“Hello Haasini, good noon,” heard a voice front of my desk while I was searching a file in my cabinet, startling; I looked up to see a handsome man, Mr. Fernando standing in white linen half sleeved shirt opened his top two buttons giving a glimpse of his broad hairy chest. I could get strong male cologne hitting my nose, getting into my brain, giving me shiver in my spine, I adjusted myself, “Good afternoon Mr. Fernando,” said giving him a stupid smile.

Looking into my brown eyes, “sorry, if I scared you, I have an appointment at 12.30pm with your boss and I am fifteen minutes early,” said politely in a low voice. “Oh!! I see, not a problem at all, I am sorry, I couldn’t notice your presence. “Please be seated, he will be at office in few minutes, would you like to have something to drink?” smiled at him and showed him his seat.

Occupying his seat “thank you, I mind having a glass of water please,” “sure,” said politely and buzzed pantry to serve a glass of water. I came back to my seat; still my heart was pounding over the shock. Mr. Fernando was looking into a magazine where my eyes scanned this handsome man and sneaking at his hand phone once in a while.

Mr. Rodrick Fernando is one of the renowned names in the retail Industry. His company is vast and is one of the fortune bachelors in the market. He being in his thirties, I am sure, would have taken many in his arms. Imagining, I envied those women being in his arms. He has that charming handsome personality.

One of his gazes can make any woman go under her knees pleading for his mercy. He is 6ft with broad shoulders lean body with ample muscles at right places. He has long hair to shoulder length, hawked face, and greenish grey piercing eyes, overall a sharp feature. His skin is whitish brown.

Today his presence in front of me was making very weak in my stomach giving me heat in between my thighs. He looked at me immediately to check how long is my boss going to take to come to office and coming out of my thoughts, I quickly said, ”Sorry, Mr. Fernando, he would be in any moment” and I cursed myself for getting caught. I thought for myself not to be too prominent with my behaviors and I tried to get out of his thoughts.

I have been always wondering how this man can make my heart skip a beat, though I know that my fantasies are limited to dream. I could only dream about me being in his arms not in reality. Cutting off my thoughts, I could notice my boss entering the lounge, greeting Mr. Fernando, “I am sorry Fernando; I was in one of the charity place, which took of my little time.”

“You know, you will never know how time passes when we in between those lovely people,” took him to his office and while getting into his office, “Was there any call, Haasini? And while coming, please, get me the presentation, which we prepared to show Mr. Fernando.” Smiling at me, Mr. Fernando followed my boss to his office.

I entered and gave all the details. Thinking what to do next, waited for my boss’s command looking at his face. “Haasini, please explain Mr. Fernando about our offer and show him the presentation about our products,” and he leaned back setting himself on his seat. I was sort of in mixed reaction as I was wondering where to start from.

It’s already damp between my thighs thinking of this man every corner of my body and him thrusting me deep into my velvette. Looking at my delay, my boss cleared his throat and he shifted his position. Cursing again, I started presenting the presentation and explaining about our new garments and accessories and other beauty products which we would like to launch in the market.

We were looking to collaborate our company products with Mr. Fernando’s retailing company not only in US, we wanted to enter into Middle East countries. Mr. Fernando was holding a vast market value in Middle East countries and there people would spend lavishly on clothing and accessories as well as beauty brands.

I could notice small smile passing on Mr. Fernando’s face while I was presenting and I am sure looking at me, I could sense that I was getting caught with my imagination. Phew, atlast I could get out of my presentation and waited for his reaction about our products. “Thank you Haasini,” clearing his throat “Impressive, Mr. Roland.”

Turned to my boss and adjusting his seat, “I can take this and set up with my retailing unit. We can closely work together to launch your products in the market.” I could see my boss face getting bright, “thank you Mr. Fernando, I am very very happy for your support and I know you would be happy about our new products and these products would be a trend setting in the present market,”

“and also I can assure my full support in whatever way you want to set up these products in the market,” said looking at my face. I was delighted to know the news and equally happy to learn that I could more often see Fernando at office. Looking at my happiness on my face, boss said, “Now Haasini, it’s your turn to get the things set by coordinating with all the necessary departments.

