Maaya has a very slim fine figure with medium dark glowing skin, pretty face and sweet polite nature. We are from a simple middle-class traditional family. So she only wears simple salwar kurtas during day. But those are also all tight fitting. Many times she sleeps in same dress or sometimes in nighties. When i first got the idea of trying out with her i didn’t have so much guts. So i used to secretly steal her bras and panties from her cupboard and smell them, feel them etc. Then slowly i got some confidence in the night. One night she was in her purple and green flowered salwar which has long zip on back. She was sleeping with her back towards me.

Her knees were raised inwards to herself so her ass was protruding robustly. With great courage i lightly put my hand on her warm ass. She was not awake. So i tried pushing my hand deeper in the gap between her buttocks. I was thrilled with the feeling. Since she was not moving i pushed the hand more inside towards her pussy. It was soft but hot. I loved rubbing my finger over it for a long time. Then i got more desperate to feel her bare skin. I slowly tried to pull down the zip on her back. It came down very smoothly to the bottom near the waist. I separated the two sides of dress between zip to see her bare back. Her white bra and its hooks were shining. I moved my fingers very lightly on her bare back. It was a beautiful sensation.

I had seen her bras before but this one felt different worn on her warm energetic body. I lead my fingers along the bra towards the front side to feel her boobs but they were fully covered by the bra. So i thought of opening the bra and then feel her tits. Very carefully i opened the bra hooks with both my hands. I was successful. But she moved turning around with her face up. For the first time i looked at her boobs so closely. They were indeed beautifully round and firm. But i wanted to see them uncovered. I was getting very desperate to uncover her. I gently raised the lower flap of her kurta up. I managed to pull it upto her breasts. With a little more effort it was above the breasts. Since the bra was unhooked it was hanging loosely on her body making it easier for me to push it up as well. I couldn’t believe i was seeing swati’s fully bared boobs. Blood started rushing in my head.

I was getting greedier to see more of her. I pulled the string of her salwar. That also loosened up very fast and easily. I didn’t care what she might think next morning. I was just excited with my present accomplishments. Then i lowered the salwar till the thighs. At the sight of her pussy in the panty i was even more excited. I felt completely out of control. I literally wanted to tear away the panty. But ofcourse that would be the silliest thing to do on the first attempt. So i tried to control myself but didn’t give up yet. I managed to tug the panty little by little down until pussy was actually bare. But the back part of panty was still stuck under the heavy pressure of her buttocks so i couldn’t pull it any further. Luckily she turned over to the other side again.

Almost her whole body from neck to the lower thighs was uncovered with all my efforts. I grabbed the chance to pull the panty till her knees. Then i softly touched her bare ass. It was terribly hot. I moved my fingers deeper towards the pussy. It felt wet but the texture was very smooth and soft. I even dared to try and insert my finger into the pussy lips. I reached a little in. But didn’t want to risk it too much in the very first time. I left it all there and went back to sleep. I purposely didn’t cover her up again. I wanted to see her reaction when she finds her clothes distorted.

In the morning i was awake but pretended to be asleep when swati woke up. She did seem surprised to see all her clothes opened up with her body lying partly bared. But she ignored it and carried on to get ready for the day. Since she thought i was still sleeping, i saw take off all her clothes and walk into the bathroom to have bath. Maybe this was her habit which i didn’t know as i always woke up after her. If that’s the case i’d love to wake up early every morning to get to see her becoming full nude before bath. After her bath she came out wearing fresh clothes for the day. That was a white color kurta with red salwar and dupatta. The white kurta was very thin material so her bra was visible. The whole day i was thinking only of her and how i had managed to bare her to that extent in the very first attempt. I couldn’t for night to come.

I wondered what she will wear in bed tonight. Soon it was night. I generally slept only in shorts with no underwear or shirt. I was in bed early that night. I felt her getting into bed too. After some time passed i peeped to see what she was wearing. She was in the same dress as in morning, the white kurta with red salwar but no dupatta at night ofcourse. This white kurta also had a zip on the back. I waited more than one hour to get started with my adventures on her. She was again in same position with face that side and back towards me. I checked to see if she was awake by touching her warm ass again. I got the green signal. I quickly but carefully pulled the zip down, parted the two halves, and unleashed the bra. I couldn’t proceed any further until she turned her front side up. I waited impatiently. Very soon she turned in the desired position since i already had experience from last night, it didn’t take me long to push up the kurta and bra to expose her lovely bosom.

In a short time the salwar and panty were also lowered down to the knees. Last night i had only seen and felt her lightly but today i decided to feel the boobs in detail and if possible get my finger deeper into her pussy. All the preparatory wok was done. Now i touched her one nipple very carefully. Luck was in my favor. She still didn’t wake. I carried on by making light circles around both her breasts with my fingers. I was getting eager to even taste them. After gathering enough courage i brought my mouth close to her nipples. My tongue was dripping like of a hungry dog. I licked her nipple softly. Then i was about to take larger mouthful at her full breast. But she moved. I was quite afraid of getting caught red handed. I acted asleep and made snoring sounds. I heard her get up and go to the bathroom. I thought oh no, now she will close up her clothes again.

