Haasini and Rehan has married for 4 years back.They are good understanding and loving couple Life was too happy as they understand each other very well.Haasini and Rehan lives together with Rehans parents.Rehans parents were were also very happy to get Haasini as their daughter in law.

Rehan was working in an IT firm as marketing manager.He was 30 years old,good athletic body.Haasini was 26 year old,5f 4 inches,very good looking .Her appearance itself attracts lot of guys.After marriage she get little bit weight to her body.

One day while Rehan was back from his office he look little bit unhappy and dull. When Haasini asked about matter he told that his company has transfer his job location to Mumbai.Rehan asked Haasini to stay along with his parents as she can help then.

Rehans parents insisted Haasini had to stay with Rehan as they want a grandchild. Finally Rehan and Haasini also feel his parents are right. They also feel that they need a child who they can share their love.

But Rehan know getting an accommodation in Mumbai is very difficult. Fortunately one of friend of Rehans father was staying at Mumbai. He lives along with this family. As per conversation with Rehan his fathers friend agreed to give the second floor or their house to Rehan and Haasini.

Finally Rehan and Haasini has moved to Mumbai.Rehans father friend Vijay was 52 year old.His wife Radha was 48 years old.They are having two daughters and were married.So they were also very happy to get Haasini and Rehan as there guests.Radha was good lady,while Vijay is not a good person. He has bad relation with lot of women’s in his street.

When Vijay saw both of then he was very happy, specially, Haasini.Vijay was very happy to see such a pretty young lady in front of him. He plans to have sex with Haasini at any coast. So for that he thinks he needs to be very friendly with them.

Haasini and Rehan loved the new place; It was good accommodation for them. Also house owners were very friendly to them. Vijay usually comes to upstairs to talk to Rehan.While friendly talking with Rehan he don’t miss any opportunity to stare Haasini.His cock will always get hard when he saw Haasini.Vijay always feel he wants to fuck Haasini at any cost.She was the prettiest women he has ever seen. He always thinks about her.He also feels Jealousy to Rehan as he can fuck Haasini any time.

Vijay knows if he can seduce Haasini he can fuck as many time he wants as she stays in his home.But he also understand Haasini and Rehan loved each other too much.So that was a great obstacle to his plan.

One day Radha told to Vijay that their daughter wants Radha to stay along with her for few days.vijay was too happy to hear this because he can concentrate more on Haasini.Haasini was sad because radha was a good friend to her.She will not get too bored while Radha was at home.Now when Rehan goes to office she feel lonely and bored.

Vijay feels this is the golden chance he can seduce Haasini and fuck her.

Rehan told to Haasini to spend time by using internet that Vijay having. Haasini also feel that’s good idea.She likes to use social network sites.So when Rehan went to office Haasini decide to use internet for some time.When Haasini comes to down stairs Vijay was surprised.She told him that she wants to use internet for some time.Vijay was very happy to hear this

Sure daughter you are welcome,Vijay welcome her suddenly.Haasini was wearing skin fit jeans and light grey t-shirt at that time.While she went to the room which has internet connection,vijay stared her body from top to bottom.

Ohh my god what an ass she has,Vijay thinks of himself.Vijay feels his cock rock hard and it will burst his underwear.Suddenly he heard Haasini calling him,

“uncle the computer is not getting logged on”what happened to it.

Let me look it beti,Vijay was eager to help her. Vijay came behind Haasini

Haasini was bending and trying to on the computer.As she bend creamy skin of her came into view. He could slightly see the black waistline of her panties as he stared .Vijay feels this is an opportunity to atleast rub his big cock to her ass,also he Haasini will think it as an accident.

Haasini beti,just push the switch plug tightly for some time,when you do that I will on the cpu so that we can check what happened to our computer.While Haasini bend and push the plug,Vijay try to on the cpu just standing behind her.

