After my first sex experience with Haasinin Ma’am, our relationship now was more open and I used to find myself being able to not only talk to her more freely but also found that I gradually was growing in confidence in socially interacting with more women and ladies.

However, my conversations with Haasinin Ma’am was restricted around work and occasionally on general topics like a recent movie release, some business news etc … Since that wonderful night that had helped me loosen my thoughts on how I viewed my own sex life and the way I

pictured persons of the opposite sex was also changing. I found myself noticing a lot more of the shape and the dressing of the girls in the office and I in the last 4-5 weeks I had masturbated at an average of 5-6 times a week as agains 2-3 times only earlier.

In this period I had definitely thought of when I would get my next chance and especially with Haasini Ma’am as I knew she was good, or at least she had made me feel really good that night in the Bhopal guest house. Unfortunately, the second night she did not sleep in the guest

house; she left at 5 pm from the location of the fair and left it to me to pack and return to Nagpur on my own; while leaving she also mentioned that “Vikram, I hope you don’t mind! You were great last night, but I have to be elsewhere tonight.

It has been already been planned 2 weeks ago. I am sure we will find a lot many occasions.” She had placed her hand on my lower part of cheek and sweetly tapped it as she had said all this with that innocent smile or shall I say that innocence in her smile that was capable of hiding

so much! This 2nd opportunity had completely eluded all this time and I did not want to bring it up with her so I did my bit to keep the relationship in a “business-as-usual” mode. Today I had left office at 6 pm and headed home for a nice long and refreshing shower.

I generally do not leave office until 730 or 8. 2 days ago on Wednesday Haasini Ma’am had congratulated me on having met the company’s recruitment target for the quarter and in addition completed the set up of HR software system almost 14 days prior to the deadline.

I was sitting at my desk when she had walked up to me, patted on back and said: “Vikram, you are amazing, all your hard work deserves to be rewarded. I have 2 passes for the rain dance at the Gimkhana Club taking place this Friday. We will party and have a blast!!”

The last word had completely thrown me out of gear and that very instant I felt my cock developing a hard-on in my pants. I was not sure if Haasini Ma’am saw this to avoid any embarrassing moment I quickly stood up and stood in a formal way covering my crotch with

both my hands and replied smilingly “Thank you Ma’am.” I was not sure if my smile was one that accepted the congratulations of the hard work or was actually one that came from the nether depths of my desires that said to me “Wow, Vikram! She wants to have sex with you again.”

Right through while I was having my bath, my cock was in a semi state of erection. A couple of times it even became a full hard-on and I had to tell my self, “Cool down! There is no way of knowing if there would be scope for any sex and even if there was you have to last the full night!”.

Thankfully I had not masturbated the Wednesday when she had told me about rain dance evening and as a result it was a good 4 days since any semen had passed through my penis. I finished my bath, feeling fresh with my heart beating a little faster than normal – was I nervous?

Or scared? Or just excited? What ever it was, I was looking forward to the night. I chose to dress up in my tight jeans and a white full sleeve shirt that I would roll up just once. I just thought that when the shirt would get wet Haasini Ma’am would be able to see my body through

it. I didn’t have a great body but I just thought that I could add to the turn on this way. I wore the Caterpillar shoes that I had picked up in Jaipur sale sprayed some perfume, stood there looking myself in the mirror and thinking: “Not bad uh! I have managed to impress this 5 foot 4 inch babe

that has romped with more than 40 different men in her life that comes across as a completely unsuspecting, well mannered and generally traditionally dressed woman in the office. I was the 42nd, that is what she had mentioned while we were chatting, lying there on the carpet,

all spent. I am sure that score has gone up by now.” I was about to start my Hero Honda when my phone rang. It was Haasini Ma’am. “Hiii Vikram” She said, with a very different tone full of friendliness. I could almost feel she was smiling. “Have you left as yet?”

“Hiii.” I said “Not yet! Just about to kick start my Hero Honda. Anything the matter” For a very brief moment the thought padded my mind that she would call off the evening. She surely had a lot more better people to fuck around with than me.

“No, nothing. I’m just running late. Good. So let us do one thing. You come over home and wait here. You can leave your bike in the parking and we will go in my car. OK?” “OK Ma’am.” I said as there was very little other option. I was at least glad that the evening was very much on.

Before she had hung up, she had given me her flat details. 4B Carnations Apartments, which was a couple of lanes behind the newly opened Inox multiplex. Finding it was not a problem. When I reached there it was 8 pm.