I couldn’t think of going thru the whole ritual again. I gave up for that night. But woke up before her in the morning. As expected, she undressed herself fully nude and went for bath. I noticed the bathroom door was not properly closed. I crawled to the door and peeped in. I thought what the fuck! This was better than getting a glimpse of her nude in the mornings. She was standing under the shower moving her hands all over the body so sensually. I saw her rubbing her fingers more constantly on the pussy and even actually pushing the fingers inside. Obviously she was masturbating! After the bath i watched her wipe with towel. Then she wore her clothes for the day. I enjoyed watching her wear the clothes as much as i watched her undress a while ago. The way she put on the bra, stretching to hook it behind then adjusting the boobs in the cups and pulling up the panty and pampering the pussy by stroking it gently. That day she wore her yellow kurta and green salwar and dupatta. I jumped back to bed when she was ready. Then she left home. I was alone in the room. I fantasized her and masturbated thoroughly as i recalled all the recent experiences.

I cursed the sun for staying up all day for nothing. I wished nights were longer and days of just few hours. My whole day in college was useless, as i couldn’t think of anything other than swati. I was most happy when it was bedtime eventually. That night i didn’t happen to sleep before swati came. We met and talked for some time. Then i sat in bed going thru some books. I saw swati taking off her kurta and salwar, and changing into a light blue nightie right in front of me. But she had not removed the bra or panty. Right from childhood she always used to change in front of me, but i had never taken interest in seeing her so intensely until just now. Again i couldn’t think of anything else but her so just went to bed lying down sleeplessly. I saw her coming to bed too. But i knew i had to wait for at least another 2 hours till she was fast asleep. I felt her moving restlessly for about an hour. She was not sleeping at all. I guessed tonight there was no hope.

After another hour i heard her get up from bed. I peeped again to see if she was going to bathroom. She didn’t do that but just stood there for some time. I wondered if something was bothering her. Suddenly i saw her removing the nightie. But that’s not all; she even removed the bra and panty and lay in bed totally naked. I was shocked to see this. I just kept my eyes closed for some time to check her next action. Obviously my dick was up and hard seeing her naked. The latter was even more shocking. I didn’t have to open my eyes for this because i actually felt her hand on my crotch. She opened the buttons of my shorts and conveniently pulled out the dick. She was massaging it gently. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I got up and asked what she was doing. She was not scared at all. She laughed and said, “stop pretending for a change.

I know what all you’ve been upto last few nights and mornings too”. I was terribly embarrassed. But she said, “its ok, its only natural between a male and female body to get attracted”. I was too shocked to think or say anything. But she made things easier by taking off my shorts completely. Then she lay her whole soft warm body on top of me caressing me from head to toe, kissing my chest, and mostly rubbing the dick over and over again. I was still in too much shock. It was too unbelievable for me to see swati taking the initiative to have sex with me. Never the less, i was happy to no limits. I also put my hands on her sides rubbing her from waist to armpits. From her armpits my hands reached for her ample tender boobs. I stroked her nipples till they turned hard. She was getting turned on very fast. My dick was rubbing against her the soft tissues of her pussy as my hands went behind to dig in her ass. With both my hands i spread her ass really wide.

She cried a bit thinking i was tearing it apart. I put my finger in the ass while the dick was making its way up the cunt. But hers was a very tight virgin pussy. It was going to be painful for her to let my dick in for the first time. Then i switched positions. I put her on the bed and i mounted on top of her to take control. But before doing the hard work of breaking her virginity i wanted to relish her sweet soft tender body to the fullest. I kneaded her boobs with great pressure which she enjoyed. Then i suckled on them sucking up loads of sweet milk and nibbling on the cute nipples. Then licking her all the way down to the toes. From toes again i licked and chewed the silky smooth legs, especially the insides of the thighs. Then my tongue hit her prime possession, the cunt. I parted the clit with my hands penetrating the maximum of my tongue into the soft depth of swati’s cunt.

Licking and drinking all the sweet juices flowing from it and biting on the tender lips my mouth then headed upwards to her navel. After fully licking up her stomach, waist, armpits, and tits, i reached to her mouth giving french kiss. For a long time our tongues were playing with each other as our bodies were creating vigorous friction with the rubbing speed increasing rapidly. I put my dick into the opening of her cunt pushing it deeper and deeper. She was crying quite loudly. I had to shut her mouth to avoid waking up our parents. We were at the peak of ecstasy when i thrust the dick in with full force. She was frozen in silence looking upwards for few seconds then recovered. We knew that her seal of virginity was broken. She looked so happy. She kissed me thoroughly to thank me and i congratulated her by digging still further in. We carried on till morning.

Next day neither of us was interested in going to college. Mom and dad both went to work in their offices so we had even the whole day to explore each other infinitely. We fucked the whole day and all the following nights. Even during daytime whenever we met even for a short time we stripped ourselves swiftly and made quick love. It had become a custom for us to remain nude within our bedroom at night. But a few nights i requested her to stay in her full dress to let me enjoy stripping her personally with my own hands. Those nights i stripped her real slow creating tremendous sensations in her body which made her change from my sweet sister to a sexy beast. Her breasts and ass had swollen like hell, making her look so erotic in her tight salwars. She switched to wearing only black bras and sexy bright color panties. Also her preference of salwar sets was more for transparent types thru which she took great pride in boasting her massive boobs in black bras (and sometimes even panties since even some of the salwars were quite see-thru). In her college the guys who used to tease her had become her die-hard fans. Maaya became the hottest favorite in college and our neighborhoo

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