Vijays cock just rubbed her ass,he feels like he is in heaven.Haasini beti pull the plug little bit tight let me check this.Now his cock can easily feel her buttocks.Haasini also feel some sensation through her body,she quickly moved her position.

Uncle I think computer has some problem,I am leaving now want to do some work.

When Haasini leaves Vijay feels what a day he has,he got a chance to rub his big cock into such a pretty ass.

That evening Vijay spend little more time with Rehan.He asked about their family matters,vijay understands that they are planning to have a baby.Before leaving Vijay said

Haasini beti,the computer is now ok.You can now use it.

Thanks uncle,she replied from the kitchen.Rehan was also happy that his wife will not be bored while he was in office.

That night Vijay makes some plan.He know that Haasini will come tomarrow for using internet.Vijay has some of his nude photos.He purposefully send some to his nude photos to his computer and named it as a separate folder named Vijay marriage. He wants to know how Haasini will react if she saw his huge cock.He eagerly waited for the next day.

Next day as usual Rehan went to office,Vijay was watching them very carefully.Vijay know Haasini will be coming soon to use his computer.

Vijay uncle,is the computer functioning now,Vijay heard Haasini asking from upstairs.

Yes beti,you can use it.Vijay wants to know how Haasini will feel when she saw his cock.

So he purposefully said,Haasini beti I want to see one of my friend you can use the computer,I will be back only in the evening.

Ok tanks uncle Haasini told loudly.

Vijay quickly moved to the adjacent room and he looked through the key hole,where he can get a good view of his computer screen and person in front of that.

After some time vijay saw Haasini coming to to the room for using computer.Oh god what sexy she look today,he want to rush and fuck her but he know patience will only help him.

Vijay can clearly see that Haasini is opening emails and other social network sites.Oh god please make her open that folder vijay thinks of himself.

As she logout from the internet,just she saw wedding album folder of Vijay and radhas daughter on the desktop. She opened it to know about the wedding customs in that area. She feels interested in different traditional dresses used in that wedding. After closing that folder Haasini saw another folder named vijay marriage. She thinks it will be wedding album of vijay uncle.

She open the folder to watch the photos.She was shocked to see that folder contains nude pics of Vijay uncle.Suddenly she closed the folder.

Vijay can now clearly see the redness in her face,Vijay can feel his cock is growing.

Haasini remined silently for 1 minute.. Is it right to watch some other person nude photos.Haasini has never seen any other nude photos other than Rehan whom she know personally.

Lot of thoughts passed through her mind.She knew that she and Rehan love each other very much,but she feel watching some other mans naked pictures will not be a cheating.

Now vijay understands that Haasini is interested in watching his pics.Haasini looks around but she was unaware that vijay was watching her very closely.Haasini opened the folder.She can feel her hand shivering while opening the folder.In that picture Vijay was shaking his cock.

What a big dick uncle has,she thinks of herself.When compared to Rehan its very big and thick.She watched everyphotos.She thinks how Radha anty can take such a big dick in her.

Meanwhile Vijay has cummed once while watching all this things.To his surprise he saw Haasini opened her email account to attach pic of his cock.He can see redness in Haasinis face.Also he knows this is his chance and he don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.

He quckly open the door where Haasini was using computer.Haasini was stunned to see vijay uncle in that room.Haasini was not able to even stand from her chair.

Vijay just look at the computer and he act like he was shocked to see Haasini attaching his nude photos.

Haasini what are you doing what happened to you,Vijay ask loudly.Haasini was not even able to speak properly.

Un.. un.. uncle I was just…no words come from her.She suddenly close the whole window in the desktop.She was extremely feeling bad that vijay uncle see she attaching his photos.Uncle I am leaving now she said,and ran to upstairs.

Oh god what happened to me.Why I did like that.Will vijay uncle will tell this to anybody.Will he ask them to leave his home. Lot of thoughts passed through her mind.Haasini was very upset.She was not able to do anything,just lay on her bed.