I would like you to set up a meeting with all the team heads to meet Mr. Fernando and his team. Maybe you can organize dinner tonight so we can discuss and introduce our new team to our people,” “is that alright with you Mr. Fernando or do you have any other plans in your mind?” I could clearly make out that Mr. Fernando been looking at me while we both met out gazes, startling

“ah, no… not a problem, Roland, and I would like to start up the work immediately and it would be my pleasure to introduce my team to your team, so we all can start working up together,” smiled looking at me and I felt a light passing though my body and I was literally struggling to get my body under control. I excused myself telling as I need to make all necessary arrangements as instructed by my boss.

Back at desk, I drafted a mail to all department heads about the new developments, congratulating, informed them to be present at the dinner hall by 7pm sharp in semi-formals. I asked them to get their department’s details for the discussion. I booked table for fifteen in one of the elite restaurants where they would be serving delicious barbecued meat and pastas.

Even the salads served over there were one of the favorites of my boss. I mostly booked this place for any business meetings as I know people would definitely fall in love with the ambience and food served over there. I got confirmed the table next to pool for fifteen. Looked at my watch and I was almost fainting in hunger.

Two major things been arranged and I wanted to collect few details for the evening discussion. I didn’t have too much time to think about the handsome and I started concentrating on my work. Thought I first fill my tummy before I fall somewhere and headed to pantry to have my quick lunch. Rushing I didn’t notice boss office door opening and I almost hit the man and before I know what is happening, a strong arm was around my waist.

I was sort of in mixed reaction and I could feel the same strong fragrance hitting my nostrils. Ah!!! Where am I? God!!! I am in the arms of my dream god!!! I completely forgot about my hunger and I was concentrating on my different hunger now, I could feel heat flushing though my body and generating moist between my thighs and desperately wanted him all over me then and there.

But somehow I managed, “I …. I am sorry… I di… didn’t notice…” were the only words I could manage that moment. I could feel his hot breathe feeling my skin and I could hear my own heartbeat. He left me out of his arm slowly, looking into my eyes, “It’s ok lady, watch yourself, you could have hurt yourself, and poor floor, missed you,” said coyly.

Looking back at my red face, “see you at the dinner, bye”, “yeah sure, see you, Mr. Fernando,” saying that I stood looking at the man. I was in trance mode, I couldn’t think of anything except his hand around my waist and his eyes scanning my face. I was literally shivering with the unexpected event.

Many times I greeted him shaking hands in few occasions, but not this physical contact, where every inch of my body was craving for his touch. I forgot about my lunch and I really wanted a quick release of my burning and moist between my thighs, I was feeling my panty getting damp. But there was no more time to release my sexual tension. I had lots of work waiting at my desk.

I rushed back to my desk and trying to concentrate trying not to get his piercing gazes. Though his gaze was for a moment, it was almost scanning in quicker; it was giving me goose bumps, whenever I thought about it. I don’t know how I managed to finish my work on time. “Godddd” I sighed, and looked at the watch and “ah, it’s 5’O,” biting my lips and then I realized I am totally exhausted and not eaten anything.

I buzzed pantry to get me some cookies and a cup of black coffee. I called up the restaurant to re-check as everything is set for the business dinner and I said I would be there at 6.30pm. I had less time, so I thought I should get ready. Since it was an unexpected event, I was not dressed for dinner. Lucky I, I always stored two sets of dress for these kinds of events.

We had a nice changing room for Sr. Executives at office. There is always possibility of these kind of immediate meeting in our business line and we most of employees would always store a pair or two at office. Cutting off my thoughts, “Mam, here’s your coffee and cookie,” said Bill placing cookie and coffee on my desk. “Thanks Bill,” said smiling at him.

He smiled back and left me alone. I did a quick check with all the documents and other details while I finished my coffee and cookie. Getting more energy now, thought, here we go…Rest room is quite spacious. We had two beds in one corner, storage in one corner. We had a tread mill, cycling equipments in other corner. We had shower room.

Maybe you can call it as mini gym room. We had separate rest rooms like this for male and female employees. Since, most of us were working late evenings, so we have this kind of setting. Toilets were separate again. I turned on the geyser and placed a towel from the cloth storage. Thinking of the atmosphere and ambience of this office I always thought to I am sort of lucky to be at this place.