I parked my 2-wheeler in the compound and sat there waiting for her to comedown. About a couple of minutes passed when my phone rang and it was Haasini Ma’am again. “Where have you reached, Vikram?”. “I am here, downstairs. Waiting for you!”

All this while my mind was more and more thinking about how the rest of the evening would unfold and what she had in mind for post the dance, when we will all be wet? “Heyyyy! Come one up and wait here. I will still need about 20 to 30 minutes to get ready.

No not a problem and all. Come’on Vikram, you do not need to hesitate!”. She said in her familiar tone of a good boss. With her encouraging words and tone I let my inhibitions down a bit and headed up to the 4th floor.

I rang the bell and she opened to the door and oh my! she was looking really sexy and gorgeous! Se was wearing a silky top that revealed large part of her chest and the portion between the neck and the boobs. The top was loose and the silky pleats that starter on each

shoulder fell down till just under her boobs. The width of the cloth on her shoulder was just about an inch and this got wider to cover enough of her boobs. There was no cloth under her arms till almost waist level and I am sure if she leaned in front a bit,

one would get a very full glimpse of her round soft boobs from the side. This light dress did not press her boobs either from the side or from the front and thus there was no real cleavage. But one could still get enough of a hint of the size and firmness of her boobs by seeing part of the

bulge that the dress tantalizingly left exposed. I wondered what kind of a bra would fit under such a dress? Would any? I took a couple of moments that I took to absorb her beauty and gorgeousness and I am sure she caught my eyes resting on the breasts and looking at the

pendant that hung low down till almost midway to her boobs. When I raised my eyes and tried to give my natural smile, I saw her already looking at me with her naughty smile and the twinkle in the eye that says – Yes, I know I have got this man’s attention.

Then she quickly said: “Hiiii Vikram, look at you, you look handsome in those casuals and my! Perfume and all aaan?” She open her arms for a welcome hug and I smilingly went into them feeling a bit shy at what she had just said.

I felt her arms close around by back and neck and I hesitantly tried to reciprocate the action. As my hand reached her back I felt a lot more of her soft skin than cloth – Oh my, I was no also waiting to have a look at her from the back and see all the skin she was so tantalizingly exposing.

The short hug finished and she told me to take a seat and she would join in me in ten minutes as she wanted to finish some make up and all that. I sat on one of the soft leather sofa chairs and started looking around. Hers was a modern home with a modern feel.

Lot of woodwork combined with steel and a very soft and cozy sofa set. In the corner of the sitting area was a sitting area very large that blended into the wall and had no back rest just plenty of cushions. The brown leather matched very well with the rest of the home.

On the other side, forming a square was the independent sofa set – the large one and the 2 small single seater ones. I went and sat in the middle of the large sofa with my back to the rest of the house as Haasini Ma’am disappeared into one of the rooms.

I looked around for a while trying to find something that would make me feel more at ease when I spotted an Issue of Femina in the rack below the centre table. I picked it up and started flipping through it.

Just then, I heard someone say: “Excuse me Sir, What would you like to drink?” I turned my head and to my shocking surprise there was a pretty and young lady standing there. She had a with a lovely smile on her face, warm brown in complexion and short hair not longer than her

shoulders. She was holding a tray which had some long bottles and empty glasses with ice cubes in them. I noticed a bottle of ‘Absolute’ Vodka, a Johny Walker, and bottle of 7up. With my stunned eyes I gazed at her for fairly long moment

– not because I had not seen a lady in a long time, but more so because she was in an Air Hostesses dress gear. All blue, a scarf round her neck with hints of yellow, thin legs covered with stockings.

She kept on smiling sweetly at me with some mischief in her eyes as I kept staring at her not knowing what was happening? Then I saw Haasini Ma’am appear from behind in a little distance and next to her was a tall, stud of a man dressed up like a pilot!

Each one having a naughty and mischievous smiles on their faces. It took me a while to understand what was happening! As I kept alternating my gaze between the pretty and smiling air hostess, Haasini Ma’am and pilot who had his arms around her waist and a glass of drink in

the other everything came back to me. After we had fucked hard that night in Bhopal, and were laying on the carpet chit chatting Haasini Ma’am had kept on saying how much she had enjoyed the session with me. “You are really great Vikram, what a pity that ladies don’t have an

opportunity to enjoy you! I know your past has made you reserved but think what a fun filled life you can have if you open up and are able to give such pleasure to more and more women. I know how women crave for this kind of a fuck. Phew !! Oh my.

