Silvia was very happy. Today, she was a married woman. Silvia got married to Pravin, a heir of very reputed builder firm of Mumbai, Shah developers. It was a completely arranged marriage. Mrs. Shah had seen Silvia in one function.

She was very impressed by Silvia’s beauty and her manners. Her education also suited the Shah’s business. Silvia was MBA finance and was employed at an MNC. She was a perfect fit for Pravin,

who himself was a IIM graduate and was very active in the property development business. Unlike many other builders, Shah Developers was very professional and truly ISO 9001 company. Within 6 months of Mrs. Shah spotting her in a function,

Silvia got married to Pravin. They had gotten 3 months before marriage to get to know each other. Silvia was a bit anxious about his 3 months period. She had heard about her friend, who lost her virginity to her fiancee before marriage and then the marriage broke.

Silvia had decided to be very firm and not let Pravin take her undue advantage. But to her pleasant surprise, Pravin was very gentle. During their three months courtship, Pravin and Silvia met many times and at all the times, Pravin insisted on knowing how Silvia is like from heart.

They did kiss each other and sat on the beach watching sun set cuddling each other, but that’s about it. By the time of the wedding, both of them had become very close friends, which to Silvia was a very important thing.

On the wedding night, Pravin’s friends had booked a penthouse in Oberoi for Pravin and Silvia. After the home coming ceremony was over at around 9:30PM, both got into their Mercedes and headed towards Oberoi. Pravin looked little tensed in the car.

Silvia even asked him what had happened, but he did not say much. Silvia though he was exhausted by the ceremony. As they reached the Oberoi, they checked in and went straight into their penthouse.

The penthouse was one bedroom suite with open tub and a lovely view of marine drive. The bed was decorated with flowers. As they got in,Pravin shut the door. Silvia went towards him and hugged him. Pravin kissed her head.

They remained in that position for some time before Pravin suggested her that they get changed into comfortable clothes. Silvia smiled and asked him “Why, you don’t want to lift my Ghungat and see my face?” Pravin laughed but did not say anything.

Anyways, Silvia too was very uncomfortable in her wedding clothes, so she reached to her suitcase, picked up a nice two piece Violet coloured satin gown and went in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Pravin got himself into a white cotton kurta

and pyjama and sat on the chair and turned the TV on. When Silvia came out of the bathroom, she was looking extremely sexy. She did not wear a bra. Her erect nipple were apparant through her satin gown. She went behind Pravin’s chair and wrapped her arms

around Pravin and kissed his lips. Pravin responded back to her with mouth to mouth kiss. But Silvia thought it was dry. Pravin got himself out of her hands, stood up and took her on the nearby sofa. He made her sit on the sofa and sat next to her.

Silvia closed her eyes waiting for Pravin to start exploring her, but to her shock, Pravin asked her to open the eyes and listen to what he had to say. Silvia opened her eyes. In her mind, she thought that Pravin was going to talk about some past affair and may be he was not virgin.

But she decided to forgive him since it was his past. She didn’t care about the past. All she cared about was the present and future. But it was not that easy. What Pravin told her that night was not something Silvia could ever imagine.

Pravin was an impotent man. He could never have an erection. Only reason he got married was to save his face in front of the world. This fact was known only to his father and not even his mother. His father showed him to many doctors but alas!

They could not point out any bodily anomaly. According to the doctors, it was something psychological and not physical. Even Viagra would not help him. Silvia didn’t even know how to react. She started crying. Pravin moved closer to her and held her against his chest.

Silvia said “I had so many plans for us Pravin! I kept my virginity all these years only to give it up to you. I wanted to have your children. You know how much I like children. Its all gone now.”Pravin said “I am sorry Silvia . I love you, but I can not fulfill all your desires.

We will find our way out. I promise, you will have a child. If I can not give you one, science is advanced. We will get a donor. I will give you whatever you want”.Silvia wiped her tears, looked into his eyes and kissed his lips and said, “Its okay dear.

The fact that you love me from bottom of your heart is more important for me than you not being able to have sex with me”. Both of them hugged each other and remained in that position for some time before they headed to the bed.