She heard a bell,when she opened the door she saw vijay uncle in front of her.She know vijay uncle can only save her from this.

Haasini why you do like that,what will Rehan and his family do when they know about this.Vijay said this purposefully to make her his way.

Uncle I am very sorry,I don’t know why I have done like that.

Haasini just give me Rehans number,I want to talk to him.

Haasini was stunned to hear this,Uncle please forgive me,I am sorry.i don’t know why I did like that…She know if Vijay told this to Rehan everything will be spoiled.

Vijay stared her body from top to bottom. She was wearing a white t-shirt and tight jeans.he looked up into her thighs. The thighs shaped into nice firm buttocks . Her pants were so tight on them. She looked like a real ice-cream treat with smooth creamy skin everywhere. He knows he was going to enjoy this treat.Haasini was not able to look into his eyes.

Haasini then whats the remedy for your mistake.Haasini was not able to speak a word,she remained silently.

After some time vijay said do onething,I will not take this case to Rehan,Send some of your nude pictures to my email account.

Haasini was shocked..Uncle why that please forgive me.

Sorry that’s the only remedy for this otherwise I will take whole thing to Rehan.Let him decide the rest.She feels her dryness in her mouth.No words came from her.Tears ran through her eyes.

Haasini whats your decision vijay asked to her.

Uncle I am sorry please leave me,I don’t have pics of me.Please forgive my mistake.

Haasini then let me see them all originally.Haasini cant believe her ears, She cant think that this man who is double of her age want to see her nakedly.But Haasini know she don’t have any option.

Haasini let we go to your bedroom for the remedy process. Vijay walks to her bedroom.Haasini did not speak anything,just followed him.

Haasini don’t want Rehan and his parents to know about this,she thinks if vijay see her naked then the problem will be solved,also vijay uncle can’t bring this issue to Rehan after this.

Just then a Haasini saw her mobile ringing.She saw Rehan was on the line.Haasini don’t know what to do,she was totally scared that vijay will tell the whole thing to Rehan.Vijay can easily see Haasinis condition,Vijay ask just to attend the phone.

Hii darling how r u…Rehan asked from other side.

I am fine…..At this time Vijay unbuttoned buttons of her jeans,she remained silently as she don’t want Rehan to know about it.

Haasini where are you…

I am using internet in uncles home.Haasini simply replied of her tension.

Please give phone to vijay uncle.Haasini handled her mobile to Vijay.Hii rehan how r you replied vijay..I am fine uncle,uncle I will be little late today because of meeting.

Ok rehan don’t worry I will look after Haasini beti,after saying this vijay cut the mobile.Vijay just pulled Haasinis jeans downwards,Ohh god what a structure you have Haasini beti,

Haasini did not replied anything,Vijay can now see her black panty she is wearing,Haasini remove your t-shirt let me see your breast.

In house Haasini usually don’t wear anything under her t-shirt,so when she removed her t-shirt,vijay was able to get dierect view on her breast.Vijay feels her boobs are poking towards him.Her nipples were pink in colour.

What a nice pair of boobs you have baby,vijay said to Haasini.He tried to touch her boobs.

Uncle you don’t have the right to touch it ok,replied Haasini.

Haasini then remove your panty,let uncle see your young pussy,Haasini hated words from vijay,but she don’t want to make him angry.So she slowly removed her panty.

Ohh this is the best one I have ever seen in my life.Her pussy lips were pink in colour.Her pussy was neatly trimmed. Meanwhile Haasini was thinking about rehan,she was in another world.But she quickly regained her senses .

Uncle you must leave now.I am going to wear my dress,she turned towards Vijay but was shocked to see that he was completely naked.

Vijay was playing with his big black cock,Uncle please leave now the remedy is finished.

Beti I want to feel your tight pussy,saying this vijay quickly take Haasini on his hands and placed on her bed.

