Hi I am Prerna, nick name Dolly and I am born and brought up in small town of U.P And this is about me and my elder sister Neha Didi getting fucked by our cousin brother Vivek Bhaiya, at the same time on the same bed one after another, in some sort of threesome sex which we usually see in blue movies.

Actually it was me who was getting fucked for the first time; Neha Didi was already into this fucking relation with our brother since long. I am sure reader will not believe that it is a real incident, even then I am writing just because I want to write it but I am not sure that I will be write it properly like I have read many stories in last one month.

I am not professional writer and I must mention in advance that I am also not good in English, especially grammar and I am expecting that readers will forgive me for bad language control. Anyway now without wasting any more time in introduction I would like to start.

While going to the beginning of the incident I will say that Neha Didi is nearly 3 years elder to me and obviously like me Neha Didi is also born and bought up in the same city and like all sisters initially we did not had anything special in our relation although we were very frank with each other but as far as subject of sex is concerned our conversation was limited,

like discussing our dates and all but as time moved our closeness went on increasing and one day we talked about the blue movies and that conversation lead us to discussing the way we pleasure our self and after bit of detailing to my surprise Neha Didi told me to remove my clothes and she also got naked instantly and that day we somewhat pleasured each other while fisting each other’s fuckhole for the first time.

I can say that from that day onwards a new era of my and Neha Didi’s friendship started, although we did not repeated masturbating each other frequently but now we both were even more closer. But all this did not lasted for long because after completing her post graduation Neha Didi went to Delhi to seek job and while working in that town for some time she stayed at our uncle’s place whose son is Vivek Bhaiya.

I don’t know how and when Vivek Bhaiya and Neha Didi started fucking because at the time I was doing my graduation at my birth place and I just knew that while working in one reputed software company Neha Didi is living at our uncle’s place and later nearly after a month she got shifted to independent flat which was fully furnished and belonged to my uncle only

and it was part of his investment for rent purpose and it was in NCR region, exactly where Neha Didi was working. Since Neha Didi was living and working in NCR independently, I too had a desire to live there with independence anyhow and soon my desire became truth, as I finished my graduation and asked my dad to do professional course from Delhi or NCR while living with Neha Didi, my dad agreed.

I was excited as I was going to live in big city with Neha Didi and I also had this in my mind that now once again we can start masturbating each other but destiny had something else for me in that context. Anyway finally I reached to Neha Didi on one fine Sunday morning and it was Vivek Bhaiya and Neha Didi both who picked me up from railway station and leaving me and Neha Didi at our place he took leave.

I was excited but the fact which I could not make out at that time was Neha Didi was not excited as I was expecting, she behaved casual and we spent whole day together just like that. Truly speaking throughout the day I was waiting for Neha Didi to speak about sex and about masturbating each other which we use to do before she left but she did not uttered anything

in that context and we settled down in the night in the bedroom after eating dinner out. After bit of hesitation I broke the silence in that regard and asked her innocently “Didi tumko yaad hai…hum kaise ek dusre ko finger se fuck kiya karte the” it was almost dark and at that time Neha Didi was facing away from me and she just hummed to say yes.

I waited for her to speak further but she remained silent and finally once again I asked her “abhi Karen” Neha Didi turned to me and initially replied with just no and then said “we should not do it….I mean this is not right…we should maintain some distance”.

I was disappointed and more then that I was embarrassed and Neha Didi could feel my state and she extended her hand to comfort me and spoke again “don’t feel embarrassed… we are friends and I feel ki humen humari marriage tak apni dignity maintain karni chahiye” I accepted and appreciated her statement soon we both slept.

From next day things started moving as they were planned and within next 10 days I got admission in one private institute in NCR to do professional course of my choice. As such things were running fine and I could not sense anything wrong between Vivek Bhaiya and Neha Didi, even though Vivek Bhaiya use to come to our place daily to pick Neha Didi on bike as their work place were in same sector and usually he use to drop her back as well.

Time went on going and I never felt anything fishy between them for some time but later sometimes I saw Neha Didi talking to Vivek Bhaiya on phone in very low voice and couple of times when we were together she went bit far to talk to him. This thing occupied my brain a bit and soon I started realizing that Neha Didi is over conscious for her mobile and she does

not want me to access her mobile and this increased my curiosity and in next few days somehow I managed to access her mobile and read few extremely Non-Veg jokes and statements sent by Vivek Bhaiya. I was shocked to see that but from all those jokes and phrases I could not think that Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya are sexually involved even in my weirdest imagination.

In next couple of days I became normal and digested this fact that Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya are sharing non-veg jokes, but that was not all, as now another shock was waiting for me to take my senses and as it could be guessed, I caught Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya red handed. By now I was living with Neha Didi from nearly two months and usually on weekends we use to be together all the time.

Many times Vivek Bhaiya came on Saturdays while driving uncle’s car and bought us home and we stayed there for the night, couple of times he use to come on Sundays and took us out in the evening and we use to watch movies and eat together, everything seemed casual to me at that time but now I feel that because of my presence they were not getting any chance to get on bed and they were somewhat desperate for that.

