as her fingers played with the wet nipple she had just had in her mouth.Suddenly, she felt another sensation she hadn’t been expecting.Anita had reached up and was rubbing her breasts.

Slowly, her fingers massaged Kavita’s nipple, pulling and tugging it while Kavita sucked harder on her nipple. Suddenly she sat up so that her full breasts dangled down, swinging gently. Anita’s fingertips reached up to meet her engorged nipples, squeezing and teasing. Kavita moaned and Anita, knowing what she craved, leaned forward and took her right nipple in her mouth. Anita’s mouth was warm and so wet. Her suck was different than Dileep’s, more delicate. Anita pulled her breast into her mouth and sucked slow and deliberately. Her hand reached up and touched the other breast and squeezed.

When her mouth finally tore away from Kavita’s nipple, they looked at each other, their breathing quick and short. Her hand snaked up around Kavita’s neck and their lips met and they kissed liked lovers. Anita’s tongue pushed Kavita’s lips open, wedging itself between them. Kavita moaned and sucked on the tip of her tongue as the kiss deepened. Both of them were fully aroused and felt a rush through their bodies. Kavita’s pussy was drenched and she just wanted Anita forgetting what the original plan was.

Sitting up, she looked at Anita.Her lips were red and full. Kavita leaned over and kissed her quickly. Sitting up again, she reached down and ran her hand up her thigh.She watched as Kavita’s hand stroked her skin, rubbing gently against her thigh.As Kavita’s hand slowly explored her thigh, Anita opened her legs a little.Pushing her legs wider apart to which there was no resistance from Anita Kavita stroked her inner thigh and then bringing the finger back played lightly with the ring that was naughtily perched in Anita’s belly button.

Running the tip of her finger up and down gently, she touched Anita. Kavita gently opened Anita’s legs once again and stared at her naked, shaped glistening pussy. Her lips were pink, swollen and wet with a mop of delicately groomed hair covering the mound. Not taking her eyes off her, Kavita slowly ran her finger over her bare pussy. She moaned, arching up. Slipping the tip of her finger just inside her lips, Kavita stroked her and was amazed at how similar she felt to her own pussy. She loved the way her fingers feel when she or Dileep used to slide them inside her just enough to give her the tingle of having something inside her. Evidently, Anita loved it too.

Moving her finger up and down, Kavita stroked her pussy lips. She needed to know even more. Leaning down, she opened Anita’s legs further. Laying between her legs, she gently licked her lips with her tongue. Anita sighed. Kavita found that Anita tasted a little like herself but with an extra spice. She guessed it to be her body wash or perhaps just a different body smell. Her tongue pushed deeper inside her and she tasted even more of her. Anita’s clit was hard and felt good between her lips as Kavita sucked her. Anita moaned and pushed upwards.

As Kavita ate her pussy, Anita reached down and petted her head. She was moaning and writhing under Kavita who brought her quickly to an orgasm, loving how her mouth filled with her flavor as she shook uncontrollably around her.As Kavita attempted to stand up Anita grabbed her hand, pulling her down.She positioned Kavita above her head and Anita watched in delight as Kavita moaned in response to Anita’s tongue licking Kavita’s pussy wildly. Anita’s tongue moved with an experienced grace over Kavita’s lips and down to the crack in her ass.Leaning forward, Kavita again pressed her tongue to Anita’s pussy. Their sixty nine position was intense as they both licked and sucked and fingered the other.

Both the husbands watched greedily as the two women teased each other’s pussies in the 69 position for a long while. Being women they were capable of multiple orgasms. Anita alternated between teasing Kavita’s clit and driving her tongue in and out of her like a tiny dick. Although this was Anita’s first time at another woman’s pussy after a long time, she clearly had the knack of it still as Kavita was moaning often and grinding her hips from side to side over Anita’s mouth in excitement.

Kavita felt her orgasm building rapidly and didn’t even try to hold back. She pushed down on her finger and tongue, letting her body shake with pleasure. They both had completely forgotten about the existence of their husbands who were watching with wide eyes and whose cocks seemed ready to explode.

Kavita suddenly had an idea. She looked up at Dileep and said, `I want to watch you have sex with her. Can Amit also do the same to me?’

Anita heard her and though her facial expression did show some surprise but she was far too deep in the throes of passion to resist. Kavita felt her push her finger even further up inside her pussy. Dileep moved over to stand in front of his wife who reached up with one hand, now taking her fingers from Anita’s pussy, and grabbed hold of her husband’s cock. He moaned as she pulled him between her lips, sucking the tip of his cock. He loved it when Kavita wrapped just her lips around his head and pull, sucking slowly. She did that now, wanting him hard and throbbing. Amit too placed himself exactly at the same position and though Anita did not know but she too did the same to her husband as Kavita was doing to Dileep because her tongue had left Kavita’s pussy and the sounds of Amit’s pleasurable moans were audible. Kavita sucked Dileep into her mouth all the way and then pulled him out. Slowly, she guided his cock into Anita’s open pussy. As his head disappeared between Anita’s pussy lips, both Kavita and Dileep moaned.

