When we moved into our house, we hired a family consisting of husband, wife and daughter to work in our house. Like it typically is with many poor families who come to work the husband was forty, the wife 37, and the daughter was eighteen. The daughter was still wearing her school uniform when she came to live with her parents.

The husband was a grumpy fellow, who used to drink and beat up his wife and daughter. The mother was named Haasini and the daughter Maya. Haasini was not a stick model, but slim and curvy with a pronounced behind and beautifully shaped breasts. The daughter was slim and busty.

For the first six months, I was a very good boss, building up trust and relationship. Maintaining total calm even when admonishing Haasini, for things gone wrong. One day, when Haasini was mopping up third floor, I saw her wiping her eyes. When I asked her about it, she mentioned the beating she received from her husband.

I went closer, just wiped her tears away and gave her a pat on the back and shoulder and left immediately. This technique puts them at ease and usually they get comfortable with you as well. I repeated just this routine being careful not to go farther for next three instances over the next two months. Now I was ready for more !

One day, when she was mopping, I noticed a dark spot on her cheek and asked her about it. She totally broke down and cried about her abusive husband. I slowly went closer put my arm around her waist, wiped her tears away paused and looked at her eyes steadily without moving or doing anything. It seemed like that time had frozen still.

Haasini started crying again, this time I got closer and again wiped the tears away and slowly lifted up her face closer to mine. She was sobbing and hugged me. Though I was very tempted, I didn’t proceed further just held her in a loose hug for a while then patted her cheeks and left. Opportunity came knocking three days later, this time Haasini had a black eye.

I still thank her husband for it. I saw her entering the household with it, decided that this should be the day. Didn’t say anything, waited until it was exercise time for my wife, my wife is usually in the gym for 90 mins and doesn’t like to be interrupted as well! Once my wife was well set on her treadmill, I went up the third floor, with a pillow as if I was taking it to the storage.

I saw Haasini and had a quizzing look on my face. She came running sobbing to me and hugged me tightly. I waited for a few mins, wiped her eyes, then held her face and kissed her eye many times. Finally, I was ready to make my move. Haasini had her face up and had closed her eyes. I slowly inched closer and kissed her on her lips, starting with a slow touch and a deep one.

She had a slight jolt but still had her eyes closed and stayed still. I kept the lip contact up, held her cheeks in my hands and was waiting for her to open eyes and make contact. Finally, she opened her eyes and didn’t make any attempt to move away. I licked my lips and then again kissed this time making sure it was a wet one.

She parted her lips and I slipped my tongue in. She hugged me tightly with her breasts crashing into my chest. I slowly lowered my head, licking the sweat on the top of her shoulders and slowly made my way into the middle of her chest in the cleavage. I slipped my tongue in and probed it all around. After a while, she slowly moved away from me.

This caused the pillow which was on the floor between us to fall flat on the floor. She didn’t say anything just lied down on the pillow, removed the sari to the side from her chest, exposing bra less white blouse fully, which concealed her magnificent breasts. She slowly, put her left hand on her head covering her eyes.

For a few moments, I just looked at her breasts, rising and falling in rhythm with her breathing. I took of all my clothing and lied down next to her. Slowly opened the hand which was covering her eyes, told her I am married and so is she, does she want to go through with it. She cried and said that she hasn’t had sex in two months, as her husband was abusive and that she appreciated all my help.

She said make me feel happy. Boy, that I was determined to do ! I slowly inched closer to her and kissed her nipples through her blouse. I then sucked on them, stepped back and watched the dark nipples show up as purple through the wet area of the blouse. She now had both her hands covering her eyes and was really shy.

I opened the buttons on the front of her blouse, making sure to kiss the cleavage after each button. Finally, very slowly I moved the front of her blouse to the side. Now her magnificent breasts were there in their full glory for my taking. I slowly, leaned closer to her breasts, just blowing air gently out of my mouth on her nipples.

This made them very erect and they were standing out like one inch long rubber that you see on the top of pencils. I slowly started sucking on them and after few minutes Haasini was moaning, she put her hands on the back of my hand and held my head on top of her breasts. I moved my head up and kissed her firmly all over her face and dwelt incredibly long on her lips.

At the same time, continuously kneading her left breast and rubbing the tip of her left one. This made her crazy. She bent her legs around me, with knee up. This caused the sari and the inner petticoat to drop to her waist; I saw her pussy for the first time, she wasn’t wearing any panties; which is typical for the maids.