Sachin is the only other person who gives me this kind of pleasure but he has been away for so long.” Then she has asked me: “Vikram, do you not fantasize about a special fuck situation?” “Yes Ma’am, I was lucky to fulfill a fantasy today. I wanted to have a long fuck in a doggy style,

and you gave it to! You were great too and I did not know that fucking outside of marriage can be so much fun”. “I am glad for you Vikram! Then she had rolled over half over me, placing one thigh over my limp cock and playing with her fingers on my breast and asked:

“What other fantasies do you have?” “That is when, in the flow of the moment I had very innocently told her that I think will be great fun having sex with a sweet lovely Air hostess! “Mmmmmmmm. Vikram you don’t stop to amaze me!!”

was all she had said and we had fallen asleep right there, mingled with one another. I took a deep breath as the stunned look on my face gave way to sheepish smile when my eyes met Haasini Ma’am’s. My whole body and face began to relax and the thoughts in my mind raced –

“Oh My, Haasini Ma’am has set me up a fantasy fulfilling evening to reward all my hard work” I continued to look at her and smile and shake my head a bit more in disbelief than anything else. Haasini Ma’am finally started to step forward and said:

“Vikram, it took me a while to arrange this but I am sure all the wait since our last encounter is worth it and I am sure you will enjoy this evening after slogging your ass out at the office!” My gaze shifted to this fantasy girl of mine, may be about my age,

still a little bent, holding the tray in her hand and smiling coyly at me and her mouth just opened a bit she breathed in and though I was looking at her sweet face and plum like cheeks, I could see that her long breath made her breast go uuuuuuuuuuup and then down.

She then spoke; “So, What would you like to drink sir?” In her eyes and voice I felt a tingle that made me feel that she knew it all and my eyes widened for a moment and mustering up some confidence I said: “Some Vodka”.

By the time she had poured the Vodka and handed over me the glass, Haasini Ma’am and the pilot had reached the sitting area. Haasini Ma’am then said: “Vikram this is Sachin and Sachin, do you need more introduction to Vikram”.

“No I don’t” he said, in a firm and confident voice. He stretched his hand out to me and said: “Hi Vikram, I am indeed glad to meet you. There is just so much that Haasini talks about you and especially that night at Bhopal.”

Before I could begin to feel shy, Haasini Ma’am chipped in to say, “Vikram, you don’t need to feel shy here; Sachin, and I have been close friends and fuck buddies for almost 4 years now. I have known him since my days in Bangalore.

And since we do not have a chance to meet and fuck each other he had to find someone who could satisfy that passion he has for sex. And he found his match in Kavitha.” By now I had completed shaking my hands with Sachin and Kavitha was handing me over my drink.

She then smiled and chipped in: “Hii Vikram, I can’t tell you how much I have been waiting to meet you since I heard Haasini’s plan. She tell’s me what a great fuck you are and I waiting for a long and horny night!!”

As she finished, Haasini Ma’am quipped in and said raising her glass: “Cheers!! Vikram, you have earned this for all the fantastic work you do in the office and outside!! Aaaaj ki shaam, Vikram ke naam.”

All raised their glasses and klinked it with Haasini Ma’am’s, mine was the last to reach still a little dazed and lost. We then sat down. Sachin with one hand on Haasini Ma’am’s back (I am sure it was inside the dress and caressing that soft skin of hers)

sat on the diwan on the left and Kavitha and myself settled on the soft sofa. She sat very close to me with a drink in one hand and placed the other hand on my thigh. With all this talk and the scenes of the night readying up in from the my eyes,

my cock was just beginning to swell in my jeans, thankfully my shirt was hiding enough of it. “Ma’am”, I finally spoke. “I can’t believe this! This is embarrassing, I don’t know what to say”. “Vikram”, she spoke wriggling abit in midst of the strong hold of Sachin.

“You enjoy sex, don’t you? I know your circumstance has deprived you of the wonders of enjoying sex and I need to keep you happy because you work so well and so hard. If you leave me now, Mr Gupta will not fuck me any more, he will fuck all the joys of being in this amazing

city and the opportunity to have a great fucking life with you!” There was a laughter as the conversations gradually began to flow. However I think Kavitha was still not getting the kind of response she wanted from me. By now Sachin and Haasini Ma’am had exchange lip kisses and

Sachin had already taken one opportunity to give one round of gentle massage and some squeezes on Haasini Ma’am left boob by taking his hand through the side of her dress. But the two of us were just stroking each others thighs and casting kinky glances at each other while

sipping on our drinks. So Kavitha spoke up: “Hey, let us add some more spice to the evening! Why don’t each of us narrate one of our favorite fantasies or may be even one hot exciting experience?” “Great Idea”, Sachin said, “Kavitha, go ahead, you start”.