It was Monday morning and like always since last two days we were together and this time Vivek Bhaiya did not came to us and we remained mostly at home. In the morning Neha Didi seemed drowsy and told me that she is taking a day off from work. She cooked for me as I was on my schedule and as usual I took leave on my regular time.

It was sheer co-incident that after one hour of scheduled study in my institute we were set free for the day because of some unavoidable reason and all my batch mates decided to go for a movie in a nearby mall. I also thought about going with them but then decided to go back home as Neha Didi was not well.

Can say it was my destiny that instead of going to Movie Theater I came back home and before getting into house I saw a Vivek Bhaiya’s bike standing there. I was bit surprised with that because he was informed by Neha Didi that she is not going to office in my presence, moreover even if I would have thought that he has came here to see Neha Didi then at that time it was too late for him to reach to his work place.

I don’t know what was running in my mind and why instead of hitting door bell I thought about getting in the house silently with my sets of keys, it could be my sixth sense which made me doing everything very noiselessly and I tip towed in the house.

I heard giggle from the room and went closer to that, door of our bedroom was not fully closed but I could not see anything from the opened portioned so I silently stood there to hear the words and they were really shocking which I must mention. I heard Vivek Bhaiya saying “Chus na…!!! Sharma kya rahi hai…Pura andar le” then he spoke again after few seconds “achhe se Chus…jaise maine teri Chusi thi…”

at that time I could not imagine what is going in the room but certainly it was nasty, actually it was about sucking Penis. Vivek Bhaiya was asking Neha Didi to suck his Penis and Neha Didi was doing that. Once again I heard something, this time it was Neha Didi who uttered but I could not make out what she spoke, I went further closer to the door to hear her clearly and unfortunately made significant noise while stepping ahead and stuck the door with my toe.

“Kaun Hai” Neha Didi spoke loud instantly and I skipped my beat but in a fraction I decided and gathering courage within myself I pushed the door to show who it is. Although from their conversation which I heard it seems that it is somewhat clear what they were doing but at that instant I could understand properly and I could not believed what I saw.

Neha Didi my elder sister, the one who was telling me to maintain my dignity till my marriage was sitting stark naked on the floor and our first cousin Vivek Bhaiya was sitting on bed and he was also stark naked, rather when I pushed the door instantly to open it Neha Didi was holding Vivek Bhaiya’s Penis in her hands and I could guess that she must be sucking it while being on her knees.

Everything happened so fast that we did not have much time to think, Neha Didi screamed my name in shocking and scared tone and Vivek Bhaiya uttered “Ohh…Fuck” and pushed Neha Didi and ran inside the toilet. Neha Didi instantly picked her clothes and tried to hide her pendulous milks from me and kept on looking into my eyes with shock till I stepped back and went out of the house.

I stood bit far from the house while keeping an eye on the gate and as I was expecting after 5-10 minutes Vivek Bhaiya came out, kicked his bike and ran away. I don’t know what conversation they had after my exit, and truly speaking I don’t even know what I was thinking, I was scared, aroused, confused and as well as bit depressed.

That instant I did not wanted to see Neha Didi, and I thought about going back to my friends to join them for a movie to divert my mind. From the beginning Neha Didi was somewhat ideal for me, throughout my life I wanted to be like her but now in a fraction all those thoughts seemed getting shattered.

I spoke to my friends and told them to buy my ticket as well and just then I started from there to the mall they were gone. As expected while going to my friends throughout the way I could not think anything except what I saw, I could believed that I have seen Neha Didi in confronting state with our brother.

Although at that time they were not fucking but as such there was nothing left for me to presume and this thought that Vivek Bhaiya has fucked Neha Didi aroused me and just in couple of minutes I started feeling wetness in my panties. Soon I reached to my friends and entered into the auditorium.

I was wrong, I was assuming that all this will divert my mind but I was badly occupied with the fucking thoughts, many times I got isolated from the group while roaming before entering into the theater. Apparently I saw the whole movie but virtually I was thinking that if Vivek Bhaiya would have came back after my leave then at this moment Neha Didi will be lying under him

and Vivek Bhaiya must be riding on her madly and suddenly I started realizing that I am feeling jealous of my sister. From the beginning we both have lived in discipline and never dared to think about having any boy friend although like most girls we two too have this desire and now after watching Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya in that state I was feeling that I am the only one who is left

alone in this lonely state as Neha Didi is enjoying all this with Vivek Bhaiya since she is here. This strange mind state got intense when nearly after 15-20 minutes of movie I received a text from my elder sister asking me “where are you” and I replied with “In cinema hall…” and in envy feeling I then added “you just continue”.

Neha Didi replied back instantly with a text “Vivek has gone…please come soon…want to talk to you” and to this I replied with “I don’t want to talk to you”. Certainly I was angry over her and Neha Didi could understand my mind state and she replied again with a word “Sorry” written in capital letters and then wrote “C U Soon”.