Haasini beti,let me kiss your sweet pussy once,its so sweet,Haasini was only able to smile, thinking that vijay got mad.Quickly vijay began to lick her pussy.Now Haasini feels that she is in heaven.She feels that vijay is a master in this.

Haasini beti,I will take you to heaven now onwards you forget Rehan.Unlce will be there for you.

She was not able to reply,Vijay can now feel wetness on her pussy,he knows he has succeed in his plan.Slowly vijay move upwards and kissed her breast.

Oh god nice pair of breast you have beti,I think rehan was the luckiest guy in world,now I feel I am more lucky than him.

Hearing this Haasini once again smiled.

Uncle you can leave now,replied Haasini firmly.

Please Haasini atleast feel my dick in you beti,She slightly hold his dick with her young hands,she got a strange feeling in her body when she touch his dick.

Haasini beti,it will be better if you feel this in your pussy.

Now Haasini replied firmy no uncle your dick is very big,also rehan and me are planning to have a child,so I cant do that.

Haasini beti,lot of womens in our street will die for my dick ,atleast you just feel how it will be in your pussy and uncle will not fuck and cum in you just want to feel how my dick will suit in your pussy.

His words create a strange feeling on Haasini.Watching her dilemma vijay quickly place tip of his cock into her pussy and he began to insert it slowly.

After some time Haasini can feel full length of his dick in her pussy,oh uncle you have pushed it fully inside me,Haasini was surprised..

Ya baby,now you can feel more…now he started to fuck her….Vijay can now feel tightness of her pussy,he was in heaven that he get opportunity to fuck such a tight pussy.

He kept of fucking her tight pussy for 15 minutes,ohh..Haasini beti I am cumming on your tight pussy…

Haasini wants to pull his dick out from her pussy,but the pleasure of his dick don’t allow her to push it out from her pussy.He completely cummed inside her.Both of them had orgasm at same time.

She was not able to belive that she allowed vijay uncle to fuck her.

Beti I am leaving now,but I will be back after some time as rehan will be late today and he wants me to take care of you.

So C U after some time Haasini beti……

As vijay leaves Haasini feel very bad that she allowed vijay to cum inside her pussy..she quickly leaves to bathroom for taking a bath.She is determined that she will not repeat this mistake..

Vijay was very happy that his plan got successful but he was little afraid that will Rehan get any clue regarding what happened in the day time.Haasini was also in a similar condition she dont want her husband to know what happened and she knows it will affect her married life.Rehan was too happy in the evening that he get some good compliments from his boss.So he plan to have a drink with vijay.Vijay feel that he was too lucky that rehan did not get a slight idea about the day events.

Rehan;Uncle i am really happy today as my boss congragulates me as the best employee in our company.Its a great day for me

Vijay:tats great rehan,i was also having a good day rehan.while having drinks rehan shows some of the messages which his boss have send to him about his acheivements.

Rehan:Uncle another happpy news is that company is planning to send me for a training in UK for 1 month.But uncle i think that i should send Haasini back to my home since she will be alone here.But Vijay feels that rehan was not too happy to send his wife back to his home since they have started there new life.Vijay feels that this is the golden time he should do something to do rehan mind.

Vijay:Rehan please dont worry Haasini is like my daughter we should take care of her,since this is a good opportunity u must leave dont worry about Haasini,we will look after her.

Rehan also feels that is better option for him but Vijay feel so happy that Haasini will be for a month in his apartment without Rehan and he feels his dick so hard when he thinks about that.

When Rehan told about Haasini about his official tour she feels sad.

Haasini:Rehan why dont you take me along with you but when rehan told her that its strictly official purpose she understands.

The day when rehan leaves Haasini feels very sad that she should be alone for a month but she was unaware that vijay has a plan to make her his slut.The first few days was little difficult for Haasini to adjust but after few days she feels relaxed.In the other side vijay was watching Haasini carefully.Vijay knows that again he should do some plan to seduce Haasini.But this time he wants to enjoy Haasini completely so he wait for a good time.

