This happened years back while I was still in India and single, we had some guests visiting us from Delhi in Mumbai and it was my uncle and aunty not very close they had a 4 year old son. They had come to Mumbai for sightseeing.

As they were new to Mumbai I was entrusted the job of taking them around and visit all relatives, we had hired a vehicle for most of days for touring as my uncle was well placed and wanted to have the comfort, plus with Mumbai pollution and traffic driving around can take away all the fun.

They were there for about a week and I had holidays it was not an issue, first couple of days were very hectic and it was taking a toll on them, Usually we would return late at night and were very tired. Now my aunt was very friendly and was enjoying thoroughly the Uncle was usually easy going and nice to talk to but by the third day she had casually started flirting with me.

As we would be on the back seat most of the time and I was 23 then had experienced everything but was behaving in the manner expected by my parents as the last thing I wanted was some guest complaint about my behaviour its can be very embarrassing I had my share of girlfriends so not really that desperate.

This family was known to us one of my very close uncle’s had attending their wedding and met my aunt though at maybe 3-4 times on other occasions my Aunt was typical Punjabi female with whitish completion and quiet skinny earlier but after having the kid she had really bloomed well with all the right curves and she had a smile to die for actually very seductive and she knew to use it well.

She was in her early thirties, a polished babe and maintained herself well. She would rarely miss an opportunity to come close to make me slightly conscious and tease me with her smile. From the fourth day I too was enjoying this but never took the first step as was not sure of her intentions.

On the fourth day while returning she complaint of head ache and on this pretext laid on the back seat with her head on my lap.

It was a long day and it was already dark in the car we were not talking much and all resting the younger one was also sleeping in uncle’s lap in the front seat. Initially it was all normal we were coming back from Chembur and the ride remaining was more than an hour as there was still plenty traffic on the road.

Suddenly she put her right hand on my lap under her head very close to my member but still few inches away but it was getting me excited, I was sitting right behind my uncle so he could hardly see what was going on and very difficult for the driver to make out. I could hardly move in that position, she was pretending to be asleep but slowly her hand moved up and was now cupping my member.

With the feel and pressure the desired result was inevitable it rose to full glory, but she cupped it with enough pressure but did not do anything more, just varying the pressure from time to time. This was getting too hot to handle as I was being aroused. My hand was behind her so I involuntarily touched her bare back she was wearing a sari. It felt nice and kept my hand there for some time.

I casually enquired with the driver how much more time he anticipates and it was another 20 mins or so to go. After some time she readjusted herself by turning around and now with her left hand replacing her right hand and her face into my crotch.

Due the new position my hands were just under her breast, sensing not much time remaining and now that her intentions were clear my hands moved towards her left breast and squeezed them nicely she did not react, I kept squeezing slowly soon we were reaching home, I was real horny became bolder and tried to put my hand inside to feel her bare flesh.

She did not allow and started sitting up, but before sitting she squeezing my dick real hard and kissed it over my jeans and got up. I have never been teased so bad and was all ready to come, but she gave me a cute knowing smile and thanked me to allow her to rest and said was feeling better now.

I was sure that it was mutual and at least she would not complain, once home and got straight to freshen up and needless to say relieved myself. This teasing went on for the remaining days and on the last day she wanted to go shopping so I was the only one accompanying her, she was flirting full scale now but we had only a few hours once in the mall I told her while shopping

that how much I wanted to make up to her she smiled again once in one of the corner behind the clothes she suddenly told me kiss me. Without losing the opportunity I kissed her, it felt real nice then she broke away. Then she picked up a dress and entered the trial room, she asked me to wait outside, once in she called my name and asked me to come and assist,

I looked at the lady manager near the changing room and she shrugged her shoulder so I walked in we hugged passionately and kissed for what seemed like eternity. Then I asked her to show me her tits and sucked on them. Suddenly she tucked my dick unzipped took a good look at it and sucked it a few times and put it back in place.

She said enough you must leave; I can out with a grin on my face I think it was obvious to the manager or maybe I was guilty so thought she could sense what had happened. She came out and paid up for all items etc and we were on our way out I said when to I get the full deal she said come to Delhi I will ensure that you enjoying not only me but have a real good time.

