I am narrating my true fucking experience, with two cousin. It is been quite long since then but thinking about that day I can still visualize every single details and recollect more or less exact words we had at that time mainly because I wanted to write down my experience from the day one,

and for that I have recalled those moments and conversations countless times in my memory till now, and even today I get very hard while thinking about that incident, and surely for me writing and posting that incident on this lovely site is a best way to make those moments immortal.

Before getting to the incident, first let me tell you some details about me and these two, I can say that Chhaya and Haasini were someway my cousins (not first cousins, rather very distant relatives, they were my grandfather’s cousin brother’s granddaughters) and both of them were elder than me in age. Chhaya was pursuing her BA and Haasini was doing her masters.

If I start from the beginning then I will say that, I am Manish and I was born and brought up in a small town of Haryana, near kurukshetra and finally somehow after finishing my school and basic computer course, and moreover after wasting couple of years in roaming, playing cricket, excising to get myself into good shape,

watching xxx movies at friends place and masturbating and constructive things like sitting at my father’s hardware shop in his absence and doing few more things just like that, I decided to work, and for that I had to go out of my small town. My grand father had a cousin brother who was living in one of the major business city of UP.

So I was sent by my grandfather to him to work, as he had a big business setup and he always needed good trusted hands. Finally I reached to his house on one fine morning and saw their residence. It was a big house in a very big campus. At that time they were one of the richest people of that city and it could be easily seen from there house and life style.

The day I reached there bit late in the morning, I was adjusted in the guest room. There I saw few books and few small girlish things like bow, hair pins etc. After spending whole day in roaming in whole premises and looking at their big and luxurious house and sitting and watching television in my room just like that, (as I was suppose to go next day to their mill),

at dinner table I met two girls and the oldest lady of the house, means my grand mother in a way, introduced me with the two. One was Haasini and other was Chhaya. Haasini was elder and was of around 25-26 and Chhaya was around 22. At that time my age was 20 and when I first met them I addressed them didi (rather through out whole write up I have wrote both of them didi,

because I never addressed them without using word, didi after their name). Haasini didi was dusky in color, having healthy body, with nice big luscious boobs and really nice healthy butt. She was well fleshed on her thighs, arms and ass mounds and was also having bit of tummy. On the other hand Chhaya didi was beautiful, fair and slender.

Even she had nice luscious tits but they were not big, rather they were perfect in size, may be medium or just more than that. She had flat belly, with nice fleshy thighs and round butt. These two were basically daughter of my uncles and even they were cousins but first cousins. Haasini’s father was no more and she was living in joint family with her mother.

She was only child of her parents as her father was died in severe road accident when she was just 14 or 15. Chhaya didi was daughter of another uncle who was living in the other city with his wife and son (Chhaya’s mother and younger brother), handling separate wing of the same business setup, leaving Chhaya here with her grandparents, purposely for her studies.

So all in all there were only five people living in that big house excluding me. There were only two bedrooms on the ground floor, which were very far from each other having a big lobby and dining room in between. One room was of my grand parents and other was guest room (now mine) which was closer to drawing room with a staircase in between.

All other bedrooms were on first floor, that is off Haasini’s mother and Chhaya’s parents which was occupied by two sisters Chhaya and Haasini with one additional room which has to be children room but now that room was their store room. There were many servants in the house who had separate servant quarters on the back side of the campus.

As I said I was accommodated in guest room and that room was previously occupied by Chhaya and Haasini as there study and recreation room. Anyway few days passed just like that, I use to meet both of my sisters sometimes in the morning during breakfast and most of the time at dinner time. Among two Chhaya was better person than Haasini.

Apart from being good looking and sexier than Haasini she was soft spoken and had concerned nature, on the other hand Haasini was bit arrogant and she hardly uses to talk to me and always reflected strange mood through her eyes and facial expressions. Truly speaking, I was bit afraid of her and sometimes felt that she has some kind of problem with me, as if she does not like my presence in her house.

At that time as a young boy I was attracted towards Chhaya and with bit of guilt feeling I use to masturbate while thinking about her, though I use to think about Haasini too but Chhaya was my favorite fucking mate during my fantasy. I was somewhat in love with Chhaya didi as a lost young boy and never missed any opportunity to stair her body from any angle.

Life was running and I was going to factory regularly and had specific work to look after and I was living at home in the guest room. I was friendly with Chhaya didi and some times we use to chat on dinning table or in front of television. Now if I cut a long story short, on one unpleasant day somebody knocked my door in the morning, I was more or less sleeping at that time,

it was Chhaya didi and she wanted to use the bathroom to take a shower as there was some problem in her room’s bathroom. I was already bit hard in my pajamas, above that Chhaya didi appeared in a nighty, so I started gaining further erection. Anyway she entered in the bathroom and just after a minute I heard voice of water flowing down from shower.

A naughty thought of assuming Chhaya didi naked under the shower made me horny and don’t know how I dared to peep inside the bathroom from the crack of the wooden door. Wow what a scene that was, she was facing away from me and I could see her naked ass mounds on which water was flowing down, Chhaya didi’s skin was so fair and silky.

I was on my knees and looking inside with a one eye and unfortunately hardly after a minute suddenly door of my room opened and Haasini didi entered with a towel and clothes in her hand and caught me peeping inside. I forgot that door of my room was just closed not bolted and she just entered in the room without knocking, because she knew that Chhaya didi was also here.

She stared at me as if she is going to eat me and I was so embarrassed that I could not see in her eyes. She hasn’t spoken a word and just kept on staring me with killing eyes for a minute or two and just then Chhaya didi came out after her bath. Haasini didi moved further and entered in bathroom without a word and Chhaya didi took a leave from my room.

I got so scared that for an instant I thought that now this family is going to throw me out of there house and definitely they will complain to my parents and grandfather about my unethical act. I sat there in my room waiting for Haasini didi to come out and finally she came out after her bath and stared at me and angrily said, “I will see you later”.

I was very scared with a thought of consequences of her complaint to the elders. I came out of my room very late, when I was sure that both Chhaya didi and Haasini didi will be out of the house. Though every body else was normal to me but I was conscious and hesitant to behave properly and in that scary and confused mental state some how I spent whole day in factory and finally came very late, well after dinner time.

Both of my sisters were not there in common area and they were in there room after dinner. I quickly had bit of food and finally came to my room and tried to sleep as soon as possible. I was almost sure that Haasini didi have not talked to anybody in the house because I could not see any negative reaction from anybodies gesture.

