I name is Varun 27 years old, 5.8.I am from Bangalore and work for a MNC Co. From the age of 20 I have been working out and as a result of each which have developed quite a decent physique. So let’s get started with my story. This happened in my office some three years ago her name was Haasini,

she used to work in a different process and just a common friend’s friend, her assets were amazing and till date her frame is stuck in my brain. Her figure was 38-28-34. Just quite voluptuous and the way I like it to be. Because of my passion for bodybuilding I joined a reputed gym as trainer along with my regular office work.

So one day Haasini came upto me and said she need tone up a little bit and needs some guidance around diet and workouts. First thing I said to her “ your already perfect so why you wanna tone ?” she blushed and said just around her waist area. So I gave her a complete diet chart and some home based workouts which she can do at home.

I asked her to check her weight before she starts these workouts and keep me updated about the results after a month. Then I got busy between both my jobs and used to work like 17 h ours a day. After one month got completed she came back to me and said she lost 4 Kgs overall and was very happy about it.

Suddenly she held my hand and placed it on her stomach I just gently squeezed it over her t-shirt and it felt really amazing such soft skin just in the right quantity. She asked me where I workout, I said after my shift in office gym she said she wants to join me and then we decided to workout together.

This was on a Friday and she asked me if I can join for shopping as she wanted to pick up some workout cloths. I was not doing anything so I said “ I will join you but you have to wear what I select.?” She said fine and I was kind of getting attracted towards her by now. I picked her in the morning and we decided to go to mall. She wore a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans.

As soon as she sat on my bike I said u look awesome in this outfit she smiled and then we went along. once we reached the mall we went into a big store where we can find all these outfits and asked her to try some of it. Later I picked up a lycra tights and some V-neck t-shirt for her, she went in the changing room and said its little tight.

I asked her to come out, after a few moments she came out. The cloths figure hugging and I could imagine how big her mounds were. I decided to take chance and asked to come close. I said “ the other day I could not exactly feel how toned you were let me check now ?.” went close to her and put both my hands on her waist. I gently squeezed it and said still little big work is there.

She said “that’s why I wanna workout with you so you can keep a close watch on me”. Then on Monday we hit the gym together and I changed into my sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. This is the first time she is seeing my physique as we only were formals in office. There is big barbwire tattoo on my arm, she came close to me said

“I must say you have quite a good physique you don’t show if off” and was touching my tattoo. When it comes to workout I am quite serious and I said let’s start. We got on the threadmill together and there is hugh mirror in the front. As we started to jog her mounds were bouncing in the air.

Oh what a sight it was, then I said its time for streaching workouts and got her sit down on the floor, she was breathing heavy because of the workout. I was just standing in front of her and it was clear view of her cleavage, just some sweat drops all the way down. I got back to my sense and she said now what.

I said we will do some abs exercise’s and was touching her waist and back area more than often, those figure hugging cloths and she so close me was driving me crazy. She caught me couple of times doing it intensionally but she just played along with me. I totally forgot about my workout and was busy trying to touch her every part as I could.

After close to an hour she said she is tired now. I said ok fine you might get some mild body pain and its better you take a body massage at home with some hot water. Then she left the gym and I started my workout. I had already spent my daily time so I just hurried up some biceps curls and left the gym. I was still in my tracks and wore a jacket and went to the parking area.

She was standing there I said she has missed her cab and it will take another hour for her to get the next cab. I said “ It would be my pleasure to drop such lovely girl home “ she just ok and hopped on my bike. I was pretty cold I was applying brakes deliberately she said “ I see no traffic around so why brakes huh “ I said “ I am trying to generate some heat to avoid the cold.”

We both started laughing and to my luck she just slid her hand under my tracks and got hold my tool. Man I could not believe what was happening. “here you go this should easily increase the heat “. She was giving me a hand job open road cold breeze. Just one amazing feeling it was. I said “I think I should return this favour and give you that body massage I was talking about”.

She said she has to get back home today as she has not informed at home, I was little disappointed but she said may be tomorrow I can go home late. Still her hands were inside my tracks and she was jerking me off. I was totally in heaven. Then I dropped her at her place and went home. Once I reached home I gave her a call and we had some amazing phone sex.