I did not question her intentions was feeling unsatisfied but happy that I was able to break the ice I took her personal mobile number and email etc and Told I enjoyed it, but I will need a reason to come to Delhi (as usually when all my relatives call I skip the idea and always prefer going out with friends)

She said that there was a wedding of our close relative coming up and I should come rest leave it to her and just follow her instructions. Soon it was time for them to leave and we parted our ways with our little secret and a promise to keep in touch and plan a big one. Sooner she left she filled my dreams and was fantasising about her all the while, as days passed the D day came closer and now my family was planning and this time I tagged along.

Though I was not sure how she would manage, I kept her updated and she ensured me to just follow instructions and she was in charge to make all the staying arrangements. Once we arrived in the evening all families were sitting across and the usual commotion at my relative’s bungalow as all the relatives kept pouring in I met most after a long time and it was kind of nice as I had grown up and was surprised with the hard hugs giving by most ladies some close some distant.

Thought it was just the bolder way of meeting up Delhi style. She was not to be seen around and I thought what a fool I have been to be taken by her words nevertheless was enjoying all the movement around.

Suddenly Silvia appeared dressed in a blue sari, she looked ravishing and I was stoned, she came straight over and hugged me tightly and said how you have been I said great, and we exchanged normal pleasantries.

We all had dinner as dinner for all was arranged at their place for the entire time till the wedding. Then as most of the relatives were tired it was time to retire, I was waiting for this still how things would turn up was not sure as there were lot of people around and I was just waiting anxiously.

She came out with the list for the arrangements for staying and was guiding all locals to take care of the respective relatives who will be staying at their place. Then she came to my parents and they were at her place I smiled and thought how cunning she was, then she turned to me and asked one Haasini aunty to take me.

This was a surprise and did not know how to react, I thought she had pulled a fast one on me. Felt like a fool “ MTV Bakra” could describe me well. I questioned her why I was being separated from my parents, she said their house was not big enough for all plus she had decided to take good care of 2 senior couple, Haasini Aunty stayed further and younger guys can travel without any problem so the arrangements.

She told me she will take good care Trust me and winked. I was like OK. All praised her for the arrangements. I gave up and was quiet upset, but hardly had any choice. Before all left I heard Haasini and Silvia having a chat, I got my stuff and waited for Haasini Aunty, let me describe her she was a very attractive female slight dark complexion in her mid thirties married and a figure to die for long hair lovely ass with ample tits she was as tall as me,

looked from a rich background wearing very expensive jewellery she was not related to us though and would have been close family friend of the bride and Silvia for sure. As I moved along and all said bye and moved to their cars, some hired ones I waited and Haasini came and introduced herself she had a husky voice with lot of authority and control.

As we walked to the parking area she directed towards her car, I checked her out from behind her ass was worth dying for she was swaying it nicely and when we kept my luggage our hands touched briefly and her pallu fell I got a glimpse of her cleavage she caught me seeing but just smiled.

Once we sat in she readjusted in her seat and I was fixed looking at her she was very pretty and had a slight hard on by the touch our bodies, she was wearing a lovely perfume and it was having an effect on me. She waved to others said bye and we settled down, I started chatting with her and was surprised that I was alone.

She said Silvia decides who stays where and cut it short. I enquired about her and she was nice to talk to and told me about her family and life in general. She was married to a business man who was mostly on his business trips and they had a daughter 19 studying in college. I was shocked I said you do not look that old she smiled and thanked me for the compliment, said she married early as for the custom in business families.

I was checking her out from time to time though trying to behave well. We talked along and she made me comfortable soon we were entering her parking area. Her house was quiet large apartment by any standards and tastefully done up, she showed me the guest room and asked to fresh up as she also would go and fresh up.

I could hardly see anyone around. I was very bugged and angry feeling like an idiot having landing to attend this wedding. I decided to enjoy the wedding and pull a fast one on Silvia if I get a chance. First I decided to take a hot shower and fresh up I closed the door and arranged my bags.

After the shower once back I was arranging my things and heard a knock on the door, then there was a voice are you done then can come out. I was like will be there in a minute. Once I was out the TV was on with news channel and the lighting in the hall was nice and warm there were lot of artefacts around and on the sofa was Haasini I will skip the aunty bit,

she was wearing a peach colour spaghetti nightly just above her knee and her well toned legs crossed on the sofa, I just stood seeing her she looked sexy with her hair nicely tied in a bun. She said just relax and sit down. She asked care for drink, I was wondering she said do not be shy Silvia and I are good friends and she has instructed me to take real good care of you. The word real hit me hard and also reminded me of the wink Silvia gave me.