After spending some time after movie, and eating bit from out and everything which we carried, everyone among my mates started moving to their respective accommodations and I too came back with a weird and perplexing mindset over how to react on this with Neha Didi.

This time I ranged the bell and Neha Didi opened the door, though she had bathed I could make out but she was yet in casual pajama and T-shirt which she use to wear at home. I moved straight to the room without even looking at her face and she followed me and asked me “Maggi khayegi” and I replied with No in blunt tone.

I turned and looked at her face for a fraction and then moved towards the toilet and Neha Didi uttered while looking into my eyes “Sorry yaar…” “I don’t want to talk about that” and with that I entered in toilet while murmuring “mujhe dignity ka lecture de rahi thi” I am sure Neha Didi heard what I spoke in sarcastic tone in low voice and I somewhat wanted her to hear.

I came out of the washroom after few minutes and found her standing there as it is, Neha Didi was waiting for me to come out and as she saw me she spoke again “Dolly please yaar…talk to me…” I was in strange mood, angry and anxious and I busted “kya baat karun tumse…tum kar kya rahi thi….wo bhi Vivek Bhaiya ke saath” “and what about that dignity and all…..remember….”

I was staring straight into Neha Didi’s eyes while firing on her and Neha Didi was looking into mine. “Relax yaar…” Didi gripped her head in her hands as if she is having headache and spoke again “bass ho gaya yaar…I don’t know how it started…ab kya karun…I am sorry” Neha Didi was looking disappointed but I was really very annoyed

“Didi papa ko ye sab patta chal gaya to tumhen jaan se maar denge….” I somewhat screamed over her in controlled voice, Neha Didi again looked into my eyes and replied with “please yaar tu ye sab kisi ko matt batana ….don’t talk about this to anybody” “Didi I don’t want to talk about this even with you…. just leave me alone”

I replied anxiously “ok…. tell me….Maggi khayegi…” Neha Didi asked me same question again and once again I replied with “No”. Neha Didi went out and I switched off the light and came to bed to lie, rather to sleep for some time but I remained well awake and could not think about anything except what I saw.

While being awake I was getting aroused, though it was just a glimpse but for the first time in my life I saw fully grown male organ and that is of my own brother and this thought that my sister has actually taken that in her fuckhole and at that instant when I came she was sucking it, all this made me more wet and I started feeling streams of my pleasure juices coming out of my fuckhole.

If I will try to define Vivek Bhaiya in appearance, he is also three years elder to me nearly at the same age of Neha Didi and physically he is having a good built. He must be 5’10” with broad shoulders with bit of muscular body and pleasant face cut. Again and again I was visualizing Vivek Bhaiya riding over my sister and slowly my condition went on going worst,

every passing second I was getting more and more wet and very uneasy, once again I was feeling envy for Neha Didi while thinking about the pleasure Neha Didi use to get while having proper intercourse with a real man. I thought about masturbating but controlled my desire and tried to sleep in which I totally failed.

I was well aware of things happening outside; Neha Didi was watching TV, some music channel in the living room while having Maggi I guess. I remained as it is for nearly an hour or may be bit more and heard Neha Didi’s phone ringing twice with some time gap and guessed that it must be Vivek Bhaiya and they must be discussing what to do now.

As Such I did not had this thing in mind that I will expose this matter to my parents but certainly after digesting this fact that Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya share non-veg jokes I was not ready to accept this truth that they are sexually involved.

Anyway after some more time Neha Didi came to room and switched on the light and saw me awake and smiled and took off her t-shirt and asked me in naughty tone “want to have fun” I was shocked with her act and I got up instantly and asked her back “Didi what are you up to” “Let’s do it…wohi jo hum ghar par karte the..”

Neha Didi replied while climbing on the bed with just a bra on her top and she drifted her pajama to her feet too and came closer to me in just bra and panty. I tried to get away and somewhat screamed over her while saying “Didi please behave yourself” Neha Didi smiled on my reaction and tried to hold me and came over me bit forcibly and spoke

“I am sorry….that day I said no….let’s do it now”…and with that she tried to lift my top to make me topless like she was at that time but I stopped her and tried to push her to get away while saying same thing again “Didi behave yourself”.

Next Neha Didi tried to open my jeans and spoke again “Come on let me fuck your Pussy…aur to aur main aaj teri pussy suck bhi karungi…dekhna tu pagal ho jaayegi” I tried to get away more desperately as Neha Didi was trying hard to open my jeans. “Dolly let me do it…mujhe karne de….I know you want all this…” “No… I don’t want it”

I replied and finally got away and stood up on the bed and walked a bit to get off the bed but Neha Didi held me again and pulled me to her and asked me “Then what do you want…Vivek ko bula deti hun…uske saath sex karle” I was shocked with the way she pulled me and what she spoke as I fallen down on bed once again Neha Didi climbed over me instantly

and while sitting around my waist she lifted my top and I don’t know what all was happening, I could not believe whatever was happening and unknowingly I started laughing a bit over what Neha Didi was doing and she too laughed as she saw me giggling. I don’t know why this time I did not resisted much and somewhat raised my arms to Neha Didi and my top went off from my body and now I was also just in bra on my top.

