I am venkat again from Coimbatore. Here I give you my recent experience with my servant. At my home normally my mother only does all the household chores.

As she had some health breakdown and feeling weak, we arranged for a maid to do the washing the clothes and dishes and other work. Actually, it is a very big task to find a maid within our budget these days. Finally, we got one named Haasini.

She was 36 years old and had 2 children. She used to come in the morning and in the evenings. To describe, she was not a very good looking lady, tan, bit oily hair, and always use to wear dark-colored sarees.

The thing to notice is her ass that was really big for her overall structure and when she moves it moves like two heavenly bodies left alone. She used to wear her saree much below her navel, so I had several chances to see the compass-made hole.

About her boobs, I got rare chances to see the cleavage and from the side when her saree moves away. Most of the times she wore a white bra. This with the combination with dark blouse some times gives the exact size of the boobs which were really BIG.

I did not have much chance to communicate with her except occasionally. I work in night shift, so even though I will be there at home the whole day my mother will also be at home throughout. I could not make any bold moves for about a month

and my mother’s health was improving, and when she is totally okay there will be no need for the maid, So I was very worried that I will not get a chance to feel Haasini’s body. I don’t know if it was by luck or coincidence, my cousin (sister) moved from Madurai to Coimbatore

and more luckily they were able to rent a house just 5 houses away from our house and my cousin came with her new born baby which was her first child. My mother is very fond of kids and as my cousin had problems handling the baby and asked my mother’s help.

My mother started to spend more time with the baby. This was encouraging me with my move towards Haasini. On a fine Wednesday, my mother told me that she is going with my cousin to a temple at Karamadai. I asked not to strain herself.

She said that they are taking a call taxi so there I don’t have to worry. She left the home early at 7 a.m. to avoid the heat. I was very happy because I know that when my mother returns it be afternoon. I was going to have a plenty of time with Haasini.

At around 7:45, Haasini came in I was in lying in the bed and pretending to be asleep. She came in and searched for my mother but could not find her and she did not want to wake me up. She started sweeping the floor.

She came in to bedroom and as she thought I was asleep she did not care to cover her assets. With my little opened eye, I could see her cleavage. On that day, she was wearing an orange saree and matching blouse and as usual white bra.

She came near me in the sweeping process. Her ass was facing me. Now I thought of going at it. I pretended to roll over and put my palm on her ass. She was shocked and stood up, but I did not show any trace of me knowing that and continued to pretend as if I am asleep.

She started her work again. The touch of ass, the heat and wetness I felt made me passionate. I could not control it. I made some sounds and woke up and asked her when did she come and she said just a few minutes before.

I walked past her back to the door and turned back and asked her that did she sit somewhere in dirt. She asked why am I asking that. I said it you wear a nice saree and there is something dirty in the back. She got up and searched for the dirt in the back and could not find any.

I went in for help saying no no not there I will show you and with my full-stretched palm I touched one of ass completely and pressed it a bit ….She acted as if a current passed through her body and saw me in my eyes. I said it is here.

I said come to mirror I will show. She moved with me. I made stand so that her back is facing the mirror and she is facing me. I told her now look at that and at the moment she turned towards the mirror from front I caught hold of her whole ass

with both of my hands and said see it is all over here. Again I felt the shiver passing through her body. She could not turn towards the mirror anymore. I kept saying see here it is too dirty and oily and continued squeeze her buttocks.

I did it a bit hard and a gasp for breath came out of her mouth. Then, I took my hands off her and asked did I hurt you. She said no ! I asked can I do it again. She gave out a shy smile but tried to hide that and seriously said no. I said please please only once and only one hand this time.

Actually, I was not waiting for her to agree. As I asked her I was moving my right hand simultaneously towards her ass, and she resisted a little. I managed to touch the center at the cleavage with my hand that was so hot and could feel the wetness too.

I rubbed along the center from the upper end to lower end. Now she was so close to me that her boobs were touching my chest. Now I removed my right hand and waited a second. She saw my eyes and I could read that she wanted more. I turned her towards the mirror.