I was laying on my bed in the dark, thinking about morning’s incidents, one, looking at Chhaya didi’s naked body and lovely ass mounds and other getting caught doing that. I was bit erect when I recalled her fair round butt and gorgeous ass crack which was dividing her buns. I remember time was well passed 11 when somebody knocked my door.

I got scared and got up to open the door. It was Haasini and Chhaya both. Haasini didi switched on the light and looked at me and said that they wanted to talk to me. I was scared and embarrassed and in that terrible state I just hummed without looking into there eyes. Haasini didi continued, and asked in harsh tone that what I was doing in the morning.

I said I am sorry; I will not do it again. I looked at Chhaya didi; she was also looking at me in serious gesture. Haasini didi continued, “We are not asking whether you will do it again or not, we are asking that what you were doing”? I looked at Haasini didi, she seemed monster to me in that gesture. “boll, kya kar raha tha, chup kyon hai”? Haasini continued reflecting her anger.

I remained silent and kept on looking at ground. “tu issko bathroom main nahate hue dekh raha tha, hai na”? Then with a pause she continued, “boll haan ya na, boll nahi to maar khayega”. I looked up and said yes in a very low voice. “ye teri bahan hai, asshole, she is your sister”. Again I said sorry while looking at ground.

Haasini didi continued, “kya sorry, bass sorry boll diya aur ho gaya, ….tereko main aisa sabak sikhaongi ki tu yaad rakhega”. I looked at Haasini didi, she was looking horrible, while firing at me, and Chhaya didi was looking at me with serious gesture. Then Haasini didi sat on bed, resting her back on the back of the bed and asked Chhaya didi to sit down by ramming her hand on the bed.

Chhaya also sat beside her after bolting the door from inside and both of them were staring at me. I cannot describe that horrible awkward situation in words. I was standing bit far from them. “sit down” Chhaya didi ordered me in her soft voice. I sat far from them on the other end of the big double bed.

Haasini didi was wearing two piece night suit, means pajama and top which had buttons in front and Chhaya didi was wearing long nighty with salwar underneath. Both of them looking sex bombs, I could see amount of flesh Haasini didi had on her thighs and ass and Chhaya didi’s nighty was bit transparent and I could see her bra on particular angle with a tube light.

“boll Chhaya kya karna hai iska”. Haasini didi asked Chhaya didi. “karna kya hai, dadi ko batta dete hain, aage jo wo karengi, karengi”. Again I said “sorry didi, I will not do it again”. “Sorry se kuch nahi hoga, hum logg tujhe aise nahi chhodenge, tu samjhta kya hai humain” Haasini didi replied. I looked at her, she was reflecting wicked expressions.

Then there was no words between us for few minutes and both of them were continuously staring at me, I was looking down and couple of times I looked at them and they kept on staring on me. Haasini didi spoke “Tunne issko nanga dekha hai, ab ye tujhko nanga dekhegi” these words of Haasini didi wobbled my head.

I looked up in shock to their faces, Chhaya didi was bit smiling but Haasini didi was serious and continued, “Aisse kya dekh raha hai hamari taraf, jab issko nanga nahaate hue dekha tha tab nahi socha tha”. I was in utter shock, and could not think of saying anything. I was just looking at them. They were asking me to get naked in front of them as a compensation of watching Chhaya didi naked.

Bit of movement started in my underwear, I was getting bit hard. “Didi kya baat kar rahe ho koi aa jayega?” somehow I spoke with a choked voice. “Jo tujhe sunai de raha hai, wohi baat kar rahe hain, she wants to see you naked, aur koi nahi aayega, dada dadi aa nahi sakte, aur meri mom sleeping pill lekar soti hai ”, Haasini didi was doing all the talking and Chhaya didi was silent.

It was just a try or excuse, though I knew that nobody will come, because I knew the whole geography of their huge bungalow, other bedroom was very far from here that is of their grand parents. I looked at Chhaya didi, she was trying to be serious, “didi are you serious”, I asked Chhaya didi, and she just moved her head in yes.

I could not believe that whatever is happening with me is happening in reality, it seemed like a nightmare to me. “ab shakal kya dekh raha hai, samne khada hokar kapde uttar” Haasini didi continued her anger and rude tone. I was so nervous and could not decide what to do, and just remained there without any movement.

“Abbey uttarta hai ya fir dadi se bollke tujhko tere ghar wapis bhijwaon, tere gharwalon ko bhi patta chale ke tu yahan kya gul khila raha hai” Haasini didi tried to scare me, from the consequences of her complaint. “Didi please, I am sorry” once again I tried, “sorry woarry kuch nahi, jo bolla hai wo kar” Haasini didi was stuck and she was not ready to accept sorry from me.

Again I looked at Chhaya didi; she smiled, and said “just show us, we will not do anything”. Finally I got up slowly and came in there front and tried to take of my t-shirt, Haasini didi spoke “oopar ka nahi neeche ka dekhna hai humain”, she wanted to see my lower half. I stopped but Chhaya didi told me to continue, and now I was naked from upper half.

Then slowly I undid string of my pajama and loosened it, and it fall on my feet. I was standing just in my jockey in front of my sisters. I was very hesitant to go further, so I just halted there expecting mercy from my two bitchy sisters. “jaldi karr sharma kya raha hai, jab issko nanga dekha tha tabb sharam nahi aayee thi”? Haasini didi was getting impatient to see my cock.

Finally I drifted my jockey down to my feet with my hands and first time in my life I was naked in front of any girl rather girls. I was not erect at all; neither was it limping, but closer to that. I looked at my sisters, they were staring at my cock, and Chhaya didi was looking at it as if it is something from a different planet and Haasini didi’s gesture was bit matured.

It was so embarrassing that I cannot say in words. “See it gains erection automatically before fucking”. Haasini didi spoke, she was explaining Chhaya didi. “ bass ab pahan loon”? I asked them if I can wear cloths now. “abhi nahi, pahle issko khadda karke dikha”. Haasini didi spoke; she wanted me to erect my dick. “Didi please bahut ho gaya”.

I requested her. “jo boll rahe hain wo kar, issko hilla ke khadda kar”. Slowly I took it in my hand and moved my cock bit in to and fro motion and spoke, “didi abhi nahi hoga, please bass karo”. “hoga kaise nahi, I know how to do it, tu hilla usko, aur batta subah kya dekha that bathroom main”. She told me to jerk my cock and asked me that what I have seen in the bathroom in the morning.