Next Neha Didi tried to open button of my Jeans and I tried to resist while screaming over my sister “Didi kya kar rahi ho” “Teri izzat loot rahi hun” she replied instantly with a giggle and then spoke again “agar tune properly apni izzat lutwani hai to Vivek ko bula deti hun….abhi aa jaayega” “Shut up Didi” I replied bit louder and just then Neha Didi pulled my jeans off from my legs and now we both were same, just in bra and panty.

Now here If I will talk about me and Neha Didi’s physical appearance then I will say that we both are fair, Neha Didi is prettier than me, though I am nevertheless beautiful but still she more attractive and sexy, physically we have almost similar body structure, we both are short in height, hardly 5’2” and bit chubby for our height.

We both have heavy breasts for our age and Neha Didi’s breasts are bit heavier than mine and we both have ample flesh over our thighs with almost flat belly apart from this we both have plump and jutting out bottom which is now bit spread because of continues fucking we get from our cousin brother Vivek Bhaiya.

Anyway getting back to Incident, I was wet and it could be seen on my panty, “Dolly you are wet… Hmmm… Good” Neha Didi spoke with a smile as she saw wet spot over my panty “let me suck you first… apni Pussy Chusne de mujhe” Neha Didi spoke that while reaching to elastic of my panty and instantly pulled it down to my feet and I was bare from my lower half

and as my panty went off aroma of my pleasure juices got spread all over the room significantly and once again Neha Didi murmured while looking at my bit hairy fuckhole in a low voice, but it was audible to me and her words were “Vivek pagal ho jaayega teri Chut dekhkar…you are so fresh and juicy” her words took my attention a bit,

apart from the thing that she is talking about Vivek Bhaiya again and again I was bit amazed with the hardcore Hindi word she used for fuckhole, although I knew this word CHUT for female gentile but I heard that first time from Neha Didi. I could see that Neha Didi was really very excited and keen to pleasure me;

and I thought she is saying all that just in rising lust but matter was not at all that and it was a trap and slowly I was getting into that with my consent. As I got away with my panty my Neha Didi rose over me partially while resting her hand over my fuckhole and came beside me, the way we use to masturbate each other and rubbed my fuckhole and spoke again while addressing me

with my nick name and while looking into my eyes “Dolly you don’t know how it feel….. Jab Vivek ka Lund Meri Chut ke andar jaata hain na…mujhe jannat dikhayi deti hai….yaar kya fuck karta hai wo mujhe” once again it was hardcore Hindi word LUND which Neha Didi used for male Penis and it aroused me and I started puffing in pleasure of getting masturbated by my elder sister.

Neha Didi rubbed my love opening for a while and continued speaking Non-Veg and next she spoke was “Dolly agar tu paanch minute baad aati to tu apni bahan ko iss bed pe Chudte hue dekhti…Vivek shuru karne hi waala tha mujhe Chodna” Neha Didi continued speaking weird Hindi words and this time she used CHODNA for fucking,

I was well aware of all these words but still they were arousing me and I was getting excited and moaning loud in pleasure and Neha Didi was sensing my condition, though I was far from climax but still I was gasping madly and wanted my sister to finger fuck me but she was just rubbing my opening while speaking all that crap and next moment she spoke again and this time it was even better,

she spoke about what she was doing when I came and her Hindi words were “You know jab tu aayi thi…main Vivek ka Lund Chus rahi thi….wo meri Chut chus chukka tha…” after a tiny pause Neha Didi spoke again in continuation “I can’t tell you…. KItna mazza aata hai Chut Chuswane mein…”

Neha Didi’s words were taking me to the height of sexual pleasure and I was getting desperate to get finger fucked and I told my sister to do that by saying “Didi please finger se fuck karo mujhe” and tried to reach to my fuckhole on my own in excitement but Neha Didi held my hand and spoke while holding me hard under her body

“Dolly you are ready for that…bol Vivek ko bulana hai… Chudwa le aaj!” “Didi tum pagal ho gayi ho kya….just do it…please mera hone waala hai… just fuck me with your finger” I screamed over her in pleasure but Neha Didi denied to do that and came over me even better and spoke “nahi aise nahi karna…Aaj maine tujhe Chudwana hai”

Neha Didi was looking into my eyes while saying that and then she spoke again “Vivek is here….” I was shocked and could not believe what my sister said, I looked into her eyes to sense what is saying without uttering a word, Neha Didi she looked into my eyes to confirm that whatever she has said is true and just then uttered “Vivek…” in loud voice as if she is calling him and I was shocked to see the door getting opened.

