I am now 20 years old, this incident which happened when I was 18 thoroughly changed my life and turned me against women. In my colony, there are neat rows of houses. We are a southern tamil family. In the house opposite there was a Christian couple, John uncle was a lecturer in a college about 100 kms from Madurai, his wife Sylvia was a housewife,

who was taking care of John’s elderly mother and father. Uncle would leave every Monday morning and come back on Every Friday. He used to come home on holidays as well. They were married for 10 years, aunty was 31 and uncle was 35. They were a very quiet and pleasant neighbors.

The couple had no children though from conversations with my mom, aunty mentioned that clinically nothing was wrong with both of them but she couldn’t conceive. My mom, comforted her asking her to be strong willed and patient and things will happen in due course. One day, I was studying in the terrace of my house, all of a sudden lights went out in the house opposite,

a little later I heard the aunty calling out for me to come and help her. I went over to her house to find out what was it for. The fuse had blown along with a bulb, we both entered the narrow access way with aunty in front. When the fuse panel was located high on the wall, she said that she would get a step ladder and wanted to go out. The space was a bit tight.

I was wondering whether we both should get out. She said no, and instead hugged me totally and got out ! It was my first experience hugging a full grown woman and I was shivering with excitement. When she got the ladder, we found that we couldn’t stretch it in the narrow way. So she offered to hold it when I climbed on it.

When I was climbing, she held onto my thighs from the back, since I was wearing shorts, her hands were on my bare skin. I started sweating because indescribable feelings that were sweeping my mind. Finally, I fixed the fuse by threading a new wire and lights came back ON, except for the access way, whose bulb when fusing out had blown the fuse as well.

She went and got a new bulb, I could see the outline of her figure getting darker as she came in and supported me and the ladder. I had to turn around facing her to replace the bulb, now her face was in level with my crotch. She grabbed my thighs and said she would support me better and buried her face into my crotch.

She moved her face away as soon as the light came on and again hugged me totally sliding her hands up my body as I came down the ladder. Thanked me and left the access way with a smile on her face. I was confused, no idea what the Aunty was up to, but was feeling very good about myself.

Nothing much happened for over a month rather than casual running into each other with the aunty. Again, one night, she called for my help. I had begun to wear dhothi and proud of the fact that I was an “adult”. I went to her house again she went in first, this time to get the ladder when she wanted to get out, she hugged me totally and kissed me on the cheek before going out to get the ladder,

she came back and said that ladder is already in the access way, she was right, it was there and right below the mains box. When I went up I saw nothing was wrong with the fuses, I then noticed that someone had pulled down the lever, intentionally switching off the power supply. I turned around to face the aunty and was about to start saying that mains box is OFF,

she put a finger on her lips gesturing me to be quiet. Shockingly, she buried her face into my crotch. I closed my eyes as an intense wave swept through my body. I had no idea what time passed, when I felt something warm on my penis I opened my eyes. Aunty had pushed aside my dhothi and had my penis inside her mouth totally.

I had no idea what she was up to and was scared that she might bite it ! She looked at me smiling reassuringly and continued sucking. I felt that I had peed into her mouth. After that, she sucked vigorously and my penis started shrinking again to normalcy. She swallowed something, asked me to get down hugged me totally and gave me a kiss on the lips.

She said “I love you” and quickly left, leaving me shocked, dazed but very happy & confused. After that, I simply didn’t have the courage to look at Aunty in the face, when we ran into each other. She would repeatedly tease me as “a shy boy” in front of my mother as well, always with a mischievous smile on her face.

One week my parents had to leave for the marriage of a close relative in Chennai and they left me at home, requesting the Aunty to watch over me. I had exams and couldn’t go. The day after my parents left, I developed slight fever and severe headache. When aunty looked at me during breakfast, she noticed something was wrong and got to know about it.

She ordered me to go to bed and rest and that she would bring tomato soup later. After an hour aunty came with a thermos flask with hot soup. She had taken bath and was wearing a very thin white saree with flower prints and was wearing a white sleeveless blouse with a white bra inside. The blouse didn’t have any lining. Aunty, uncle and the whole family are very dark in complexion.

On her dark body the bra stood out. After I was done with the soup, I told aunty that I would take care of myself. She said nothing doing and sat on my bed, she asked me put my head on her thigh. When I did that I found her right breast, uncomfortably close to my face and turned away. She laughed and asked me to face up so that she can apply zandu balm and rub my forehead.