One day Haasini get a call from her home that her uncle is not well and he is hospitalized in the same city that she was staying.Haasini loves her uncle very much so she wants to go to hospital but since she was new to city she dont know about proper way.She finally decide that she will ask uncle vijay about the way.

Haasini:uncle do you know the way to Baslous Hospital Haasini asked to vijay without looking at his eyes.

Vijay was too happy that Haasini has talked to him.Beti thats little far from here. What happened beti vijay asked by looking at her boobs.Vijay wants to tear her dress and enjoy her boobs but he knows that if he wait he can enjoy her fully.

Haasini: my uncle is hospitalized there so i want to see him that why i asked telling that Haasini left to her apartment.Vijay knows that since Haasini is new to the city she dont know about the city.

Haasini opening the door hearing door bell.Vijay was there,Beti i will help u since you are new to city.I know the place and i will help you to go there.Haasini dont want vijays help but she has no option so she agreed.

Ok uncle we can go tomarrow she said without looking vijays eyes.Vijay was too happy that Haasini accepted his plan and he want to make her his slut.

Morning was usual for Haasini and she wanted to reach hospital early so that she can see her uncle and return back at the earliest as she dont want to spend more time with vijay.She wore sky blue jeans and white t-shirts so that she can be ready as soon as possible.After getting ready she call Rehan and informed him that she is going to hospital since she was in a hurry manner she dont tell to him that she is going with vijay.

Vijay was happy to see Haasini in that dress.She was damn hot in that modern outfit.

Uncle what about aunty,when will be she back.

Haasini beti she will be in daughter home for some more days.Vijay dont want to mention more about his wife.Since it was a long journey they plan to go by bus.The journey was good for both of them and Haasini was happy that she can reach there on right time.After reaching hospital she came to know that her uncle is now in a stable condition and she feels too relaxed.She also introduce vijay to them and her relatives was also happy since she was not alone.Vijay was very friendly to her relatives and he was very talkative to them.Vijay told to Haasinis uncle that he is very lucky to get such a daughter as his niece.

Vijay wants to spend as much time in hospital so that it will be late.Vijay knows that after evening 5.30 they dont have a bus to there place.So vijay cunningly spend more time in the hospital.Haasini was also unaware about how time was going.

Uncle can we leave now its already late Haasini told to vijay.

Yes Haasini we can leave now.They leave the hospital after inviting there relatives to there apartment when they are free.Vijay was very happy that his plan has worked as he know that now there is no bus to there place.When they reach the bus station the authorities informed them that now the bus towards there location will be only from next day.

Haasini was afraid since she dont know the place well.Uncle what should we do now its already late,wat will we do now.

Oh its very unfortunate Haasini beti i think we should stay here for today and we have no option until its late.We cant believe most of the taxis here since there are lot of thieves among taxi drivers.Haasini also feel that vijay was right and she has no option.

The hotels in the city was too crowded since it was a busy town.Atlast they got a single room in a good hotel.Vijay introduced Haasini as his daughter in the reception while filling the address.Haasini also agreed to him since she understands its very difficult to get a room in the city.

Beti dont worry we can leave early in the morning vijay told to Haasini after they entered the room.Beti u can take some rest uncle will come after some time saying that vijay leaves outside.

Haasini feels little relaxed and now she wants to have a bath.

When vijay was back Haasini was watching the television after her bath and vijay feels that she is now comfortable.

Beti how is the programme in the television.Uncle i am watching a film Haasini replied to him.

Beti let me have a bath vijay then goes to bathroom.After reaching the bathroom vijay gets naked completly he found that his dick is bigger than any day due to hard erection.He wants to insert his dick to Haasinis ass.After having his bath vijay was out from the bathroom wearing a towel.Meanwhile he understand that Haasini was speaking to rehan.But Haasini dont want to mention that she is not at home so she said to rehan that they have reached the home.