When in bed, Pravin took Silvia in his arms. He was moving his hands over Silvia’s back. Silvia was feeling very cosy in his arms. It was first time when she was experiencing being so close to a man. She liked that feeling. She freed herself fromPravin’s hug and removed her robe.

Now she was only in the inner piece of her gown. It was a low neck, sleeveless gown covering her body, just above her knees.Silvia moved closer to Pravin and buried his head in her chest and whispered “Pravin you do love me right?” Pravin nodded.

“And you want to keep me happy whole life?” Pravin didn’t know what she had in mind, but he nodded. “Then I want you to treat me like a woman. Even if you don’t get any feelings by doing so.” Pravin moved his head away from her breasts, and looked at her with wide eyes.

“Yes, Pravin. I can not control myself. I have masturbated many times thinking of over first night. Now, you have to fulfill that fantasy. Even if you can not get inside me.” “I will do what you want my much my body co-operates”.

Silvia smiled and asked Pravin to remove his kurta and pyjama. Pravin did so. Pravin had a good build and firm hairy chest. Pravin laid next to Silvia, with only his underwear on him. Silvia pushed him so he laid on his back and then she rode onto him.

She bent over him so that he had a full view through her low neck gown, of her 34c breasts hanging off of her body. She asked him to press them.Pravin did so. Silvia moaned very softly. She had touched her own breasts many times, but the touch of a man was definitely different.

Pravin played with her nipples. She squirmed over his body. Her vagina was pressed against his dull penis. Silvia now kissed Pravin’s chest. Pravin was not having much of an enjoyment from what Silvia was doing, but it was a pleasure for Pravin to see Silvia indulged into sexual act.

Now Silvia was over Pravin’s body. Her breasts were pressed on Pravin’s chest. Her waxed, smooth legs were rubbing over Pravin’s hairy legs. She kissed Pravin’s lips. Though impotent, Pravin was a good kisser. He had all qualities of a man except for his erection.

Silvia asked Pravin to help take her gown off. Pravin lifted his gown from bottom. Now Silvia was complete nude. She lowered Pravin’s underwear. She was seeing man’s penis first time. She played with it. But unlike what her friends told her about how the penis

gets erect when handled by a woman, this one remained dull. She started rubbing her clitoris against his dull tool. Her breasts were getting pressed against his chest. She nibbled his nipples. She askedPravin to press her buttocks while she rubbed herself against him.

Pravin did so. Slowly, Silvia’s pace increased. She was coming closer to the orgasm. Pravin could feel the wetness. In a while, Silvia had her orgasm. She moaned heavily. Although Pravin was impotent, he had read lot of sex books and he could realize that Silvia had an orgasm.

He felt very good that he was of some use to bring a woman to orgasm without having to get inside her. Silvia now calmed down. Both of them stayed in that position for some time before Silvia got off him and slept next to him, naked.

So, days started passing by. It was already 3 years since they got married. Mr. Shah had passed away about a year ago. Now it was Pravin and Silvia who took care of the entire business. Silvia continued masturbating at nights with the help of Pravin.

No one needed to know the glitch in their married life. Pravin also bought a dildo that he could wear on his non erect penis so he could get inside Silvia to give her vaginal orgasm. But lately, Silvia was getting more introvert. Something was bothering her, but she wasn’t sharing.

One night, she asked Pravin, “Pravin, do you still stand by your words from our first night?” Pravin was surprised by this question. “Ya, why?” He asked.”I want a child”. “Hmmm.. I will get an appointment of a fertility clinic to find a good sperm bank”.

Silvia shook her head and said “No Pravin, I don’t want a test tube baby.” Pravin was surprised. He looked at her and asked: “What do you mean?” She said, “I want to have baby naturally. The way our ancestors used to do it. ThroughNiyog “.

“You mean by sleeping with some other person?” “Yes. I love you and don’t doubt my intentions Pravin, I loved you, I love you and I will continue to love you. But I want to give 100% natural birth. Not a test tube baby”. Pravin looked concerned.

He did not say anything. Silvia continued. “I have thought about this Pravin. I also know whom I want to sleep with”. Pravin was shocked. Silvia continued, “It’sVijay. I wanted someone similar to you so that our child was either like you or me.