I closed my eyes as her breast was very close to my mouth. After a minute are so, I head some rustling of clothes and felt some skin rubbing on my chin. When I opened my eyes I got the shock of my life, aunty had opened her blouse and had lifted her bra cup up to reveal her breast totally.

She noticed the shock on my face, reassuring caressed my check with her hand, squeezed my cheeks to open my mouth, she then grabbed her breast and inserted the nipple into my mouth. She bent down kissed my forehead, saying “I love you”. I was thrilled at this and starts sucking on her breast, hoping to drink milk. But after some time nothing was coming, so started sucking harder.

Aunty flinched and told me to be gentle. When I asked her how come no milk was coming, she laughed and said that milk comes only after a baby is delivered and not all the time. After some time, aunty opened her other breast and asked me to move to that as her right nipple was sore. I sucked her breasts to my heart’s content. After, that aunty slowly caressed my body.

Slipped her hands inside my underwear and started stroking my penis. It had grown really big, when I asked her whether she can make it small, she laughed and took it inside her mouth. This time, I was relaxed and gave into the peeing sensation and just let it erupt into her mouth. I was shocked to see her swallow something and asked her how come she is drinking my piss.

She explained that it is not piss but something else and next time she will show what it is and left. I was dazed and tired and dozed off to sleep. During dinner that night, I coughed and immediately Aunty asked me to return back to home and rest after dinner, she said that she would bring soup again and apply balm, with a smile.

Her mother in law also, asked her to watch over me and ensure that I get better. She replied, “Don’t worry Ma, tonight I will ensure that he improves”, she winked at me. This sent chills down my spine. I went home showered, applied perfume and just wore a boxer shorts and was waiting for aunty to show up.

Aunty came with thermos flask and zandu balm bottle looked at me, laughed saying “Not good for someone with fever and headache to be wearing boxers”. She was wearing a housecoat which was thick. She went to the kitchen got a glass and poured out Badam milk from the thermos instead of soup.

When asked she replied “You are so fond of milk, I thought you would like it better than soup”. She also laughed out saying this. I drank the milk, in the meantime she went into the bathroom and came back out just in her panty. She actually didn’t wear a bra and that was the reason for her thick coat! The white panty was in stark contrast to her dark body.

She lied down next to me and placed my hands on her waist and asked “Want more milk?” with a mischievous smile. I just bent down and started sucking her breasts one by one. She then took my face up and kissed me on my lips. My first kiss! She was taking her time kissing me gently opening up my lips slipping her tongue and probing all around inside my mouth.

I must have kissed her for what seemed like eternity. My penis became rock hard and was straining inside my shorts. She grabbed my hand and put it on top of her vagina. I just traced on her trimmed bush with my fingers and she flinched many times. I got scared and stopped she begged me to continue doing that. Whenever I probed her vagina’s lips she would go crazy.

She wanted me to kiss her vagina. I first her pussy lips and then probed inside of it with my tongue, she yelled out my name and begged me to continue that. She mentioned how her husband never kissed her there. I then asked so what does uncle do. She grabbed my face up kissed me and asked “Want to become a man?”.

When I nodded yes, she grabbed my penis with one hand and then with the other grabbed my butt and pushed it in towards her. I felt something warm, wet and velvetlike grabbing my penis all around. I looked down and was shocked it to see it totally disappear into her vagina. She grabbed my waist with both her hands and pulled me out and pushed me in repeatedly.

She then yelled out “Fuck Aunty”. Instinct took over me, I slipped in and out of her vagina, kissing her in between. Finally I felt that I was about to pee and mentioned it to her, she said to relax grabbed my butt and pushed my penis totally inside her vagina. She poked one of her fingers into my butt hole.

This led to an eruption from my penis and my panting was very loud, she asked me to relax and stay on top of me. She lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulder and stayed with her butt raised for more than ten minutes. After that I pulled out and she sucked my penis and showed white cream, explaining that it is baby juice!

Needless to say, I fucked aunty several times that week. After that my parents came back and we didn’t get to see each other at all for three weeks. One day I came from school, I saw uncle and aunty distributing sweets to everyone celebrating the fact that aunty is pregnant!

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