She got up raised her eyebrows and asked what do you prefer, I said Bacardi coke she smiled moved towards a well equipped bar and came back with 2 glasses her gin tonic and my Bacardi as she placed on the table I got a full view of the ample cleavage and she made eye contact with me and smiled.

We started chatting again and she asked regarding my career etc and I said it was going on fine and had the opportunity to visit various countries etc and the money was good she was impressed. I enquired about her daughter she said she was at Manipal studying, Her husband was travelling as usual (this meant that we were alone in her house).

She asked do you have a girlfriend I was like yes… but, she laughed, do not be shy, Look Silvia and I are very close and share everything. How was she, she told me you kissed her. I was like; I took a big gulp of Bacardi. She finished her drink in one gulp and now sat close to me, she said do you find me attractive. Now I knew what I was into I had been set up.

She was looking straight into my eyes and without a word she pulled herself close and kissed me on my lips. She was hot and we kissed passionately for what seemed like eternity, my hands started to hold her and feel her body she mourned and started making soft noises, she broke the kiss her eyes closed she took a deep breath looked at the table said finish your drink, I did as she said, she went to the bar to refill our glasses.

While pouring she said Silvia told me about you and showed me your photo and I really liked you, that’s when we decided that you will stay with me. Do not be surprised if things are happening too fast as I do not want to waste any time. Raising the glasses she said lets go in to the bedroom. I had mixed feelings but then said this is going to be heaven.

Once in the bedroom as it seemed like perfect setting she had dim lights large bed she had already placed some aromatic candles the ambience was perfect and for a moment I thought she was so sure of her ability to get me to bed, to prepare in advance. Not that it would be difficult for such a lovely female, Anyone would die to make it with her.

She smiled kept the glasses and came back to me, we kissed passionately again, this time more relaxed and for a longer time, our hands moving slowing and feeling each other. She broke the kiss again and said you like me? In her husky voice, now it sounded even sexier. I said yes Haasini Aunty you are lovely and pulled her close she said you can call me Haasini when we are alone.

I agreed, this all was happening so fast. I stopped thinking about that and wanted to concentrate on her. She closed her eyes and put her head on my shoulder, I raised her head took her face in my hands and planted soft kisses starting on her forehead all the down to her neck taking my time to ensure all the areas has been kissed.

Her neck was particularly sensitive to my touch, she kissed me again with full passion and it was demanding. Then she held my hand and guided to her left breast they were more than a handful and firm for her age. As I squeezed them she gave out a small cry.

I was fully aroused down under but wanted to savour her beauty as she was an enchanting female, as she had showered her perfume was gone I still remembered the lingering smell and asked her to put it on. She just smiled and applied a little under her ears and the aroma made me go wild. I kissed her even more passionately holding both her breast now and tweaking them gently.

I lifted her off the ground still kissing her and took her to bed. She held me tight close to her and pushed my head down towards her breast, I kissed her neck and spend time on her shoulders knocking off the straps on to the side and then kissed her tits over the soft fabric. She held my head tightly in her hands and pushed me harder demanding me to suck her tits I continued to suck from top her left breast and moved to the right one still over the fabric,

she released my head and pulled down her nighty to reveal perfect pair of tits I took time to examine them she had large areole and her nipples were hard for offering, she raised herself indicating the urgency her breathing was heavy, I licked around her nipples and all around and under her tits, she was now morning softly her eyes closed and body arching from time to time.

I started sucking her softly first and then deep and played with my tongue on her nipples all the while, This was driving her crazy, after some time I started moving down but she pulled me back and asked me suck longer. Meantime she released my head and used her hand to open my Bermuda with our legs we managed to pull it down, now I had only my underwear on, she pressed my butt hard on her crotch.