“Oh…God” I screamed loud as I saw him, Vivek Bhaiya was stark naked having nothing on his body and while jerking his long and hard penis he also came to bed, I tried to get away from Neha Didi but she tried to empower me and tried to spread my legs with her legs to reveal my fuckhole to Vivek Bhaiya and spoke in excitement “Dolly aaj tu bhi Chudwa le ….mazza aayega bahut” “Didi please leave me”

I tried to get away from her with throbbing heart but unintentionally I was not trying hard may be because I was aroused from the rub given by Neha Didi and deep inside I wanted to happen something with me above that I could not take my eyes off from Vivek Bhaiya’s Penis which was at its full size.

In a fraction Vivek Bhaiya was beside me and he caressed my cheek and kissed me tenderly close to my ear, I was already getting mad in lust and that tiny kiss made me shiver in strange excitement and I moaned loud.

Vivek Bhaiya started sucking my earlobes and brushed his wet lips over my neck and came bit over me and I started feeling his bare skin and now his Penis was colliding somewhere on my thigh and all this really took my breath, I was moaning and gasping in pleasure and could not believe whatever was happening with me.

Next Vivek Bhaiya held his palm over one of my breast and squeezed it nicely to pleasure me and I further went crazy in lust and went on moaning like never before. Slowly Bhaiya slipped his hand under my bra to get my breast in his hand and drifted cup of my bra up and took out my milky mound and sucked my nipple like a child and continued sucking me like that for a minute or so and I continued gasping in pleasure of feeding my breasts to my brother.

That pleasure was something which cannot be written by me, I was going through manly treatment for the first time and it was making me shudder with broken breath, although I was moving my legs to show my protest but as such there was not much protest from my side.

Neha Didi was still holding me, even though she could see that I am enjoying all this and she spoke again, this time she addressed Vivek Bhaiya and told him to suck my fuckhole in her way using hardcore Hindi slang “Vivek isski taange khol ke ghus jaa isski Chut mein….Loot le isski bhi izzat…jaise tune meri looti thi….” with that holding one of my plump thigh she tried to spread my legs.

Certainly Neha Didi was also excited and she was speaking all this in rising lust, at my end I was already in bad state and had no control over my desire and above that Neha Didi’s words were driving me crazy, her statement “Taange khol ke ghus jaa isski Chut mein and then loot le isski izzat made me shiver in strange sensation I cried out loud like a bitch in fucking desire.

By now they did not required to hold me, I was out of my own control and because of rising lust I could not resist them and I was letting them do whatever they want to do with my body. Vivek Bhaiya moved bit down while speaking to Neha Didi, he told her to take off my bra and take her own clothes off by saying “isski bra nikal de…aur tu bhi Nangi ho jaa” Neha Didi obeyed whatever our brother said,

she instantly took out my bra from my arms without unhooking it and then got up on the bed and took her clothes off in a flash. We both me and Vivek Bhaiya were looking at her when she was getting rid of her clothes and as she sat down again beside me Vivek Bhaiya opened my legs and came in position to suck me and before I would have reacted to that he buried his mouth into

my fleshy thighs and I started feeling strange waves going through my body and sensation produced by my brother’s tongue over my slit made me shiver strangely, I was trembling just like a fish without water. Holding my fleshy thighs apart Vivek Bhaiya went on licking my fuckhole and moved his tongue over my slit from bottom to top numerous times while parting my pussy lips with his tongue and it just drove me crazy,

I moaned loud again and again this time Neha Didi tried to put hand on my mouth, just to control my voice. Vivek Bhaiya Slowly lied down on his stomach between my legs and holding my thighs slowly lifted my legs up, and I too lifted myself to give more access of my fuckhole to my brother.

While sitting beside Neha Didi helped and parted my thighs wider and now Vivek Bhaiya was completely buried between my fleshy thighs and he tried to dig his tongue in my hole and tried to suck it with lot of passion. My brother was trying to take out every single drop of her younger sister’s nectar from her love hole, and I was streaming out that nectar endlessly and more he sucked, more I released my juices.

Closing my eyes I was moaning and enjoying and could not think anything, I was lost somewhere in the whirlpool of lust without realizing that whatever we all were doing is a sin. Once again it was Neha Didi’s words who bought me back into reality from the pleasure of getting sucked, I heard her saying “Vivek ab Chod issko achhe se” just then Vivek Bhaiya stopped sucking me and got up and sat down between my spread legs,

I was puffing hard and could see that now I am going to get fucked and deep inside I was somewhat prepared for that but certainly there was some sort of fear, possibly it was about the pain of getting ruptured for the first time. “Condom lagana hai?” Vivek Bhaiya asked Neha Didi, “Nahi daal de aise hi…kuch nahi hoga…I will see” Neha Didi replied instantly and tried to open my legs,

I was uneasy although I knew what is going to happen even then I asked them in perplexing tone with puffing voice “Didi tum logg kya kar rahe ho mere saath?” “Vivek tujhe Chodne lagga hai…aur kya?” Neha Didi replied to me in sarcastic tone and parted my thighs for our brother to fill my fuckhole with his monster, “Neha oil le aa…ye Virgin hai na?”