Now her ass was rubbing my erection. I passed both my hands below her arms and caught hold of her milky malgovas. I slowly massaged her as well as pressing my cock to her ass and kissing her neck at the same time. I softly murmured into her ears can have some of your milk.

She said no again but I know that ladies language of yes and no had opposite meanings. I removed saree while tasting her lips. I took her to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and made her sit on lap. Then, I unhooked her blouse and I asked why do you always wear white bra.

She said she liked the white color very much. I told her that I like her skin color very much and peeled of the bra off her bumping balls. She closed her eyes with shy and told me that it is very bright in there and she has never exposed her assets out even to her husband in light,

but I said I want to see whole in full light. I took her hands of her eyes and told her to look how I play with her boobs. They were like two skinned pineapples hanging. I rubbed her nipples with my middle finger that made it very hard.

I asked her how much milk does she hold in each of those 500 mL or 1 L. I lifted her left arm and put it around my neck and licked her left breast. It tasted a bit salty first because of the superficial sweat. When I licked off the sweat layer completely off,

I was feeling the real taste. Wow it was great, simultaneously I was fondling with her right breast. All time she kept moaning and she remembered to keep them low. She was saying no please stop it someone might come…

This gave me a caution not to stop but to do things a bit faster. I removed my clothes and stood nude. She could not believe that she is seeing me like that and said isssaahhhh wat is this. I sucked her boobs and it had some milk

for a little more time in the same sitting position and then laid her flat on the bed. I moved from my mouth from her boobs to the navel kissing and licking and sucking. I told her that her navel was the beautiful hole I have ever seen. She was very shy to speak.

Then, I said I am going to see heaven and removed pavada (skirt) in an immaculate speed that she didn’t have enough time to restrict me. She had a lot of hair in the pubic region. I grabbed the whole forest with my hand and asked what oil do you use to grow such long hairs here.

She uncontrollably gave a loud OOOF…. and caught my hand. I slowly parted her legs and I went inbetween. I smelled her cunt It was very aromatic and I could feel the heat within a few inches away. With a fully extended tongue I licked her vagina.

She was moving terribly now with loud AAAH SSSSHHHHH I NEED YOU DEARRRRRR. I inserted my tongue completely into her pussy and simultaneously sucked it with all the might and blowed in with full power alternatively.

It seemed that her she has never experienced such pleasures before. She caught my hair and pushed me towards her cunt. She blasted out her fluids, I came out fully drenched. I asked her am I making her happy. She nodded her head.

I told her now can I insert my tool into hers. She laughed and asked don’t pretend to be a nice boy. I know even if I tell no you are going to do that. Well If she is so confirmed what is the need to wait for. It is time for the blow job.

My dick already being erect for a long enough time was waiting to plunge into darkness. I parted her legs a still more and pulled her towards me. I circled around her heaven hole with my dick and very slowly put the plug in until it was fully gone.

She gave out a shriek sound. I asked her what was it. She told me her husband never reached so deep into her. Now I again very slowly retracted my tool out and then sent it in slowly. I very gradually increased the speed repeating this maneuver.

When I hit the top speed the she was shaking wildly letting out AH…AH…AAAHS. When I knew the cum was coming out, I took my thing out and sprayed the white jelly on her navel region and rubbed it all over the body.

She asked me why didn’t you come cum inside please do that, but I did not want to go for unwanted complications. I told her it is enough that she has two children and that and I will fuck her again only with condoms.

I stood up and asked her to come by the table and bend forward on it. Then I fucked her asshole to the core. She did not expect it and she has never got anything into her asshole before. After the action she told it was painful, but she liked it very much.

We both lied on the bed for sometime and then went to bath together. In the bathroom she sucked my dick as if she is very thirsty and took the whole lot of load into her mouth and swallowed it without hesitation.

It was almost 10:30 when we were dressed again to carry on the routine. When she left she told that she won’t allow me to do that unless again unless I accept that I will cum into her cunt. I don’t know why this lady is so eager to get my cum into her.

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