And I think Vijay has crush on me”. Vijay was the architect in his 30’s working for Shah developers. Pravin had noticed Silvia and Vijay spending lot of time together for work. “So you also have crush on him?” Silvia expected this question from Pravin.

She said “Pravin, I am always truthful to you. Don’t get me wrong. I love you very much. But as a woman, somewhere deep down I am craving for being wanted by a man. When I wear low neck blouses, it never excites you to see my beautiful body,

but I see that excitement inVijay. I must confess, I am sexually attracted towards him”. Pravin was very nervous. He did not know how to react. He loved Silvia very much and did not want to loose her. He asked Silvia to give him some time.

Silvia said “Fine. But I hope you understand my situation. All these years, I have been truthful to you and I will always be like that. But our relationship is more as friends than man and woman. I want to experience that relationship and get a child”.

Pravin asked her to give at least a days time to think. She agreed and both of them went to bed. Pravin could not sleep that night. He thought about the situation in a manner he always thought of any business problem. He did a thorough SWOT analysis.

Weighed pros and cons ofSilvia’s demands and made up his mind. Next morning, Pravin woke Silvia up. He told her “Silvia, you know how much I love you and I don’t want to loose you. There is no doubt in my mind about your love towards me.

The very fact that you told me about your desires last night has proven your love to me. I am ready to have you sleep withVijay . But I have just one condition: You will sleep with him only when I present in the room.

I will not interfere with what you two indulge into, but I like to see you enjoying sex. I feel satisfied.Vijay has always been truthful to the family and I am confident he will keep this very secret.” Silvia was happy that Pravin took the situation very sportingly.

She agreed. Both decided how to approach this situation. Silvia was very proud of her husband’s problem solving skills. He had solution to any situation. As they had planned, Pravin spoke to Vijay. He first put Vijay on back foot by saying that he noted Vijay having crush on Silvia.

Vijay’s face became pale. He started apologizing to Pravin. Pravin then took him into confidence and explained him about his impotence and how he thought Vijay would be the perfect surrogate father of Shah family’s heir.

After hearing what Pravin had to say, Vijay was astonished, but at the same time feeling very happy that he was getting to sleep with the queen of his fantasy – Silvia. Vijay had a huge crush on him and he had masturbated many times thinking of Silvia.

He never thought his dream would come true like this. As Pravin instructed, Vijay went through the thorough medical check-up to make sure he was fertile and also did not have any sexual disease. After all medical reports came clear, Pravin, Silvia and Vijay

went to Pravin’s farm house near Goa. It was a beautiful 4 bedroom farm house nested in trees and with a private beach. Vijay was given a bedroom on the same floor where the master bedroom was. They had a dinner and at around 11:00 at night,

they went to their bedrooms.Pravin asked Vijay to take shower and come to their room. Vijay went to his room to take shower. Pravin and Silvia went to their bedroom. Silvia kissed Pravin and said “Dear, I really don’t know how to thank you!”

“No Silvia ! You don’t have to thank me. I never imagined that you will continue to be married with me after hearing what I had to say. This is the least I could do for you.OK, now don’t waste time. I have packed the gown you wore on first night.

Go change into that.” Silvia kissed him again and picked up the gown and went to change into it. Few minutes after Silvia came out of the bathroom, Vijay knocked their bedroom. Silvia looked at Pravin who was sitting in the reclining chair.

He signaled her to open the door. Silvia did so. Vijay was mesmerized to see Silvia in that gown. Her cleavage was attracting him. She had not worn a bra. He just stood there looking at her. Silvia smiled and asked him to get in.

As Vijay got in, Silvia shut the door. Vijay didn’t know what to do. He was very awkward to see Pravin sitting there. Pravin realized that Vijay won’t open up. So he asked for an excuse and went to bathroom. Once Pravin went to bathroom, Silvia asked Vijay,

“Are you just going to stand like that?” and she moved closer to him. Vijay held her hands. Silvia bit her lower lip. Vijay lowered his head and softly kissed Silvia. Silvia put her arm around his neck and responded with very passionate kiss. This was enough for Vijay to get started.

Vijay now put his hand on Silvia’s breast. The feeling of the breast without a bra underneath silk gown was great. Silvia softly moaned. She loved that manly touch. She had also noticed Vijay’s erect penis rubbing against her body.