It was covered in lot of hair; I put one of my hands on it and just cupped it totally. This sent shivers through her body; I just slowly caressed her pussy through the hair with the tip of my fingers for some time, never breaking the kiss. I slowly parted her pussy lips and saw the light pink skin inside her pussy. It was amazing, she was totally wet.

My penis was rock hard by this time. I asked whether she was OK, she moaned and replied asking me to fuck her. I parted her pussy lips, positioned my penis at the entrance and with one thrust was inside her completely. She shuddered, opened her eyes and smiled, with her hands pulled my face and gave me a deep kiss. I was slowly thrusting in and out of her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist opening them wider, so that I could go deeper into her pussy. I increased the rhythm, constantly kissing her on her lips, neck and breasts. After some minutes, I was ready to cum, I told her that I am going to pull out, she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and told me that she wanted my baby and asked me to cum inside her.

I obliged her, and dropped a huge load into her pussy. After that she asked me to relax, with my penis still inside her pussy, put her legs on my shoulder and asked me to raise her butt. She said that she needs that to ensure that my cum goes deeper inside and she can get pregnant !

Soon, reluctantly I pulled out of her. With me on her side I just closed my eyes and relaxed. After a few seconds, I felt something warm and velvety around my penis. I opened my eyes to find her sucking and cleaning it off. She also wiped some of the semen that had leaked out of her pussy, with her petticoat. Kissed me on the lips, put on her blouse back and left.

After this we regularly would sneak out to the attic and fuck like rabbits. We also got very adventurous. I would be just in my loose shorts without any underwear and she would give me quickies in the kitchen, she also started shaving her pussy with the razor I gave her. Most thrilling moment was when we were at it in the pantry my wife walked into the kitchen didn’t

notice us at all and once a blowjob in the kitchen as well. In a month she declared that she is pregnant. She refused to go to her hometown as was the norm in India, instead let her daughter work in my household till she was ready to resume her “duties”. I told Haasini that her daughter looks good and tempting;

and asked whether she would perform all of Haasini’s “duties” jokingly, she only said “Don’t get her pregnant”.

I seduced my maid Haasini, and she got pregnant and delivered a baby boy. When she was pregnant, she let her daughter 18 year old Maya to work in our house, Maya had a slim body, good curves and was very busty, her breasts were shaped like a full tennis balls.

They were high on her chest as well and used to bounce whenever she came running to bring in mail, newspaper etc. Watching her gave me instant hard-on. The girl, being young was given into temptations. E.g. when nobody was around she would open the fridge and eat some chocolates and drink some juice etc.

I noticed this and didn’t bring this up with my wife as I wanted to use that to my advantage! This girl used to wear her old school uniform, with a white shirt (made of thin fabric) and a dark Blue skirt which was just at her knee height. She used to wear a thin white t-shirt as the family didn’t have the money to buy a bra.

Whenever she made fast movement like climbing down stairs etc. her breasts used to jiggle and were giving me wet dreams. One day I was changing the bulb in one of the fixtures, Maya was holding the step ladder which was shaking as I had to climb to the very top. I was wearing a loose but short reebok short. I noticed her looking up my shorts.

An idea occurred to me, I said that I had to get a new bulb and left to the store room. I took of my underwear and just wore the shorts. Now I climbed up and engineered lot of shaking. This time out of the corner of my eye I saw her looking up. There was shock an involuntary look of surprise and a faint smile.

I made sure to give her a good view, this was probably the first them this girl has seen a grown man’s penis! I setup my video camera in the attic to record whatever Maya was doing. I saw her opening the boxes one by one to see what was in them. I printed a picture of a girl in bikini in a lip lock with a bare chested man and put that paper on the floor.

When I saw the tape, I clearly saw Maya folding the sheet and putting that into her blouse and leaving. Next I printed a picture of a man kissing the breast and left it. Jackpot! I saw Maya looking at the picture for a very long time. She put her hand over her breast and brushed it for some time. Looked like, the little girl was learning about her body.

Slowly, I moved on to more explicit pictures. Finally, one day left a collage of shots of the whole intercourse. I saw Maya putting her hand inside her skirt and rubbing herself. After a few seconds, her body jolted and I saw her leaning on the wall to steady her. Now I knew that she was ripe for taking. Next week, I left a 1000 rupee currency note on the floor.