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Vivek Bhaiya was bit perplexed in penetrating my fuckhole without oil because I was Virgin, “Virgin hai…! but oil ki zarurat nahi hai….tu daal de…Aaram se le legi…bachi nahi hai ye” Neha Didi was getting more and more excited as her younger sister was about to get her first fuck and she told Vivek Bhaiya to insert his monster into me without any lubricant.

Finally Vivek Bhaiya got bit up while holding his hard and fully erect monster and continued looking into my eyes with hell of lust and my real sister; Neha Didi parted my thighs further apart to give him more space to settle down in comfortable position to plunge me.

Vivek Bhaiya bought his monster over my opening and parted my pussy lips marginally with his cock-tip and suddenly rubbed me hard there and grunted while looking at my expressions, and what can say about my condition, that vigorous rub of hardly 2-3 seconds over my love opening took my breath away and I felt like bursting,

it was kind of pleasure which I could not bear for long and I wanted to explode, I felt another stream of my juices coming out somewhere from the deep of my fuckhole and I started screaming in husky voice in desire of getting fucked like a real bitch who could not sense that the guy who was about to fuck her is none other than her brother.

Truly speaking at that time words like ethics, morals or anything like sin never came in mind and I asked my brother to plunge me slowly, saying “please Bhaiya Dheere….please…Dheere daalna” I was puffing like anything while saying that and Vivek Bhaiya accepted my requested with a reply “Don’t worry….bas thoda sa dard hoga…jaise injection lagta hai…”

and next moment while sitting between my spread legs my first cousin opened my pleasure hole using his finger and thumb and next moment I felt his thick and long iron rod parting my pussy lips wide and slowly Bhaiya started getting inside me and I felt every fraction of his monstrous pole sizzling and reaming into me. His Penis was fiery hot, burning and throbbing fiercely inside my fuckhole.

My head jerked up, I think Bhaiya was hardly an inch inside me and that made my mouth tore open in a big painful scream and Neha Didi placed her hand over my mouth again to control my crying voice. Vivek Bhaiya’s monster was still getting inside my virgin fuckhole and I was feeling as if today instead of finger thick hot metal rod is going inside me.

His penis was brutal, hot and big and hard and thick, and Bhaiya continued filling me cruelly and slowly I was taking it all. Neha Didi was holding me firm as my body was getting arched like a bow, my breasts were bursting hot my nipples were rigid in excitement. I tried to squeeze my fuckhole on him, to lessen my pain and I think Vivek Bhaiya felt good as I tightened my thighs around him and he too moaned loudly and just uttered,

“Ahhhhhh……. Dolly…..Dolly…. Dolly fuck you baby I will fuck you” and with that he started leaning on me and in that rising excitement, holding my waist with one hand Vivek Bhaiya tried to go deeper in my fuckhole and pushed his tout hips with a sudden jerk with all his strength and I just went out of breath and could not speak anything and got somewhat unconscious for few seconds.

“Sorry Dolly bass ho gaya….bass ho gaya” Vivek Bhaiya apologized for the pain he gave me but just then he pulled bit of his rod out of my fuckhole and made another fucking stroke inside my tiny pleasure hole and touched the deepest edge of my womb with his rod.

Now he was completely inside me and I was completely ripped, I could not sense anything as the pain was beyond my ability to bear and I cannot write my condition as I could not even scream, because I was out of breath. My brother was laying over me after putting his whole monster in my tiny fuckhole and I was holding him very tight to bear the pain,

tears rolled down from my eyes and after few seconds of last fucking stroke which tore my fuckhole completely I cried with a open mouth 4-5 times in husky voice and gripped Neha Didi’s hand and Neha Didi started caressing my forehead and spoke in excitement “bas ho gaya…ab dard nahi hoga”. But it was yet not over, rather it was just the beginning.

Vivek Bhaiya remained unmoved for next one minute and then he started sucking my breast nicely, just to make me recover from the pain. Though it was paining down there but after hardly one minute of breast sucking I started feeling more or less same sensation of having butterflies in my stomach,

my cousin brother was sucking my nipples and now he was doing it with more care and affection and he was just focused on my breasts and nipples and nothing else. Vivek Bhaiya loved both of my milks one by one, chewed my tiny nipples and for reasonably good time and now slowly I was moaning in pleasure and my pain was getting subsided.

Though it was paining but I was feeling much better than before. Bhaiya’s pelvis was resting on my pubic area and I was feeling his swollen balls in the lower portion of my vargina. Next Vivek Bhaiya lifted his head and looked into my eyes and as I saw his face, a strange sensation passed through my body,

I realized that till now he was my brother and every year I have sent him holy thread on the auspicious occasion of “Rakhi” which symbolizes pure and divine love of brother and sister and lust has no place in it and a thought that I am getting fucked by same brother, drove me bit uncomfortable but by now it was too late, Neha Didi immediately got up and wrapped my thighs around Vivek Bhaiya’s waist.