I remained silent. “boll na kya dekha tha speak up”? I said “Chhaya didi ko dekha tha”. “Chhaya ko nanga dekha tha” Haasini didi was trying to arouse me, using erotic hindi words, ant it was working. She was looking at me waiting for my reply; I moved my head in yes. Again she said, “muh se boll, maine Chhaya didi ko nanga dekha tha.”

She told me to speak that sentence; finally I spoke in a low voice, “maine Chhaya didi ko nanga dekha tha” and my dick moved bit for further erection. “Sath sath hila ussko, aur batta ki Chhaya didi ka kya dekha tha”? Haasini didi told me to jerk my dick while answering her question that, which part of her body I have seen. I was feeling very shy and embarrassing, but I had to answer.

I said with hesitation, “Back side dekhi thi”. “back side kya hoti hai, saaf saaf boll gaand dekhi thi tunne apni bahen ki”. It was another shock of my life, when Haasini didi used the word GAAND for ass. I never expected this from her; first time in my life I was hearing this kind of word from a girl. I was further erect and both of my sisters were looking at my every little gain.

“Boll gaand dekhi thi Chhaya ki”? Haasini didi continued, asking me erotic stuff. I again said yes with my head. “apne muh se boll kya dekha tha aur ussko tez tez hilla”. They wanted me to speak up that erotic line again and jerk my cock with speed. I spoke with little hesitation, “maine Chhaya didi ki gaand dekhi thi, and I gained further erection and naturally my hand move little faster to jerk my cock.

Now I was well hard and erect and almost full in size. Haasini didi further asked, “kaisi hai Chhaya ki gaand, achhi hai na, gori gori”. Now I was also bit excited to but I was hiding my excitement and reflecting reluctant behavior. “Boll Chhaya didi ki gaand bahut achhi hai, usske chuttadd bahut gorre hain”.

I understood that I have to speak up, as Haasini didi wanted to show Chhaya didi fully erect cock, so I said, “Chhaya didi ki gaand bahut achhi hai, aur unnke chuttad bahut gore hain.” And with that I continued jerking my cock and by this time I was fully erect. Chhaya didi was smiling and looking at my cock. “Choot nahi dekhi tune Chhaya ki”? Haasini didi asked me further.

What a bitch Haasini didi was, CHOOT was another word which we can not expect from a girl’s mouth, but from the flow of her speaking such words you cannot sense even fraction of hesitation. Now I was bit free and answered her clearly knowing that there is no hide, “nahi Chhaya didi ki choot nahi dekhi”. “teri bahan ki choot bhi bahut achhi hai, ek dum chikni”.

Haasini didi continued proving herself a bitch and I continued gaining erection and jerking with good speed and now I was fully erect and hard to my maximum. Both of my sisters were enjoying view of hard man meat and Chhaya didi was enjoying it more because she was looking at it continuously, while Haasini didi was talking to me dirty. “tera lund to kaafi lamba hai, hmmm..

Good, chal ab apni Chhaya didi ko apne lund ki uppar ki skin uttar ke dikha”. LUND was another hardcore word which she used instead of cock and now I was beyond my maximum erection and tip of my hard cock was already peeping from inside. I looked at her face with bit of anger, both of my sisters were exploiting me and now I was at the height of embarrassment.

Slowly I moved my skin back and moaned bit in pain. I could feel the wetness of my precum and finally my shaft got uncovered and thick pink color cock head came into there vision, with a cut on that on which there was few drops of my juices. I was still jerking it but slowly, as I was feeling good and my instinct was guiding me to do it.

“dekh Chhaya aisa hota hai aadmi ka lund, aur ye aise hi ladki ki choot main jata hai, aur fir ander bahar hota hai”. Haasini didi was somewhat explaining Chhaya didi about the sexual activity which takes place between man and woman. “Please didi abb bass karo, mujhe neend aa rahi hai” I requested them again to leave me.

Haasini didi looked at me for a second, smiled and then spoke, “tujhe aaj saari raat neend nahi aayegi”, “let’s go back to our room” Chhaya didi spoke in between to Haasini as Haasini didi finished her sentence. “nahi abhi ye hamare samne mooth marega, isse itni aasani se nahi chhodna”. I could not believe what she was saying. She wanted to see me masturbating.

Even Chhaya didi was shocked and moreover she could not understand what exactly Haasini didi said may be because she was not aware of the word “MOOTH” which is Hindi of masturbation. “kya karega”. Chhaya didi asked with bit of amazement, “masturbate karega” Haasini didi answered in clear language which she could understand.

Even Chhaya didi was shocked with Haasini didi’s demand and tried to say “let’s go it’s too late, we will come tomorrow”, but Haasini didi was not ready to leave me, and she tried to convince Chhaya by saying “kal nahi, aaj jo karna hai kar len isske sath, aur tu bhi dekh le kaise nikalta hai lund ke ander se paani”.

Then I tried avoiding this from my side by saying, “didi please mujhse nahi ho payega, please mujhe chhod do”. “tujhse hoga, aur tu karega, chal main karwati hoon, ab shuru kar usse hilana aur apni bahno ko apne lund se paani nikal ke dikha”. I was shy to do it but somewhere I was getting horny too and my hand started jerking my cock in front of my sluty sisters.

I was already erect and now I had to jerk off my sticky white cum from my rod for them. Chhaya didi was looking at me and I was looking at both of them, while jerking my cock. At that time it seemed like hell to me and I was in a very bad mental state. Haasini didi was provoking me by speaking erotic, sexy and abusive words,

like “boll kya dekha tha, Chhaya ki gaand dekhi thi, isski chuchiyaan nahi dekhi tune, wo bhi bahut gori hain, boll dekhega apni bahen ki chuchiyaan, choosega unnko, bahut doodh bhara hai inmain, boll peeyega Chhaya ka doodh, saale bahenchod, apna lund dalega isski choot main, boll chodega apni bahen ko, ye abhi tak kunwari hai, abhi tak issko kisi ne nahi choda,

boll chodega apni Chhaya didi ko, boll saale”. I was not in state to answer, neither she was interested to hear anything from my side. Both of my sisters wanted to see my cum, coming out of my dick and for that Haasini didi was arousing me and I was shocked with the hardcore language she was using to arouse me, LUND, CHOOT CHUCHIYAN, CHODNA and BHENCHOD,

all such words which are generally used by guys were arousing me because it was coming out from a girls mouth so certainly it was working and I was doing my best, I was jerking my cock very fast, I was aroused too but I was no way near Cumming because of mixed mental state but Haasini didi was doing her job by speaking continuously without waiting for me to answer

and that extra ordinary desi stuff was really arousing me. I was liking it and puffing in pleasure and my moans were increasing, there was lot of precum on my rod and I was tired too, my hand was aching, even then I was jerking, because I wanted to cum but it seemed impossible to me. I moaned couple of times and spoke like “Ahhhh…. Ahhhh….didi nahi hoga… nahi nikega, didi please nahi hoga”.