This was the first time she was experiencing an erect penis. She became a bit wet. She continued to chaseVijay’s tongue with hers in Vijay’s mouth and Vijay continued to squeeze her breasts while kissing her.

Now, Silvia freed herself from Vijay’s arms and removed the outer layer of her gown. Then she started unbuttoning Vijay’s shirt. Vijay helped her. Vijay removed his shirt and with bear chest, he again took Silvia in his arms. Silvia’s head was resting on Vijay’s bare chest.

Vijay was moving his hand over Silvia’s bare shoulders. He also nibbled Silvia’s earlobes. His warm breath went into Silvia’s ears. It was very exciting feeling for Silvia. She realized what she was missing all these days.

Vijay now took small bites of her neck, which left some red marks. Now Vijay pulled her gown completely. Silvia was fully nude. In Vijay’s arms. Her husband, Pravin was standing in the bathroom watching his own wife nude, in the arms of his employee.

After making her nude, Vijay again took her close to him. He wrapped his hands around her waist. And started kissing her neck. He noticed hat Pravin was watching them. He felt a bit nervous but Pravin signaled him to continue.

Silvia whispered in his ears “Take me to the bed”. Vijay obliged. He picked her up and walked towards the bed and laid her on it. Silvia, his fantasy girl, was now laying on the bed, naked. Dim light in the bedroom was reflecting from her smooth beautiful body.

Her well rounded breasts with erect nipples were pointing atVijay. He dropped his pants and underwear to get completely naked and jumped on Silvia. First thing Silvia noticed was the warm hard feeling of Vijay’s penis. She was very thrilled.

This was the first time she was experiencing a bare touch of man’s hardened penis. Vijay kissed her breasts and then licked around her nipple. Then he wrapped his lips around it and slowly sucked it. It was some heavenly feeling thatSilvia experienced.

In past, her husband had done this for her many times but it was all upon her instructions and very coldly. Now, she was experiencing how an aroused man can please a woman.Pravin was watching Silvia, his own wife, moaning and enjoying Vijay’s company.

decided to get inside Now Silvia asked Vijay to get off her. Vijay did so. Silvia got up and now she came over him. She sat right on his penis so that it would rub against her clitoris. Her legs were around his thighs.

She started rubbing against his penis and bent down to kiss Vijay’s hairy chest. Her breasts were rubbing against Vijay’s stomach. She was so engaged in enjoying the feelings that she did not even notice that her husband was watching her enjoying another man.

Now she moved below and handled Vijay’s penis. It was really very big. With natural instincts, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Now it was Vijay’s turn to scream. Silvia was apparently doing a good job, or should I say blow job.

Her husband, Pravin too was startled to find Silvia’s act. It was so good that if Silvia continued any longer then Vijay would explode in her mouth. Vijay asked her to stop and he pushed her aside. Now VijaySilvia. He got up and came between her legs.

He rested her legs against his shoulders and entered his penis inside her. Silvia screamed. Pravin thought she is not feeling good so he got up from the chair and went near her and patted her head and asked “Are you okay Silvia?”

Silvia held his hands tightly and said yes. Vijay asked if he should stop but Silvia asked him to continue. Silvia was about to loose her virginity to a man while her husband was watching it sitting besides her head and holding her head.

Vijay now got in. It was very wet and warm inside Silvia’s vagina. He started stroking Silvia deeper. Silvia was screaming and biting Pravin’s fingers. Silvia asked Vijay to give harder strokes. Vijay started doing so.

It was getting unbearable for Silvia as she reached close to an orgasm. Vijay noticed that. He too was not very far from exploding. He stopped when his penis was deep inside her vagina. He stayed in that position for a second or so,

before a strong squirt of his semen shoot inside her vagina.Silvia too had an orgasm at same time. Pravin noticed that since her grip around Pravin’s hand tightened up. She started biting her lower lip. Vijay collapsed on her body due to exhaustion.

Within few minutes, its all calm. Pravin was feeling very awkward to see his naked wife lying under another naked man. He was the odd man out with full clothes on. But he was satisfied that he could make his wife happy.

His wife was not a virgin anymore, although he still was, and would continue to be. He decided to leave the couple in that position and went back to the recliner to sleep

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