I was real hard and enjoying every moment the room was filled with our body scent, I again tried to go down she turned around this time indicating to kiss her back all over. I was enjoying every moment as she was enjoying herself and not rushing things, I kissed her all over and then went down to her ass, now I asked her raise and removed her nighty in one go,

and went back to concentrate on her ass it was lovelier that it looked in her dress it was firm am tight I spend lot of time kissing her and applying my saliva to her entire back and ass without removing her panty which was a laced one. She sure had good choice in dressing and very erotic selection. While doing this I kept kneading her breast and her hands were upon my hands controlling the pressure as she rested on her head and knees.

I was now feeling the need to release my manhood, so I turned her around and we kissed briefly and started go down on her, she had a flat tummy to my surprise some flesh on the sides but a narrow waist as well to complement her lovely round ass. As I moved down I touched her softly over her panty there was a wet patch I smelt it as it went closer and it was nice,

I started licking softly on top of her panty and taking time on her inner thigh as well, this continued for some time, and was teasing her, her mourns were now louder. I lifted the panty from the side and started licking the sides never touching her cunt the outer sides very slowly this made her go crazy in one jerk she pulled her panty on the side and pushed my face on her cunt which was already dripping.

She smelt good and her pubic area was neatly trimmed, I started with long slow stoke along the entire crack which sent shivers in her body. Then I spread her folds to dart my tongue deep inside as much as possible continuing the in and out motion sticking my tongue out and deep as much as possible.

Now I moved to her clit and took it in my mouth and started nibbling softly, I kept a slow pace and kept on nibbling with full convincing. Soon she started bucking and making grunting sound her hips were rising with one hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper and one hand on her breast she had her orgasm and I kept continuing to lick she stopped me for a movement to catch her breath and kissed me hard and said I loved it.

Soon she requested me that she would like to come again. Though, I badly wanting my release I obliged, as I love licking a well kept cunt. This time mixing between inserting my tongue and stimulating her clit hard and fast very soon she had another orgasm.

She was drained and held me tight and close to her, once recovered she kissed me and now her hands went down searching for my manhood. She gave a few strokes and turned around pushing me down on the bed removing my underwear, my cock stood in all its glory 7” it was actually aching for attention.

She slowly first inspected it then looked up and smiled and kissed it, she was wonderful with her mouth slowly taking her head in first and then almost the entire length it was like heaven, she surely knew how to give a good BJ, her hands were playing with my balls as her tongue rolled around the head with every suck.

She sucked my balls as well and went down further licking in between the ass and balls it was mind blowing. She was too good at it, I had to stop her as I wanted to enter her pussy. She realised it and I enquired do you have condoms she said Yes but I want to feel you inside but do not come inside me.

I was too turned on and lay her on the back and gradually started to enter her she was so wet down there that it slid in easily her walls were holding me tight, she asked me to stay in the position for some time as she wanted to enjoy the feeling then by patting my butt she asked me to start the ride, I started off slowly as I was too aroused and wanted to last longer,

I kept on fucking slowing taking time in between to suck her tits which she liked, she keep reminding me from time to time to keep thrusting. Then she asked me to do it hard and fast, I informed I would come soon in that manner as was too aroused she said no worries just do it I want it hard.

I picked up pace and gave her deep hard thrust and she was loving it her hips meeting my every thrust we generated a good pace and a rhythm, and I could sense the pressure building up and gave her a few deep stokes and removed and sprayed all over her belly. I had sweat tricking down my forehead and felt exhausted and kissed her and rolled over on her side.

She kissed me back said it was one of her best and thanked me for a memorable time. I too complimented her and she got up to clean herself while I relaxed and had a sip of my drink.

She came back with a box of tissue from the bathroom and held my dick kissed it and to my surprise licked the remaining come, she said I was enjoying so much that forgot to tell you to hold back I would like to taste your come the next time.

She had a sip of her drink and asked are you tired, I replied the night is still young, we laughed.

She told me you have keep a little secret though, I inquired what ? Firstly no one should come to know what happened tonight, and I asked Silvia. She said it was planned that I would stay here when she has inquired from Silvia why at her place Silvia had requested that she wanted to make out with you and she felt my place was the safest.

So I knew that from the beginning but the secret is Silvia would share you with me and talk you into it. She said that night after meeting me and seeing opportunity she could not wait and felt real horny and knew that I would be confused with the arrangement and desperate to lay my hands on Silvia so equally horny.

She said keep something for her, I asked her about her personal life now more freely, she just said everything comes at a price. I have really enjoyed myself after a long time, you made me feel like wanted and loved and she kissed me. we finished our drinks and planned to have bath together. She went on to refill our glasses and get some fresh towels.