I was almost crying in pleasure and pain. “hoga… aur tu karega, aaj tere lund hamare samne paani chhodega, tu boll kya dekhna hai tune, boll meri chuchiyan dekhega”. With that she started opening her top and in a minute her top was opened from front and I could see Haasini didi’s big boobs packed in white color bra. I was shocked with her act,

she herself was very excited in lust, and she squeezed her breast from both the sides over bra to show me. Her melons were really very big and they were caged in her bra very tight, she continued speaking, “boll choosega Haasini didi ki chuchiyan, mera doodh peeyega, dekh teri Chhaya didi se kitni badi hain meri chuchiya”.

I looked at Chhaya didi, she was also amazed with Haasini didi’s act of reviling her breast in bra. Haasini didi also turned to see her sister. Chhaya didi was sitting on bed on her knees and she was excited too to see erotic things happening in the room. Suddenly Haasini didi spoke to Chhaya didi, “Chhaya issko apni jaanghe(thighs) dikha.

As expected we both, Chhaya didi and me got bit surprised, when Haasini didi asked Chhaya to show her thighs. Chhaya didi was hesitating and looking at her, again she said, “Chhaya apni salwar uttar ke issko apni jaanghe dikha”. Chhaya didi still remained unmoved, Haasini didi was very excited, and again she said, “Chhaya, issne subah tujhe pura nanga dekha tha,

issko jaanghe dikhane se teri ijjat nahi lut jayegi, chudwane ko nahi kah rahi main tujhe, salwar khol ke apni nighty uppar kar, aaj iss bhenchod ka paani nikalna hai”, with that Haasini pushed Chhaya and tried pull the string of her salwaar and Chhaya didi somewhat cooperated with her, finally she succeeded to took it off,

and folded Chhaya didi’s nighty till her waist and showed me her silky thighs and again abused me, while holding her sister’s fair fleshy thighs and rubbing them “dekh bhenchod, isski jaanghe dekh, mast hai na, ek dum gori gori aur inn jaanghe ke beech main isski choot hai, jo paani chhod rahi hai, chudne ke liye tyaar hai, boll chodna hai apni bahen ko”.

I was getting crazy while jerking my cock, blood of my whole body was running through my dick and I was getting closer to my burst every second. Two of my sisters were sitting half naked in front of me. Haasini didi’s dusky color big boobs, imprisoned in tight bra were really beautiful and Chhaya didi’s silky fleshy thighs were awesome, I could see her panty too and also wet mark on that.

My hand was was continuesly moving to and fro, holding my dick and now I wanted to cum very loud and Haasini didi’s abusive language and comments were unstoppable. “boll mere bhai, chodega Chhaya didi ko, ye tujhse chudwayegi issi bistar pe, isski choot maarega, boll mujhe bhi chodega, …..bhenchod boll chodega apni bahno ko, terese main apni choot chuswaongi,

tere muh main apna paani chhodungi, boll piyega meri choot ka ras, boll saale”. Finally I closed my eyes in ecstasy and just after few more jerks I cummed like hell and moaned loudly. I spewed out white sticky cum and heard giggle of Haasini didi. “dekh Chhaya, nikal gaya isska paani, saala bhenchod, apni bahan ko nanga dekhta hai”.

I was puffing like hell and both of my sisters were enjoying my condition. Chhaya didi wore her salwar back and Haasini didi buttoned her top and after that with in few seconds both Chhaya and Haasini left my room while talking to each other and I closed door of my room and came on bed. I was in strange mood, horny as well as depressed.

It was really very embarrassing feeling and up to extend, Haasini didi was right, I was awake for the whole night and in night I decide to go back to my town. In the morning, I came out very late and in night when I returned, my grandfather (actually brother of my grandfather, with whom I was living) was having dinner on dining table,

I sat there and had dinner with him and spoke about my intensions that I want to go back to my town, to my parents and family. He asked me reason for that, as if I am having some problem here, but I responded casually and said that I am planning to go further in education and will continue my studies.

At that time when I was talking to him, Chhaya didi was around and she overheard our discussion and stared at me with bit of tension and walked towards her room, may be to inform Haasini didi. Finally my grandfather suggested me to stay till the month end, so that I can take my first salary along. I said ok to him.

More or less I slept that night, but my thoughts were killing me. I recalled last nights incident, then I counted number of days which I still had and then I thought about the excuse which I had to make in my house, and many things like that were moving in my mind.

Somewhere last nights incident was making me horny and I was erect too, I recalled Haasini didi’s words which she spoke and Chhaya didi’s gestures when my hard cock was reveled to her, like that I slept that night.

Next morning I saw Chhaya didi on breakfast table, our eyes met and she smiled, I responded, but in reluctant way. Again in night I came very late eating outside with one colleague and went straight to my bedroom without having anything in dinner. I remember again somewhere after 11 somebody knocked my door. I opened; it was Chhaya didi alone, in the same nighty, wearing salwar underneath, looking sexy as she looked that night. She entered in room and asked me that how I am. I just said I am ok. She asked am I really going back. I said yes to it. Again she said, we are sorry for what they did to me.

I was in very strange mood, angry as well as upset. I just said that even I tried to say sorry, but you never listened to it. She looked at me and further apologized with few more words and said that it was Haasini didi’s idea and requested me to not to speak about that night to anybody. I don’t know why she was afraid.

She was not feeling sorry for what she and Haasini didi did to me, she was scared of the thing that if I will speak up the truth in front of my parents then they will be in big trouble. At that time I was unable to understand that why she was afraid of me, because initially I made a mistake and they took a revolt, and because of that I had this thing in my mind that I do not have to reveal the actual truth to anybody,

but in front of Chhaya didi I remained silent in this context, just to keep the upper hand. Though later I realized that why she and Haasini didi was afraid of that, basically what I did was certainly an unethical act, but it can be forgiven assuming a mistake of teenage, but what they did to me, being a girl can never be ignored.