I joined this company in 2007 and Mr. Roland hired me as one of his Coordinator in his company. Mr. Mark Roland is one of the finest bosses I worked with. He was very disciplined and systematic. He only thinks about his products, goods, shipment and most of all profits going up in the chart. Once his job done, he not bothered what his employees are with.

He offered huge perks and packages for his employees and most of us were very happy and simultaneously we were good at his expectations. He always believed, if the company is doing well, it’s only the efforts of his employees. Coming back to me, if you ask, I can say I have become one of his loyal employees in these years.

He have not hired a personal assistant where I have become sort of PA cum Coordinator in his office. Interrupting my thoughts, I heard the beep from geyser, turning it off, I removed my shirt and skirt and, I stood in front of the mirror looking at my lite brown big eyes, my nose sharp. I tied my layers hair in one knot. I bit my full lips which is sort of pouty.

I saw my honey colored skin glowing in the dim light. I am proud of my personality and my beauty is sort of definitely a head turner when I am among 10 people. I imagined my height where I almost reached his shoulders when I was recovering from the accident, near my desk. Running hands on my flat tummy and the curves on my waist, I felt a small shiver in my leg.

My thought was gushing towards the man, who made me moist between my legs. Biting my lips, closing my eyes, I gave ran my hands over my panty and my mound. I could sense I am getting aroused, my breathe was heavy; and I desperately wanted him and I wanted to release.

I unclipped my bra and let my 38sized boobs get free and run my hand on my panty hose to release where I can feel my hot soft flesh between my thighs. I am not very skinny or too plump, I am medium sized. My buttocks are round and humpy, strong thighs and my waist is wide.

Sliding my panty, I felt my hand moving on my trimmed pubic and my finger slowly parting my pussy lips, felt the moist, I am aroused. I took my hand and juggled my boobs imagining those playing getting kneaded and getting into his hot mouth. I gasped by the imagination. I got on the bed, spreading wide, I pressed my boob and I got one finger between my thighs.

It was dripping juices waiting for the attention. I closed my eyes, imagining Fernando all over me and slid a finger in my dripping wet cunt, slowly rubbing it with my thumb, I slid two fingers. God!!! I needed him so desperately; I started moving in n out of my hot cunt. My juices were flowing and I was pressing my boob one by one and cum so heavily shuddering my body like bumping on the bed.

I lay there for few seconds to collect my thoughts as I was breathing heavily. I chose to wear v necked one piece knee length gown. It was not very dark blue or very lite blue, hmmmmmm you can say sort of blue black combined dress. It was single strapped and there was bra attached to it. I wore blue lacy panty. I made sure my make-up is not over done.

As I always knew, my eyes were most attractive and I made sure I do apply right make up on my eyes with blue shades with dark liner, so my brown eyes can sparkle. I don’t deny that I always decorate my eyes as I want it to look more beautiful. I applied dark pink lipstick and gave a slight shimmer on my lips with a gloss and completed my look wearing a blue stud.

I made sure I didn’t go with very high heeled shoe or sandal as I chose to wear a simple one which can go with the dress. I let my hair loose, I went a quick look in the mirror as I made I look good. Perfect, reached the venue on time and waited for the guys to come and join the evening. Checked as everything perfect and sat on the chair.

As I was sipping fruit juice, I heard voice,”Hi,” and I stood to greet, but my words struck in my mouth. My jaws dropped to see this gorgeous man, who just came perfect for the evening. He was wearing full arm checked shirt, hand cuffs were folded till 3/4th of his hands on a sort of rugged jean.

Before I could say anything, “Hope I am not too late and where are your gang members, Haasini?” said in an appreciative tone. “No, not at all, you are on time Mr. Fernando, and rest all would be joining in few minutes,” “Are you alone, Mr Fenando?” I went in one shot breathless. He chuckled, “You can call me just Fern or Rody, as all my friends call me,” saying that,

“nope no one as I am the decision maker, I would like to take inputs from your team, then I can make necessary presentation and involve other people in this at venues and designing aspects,” “Oh!!! I see,” I said, and then I should have checked before booking table, as it was just 7 people gathering and bit my lips thinking.