`Deeper. I want to see it fully embedded in her pussy. Nothing should be visible except your balls.’ Kavita said to Dileep. As she was saying this she too felt Amit entering her, slowly filling her completely.

Withdraw it and taste her as well. Then you can get back.’ Kavita said to Dileep who dutifully complied and along with his wife, they both tasted Anita’s pussy. Dileep darted his tongue inside and as he savoured the juices, he said to Kavita, Quite similar to the salad’s taste.’ Kavita nodded quietly and quickly guided her husband’s cock back into Anita’s pussy.

Dileep started with a slow momentum and then started making love with quicker strokes. He was thrusting faster into Anita now, withdrawing fully and then pushing it in all the way again. In between, instead of thrusting it back into Anita’s pussy, he would let his wife have a suck of the combined juices of Anita’s pussy and his own precum. Kavita watched and flicked a finger over Anita’s clit making her groan. She felt a tongue around her pussy and knew that Anita was licking Amit’s balls as he made wild love to Kavita. She knew her orgasm was just around the corner. She pushed back and felt Amit pull her to him as he rammed his cock deeper into her. She shivered and squeezed her pussy around his cock.

Dileep meanwhile was busy ramming his cock deeper and deeper into Anita. She moaned and Kavita felt her underneath her, shaking. Kavita had brought her mouth to Anita’s clit as Amit was busy making love to her. It was as if a mirror image was taking place at the other end of the bed. Kavita licked at and gently sucked Anita’s excited clit for only a short while longer as Dileep kept up his fucking. He was concentrating hard on not cumming as he wanted this moment to last forever. Anita couldn’t take any more and she practically screamed, `I’m cumming!’ Her body tensed and she bucked her hips up into Dileep’s cock and Kavita’s mouth who kept her head steady and teased her clit further as Anita’s orgasm peaked.

Feeling Anita’s pussy react to her orgasm and seeing her cum with his wife’s help was all Dileep needed. With one last thrust he drove himself into her deeply and groaned loudly as his cock erupted with cum. The force of his jets surprised him and clearly shocked Anita as she opened her eyes widely and looked at him wildly as he shot load after thick load into her. Barely seconds after this Amit’s fucking became more heated and a little faster as he felt himself building to his final cumshot. He held Kavita’s hips tightly and used them to guide her back and forth in an opposite tempo to his own. The effect was amazing and she felt so good wrapped around his cock. Her pussy felt amazing but very different from Anita’s. He marveled at the unique feel of her and watched as Anita moved her hands to Kavita’s back and began to massage her. Steadily Anita moved her hands down to Kavita’s ass and began to caress her as Amit continued making love to her.

Anita then moved around behind Amit and he groaned loudly when he felt her hand between his thighs. He parted them as much as he could and groaned again as she cupped his balls and started to gently massage him. The fact that his wife was playing with his balls while he was busy making love to their common friend intensified his pleasure. The mere thought of that combined with the intense sensation from both Anita’s touch and Kavita’s pussy caused him to quickly cum. He grunted loudly and drove himself hard into Kavita as she pushed herself back into him. Anita felt his balls jump and then felt the cum surge out of them as Amit emptied a surprisingly big load of cum inside Kavita.

`Well, well. That is something. I suppose now that both of you have had your way, you won’t have to sleep with erect cocks. I am sorry, Kavita, I don’t really know the state in which your bedsheets will be in.’ Anita said tongue in cheek.

`Yes, but the cocks don’t become flaccid suddenly. Won’t Kavita like to know the taste of her juices. I am sure Anita would certainly like to do that and the only way to do that is to taste those cocks which have just emerged from the pussies.’ Amit said.

`We think you are right. What say, Anita?’ Kavita said.

Anita nodded and both the girls got on their knees. Amit faced Kavita his cock still wet with her pussy juices. Dileep’s cock too was dripping wet with Anita’s pussy juices. Anita and Kavita looked at one another seeing their husband’s dripping cocks just a centimeter away from their faces before they opened their mouths and gently sucked just the heads gradually taking in more and more of the cocks. Once the cocks had been sucked clean, Anita said,’ Well, if we carry on any further, they will be erect again and we won’t be able to get a wink of sleep.’

`Yes. Lets hit the sack and Anita don’t bother about the bedshheets.’ Kavita said. Amit embraced Anita and as he kissed her bare breasts he felt sleep overtaking him.

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