Recorded the fact that she was taking it and putting it into her blouse. After my kids left for school and my wife for her exercise I wandered into the attic and asked Maya whether she took the currency. She denied any knowledge of it. I showed her the video and told her that I will tell her mom (who was my ally and was pregnant with my baby as well).

She was afraid of what would happen to her and begged me not to tell a soul. She started crying, I put my arm around her and wiped the tears away and told her that I will forget about it, if she sucked on my penis. She had shock at first but by now she had seen enough of how it is in the pictures I have dropped. She dropped to her knees, lifted my loose shorts up and just took it in her mouth.

She instinctively sucked on it like an ice cream bar. I just blew a wad into her mouth. She didn’t know what to do and swallowed it all! After that, I would regularly go to the attic, show her a 1000 rupee note and get an awesome blowjob! This girl had real talent. One day after an awesome blowjob, I asked what else she is prepared to do.

I caressed her nipples through the blouse and she shuddered closed her eyes. I gave her a kiss and told her it is time she let me return her favor. I dropped to my knees, pulled her panties down and covered her pussy with my lip. Her body shuddered violently, I eased up for her to regain her composure and then slightly stuck out my tongue and probed her pussy cleavage.

She lost her balance in the massive shudder her body went through. Grabbed my hair and pushed it into her skirt firmly. Now I knew I had her, I probed with my tongue all over. Her pussy was fresh and tasted like onion skin. I got up kissed her breasts through the blouse, kissed her fully on the lips. She gave me back the money and said she doesn’t need it anymore!

I really, wanted to know whether this girl will go all the way. So I cooled off and didn’t go anywhere near her for 4 days. On the fifth day, Maya came to me and asked whether I can help her with moving some stuff in the attic. I knew I had her, and went up. When we were in the attic, I had a stern look on my face and asked her what help she needed.

She lifted her skirt up and showed me her pussy as she wasn’t wearing any panty! She said, “sir lick me and make me feel good”. I told her that it was wrong and what is in it for me. She said she will give me blow jobs instead. That is when I knew I had her totally and completely. I asked her to lie down and kissed her forehead, eyes nose etc. for a long time.

I cupped her pussy with my hand and kissed her lips, slipping my tongue in. She resisted it at first, but when I increased the pressure on her pussy she felt good – relaxed and let my tongue in. We wrestled with our tongues. Finally I opened her blouse buttons and there they were two almost full globes al waiting to be caressed, licked, kissed and loved by me.

I kissed her nipples; her areolas were small with long nipples which all stood straight in excitement. She said, lick my pussy. I reassured her that everything will be taken care of. I sucked her nipple, mimicking the breastfeeding action. She went crazy and said it felt good. I then slowly buried my face between her breasts and while kissing her frequently moved down.

Dwelt a bit long on her belly button, while tweaking both her nipples with my fingers. I poked inside her belly button with my tongue and this sent her into raptures…I then opened her thighs wide, with the tip of my fingers caressed her pussy area tracing patterns that were converging in the pussy cleavage. Based on how tight the cleavage was I was sure that she was a virgin.

I really wanted to take her virginity, most importantly I wanted as a willing and full partner in that exercise. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and probed as deep as I could constantly swirling around and going in and out deliberately. She twitched all over like a fish out of water and yelled, “Yes, you are making me go crazy”.

I opened her pussy lips and probed deeper with my tongue further; this sent her wild and over the edge. I slowly crawled up and kissed her on the lips and she forced her mouth on mine holding my head and was pressing very hard. She bit my lip also ! She then went down on me and this time, poked one of her fingers into my butt, I shuddered as even my wife hadn’t done that.

She asked me whether I liked it and slowly inserted her little finger and twirled it around, my penis got rock hard and I automatically pumped out a huge load into her mouth. She opened her mouth showed the cream and swallowed it! This girl at 18was a champ when it came to pleasuring. Even Haasini falls way short of her talent !

We left, when I went outside I bought a lacy panty/bra set and gave it to her along with a razor. I told her that I like her pussy to be clean shaven. Next morning, I was surprised when instead of Maya Haasini (Haasini) showed up for work. She told my wife that Maya is unwell that morning and she has come instead.

She was 3 months pregnant (with my child), when my wife had gone to the gym Haasini came into my study and told me that she saw Maya shaving her pussy with a new razor and also saw the lacy panty set. I was afraid that this would flare up. Haasini just smiled and said how come I didn’t give her any lingerie.