“Haasini, I am……,” opening my eyes wide, I looked at Fernando as what he wanted to tell me, I could make out a naughty grin on his face and at the same time, I heard my boss coming and joining us. “Hello Feranando, nice to see you again,” greeted my boss and looked at me and gave me an appreciation smile.

Simultaneously everybody joined us and I got along rest of the guys thinking as what Fernando was about to say. Leaving all my thoughts behind I concentrated on the subject and we all discussed as how we would be going ahead planning to get our products with Fernando’s company worldwide.

I could make out from everybody’s face that the deal is going to get us name and profit in a big way and Fernando was really good at it. We ate while chatted. Our conversation went out in different route apart from business talks. I looked at the time it clicked 10.30pm and amazing as we never knew how time flew.

One by one took time off and headed to their house and now left with myself, my boss and Fernando. Often Fernando was looking at my face while he talking to my boss and I could read something he wanted to say, but I ignored looking at my boss while he is talking about this family and charity.

I was not in hurry as I was living alone in my flat as I had my family in other part of America. My parents were with my brother and I had been with them till I completed my college. As soon as I finished my graduation specialized in Marketing, I joined a garment firm close to my house as a coordinator. I dated a few while I didn’t fix to one. When I was 22yrs, I dreamt something big and I moved to L A.

I did my best to get into this firm and got a small 2 bedded apartment of my own in short time. I could visit my family once in a year for Christmas and New Year celebration. Thinking so, my hand phone buzzed and I noticed my dad was online. It’s been few days talking to them and I wanted to take this call.

I excused myself, while I moved near the pool and I could sense pair of eyes scanning me while I was talking on phone. I noticed on Fernando’s eyes as who might be calling me at that time? grinning to myself, I continued talking on phone, “Hello papa, how you been? And how is mum?” asked in low tone, “We are fine and hope all well with you darling?”

said dad in concerning tone and continued, “baby girl, we missing you, why don’t you visit us for sometimes? We wanted to discuss with you about your future and your life, and how long are you going to be like this?” and I could really make about the worry in his tone and I really didn’t want to disappoint him,” yeah paa, will come home and I understand about your concerns,”

said a bit sad voice and we discussed about my brother and her daughter Natalie and my sister-in law Betty. After conversing for some time, I disconnected the line and stood there for sometime drifting to my thoughts recollecting as what my dad said, about marriage, my life settling, security….

I never dreamt of marriage or any long time commitments so far in my life, till I met this man at my office door step one day. The time I met, I fell for this man and his charm and intelligence. But I heard few talking about as he never struck to one woman in his life and what reason I never knew why he not married.

I found this man can be a security for my life and I longed for his presence in my life, but somehow I could only dream about him. For the first time, I felt myself being all alone in my life and tears were rolling on my cheek. Sighing, I felt its cold and I then realized I didn’t get anything to keep me warm, I crossed my hands, then I felt a jacket is keeping me warm,

I stood still as I knew who this was, from the fragrance in the air and I could make he just stood quietly behind me. I knew my boss had already left the venue and I should clear the bills. Controlling my emotions, and I wanted to thank him for the jacket. I wanted to sob; I wanted a shoulder to cry at that moment.

I felt though I have been very successful, being among the kind of people, I felt always me been alone and no one to wait for me in my flat. I need not hurry for anything. I had very less friends and rather you could say I didn’t really have a friends. “I am sorry if I disturbed you or without your permission I put my jacket on your shoulder,” he almost whispered these words behind me.

I felt my body getting warm and a small shiver in my spine. “huh!!” I thought, I didn’t want to show my emotions to this man, getting my smile on my face, “not at all Mr. Fernando,” said smiling at him, He corrected me immediately looking into my eyes, “It’s Fern or Rody,” flapping my eye lids, “Sorry, Fe… Fern or Rody,” said coyly, “thanks,” I whispered.

He looked at me for a while and said, “I checked out the bill. Roland noticed you on phone and he left saying he got an emergency as his fell ill and he will call you tomorrow.” “Oh I see, sorry, I would have cleared the bill…” said biting my lips. His eyes were on my eyes, then on my biting lips. Smiling at me, “It’s alright, I can claim everything in my final bills,” said in a naughty tone,

“And I thought I would stay with you till you finish your call, so I can drop you home safe from the eyes of prey,” said looking at my face and I noticed his face becoming serious. And “Shall we…?” asked guiding to the exit. I was wondering, what is making this man to change all of a sudden? Taking my eyes from his face and I knew I was making deliberate on my face about my emotions.