Anyway Chhaya didi sat there with me, in my room and tried to talk to me on different matters, just to get friendly with me. She needed my guarantee that I will keep myself silent in this context, but thoughtfully I never gave her any such assurance and continued talking to her with not much concern. I was looking at her body, her body was really a masterpiece made by god.

She had nice luscious fruits as her breast, slender flat belly and really sexy thighs with a right amount of flesh and shapely legs meant to curl around a man’s pumping hips. I recalled Haasini didi’s that nights comments, when she said that Chhaya didi is still virgin and never being fucked.

That comment made me think about Haasini didi, that why she emphasized on being a virgin only for Chhaya didi and not herself and moreover I could easily make out from Chhaya didi’s manners that it was first occasion when she saw a full grown cock, but Haasini didi had a matured behavior.

Don’t know this curiosity or something else made me think about Haasini didi and unknowingly I asked Chhaya didi that why she was explaining things to her, about my organs. Chhaya smiled and said that, being friendly with her sister she often use to ask Haasini didi about such things and that day when Haasini didi saw you peeping inside bathroom,

she told me and in evening she planned this, so that I can see few real things. I further asked “that means she has already seen all this”. Chhaya didi got bit confused with my question and went silent, I forced her to speak up, after few attempts she started again and before starting she took my assurance that I will keep at least this up to me, I promised.

Chhaya didi told me that few years back Haasini didi was in love with somebody and was dam serious with him, but he ditched her. That guy wanted to seduce Haasini and he tried a lot and reflected artificial affection to her and finally when Haasini didi agreed to lay down with him and got fucked many times he discarded her saying that she is very dark and not at all good looking.

Chhaya continued that at one time she was having a very good nature, but this frustration has changed her and she has become arrogant and revolting with every man of this world. I felt sorry for her but more than that I was feeling bit horny for both of my sisters, after staring Chhaya didi’s body and most of the time recalling that nights incidents,

when her thighs were exposed and Haasini didi’s big boobs were reveled I was feeling like jerking my cock and now I wanted to masturbate and for that I wanted to be alone, but Chhaya was not ready to leave my room without my commitment of being silent and once again she asked me that, if I promise, but I said that I will try depending on the questioner which I will face at my place, but I won’t promise.

Thought I new that I will be able to ignore it easily, even then I said so, just to keep an upper hand. Chhaya didi got bit disappointed with my reply and just after that somebody knocked the door. It was Haasini didi, though door was not bolted, even then she did not entered at that time and waited for Chhaya to come out.

Chhaya didi went out and talked to her in a very low voice just outside my door, and after few minutes Haasini didi entered along with Chhaya didi and stared at me. I got up looked into her eyes confidently; she was standing in front of me, in the same night suit. I stared at her melons which were exposed to me in bra on that night.

I was expecting a rude behavior from her side and now I was much more confident, knowing that she is bit afraid of me. “What do you want”? Haasini didi asked me with lot of control. She was frustrated but now she had to be soft with me. I said “nothing, I just want to go back”. “Whatever has happened between us is our personal matter, so let’s not involve parents in that” Haasini didi tried in her way to convince me.

“Didi I am not sure what I will say to my parents, so I won’t promise” I replied very confidently. She looked into my eyes and saw much more confidence as compared to that night. “Tell me what do you want”? with that Haasini didi moved towards me and I stepped back, but not much as there was a wall behind.

She came further close to me and caressed my cheeks with affection and asked again, “tell me what we can do for you; you want to see us naked, ….boll… hamen nanga dekhna hai to, hum abhi nange ho jayenge dekh le jo dekhna hai,” then with a pause she again asked, “boll,… choot dekhni hai hamari”. Haasini didi’s tone was requesting and no way near to that day’s fashion.

Again some movement started in my pants and I was getting hard, but also very nervous. “No I don’t need anything like that, please aap log jaao”. I was getting tense and tried to stop her in uneasy way. Haasini didi moved further and I drifted back a bit and got stuck between wall and her. Suddenly Haasini didi got hold of my body and cuddled my hairs and cheeks and said,

“Don’t feel shy, boll kya chahiye? I know what you want, …. you want to see us naked”, “no I don’t want that” I replied in confusion. “what else you want, tell me hmmm…, you want to fuck us, humain chodna chahta hai”. Haasini didi was trying to arouse me and with that she looked into my eyes and rubbed her hand through my upper half to my crotch.

Oh shit… what was that feeling, I was already hard, but when Haasini didi rubbed her hand on my pelvis, I just got mad in unknown pleasure. “Today I am going to seduce you, and I am 100% sure tu kal apna wapis jaane ka plan cancel kar dega”, with that she tried to hold my penis over cloth and rubbed it nicely. My god it was a feeling of being in heaven, I moaned nicely.

First time I was touched by any girl there, and I started leaking down there though I was erect but wet on the tip of my cock. “kya boll rahi ho, ye relation main brother hai hamara”? Chhaya didi interfered from behind. “Chhaya close the door and sit or if you can’t see then go to your room, let me do what I am doing, I want this, mujhe karna hai”. Haasini didi cleared her intentions.

I wanted to stop her, but I couldn’t, somewhere I needed this, her words were so arousing and it was a wonderful feeling, getting rubbed on pelvis by a girl, wow I was in heaven and breathing bit heavy. “Tell me, you will fuck me na… hmmm… tell me… boll chodega na mujhe…” she took her mouth closer to me while holding my rod in her hand over the cloth and asked me with lustful eyes.

“No please… I don’t want to do this, mujhe nahi karna”, I replied in tension, it was really a strange situation for a 20 year old virgin boy. I needed it, but I was refusing it. “Then I will fuck you, main chodungi tujhe, mujhe chodwana hai tujhse, bahut din se taddap rahi hoon main isske liye, main tujhe nahi jaane doongi, I will not let you go anywhere now”.

I was puffing in pleasure and she was murmuring and sensing that I am enjoying. Now Haasini didi’s left hand was on my back and she was caressing my crotch with a other hand and then she moved down to my hips and squeezed it in her hand. Marvelous; that is the only word I have for it. She pressed my hips and pulled me closer to her so that our bodies were touching.

She was wearing a pinkish night suit and I could see thickness of her thighs and size of her boobs. I was in pajama and t-shirt and I’m sure that she must have felt my hardness, and next moment she started rubbing her pubic zone on my pelvis. Ahhh.. o shit… what she was doing, oh god I was in heaven, it was a feeling which can never be written in words.