Beti thats good rehan will be tensed if he knows that we have not reached the home back and my dress also get wet so for some time uncle will be wearing towel since i am not having any dress.

After having dinner vijay also joined in watching television.

When vijay looked at Haasini he again got hard erection her boobs was poking from her t shirt and her lovely ass was pretty visible to him.Haasini was fully concentrated on television.After some time when she looked at vijay she was frightened.Vijay was completely naked and stroking his big cock.He was murmaring her name.

Oh Haasini beti she can hear his murmur.What stupid thing are you doing uncle,please behave properly.

But Haasini was surprised to hear his words Beti uncle is getting erected when i see your lovely ass.Can i please touch that.My dick wants your lovely ass.

Beti please look at my cock its for you,When Haasini looked at his cock she feels some strange sensation on her body.But she dont want to vijay to take advantage.

Haasini knows a cleaver girl can easily escape from anywhere Vijay can easily see the redness in Haasinis face. Vijay was stroking his big dick towards her.

Beti why are u afraid of me Vijay wants to talk to Haasini so that he knew her tension will be reduced.Beti you know most of the women in our area are likes my cock,why are u afraid.

What rubbish are you doing Haasini said and she looked away from Vijay. She tries to concentrate more on television. But she can see Vijay murmuring about her.

Haasini wants to get rid of him but how can she get rid of such stupid man who is showing his dick to her. She wants to slap him hard but how can she do that when she is alone in hotel room with him. So she wants to avoid him as soon as possible. She plans to not listen to him.

Haasini Beti atleast please show your lovely pussy and buttocks to me. Your pussy and buttocks are so sexy and uncle will not disturb you later.

That sounds strange for Haasini what are things this Old stupid man wants to see. But Haasini wants to get rid of him as fast as possible.

Uncles are you sure you will not disturb me after that.Haasini replied to Vijay without looking at his face.

Yes Haasini I will not disturb you later. Uncle wants to see your young pussy lips and tight buttocks.Haasini seems he has lost his bearings.

She opened the buttons of her jeans. It was not easy for Haasini but she wants to stop his dirty game. Slowly she pulled her jeans down. Now her flimsy panty got appeared. Vijay can see Haasinis hand get shivered.

Haasini uncle will help you, saying that vijay moves close to Haasini and he he pulled her panty down.Now her buttocks and pussy was completely naked in front of him.

Oh Beti you have pussy which is well shaped, I loves girls who have such a good shape.Beti I am very lucky to see such a beautiful young pussy.Vijay knows now he want to praise Haasini as much as possible so that he can make her happy. Uncle has fucked lot of women’s but I never see such a beautiful pussy.

Haasini feels some strange sensation passing through her body even though she don’t like his words.

Why are you complimenting me like this. I don’t want to hear such compliments.Rehan has never talked to her like this.But she likes his praising.Haasini I know that you are not getting fucked by Rehan properly and a young girl like you have someone who can fuck you regularly when your husband is not at home.

Look at my dick Haasini it’s for only you. Vijay just stroke his dick in front of her,Beti look this.

Haasini can now feel some strange sensation in her body. She was looking to his erect cock.Its very different from Rehan its more big than him. She has never seen such a big cock in her life.

Haasini now feel that she should tease Vijay for bringing her husband’s topic .

Uncle you promised me that you should keep that away from me.Saying that she sat on the sofa set and spread her legs little wider so that Vijay can see her outer lips.Now vijay just come on his knees between her spread-open legs, staring at her bare pussy. For some strange reason Haasini was not able to close her legs.

Now Vijay knew that the young lady has on his way.He suddenly started licking her beautiful pussy.

Oh God wats happening to me,Haasini now feels that her body was capable of accepting what the mind rejected.

Oh Haasini Beti I will make you my slut vijay murmered while sucking her pussy.Vijay now feel that he can fuck Haasini for the entire night and makes her slut.

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