Without a word, I just nodded and we left the venue. Since my office is close to my apartment, I usually walk or use my bike to commute; today as the weather was breezy, I thought will go by bike. I use office car for any business meeting and for restaurant, I did use office car and I didn’t ask Tom to come and pick me back, I was clueless as what I have to do next.

I cursed for my stupidity and I stood there thinking. “Get in Haasini,” said Fernando guiding me into his car. My heart was pounding in anxiety and leaving no choice obeyed his words. Chauffer opened the door, while we got inside the car. Giving address to the driver, we started off from the restaurant. I sat in the corner looking of the window while we drove.

He was looking at me, while I sat tugging his jacket around my body as it was cold inside too. I had so many things to talk, but I didn’t want to talk anything. I been craving for him and he is sitting next to me. His hand was rested on the seat, which was almost feeling my hair and his other hand was placed on his thigh. I could feel his fingers playing with my hair giving me goose bumps.

While passing my office, I said I can manage from here, but he brushed away saying, “No, I can drop you to your home.” And I guided the road to my apartment. Handing over his jacket, I said, “thank you, Fern, you kept me warm tonight and thanks for dropping me,” continued, “sorry to bother you,” “If you are feeling so sorry, then why don’t you offer me a cup of coffee?” said playfully.

Jaws dropping, I looked at his face blinking as what to say for his upfront question. “sorrryyy, you mean, you mean coffee?” I blurted. “Yeah coffee, why not? Can’t you do so much for helping so much?” he said without changing his tone and he was intently looking into my eyes as to see my every reaction. Recovering from the shock, “Surely, Come on in,” and took into my apartment. I could hear my heartbeat all the way we went to our flat.

Opening the door, I greeted him inside and left to kitchen to brew coffee, and asked him to make comfortable on the couch. I was literally shivering. I set water and coffee powder in the coffee maker. I arranged coffee mug and waited coffee to brew thinking what to do next. My hands were trembling and my body was getting hot. I tapped the kitchen cabinet to control my feelings.

I just gasped when two hands woven around my waist and he whispered, “You are killing me today and I want you and I want to feel you, Haasini, I can’t hold it anymore longer” words were flowing smoothly. Heat was rushing on my face and I was feeling blood boiling inside me. I wanted him too as he wanted me.

I was holding my feelings for him and longed him to be like this with me. “Fern, what are you doing?” said gasping and closing my eyes. He loosened his hands and slowly drawing fingers on my hands, he held my shoulder and turned me towards him and said, “You know what I am doing and I noticed that you too want me as I want you.

I also know that our feelings are mutual,” and I bit my lips almost surrendering myself to him in go. He took my face in his palm, “Look at me, I want to see those beautiful eyes,” saying kissed my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me and seeing those eyes, I could see his passion towards me. He brought his face to my lips and I opened my mouth to reciprocate him back.

I drew me more towards him and he let his tongue to my throat, I gasped and I tasted him and he tasted too good. We were kissing each other and I heard beep from the coffee maker. He turned it off, without out breaking our kiss. I played with his long hair while he hugged me back tightly. “Oh Haasini, you taste soo good,” saying he licked my lips and sucking my lips, “guide me to you room,”

I showed my room and he lifted me in this arm and in no time we were exploring each other. We kissed each other like hungry animals fighting for food. I tilted my head while he bit my throat, and licked my earlobe. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I said. I could feel the arousal in the room. I could smell Sex and our body ignited; we wanted each other.

He laid me on the bed and he unbuttoned his shirt, slid his hands to raise my dress and I helped him to take off my dress. My boobs fell free and those were pointing high. My nipples were tight. “Oh my my” he said licking my areole, took a nipple between his lips, pressed it with his lips, “oh!!!! Fern, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee I want you to suck it,” said arching my back, almost giving my whole mound to his mouth.

My panty was wet and my clit throbbing. He sucked my nipples, biting in between and I begged him for more while played with my soft mouth. He slid down to my tummy, licking and biting everywhere and he slid my panty of my waist. He looked at my face while I looked at his face. Our eyes met and with a slight smile, he unfastened jean, sat between my thighs.

