Let me introduce myself. I am a well built man of 28 yrs and have been putting up in Kolkata for last 2 years. I am working on a project and have to frequently travel to a place in chattisgarh for my work.The most preffered train leaves Kolkata at around 8 P.M. As luck would have it one of my colleague (Sameer )had his sasural there.

Over last few months we had developed mutual admiration for each others work and were gradually becoming friendly. He had invited me a few times for dinner and I, being a bachelor had invited them to restaurants. Here I would add that Namita ( Sameer’s wife ) is a fitness freak and had maintained a curvaceous body.

Honestly speaking I had a crush on her the moment I saw her but Namita behaved in such a manner that one would not dare to take a chance with her. I would always steal glances at her body and be happy with that. Namita and myself used to get along well and we used to have discussion on varied subjects other than sex. In nutshell it was a very healthy relationship between us.

Once when I was to go to Durg I was pleasantly surprised by Sameer when he informed me that Namita is to going to meet her Parents. I was feeling good to have such a intelligent company. But as reservations had been done seperately our coaches were differant. so we settled in our coaches and as the train moved I went to her and asked if I should try to get her in my coach and vice versa.

She was very enthusiastic about my idea and gave me a go – ahead. So I approached the TTE and explained the situation and asked for his help. The TTE,god knows smelled something fishy and suggested that I should move to 1 A.C and will allot me a coupe for two only. All of a sudden I started fanticising and said yes. TTE asked me to move there and wait for me.

I went to Namita and aprised her about the situation. She gave me a meaning ful look and appeared to be happy. Soon we shifted there and I got our ticket converted and obliged the TTE with cash. As soon the TTE left Namita stretched herself in such a way that her pallu slipped and I could get a good glimpse of her body.

All this while I had failed to notice her outfit and now that I was alone with her my desires were arousing me. We settled down and started chatting.There was a marked shift in the way she was talking now. It was more of a casual approach and she called me ‘yaar’ instead of my name. As time passed she was getting more and more friendly.

I started taking slight liberties and appreciated her beauty.She blushed but was witty enough to remark ” today you came to know about it ! “. I also added that it took so many days to gather courage to appreciate her and then added you have a very good figure. She immediately remarked ” how do you know I never wear exposing dress “.

She then added “or may be you glance at me when I am not looking “. All this was in such a friendly tone that I decided to open up and said it is just a guess because even in saree you look in shape. She sighed and told me it was an art to praise a woman. I admitted that I have never praised a woman body before.

she winked at me and said that I should learn this art or else my married life will be at doldrums. This was for the first time I talked so freely with her and asked her to provide some tips. All of a sudden she became more desirable to me and she asked me If I have seen a woman body. I gulped and told her that was only in pictures and movies.

She smiled at me and told me if I want to become her shisya then I would have to be honest with her. I promised her that I would be. She stretched again ( she was sitting near window) and allowed her pallu to slip and simultaneously pulled her legs over the berth in such a way that saree came above ankle.

This time she allowed her pallu to remain as it was and she looked at me and asked now say what you see. I gulped hard and started in my mother tongue ” maine apni zindagi mein itna doodhiya rang nahi dekha, aise lagta hai jaise doodh mein kise ne chutki bhar lal rang mila kar aapka laga diya hai “.

Namita exclaimed wow ! this is the best ever compliment I have heard about my complexion. I also blushed and said that I spoke from my heart. She said common yaar dont be afraid to speak out when I have permitted you and insisted that I should continue. while we had reached kharagpur and so she asked me to lock the coupe from inside.

She then switched off the light and switched on bed side lamp.By this time I had gained in confidence and had became witty as usual. When she asked me to start again praising her I suggested that she should stand up and strike a pose and then I would try again. She gave me a good smile and said ” anything for your romantic comments “.

When she stood up I also got up and slowly put the herpallu aside and said I would not be able to speak without motivation. She did’nt resist at all. I took her hands and slowly caressed her palms and said Tumahere haath ko haath me lene se aise lagta hai ki zindagi bhar inko apne seene se laga kar rakhoo. As she was wearing a sleeveless I took liberty and slowly reached up to her shoulders.

I observed Namita was breathing heavily and slowly I embraced her from behind and my hands were on her naval. My gentle caressess were sending ripples down her spine as she was occasionaly shivering. I smelled her shoulders and whispered Namita itni meethi khushboo tumhare badaan se aa rahi hai ki main deewana ho jaunga.

Tumhara ek ek ang apne mein ek kavita hai. Gradually my hands moved up and as they reached herboobs she rested her head over my shoulder. I took this as her consent and kissed her neck from behind. She inclined her head towards me and her lips were half open waiting to be kissed. I kissed her gently on her lips and then gently pushed my tongue into her mouth.

She welcomed my tongue with hers and very slowly we played with each others lips and tongue. As we were liplocked I had already started to caress her boobs and was unbuttoning her blouse. I removed her blouse and then her bra. Her nipples were totally erect. I played with them and sometimes kneading them slightly.

Namita had closed her eyes and was passionately kissing me.She held my head as a result her hands were in lifted condition this was giving her boobs a lift up. I kept on undressing her very gently and when she was totally naked I stroked pussy with my hands. She was totally wet there. As I was fully dressed and my tool was hard I was feeling uneasy.

I found Namita totally engrossed in kissing and so I opened my pants and allowed it to fall.Then I opened my shirt and all along I was liplocked with her. Then I pulled out my tool and it was so hard that it immediately poked into the ass of Namita. She then turned around and hugged me. Her boobs were pressing against my chest and my pennis was her just above her pussy.

She then held my tool and stroked it for few times and kept one leg over the berth. This way now my tool was rubbing her pussy and she pulled my head to her boobs. I got the signal and started sucking her nipples one by one. I then gradually guided her on to the berth and started kissing her all body parts. She murmured I am all yours tonight take everything and give me all you have.

It further aroused me and I went down to her pussy and smelled it. It seemed she had applied deodrant there as I was smelling rose and then started kissing her pussy and then licked her.She held my head with her thighs and was moaning softly. As her stiffness grew she urgrd me to enter her. My tool was hungry for that and in just one go I was totally inside her.

After 5-6 hard strokes into her pussy she asked me to calm down and let the train do the rest. I agreed to her idea and slow but steady jerks of the train was giving us immense pleasure. We kissed and then I sucked her nipples to my hearts content. While we were at it I asked her how you do it with sameer.

She said this is the most romantic love that she is having and sameers only fucks her and I am making love with her the way she wanted. Meanwhile I could feel the heat building up inside me and I told her that now I want hard strokes. she agreed and both of us started ramming each other.

After sometime I ejaculated all my load inside her and kept on pumping her till my pennis was limp. She was happy as she had the longest fuck of her life

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