Her hands were exploring me further, now she was holding my both the hips and slowly parting and squeezing my buttocks and pulling her closer and closer to me and started rubbing her cunt over my pelvis more furiously. I was getting mad in pleasure, it was a different kind of feeling, and I was breathing heavy and could not control myself from losing my dignity.

Slowly my hands moved and I grabbed her bottom and started supporting her and now our bodies were pressed tight against each other and we were rubbing our pleasure zone with each other and my hands exploring her ass mounds, and I was holding them tight, they were perfectly round, firm and fleshy. I started squeezing and parting them, the way she was doing it with mine.

It was a feeling that I just didn’t want it to stop. Haasini didi initiated and next moment we were exploring each other’s mouth and the feeling was wonderful. I don’t know how I kissed so well. “Have you gone mad, let’s go from here”, Chhaya didi spoke from behind. “Chhaya please go from here, if you can’t see or just stay aur dekh le shaadi ke baad kya hota hai”.

Next moment we were laying on bed and kissing and touching each other. Don’t know when I placed my hands on her breast and I was caressing them, one by one. The size was big, very big and cannot be taken in one hand. Now I was getting aroused and our kisses were getting more passionate and hotter.

She was holding me from my back with one hand and we were responding to each others every move. She was rubbing tip of my dick over the cloth and talking to me and now I was somewhat responding to her words. “boll chodega mujhe hmmm… boll dalega meri chut main apna lund, boll marega apni bahen ki chut”.

“Haan didi chodunga.. bahut chodunga main tumhe, aaj tumhe main pura nanga karke chodunga”. I started rubbing her cunt. She was so hot down there, my hand was stuck between her fleshy thighs and I was rubbing Haasini didi’s fuck hole. Soon she got fully wet and flooding and I could feel her wetness on my hand.

We both were moaning in pleasure and cummed like that without doing anything. Haasini didi shivered like a fish holding my hand between her thighs and I cummed in my jockey, though from my side it was not proper ejaculation but I was totally wet in my underwear. We lied there on bed just few minutes and got normal from heavy puffing. Then Haasini didi got up to go to the bathroom.

Chhaya didi was staring at us, without a word. She too was excited and her facial expressions were telling her mental state. As Haasini didi came out of toilet, I went in and cleaned my self, I was still hard but seriously I was not expecting anything now. I thought that Haasini didi have done this just to make me feel good,

and to bribe me and whatever she has spoken while rubbing my dick is driven by excitement, I thought she wanted me to cum and now she will go after getting my assurance and now I was more or less ready to commit. Though I had a desire to touch Chhaya didi also but I knew that I will not be able to ask for that.

When I came out both of my sisters were talking in a very low voice, and Chhaya didi was trying to convince Haasini didi. It was really strange environment full of lust and sexual desire, with not many words, boundaries between me and my sisters were disappearing and now I was staring at them without any hesitation and they could sense that lust in my eyes.

I was really very confused that whatever I have done is right or wrong, even Chhaya didi was also confused. She wanted to stop us going further and was not ready to leave the room without taking Haasini didi along; she also wanted to see whatever is happening in the room. Time was well passed to 12 and there was no mark of sleep in us.

I think among three, me, Chhaya didi and Haasini didi, only Haasini didi knew that what she needs and ultimately what is going to happen. Haasini didi turned towards me to come closer, Chhaya didi spoke, “it’s enough, let’s go now” Haasini turned back to see Chhaya didi and opened first button of her shirt and smiled at her sister and somewhat teased her by saying “dekh le tere sath shadi ke baad kya kya hona hai”,

“this is wrong, ye hamara bhai hai, he is our brother idiot” Chhaya didi spoke in screaming fashion, somehow to stop Haasini didi, Haasini didi turned again and replied “ he is not our real brother, aur naa hi first cousin hai, bahut door ka reletion hai, aur phir kisi ke ghar main aisa bhai ho to usse kisi baharwale ki kya zaruratt hai,

ghar hi ghar main matter closed rahega baat leak honne ki tension to nahi hogi”. Haasini didi smiled after her reply naughtily, she was already convinced that she had to do, may be from the first day when she caught me peeping inside and made a plan to exploit me, and she had answers of all arguments raised by Chhaya didi.

I was sitting on bed and by the time Haasini didi came to me, all her buttons were off and once again her big breasts were reviled to me in bra. Without a word, she tried to take off my t-shirt and I supported her. I was half naked in front of my sister, and Haasini didi touched my bare chest and made me feel good.

And came closer to me and again started kissing me and I responded and tried to hold her boobs and next moment we were again laying on bed and I was on her top, I was kissing her lips and allover her face and playing with her big melons over the bra, didi was moaning and murmuring sexy words, yesss… love me.. Love me……….Hmmmm….mere bhai…

aaj tune apni bahen ko bahut pyar karna hai, aaj teri bahan tere pass tere bistar pe soyegi, karle jo karna hai uske saath, choos meri chuchiyon ko, achhe se dabba innko.” Just after a minute or so she came on me and sat around my waist and took of her shirt completely and unhooked her bra in excitement.

In a fraction her huge melons were hanging in front of my eyes and I could not believe, they were so beautiful, large and heavy, with long and very dark brown nipples, fully erect with big areolas. She massaged them absently, moaned in lust like hmmm… and looked into my eyes, and then came down on me, to give access of her heavy breast.

I held them in my hands and tried to squeeze them laying on my back. Then I just turned and took Haasini didi under me and used both of my hands to squeeze them hard. Ahhh… she moaned so heavy and I felt so good hearing that moan, wow what a pleasure that was, I was playing with Haasini didi’s huge melons, I looked at Chhaya didi, she was going crazy,

and I could see that heat was rising in her too. I took Haasini didi’s erect nipples in my mouth and tried to take out her milk. They were so tasty, and delicious. Haasini didi moaned in pleasure nicely as I sucked her luscious mound. I was laying on her spread legs and my pelvis was resting on her pleasure zone and I could feel the heat of her fuck hole on my pelvis.

We both were moaning and breathing heavy and making nice pleasure sounds and heat in our body was rising like anything. Haasini didi got up and ordered me to take off my lower “chal jaldi se apna pajama khol” and herself stood on the bed and pulled string of her pajama and took it to her feet. Wow what a flesh she had on her thighs, what an ass mounds she had.