She came over hugged me and gave me a wet kiss, saying that she missed me so much. I told her she looked extremely beautiful with pregnant glow. She just took me to the bedroom and said I want to do it in your wife’s bed. We had one hell of a fucking session, when we were done massive amount of cum was leaking from Haasini’s pussy; she had my teeth marks all over her breasts.

Haasini had also bitten my right shoulder, it was that intense. She said not to get Maya pregnant as she had to be married off. I told her not to worry about it and to send Maya back to “work”. After this Haasini would drop by occasionally instead of Maya and we had great romps. Maya came to work from that afternoon.

I stayed away from her for 4 days and knew that the bitch was itching for oral action for her pussy; surprisingly she also didn’t initiate anything. On the 5th day when Maya came to work I could see the outline of the lacy top beneath her school uniform. I decided that I had to take her virginity. It was Saturday, with my kids at school. My wife as usual started her gym routine.

Maya was sweeping my bedroom, I entered the room. Without saying any word Maya climbed onto the bed and just pulled the skirt up showing the lacy panty. She looked damn sexy and looked good enough to eat! I could see that her pussy was totally bald from the shaving. I already had an incredible hard on. I got next to her and slowly kissed her straight on the lips.

She had her eyes closed but her hands were opening up the buttons on her school uniform blouse. The bitch was in heat and it was obvious that she was ripe for the taking. I slowly took my face down saw her breasts covered by the lacy bra and her areolas were appearing purple through it driving me crazy. I lifted her up and hugged her totally.

Removed her shirt and skirt she was just in the matching lace bra and panties. She looked incredible with her breasts struggling inside her bra. I kissed her nipples which were pointing straight up. Slow unhooked her bra and removed it. I gave quick kisses to her nipples and took one into my mouth.

I made the sucking that I do whenever I breast feed (my wife fed me her breast milk for almost 8 months after weaning away our daughter). This made her go crazy. She grabbed my hand and put the palm on top of her pussy. She asked me to eat her out and she really needs it. I faked disappointment and mentioned to her as to why she didn’t come to bed the past 4 days.

She mentioned that she got her periods and waited for the dripping to stop completely before coming over. I was thrilled, as this meant that I can ejaculate her for the next 2-3 days and she wouldn’t get pregnant. For our first fuck, I wanted it to be au natural and not with condom. It looked like really had god on my side today.

I slowly and steadily lowered her panties and kissing her pussy all over all the time. It was so smooth and so pretty with a tight cleavage. I started licking it all over and spread the lips, with my tongue I probed and found the button, when I tickled it with the tip of my tongue, the girl went nuts! She begged me to keep on continuing that forever as it felt so good.

I then inserted my index finger a little bit and with my thumb stimulated her g-spot. The girl secreted profusely in her pussy, in fact so much so that I didn’t need to go grab our KY Jelly from the bathroom. I then told her that I am now going to make her a woman. She asked whether I am going to put mine in her pussy. I said yes, by this time my member was rock hard.

I positioned it at the entrancy to her pussy hole widening the lips, I then looked her straight in the eye, kissed her wet on the lips and before she could realize anything in one swift thrust broke her hymen and was in completely. She winced in pain, I didn’t move just gave her a few seconds to relax then slowly started the movement in and out.

I was extremely thrilled at taking her virginity. When I was pulling out I notice lot of blood stains as well. She was scared and wanted to know whether she got her periods again! I explained to her and resumed the thrust. Finally, with her body convulsing in random patterns, I burst out into her. We both were in hugging position for a very long time.

Finally, I took her to the bathroom made her sit on the toilet and washed all blood mixed cum that was oozing out. I kissed her and told her that she was no longer a girl, but a woman. After this, we fucked regularly. We evolved a perfect rhythm method where in for the first seven days after her periods, I will fuck her without any condom and after that till she gets her periods, will use condom.

She became an expert. Haasini delivered a baby boy and drops in occasionally for sex and every day morning to breast feed me. Almost 18 months after I took her virginity Maya’s marriage was fixed. She begged me to fuck her without protection for the three weeks prior to her marriage, so that she can get pregnant.

I discussed this with Haasini who also wanted me to impregnate her! It was one hell of a hectic sexual period in my life with me fucking Maya 3-4 times a day for 20+ days. She did a pregnancy test a day before her marriage and confirmed that she was pregnant!

Poor husband of hers thinks that it is his, to this day. Now it is two years since that. Everyone is commenting how Maya’s son looks exactly like her brother. I can only smile at why.

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