That was unsaid signal for my brother that his sister is ready to get fucked properly, and Bhaiya got up a bit on his elbows and caressed my cheek with his right hand to say that like Neha Didi he cares for me too and placed his lips on mine and kissed me for a while by roaming his tongue around the walls inside my mouth, and while doing that he suddenly pulled out bit of his monster from my fuck hole and pushed it back.

Breaking the kiss I cried in pain and pleasure, more of pain and less of pleasure at that instant and then once again, Vivek Bhaiya went on fucking me slowly with short strokes but his that pace did not lasted for long and soon heat started rising in Vivek Bhaiya’s body,

I could make out that he was getting excited may be because of my pleasure cries and certainly because of tight clamp of my virgin fuckhole over his thick monster rod and within few more seconds his energy increased significantly and now my brother was fucking me properly.

I was still in pain but blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed with that painful experience and I was unaware of this lovely feeling till now. My brother was fucking me as if I am his wife or you can say girl friend and I was holding him firmly, like I use to visualize myself holding my husband on my wedding night.

Apart from pain now I was enjoying getting fucked, and now I could feel the pleasure Neha Didi was talking about some time back, her statement “Jab Vivek ka Lund Meri Chut ke andar jaata hain na…mujhe jannat dikhayi deti hai….” was cent percent true, as she said it was real heaven and that feeling cannot be written in any words.

Vivek Bhaiya went on increasing his speed and continued screwing me like anything, and each thrust made me cry out and drove the breath from me with a whooshing gasp. Once, twice, thrice, I don’t know how many times Bhaiya plunged my tiny fuckhole in that passion. At last, he slammed furiously into my fuckhole and held still, moaning loudly like “Ahhhhhh…… ho gaya…ho gaya…bass… bassss.,ho gaya”.

I gasped loud and felt Vivek Bhaiya’s monster shivering inside me. It jerked and quivered for few seconds and a thought smacked me, that I am fucked,…. by my brother and right now he is cumming and releasing his gunk deep inside my womb and I am no more virgin, I am fucked before getting married and I moaned loudly, with a thought that I am fucked too and that is by my brother I too felt like cumming.

Holding Vivek Bhaiya very tight in my arms and tightening my pleasure hole against his rod I shivered a bit and my belly shuddered a bit while I was releasing my pressure. We both tightened our bodies and cummed like hell in each other’s arms and I felt as if I am flying in air.

After a minute Vivek Bhaiya rolled over me and lied down on one side and Neha Didi took charge, she leaned a bit to come in my vision with a smile and what she uttered was “lut gayi teri bhi izzat” Vivek Bhaiya giggled a bit on her words and at my end it was strange feeling, mixed with lot of emotions, fear, guilt and obviously lust.

I was still breathing heavy and looking around with zero facial expressions as if I am trying to believe that everything happened with me just now has actually happened. Neha Didi got up instantly, took out hand towel went inside the toilet and came out with soaked in water and cleaned my fuckhole gently, I was feeling pain in my fuckhole and bit in my thighs and when she cleaned pain could be seen on my facial expressions easily.

After cleaning my fuckhole and whatever gunk was injected inside me by my brother, she spoke “ye dekh….ye kya hai?” Neha Didi showed me bit of pinkishness on the towel, which meant I am no more virgin now, I could guess it, even then Neha Didi spoke that in her way “ab tu kunwari nahi hai….Chud Chuki hai…just like me” and next Neha Didi held Vivek Bhaiya’s wrist and pulled him a bit to tell him get up and spoke,

“ooth wash karke aa…chhoti behan ke baad ab badi behan ki baari hai”, she told him to wash it and added “after younger sister, its elder sister’s turn” for which Vivek Bhaiya replied “please yaar…not now….thodi der baad” “I know…wash to karke aa…” Neha Didi replied to his request. Vivek Bhaiya went inside the toilet and Neha Didi looked at me, I don’t know what was I thinking,

my mind set was weird and Neha spoke to me “don’t feel embarrassed…this is real pleasure and that’s what I call independence… life ko enjoy kar…” I got up slowly and collected my clothes and somewhat waited for Vivek Bhaiya to come out and as he came out I went inside and after using it decided to take shower and stood under flowing water and believed whatever happened with me.

It was strange, somewhere I was feeling that I have enjoyed all this but at one corner of my heart I hated myself for whatever I did. Physically I was having sore cunt but more than that I was mentally occupied and again and again I was thinking that I have done a sin. I cannot say that I was made to do all this,

whatever happened it was with my consent as I could sense that I was weak in rebelling both, Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya did not held me hard and everything happened so fast, and when I realized I was fucked, my fantasies about my first night after marriage with my husband were all gone now.

Anyway I came out of the toilet without anything in mind like what I saw, Vivek Bhaiya was lying in the middle of the bed and Neha Didi was partially on him, on his right and they were kissing and with one hand Neha Didi was jerking his rod up and down, place I was standing I could see Neha Didi’s heavy bottom with one leg raised bit up over Vivek Bhaiya’s thigh.