It was really difficult for her panty to resist that much heat and in a moment Haasini didi drifted down her last cloth too and was totally naked in front of me. That day first time in my life I saw a real pussy. My eyes got stuck, I was sitting on bed and Haasini didi was standing I was enjoying view of her wet fuck hole, though it was dusky in color but it was really beautiful, with few small hairs on it.

“Chal uttar jaldi, blue film dekhi hai kabhi.” Didi asked me while ordering me, I got up hurriedly and took off my clothes in a fraction and got naked and answered “haan dekhi hai”. We were standing on bed naked and Haasini didi held my cock and started jerking. My instinct guided me and I placed my hand on her naked cunt.

Wow what an amazing feeling that was, I was touching my cousin sister’s wet bare cunt and she was dripping like anything. Didi kissed me and spoke, “main tera lund choosungi aur tu meri choot cusega hmm… boll chusega na”. With that she kissed me and again asked me in passion, “boll chusega na, apni bahen ki choot”. “Haan chusunga, aap bed pe late jao”.

And I responded in lustfull tone. We got down and she got laid spreading her legs inviting me to lick her fuck hole. I came between her legs and held her nice fleshy thighs, I could see Haasini didi’s soft wet cunt, it was ready for me to eat, I looked at Chhaya didi, she was standing and her hand was pressing her cunt over the nighty, Haasini didi also looked at her younger sister and smiled,

“Dekh le Chhaya tera patti tujhe nanga karkr, tere saath kya karega” Chhaya didi blushed a bit and I finally I started sucking my cousin sister’s cunt laying on my stomach. For few minutes it was really bad feeling, bit embarrassing and filthy, moreover I was doing it in presence of Chhaya didi and from the day one I tried to reflect myself as a good boy but now that image

and perception was broken and I was licking her sister’s fuckhole without any halt. I tried to lick it as I saw in number of blue films. As I moved my tongue over her cunt. Haasini didi trembled with excitement. Her moans and pleasure movements were making me crazy, I dragged my tongue from bottom of her slit to up till the edge of her crack, licking her sodden slit,

and I continued licking it without any break. Haasini’s face arched and, her eyes got shut. She moaned nicely, and murmured nicely “choos hmmm… ummm… achhe se choos issko, khol ke apni jeebh ander daal” she was puffing in pleasure and could not speak, but she was so aroused and wanted to speak erotic stuff. I parted her pussy lips and next moment my tongue rippled into her cunt.

She gasped sharply, her mouth snapping open. Her hips lurched and shook, jerking and pumping up and down. She held my face and tried to press it into her crotch “Ohhhhh… UNHHHH Ohh yes! Ohh yes, yes, Ohhh god yes!” she cried. “Oh uhh ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes! Ohhh ma uhhh yes!”

Chhaya didi moved to our back, to see things happening clearly, as she was earlier standing on our right side from where my face was behind Haasini didi’s thick and fleshy thighs, and she was unable to see me sucking Haasini didi’s cunt. Chhaya didi stood somewhere behind me, I was laying on my stomach naked,

I turned to look behind and smiled looking at her face which was getting red in the heat of lust, her hand was rubbing her cunt over the nighty. Haasini didi raised her head and saw Chhaya didi standing there and murmured again in pleasure, “dekh Chhaya mera bhai meri choot choos raha hai, aaj main apne bhai se chudwaongi, ye aaj mujhe saari raat choddega, boll choddega na”?

with that she lifted her legs in air to give more access of her pleasure hole to my mouth. My toungue was in her cunt getting in and out and then I made my lips holding and sucking her thick pussy lips. Holding her thighs apart, I tongue-fucked my young sluty cousin sister steadily just for one more minute and Haasini didi’s cunt streamed with heady, erotic juices.

I pressed my face deeper and sucked her hard to take out every drop. Haasini cried out nicely, trembling and moaning passionately. Suddenly she pushed me away and got up. That was a point where she could no resist anymore. Her hairs were spread allover and her face was full of lust. I don’t know after how long she was doing this, but she was going mad in fucking desire.

Immediately Haasini didi turned me on my back and made me lay down and took my rod in hand and jerked, it was more than limping, with lot of precum coming out. Holding it tenderly, she kissed my cock-head and touched her tongue on that softly. Then rolling back the foreskin slowly drew it between her lips. I hissed in pleasure.

I lifted my legs and rested them on Haasini didi’s shoulder and now didi was laying on her front between my legs with elbow support, sucking my cock. My penis trembled in Haasini didi’s mouth. My belly rippled. Ahhh… Ahhhh… I moaned couple of times, as I was going crazy in pleasure and pain. “Didi dard ho raha hai, please slow”.

She looked at me and then started again and took out lot of her saliva and continued sucking my rod for sometime. It was much better feeling then before but still it was very weird. Didi continued sucking it with passion and just in few minutes the sensation was wonderful: her mouth was warm and moist, and her tongue had the kind of confidence that could only have come from experience.

I wondered what her sexual history was. What I could see laying there on bed by raising my head, my cock was appearing and disappearing in Haasini didi’s mouth and her head was rocking up and down, I could feel her tongue working around my cock head. Chhaya didi moved again and stood at a place from where she could see my rod coming out and getting in, into her sister’s mouth clearly.

Haasini didi turned to see her and smiled cunningly and again said, “dekh Chhaya, aise chooste hain lund, tujhe bhi shadi ke baad tere patti ka chusna padega”. I was getting mad and Haasini didi’s erotic comments were driving me crazier. I knew this fact that, usually on first time boy gets nervous and loses erection, but I think it was Haasini didi’s erotic language and experience,

which made my first sexual encounter hassle free. Chhaya didi’s presence and her facial expressions were also playing good role to make me out of my senses. As my cock swelled and grew hard in her mouth, I moaned and my moan made her mad in lust she pumped the shaft deeper and rubbed tip of my cock in her throat, I gasped and groaned heavier,

holding her head in my hands and moving it up and down, pumping my hips in rhythm as I was fucking her face. “didi…. didi… bass… bass… please… bass karo…mera ho jayega..” I was humming in pleasure and finally Haasini didi stopped sucking and continued jerking for a while and looked at my face. I was puffing in pleasure and my rod was fully wet with Haasini didi’s saliva and well erect.