Next day I arranged my friends placed for the night picked up a bottle up olive oil and a packed of condoms. Once our shift got over I picked her up from the basement and she said “you know what I need that massage badly as my whole body is aching “ I said “ your wish is my command” I rode my bike like never before and we reached my friends place in 15 mins.

Once we went inside and locked the door she said is it safe out here. I said my friend works in a complete night shift and will be back only after 9 in the morning. I asked her if she wants to freshen up and she went into the bathroom, my friend has a double cott and kept tow pillows for her one for her head and another one for her waist.

She came out of the bathroom and asked her to lay on her back, she got on the bed and asked her to take off her salwar. She removed her top and my heart skipped a couple of beats she was wearing a maroon bra and her boobs were popping out it. I said “ I have never seen anything better than this”. I told her I got some oil and started to rub her back.

Her bra strap was coming in the way and she asked me to take it off. I sat on her buttock and my dick was just touching her ass entrance. I could not take it and started to apply oil all over her back and now the ball was in my court she could not take it and was mouning “ hmmm hmmmm so that feels so good Varun, please press more harder.. ahhh aahhhh “

I made her turn around, her nipples were already erect and just started to suck on her left nipple and started to apply oil on her navel. She kept pulling me hair and said “ ohh please don stop pleaseee don stop…” I kept sucking her breasts taking turns, then I held her waist and pulled her lower in one shot, she had worn a matching maroon panty and I could see a big wet patch.

I poured some oil on her inner thigh and started to rub it, I was intentionally avoiding her genital area and this was making her go crazy. She said “ Varun please stop playing and lets make love” I said “wait a minute baby I want you to remember this for a long time” I just put my tongue over her panty and started to suck it. She was getting wilder and wilder.

I then I decided to go for the kill. I slid the panty down and her cunt was so wet and clean shaved, I said “ Just the way I like” I dived into the love hole. I opened her pussy lips and put my tongue as deep as I could. She started to raise her hips and I held her ass and was sucking her in middle air.

I put her down and she held my hair and was pushing me towards her pussy “more Varun more… I felt this pleasure in my life.. oh god I need fuck badly”. She started to shiver and I think she got her biggest orgasm ever. Her love juice was all over my face and she looked to satisfied. I still dint remove my cloths and she said now its your turn baby and wildly kissed and started to jerk me off.

I took off t-shirt and pants in a jiffy and she was quite happy to see my physique she said “just the way I like it “ we started to kissing again and she held my tool in her hand and went down on me she held my balls in her hand and said “ I want all of that in my pussy “, she was sucking my like hell and I was already wet pre come and could not hold it any longer…

I said “oh god Haasini I cant hold it any longer I will burst” but she dint listen and I shot my cum in her mouth. She said “ you told me that U don come easily” I said a hot girl like you could not hold for long sweetheart. Then I went to the fridge to get some water and saw some ice cream in the fridge. I got some ideas again.

I put some ice cream on her nipples and started to lick them and giving her love bites all over her boobs. I put some on her pussy and what a taste it was her love juice mixed with ice cream. she said “ Varun please enough is enough I want that dick inside me right now.” I was also ready for round two and said “ now lets see how soon U make me come “.

She sat on me and started to ride me. her boobs were jumping all over my face and I got hold of them and started to chew them badly. She kept riding me for about ten mins and got her second orgasm and wanted to relax. I said “I said no baby U cant relax” and put on the edge of the bed and entered her hole from behind in doggy style, I kept humping her and her ass was wiggling for my each thrust.

I put my hand from the front and started to rub her clitoris “ Varun wat r u doing, its making me mad. Please fuck please fuck me ah ah more ah aha ha ahhhhhh” I kept humping her for another ten mins and she got her third orgasm, I lifted her and put on the bed again took both her legs and placed them on my shoulders and started to fuck her again.

The whole bed was with her love juice… I held both her breasts and was humping her with all my might. Suddenly I stopped in between and pulled my dick out and started to eat her pussy again “ hhmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm more Varun more”. She got her 4th orgasm again I put my dick back in her pussy and was going deeper and deeper.

I said “ I cant hold it any longer baby” she nodded and said she is virtually in some safe period as she got her chums some 3 days back. I just shot my whole load in her pussy and hugged her tightly. She said “ u fuck like a horse Varun” I said “I’ll take that as a compliment” and kissed her and we both naked slept for an hour.

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