I asked her how come you are all alone, you do not have any maid etc, she said good observation I was generous enough to ask her to go to my relatives and assist for the wedding and take care of other guests. We entered the bathroom, she was enjoying the warm water and now I was take a good look at this luscious damsel I had just had sex with and wondering how I would be spending the remaining 5 days.

Her body looked beautiful with water flowing over her curves the bath was big and had lot of room around the tub, I kept gazing at her and sipping my drink She raised her eyebrow questioning and then indicated me to join in, I was in her arms in a no time, the hot water felt so relaxing, she kissed me on the lips and asked was it good for you,

I said I loved and kissed her back, as my mouth lowered to seek her mounds, her hand slipped down and was slowly stroking to bring my cock to life as it gained in size under her constant touch. I turned her around and my hands massaging her breast, she kept stroking me once it was hard again she smiled, I held her tight closely, my cock resting between her ass crack, her ass looked divine with water flowing over it.

I was tempted to guide it in from behind but accidently touched her ass crack she turned to want to put in there, I was not sure but I did love her ass, she said I have never done that before. She turned around planted a long kiss and said but not these few days I want to try everything with you.

I smiled, my cock needed attention so I guided her hand back to it to keep stroking, she smiled and while stroking slowly lowered herself and soon it disappeared in her mouth. She continued to slowly suck and every now and then she looked up to see the satisfaction on my face. She increased her pace and as the water was now falling on her face I stopped the shower and she continued her glorious effort in caring for my cock.

This time her strokes were firm gripping and sucking real hard, she was like a hungry bitch I started moving my hips to extent my pleasure, I said it feels real good, you are great and I am going to come. She indicated with her hand to continue and her eyes were now fixed looking at my face,

with her checks hollow trying to suck out every drop I held her head and continued pumping and came in spurts into her mouth and kept it all the time in her mouth and then lapped it clean with her tongue, I was amazed at her technique and it was the first time someone had swallowed my come, I was awesome. She cleaned it dry and came up to me and kissed me.

I said thanks, it was lovely I have never experienced it before, I continued your husband is so lucky. She said he does not enjoy oral sex, she did it for me as I made her come earlier which she had enjoyed. We kissed passionately again, though she was older I was now totally engrossed in her arms and started appreciate her feeling.

She took the towel after some time once we washed again and dried me up and then I did the same to her. Her tits were amazing and firm. She looked like an angel, I wondered how one could ignore such a beauty with so much passion. As we came out I was a bit hungry she prepared some quick sandwiches and sat in each other arms as we ate them.

I was curious and asked her if she had done with other guys to which she said no, she had somehow mustered the courage knowing that I was game for some fun through Silvia. At this point she revealed that Silvia and she would read my emails send to Silvia which had erotic stuff we were exchanging and she had fantasised about doing it with me.

We were still in our towel when she started stoking me again, I was responding well as was excited with all her talks, she sucked a few times to get me hard again opened my towel and guided my cock in her throbbing cunt as she sat on me, I lay back and enjoyed she maintained a steady pace, I loved her breast bouncing all around and went up to suck them one at a time, she kept pushing harder.

My nibbling was breaking her rhythm. She asked to lay back and enjoy she then closed her eyes and concentrated on the job on hand, she looked so divine and her face was glowing, she increased her pace and I could sense her muscles tense around and having a vise effect on my cock, she kept the pace and suddenly I could feel revived discharge around my cock she was exhausted and fell on my chest to relaxed,

she had just had an orgasm, She gathered her breath and rolled over, she whispered now you just pump he hard I want it now, there was urgency in her words, my dick was hard and raring to go, I put her on her knees and positioned myself behind her in doggie style ( its my favourite) and entered her from behind.

The view of her lovely ass while pounding her is still fresh in my mind, Slowly I gather pace and continued as it was my third time it was good and I could last longer. I continued to pound her as hard as I could this went for what seemed like eternity and finally I could not hold back and released on her butt. We cleaned up had a quick wash and were fully exhausted.

The time was 3 am, she said we must sleep as Silvia was expected by 9 in the morning. She asked me to sleep in her bed for the night, we slept in each others arms and set the alarm for 0830.

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