Breaking the kiss Neha Didi saw me and smiled a bit with naughty gesture and spoke “I hope now you don’t mind…agar main bhi Chudwa lun to?”. That’s what all Neha Didi wanted, she involved me into this just to get secured, and apart from this fact that now I will not speak about all this to my parents now she can continue this relation with Vivek Bhaiya openly and they can have fun even when I am at home.

Realizing this fact that now like Neha Didi I am also kind of slut I felt embarrassed and I wanted to go out from there but don’t know why I did moved from there, may be because I wanted to see Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya fucking, she was holding Vivek Bhaiya’s semi erect rod and jerking it up and down.

At my end lust still existed in me, but I tried to reflect expressions as if I am not bothered about what they are doing and what all Neha Didi has said and took out my fresh clothes from the wall mounted Elmira and started wearing then and there. “Suck kar issko…tabhi dobara khada hoga” Vivek Bhaiya spoke when I was busy wearing my clothes while facing away from me.

I did not wanted to turn to see them but I turned to see if Neha Didi has taken Vivek Bhaiya’s Penis in her mouth and as I turned Neha Didi was already looking at me and she spoke again “Aaja dono mil ke Chuste hain” once again I felt like hell, I was not liking the way Neha Didi was behaving. I could make out that she was intentionally using hardcore language, just to arouse me.

I thought about going out from there but Neha Didi got up, she was sensing my mind state and she hugged me, hardly few minutes back I was hating Neha Didi for what she has done with me but at that instant I don’t know why but I hugged her too, after all she was my sister and closest friend.

“Dolly…..Kuch nahi hua hai, just relax,….hmmmm….” she kissed me on my cheek and spoke again “let’s go out and sit somewhere…let’s have a coffee”. Just to comfort me Neha Didi decided to postpone her fucking with Vivek Bhaiya and told him to get up and Vivek Bhaiya got up immediately with a naughty smile and uttered

“Thank God….Dolly tune mujhe bacha liya…abhi mere andar taqat hi nahi thi issko satisfy karne ki” that was something which made me smile instantly, “kitni der bachega…you are going to stay with us tonight…badi mummy(his mother) ko inform kar de….that you are staying in office for overtime” Neha Didi replied back in same naughty tone and started wearing clothes.

As Vivek Bhaiya was having a bike and we were three we all moved out in auto-rickshaw and settled down in one reputed chain of coffee shops in the main market of our living region and initially had casual chit chat but slowly conversation moved to the concerned subject and Neha Didi tried to comfort me by saying that we should enjoy life and tried to convince me that our sex

relation with our brother could be unethical that way but it is very safe just because Vivek Bhaiya is our brother. For us there is no chance of facing any kind of blackmailing in future and we have no threat of getting filmed in naked or confronting position which mostly happens these days with girls.

Vivek Bhaiya also spoke to me for a while and same sort of conversation went for some time from his side as well and from their mutual efforts I was realizing that I am bit comfortable now and I was somewhat accepting there point of view that there is nothing wrong in pre marital sex and because it cannot be safe for girl to have such relations with someone

she does not know it is any day better for her to do it with a someone she trust, safety is important and it hardly matters if he is her brother. Anyway after all this discussion Vivek Bhaiya spoke to her mom and lied that he has to stay in the office in night for work concern and just then when he was in the middle of this talk Neha Didi gripped my hand tenderly and spoke with a smile but in very low voice

“aaj raat ko threesome hoga….Vivek apna Lund ek ki Chut se nikalega…aur doosri ki Chut mein daalega” once again her words skipped my heart beat and strange sensation went through my body, it was mixed feeling of uneasiness and delight and once again I felt lust rising into me slowly and butterflies started tingling me in my stomach with a thought that now we,

both the sister are going to get fucked at the same time just like we see in movies. Before getting up from coffee shop Neha Didi spoke that before going to home we have to go through medical store and when I asked her the reason, she naughtily spoke “Hum Bhai se Chudwa sakte hain…uska bacha nahi paida kar sakte….wo humen shaadi ke baad hi paida karna hai” and we all giggled on her reply.

Neha Didi bought 2 packs of birth control pills and spoke to me “Goliyan khaye jaa aur Chut marwaye ja” and once again we both me and Vivek Bhaiya smiled on her words. For me it was altogether new face of Neha Didi, she was never so vulgar rather she decent and sensible in past,

she never spoke such hardcore words even when we use to masturbate each other and in a way she was my ideal in all aspects but at present she was behaving just opposite to that and I could not believe that she is same with whom I have spent most of my life.

Anyway we all moved to the flat, apparently everything was normal and we spoke very less along the way but somewhere deep inside I was feeling charged again and slowly started feeling wet between my thighs, may be because now I knew that as soon as we will reach home Neha Didi and Vivek Bhaiya will get on bed and I am going to witness them doing everything.

Neha Didi was also bit excited as she was smiling again and again while looking at me and Vivek Bhaiya and that is without any reason and our brother was also in same sort of mind frame and he was also smiling, mainly while looking at me.

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