He inhaled the scent of my aroused flesh and he parted the pussy lip. He sort of nibbled my clit, sending me shiver between my spines and hit my head. I never experienced this arousal in my life. I lift my hips in anticipation. He slowly circled his tongue on my clit and slid his tongue in my hot cunt. I pressed his head deep inside me.

He sucked my clit and slid one finger inside my cunt and my juices were flowing. I was all wet and he did that till I felt I am about to release, but he stopped and said, “not so early baby, I want you to wait and have the real fun, you are hot like lava, oh my!!! Where were you so long” he glided upon me while I spread my leg.

Holding my head and looking into my eyes, “Fern, I need you deep inside me now, please don’t make me wait, I need you desperately,” said breathing heavy and showed my disappointment. My clits were throbbing for his hot meat to ram so deep that I wanted it to be there forever. His hot shaft was pressing my tummy to be released.

I slid my hand down and felt his hard hot meat above his boxer. Without a word, he removed his boxer and released his member who is all ready to go. I wanted to feel the length of it and I wanted to really see how big is that which is going to ram me for death. Coyly, I held him in my hand like baby holding a toy and looking at it for the first time, the moment it felt in my finger,

it throbbed, he groaned and without any notice, he took my lips in his mouth and he sucked till it’s swollen. I chuckled in his mouth. “Guide me in, my love, I want to feel you, every inch of your velvette,” he said closing his eyes, I spread my legs, and he wanted me to place it on the entrance of my pussy.

He slowly moved his butt, so it could rub my clit, it gave me shiver and I quivered with please. Moaning, I spread my leg wide and I wanted him thrust deep inside me. He slowly moved his hip, inch by inch, and he pushed in one go. “ahhhhhhhhhh” I said, breathing heavy. He held it for few seconds, looking at my face, he moved slowly happily and breathing heavy.

I opened my eyes while he moving. Our eyes met, and we had many things to say. My legs woven around his waist while he kissed me and bit my neck and licked my earlobe, I reciprocated him by lifting my waist, scratching his back, while I bit his lips, kissed his eyes, pressed my boobs to his chest.

He increased his pace in long thrust while my boobs were juggling. He gave me naughty grin as he started moving fast. He bit his lips, while I pressed his buttock tooooo deep. I could feel my juices flowing on the sheet and his member growing and his balls hitting my butt crack. It was getting wet with my juices.

“Oh Fern, you are too good, I want more and more, go deep inside more and more,” encouraging him for more, he rammed me till I screamed, his name, “yessss, yess like that, oh god!!! I am coming,” gasping I said, “I, I love you Fern, yes good god, yes”, I shuddered as I had big orgasm of my life, while he reached his climax and let him sprout deep inside me, and we quivered in pleasure.

“I love you too baby, my Haasini,” were the words came out of his mouth while he placed his head on my hair. We lay panting and I rubbed his back, while he kissed my cheek and forehead. I tugged his arm so tight conveying him I don’t want him let go easily and I am secured. “I love you!!!” said sweetly getting his breathe in control, I raised my head and turned to see his face, “Really!!!?” asked him naughtily.

He tugged me in his arms and said, “Don’t you think so…”, “No…. how can I believe you,” said looking into his face. He raised his head, kissing my swollen lips, said, “I wanted you from the time I met you at Roland’s Office. I craved for you and longed for you” “I want you to be part of my life and today, I couldn’t control any of my feelings which I held for long time.

I wanted you to be in arms, while you were in my arms at office,” kissing my eyes,” I knew that you too were in the same situation as I am, but I was little worried if I were rejected and today evening I wanted to tell you about it, while the gang joined us and I thought will wait” I noticed you were on phone and been bit emotional, I was worried and I know your situation is not less than my situation.

I thought, this would be the right time where I could express. But you were killing me that sexy dress, you hair, your eyes. I never thought I would express my feelings to you on your bed, naked” grinning he said looking at my surprised face. I kissing him back, “how can I let you go, when I wanted you as you wanted me,” said naughtily.

His kisses were making horny, and our first encounter was still fresh between my thighs and I could feel he getting for the next one… Kissing, and breathing heavy, we prepared to explore thinking there is a long night and there are more love making sessions.

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