Holding my rod straight Haasini didi got up and sat putting her legs around my waist, keeping her in position to take my rod inside her fuck hole. Chhaya didi also changed her location to see the real penetration. I was looking at her, she was also very aroused and could not control herself and lifted her nighty and took down her salwar to her feet and entered her hand

inside her panty and started rubbing her cunt directly without anything between. Laying there I could see her white milky thighs and light color panty with a movement of her hand over her cunt, as she was holding her nighty up with one hand and other hand was busy in rubbing her pleasure zone.

Haasini didi turned to Chhaya didi and again spoke “dekh Chhaya, abb isska lund mere ander jayega, aur teri bahan ko choddega”. Haasini didi was sitting on her knees around me and finally my that sister shoved my cock slowly into her cunt and moaned, with her head lifting, her eyes were closed. Wow what a feeling that was, being inside a woman, it was totally a new sensation for me.

My hard cock was inside Haasini didi’s wet fuck hole and her juices were flowing down to my balls. Her swollen breasts were swinging up and down, to and fro and her nipples were stiff. After slow movements she began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, holding my chest and rocking her own hips steeply up and down, to and fro, driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet cunt flesh.

I was holding her from her waist and moving bit up and down to shove my cock and our movements were getting in rhythm. Tip of my cock was rubbing on her walls and my pleasure was beyond my imagination. Site of her heavy juggs bouncing up and down was life taking with a silver locket of divine figure in thin silver chain tossing, above that her pleasure moans with erotic desi stuff was driving me crazy.

“oh yes… oh god yes…It feels so good, ! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes… c’mon… fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck your sister ! bastard. chodd apni bahen ko, aur chodd,…. aur chodd, le.. aur le.. bhenchodd kitna choddega”. She was around me on her knees, ramming and reaming my cock in and out of her juicy, dripping cunt furiously in passion,

it was somewhat paining me and I was trying to control her movements by holding her waist, but next moment she took off my hands from her waist and held them tight with bed by leaning over me and looked into my eyes while stroking my cock in her flesh rapidly and spoke, “boll, saale jayega wapis, ya yahan rahega, apni bahan ki choot main, saale tereko main jaane nahi doongi,

you have to fuck me like this, boll jayega wapis bhenchodd, ya yahan rahkar apni bahan ko choddega”. Haasini didi plunged my penis deeper into her flesh and laughed in fucking pleasure as I cried out in shock and delight. She then leaned over me further and started to and fro movement and mashing her clitoris, with my pelvis for while and kissed me lustfully.

I freed my hands from her grip and held her big ass mounds and tried to squeeze them harder and then parted them with full strength and pulled her to get myself deep inside her fuck hole. She moaned sexily. It was really strange feeling and I was bit in pain, Haasini didi’s body weight was hurting me and I was getting tired too.

After few more thrusts she moaned and gasped very heavily, and started rocking back and forth, rubbing her pubic bone on me like a machine. She looked lovely, her face was full of lust, hairs were spread, her eyes were open and she was looking into my eyes, her mouth was open, moaning and murmuring obscene and erotic words.

“Yes… yesss.. fuck me… fuck me like a bitch…., you bastard yess…… fuck me…. U will fuck me bastard….. fuck me. aaj raat bhar tu mujhe choddega… boll choddega, boll haan didi main aapko choddunga.boll bhenchodd boll nahi to teri jaan nikal doongi”

Suddenly she increased her speed and started ramming her body on mine. It was paining me and I was in strange pleasure. I replied while puffing in pleasure and pain what she wanted “ haan didi main aapko choddunga, bahut choddunga, yahan rahkar roz raat ko aapko choddunga”.

Her erotic words were really very arousing though I was not near ejaculation because of pain and tired ness but I was well hard on my penis. I looked at Chhaya didi, she was looking at our fuck session without a flick of an eye and her hand was still in her panty. Chhaya didi was also puffing in pleasure as she was masturbating and could have cummed once.

Haasini didi also turned to see her sister, and spoke in passion, “tu oongli kya chala rahi hai, isska lund andar le le apne, aaja mera hone wala hai, aaja lele apne andar, aahhh… ahhh….oh god.” Her buttocks were again bouncing rapidly up and down; her hips were swinging very fast to and fro on my thighs.

She was ramming my cock faster and faster in and out of her, cunt, our mixed juices flowing like anything on me. I was shouting in pain and pleasure with lot of control. I was about to get on the peek, but Haasini didi’s cries grew sharper and shriller, and suddenly she busted, her cunt trembled helplessly on my penis and her head got flipped to the roof.

She squeezed her thighs, griped my dick tightly in her wet pussy and released her cum and shivered for few seconds, because of the orgasm she just had. I was yet not over but closer to my peek. I immediately pushed her on bed and got up and widen Haasini didi’s legs and shoved my cock again and started fucking her.

Knowing my condition, Haasini didi embraced me from back and wrapped her legs around me and continued murmuring, while getting fucked under me, “aaja mere bhai, chodd le apni bahan ko, jitna choddna hai chodd le, mere andar hee chhod de apna paani”. I fucked Haasini didi for few seconds and finally came deep inside her and moaned nicely.

What a burst that was, my first ejaculation in a woman’s fuck hole, that is in my sister’s fuck hole, massive and much more pleasurable than I had in past while masturbating. I got up and went to toilet, while staring at Chhaya didi. Her nighty was on till her feet now, but her salwar was folded in her hand and she had a very strange gesture on her face,

though she enjoyed watching our live fuck but she was somewhat confused and scared. On the other hand Haasini didi seemed satisfied and relaxed after having a fuck and cleaned her dripping cunt as my white sticky cum came out of her fuck hole as she got up. As I came of toilet, Haasini didi entered and I started wearing my cloths and found Chhaya didi staring at me,

I smiled but her reaction was nil, I think her heart was still pounding and she was not normal. Haasini didi came out and started wearing her night suit and spoke to me, “abb tu kisi ko kuch nahi batayega,” she somewhat ordered me and I accepted with a smile, then with a smile she said, “dekh le abb yahan rahna hai, ya wapis jaana hai”?

I smiled too and said “didi aap dekh lena humne condom nahi use kiya, kahin kuch ho na jaaye”, “haan haan, mujhe matt batta, tera bachha nahi paida hone doongi, tu mast rah, aur kal condom le aana” Haasini didi replied confidently. By this time she was fully dressed as she was and ordered Chhaya didi to come,

and in a moment both of my sisters walked out and climbed stairs while talking to each other in a low voice. It is really a most difficult task to write down those moments and mental state which I had after my first sexual encounter. I slept on cloud nine, with bit of strange threat and guilt feeling.

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