“MMmmmmm” she said, and as she started talking she held my left hand and moved it up under her breast as if indicating me, hey, c’mon start doing something that is more exciting. “I have 2 favorite experiences. Sachin, my first one is doing it with you in the cockpit on that flight back

from Singapore. Thank god we had enough time on the auto pilot cruise and you could ask your other co-pilots to take a stroll in the passenger cabin. My My !! Taking you in all dressed up and you squeezing my boobs from behind, and fucking me while I sat on your lap just moving my

panties a bit to the side, was so exciting.” My hands that had started working on her breasts felt the pace of her breath change a bit as she remembered that exciting moment. She continued “Man, that huge load of yours was thankfully sticky like jelly and thus slowly slid down the

insides of my cunt only into the cup of my panties. I went to the toilet at the back and licked it all up while fingering myself! That was some hell of an experience”. As she completed, she was urging my hands to kneed her breasts harder and she had come close to my face and was

rubbing her cheek to mine. Yaaaah! She said softly, c’mon, Vikram, make me horny. “ooooooooh!” Haasini Ma’am said and looked at Sachin naughtily and Sachin joined in and added his “oooooooooooooh! That was great fun!”

As more stories went around the petting had grown stronger and so had the intensity of my kisses on Kavitha’s lips. “Mmmmmmm,” she was moaning as I sucked the upper lip and pulled it in my mouth like a suction pump. “Mmmmm” “Mmmmm”, she kept on. My left hand explored

her breasts from on top of her dress and the rights was caressing her back and enjoying the feel of the bra hooks. Her right hand was on my crotch and generally rubbing it as she could hardly have a grip on anything specific. And her left hand was playing with the hair at the back of my

neck and kept our kisses closely tight lipped. A lot of moans and groans also came from Sachin and Haasini Ma’am but my attention was now completely on Kavitha. “Mmmmm,” Kavitha said between the hot tongue kissing we were now engage in.

Then she moved her left hand away from the back of my head and started tugging at the top of her dress and pulling it open. There were some 8-10 tip buttons that held the shirt flaps together. Once she started doing this, I began to help her and then she took my hand and slipped inside

her dress and onto her boobs. I felt it, the firm roundness through the laced bra she was wearing. It was firm and soft it was not as full and huge as Haasini Ma’am’s but it was still full enough for me to feel the excitement of squeezing a boob.

I squeezed her right boob, then her left one and then started to search for her nipples under the bra. She winced abit, and may be for the first time started to feel confident that I would make this evening worthwhile. She moved away from the kissing for a moment and started to mumble

“yeaaaah”, squeeze those nipple, pinch them, yeeaaaah!” I was circling each nipple, pinching it till she winced in a pleasurable pain and then pressed back in full along with the breast until the nipple touched the base of her breast. Wooow!

I was enjoying it in full flow now and she started to unbutton my white shirt. I don’t help her and let her struggle abit as this gave that little extra time to enjoy some more squeezing of those soft globules. My other hand had now traveled under her top which was loose as it was open

and was I trying to unhook her bra from the back. Our breathing has getting heavier and my crotch was now really beginning to pain inside the trapped covers of my undies and tight jeans. I wanted her to get it out quickly. But she was busy now playing with my chest and squeeze

whatever soft flesh she could hold on by breasts. I finally managed to unhook the bra, much to my surprise – was it an easy thing? Or was it just natural to me? Incidentally this was the first time I had given it a try and was successful. My left hand was molding the sponginess of her

boob from the top of the bra. With the bra now loose, I moved the hand from under the bra and placed it on her left boob and cupped it in full and shook it holding the nipple between my fingers. She sighed. I was now not able to hold the pain of the throbbing cock in my pants so I

pushed her hands away and unzipped my jeans, unbuttoned the top button and spread open the flaps exposing the white jockey that was concealing a huge cock underneath it – waiting to be fondled, stocked and sucked. Kavitha instinctively knew it was now her turn to add to my

excitements. She used the thumbs of both her hands and stuck them on the sides of the undies and started to pull both my jeans and undies down. I arched my back and kept feeling her hands on various places around my waist and bums as she struggled to get the dress off which was

being held even tighter by the bulging of the cock. She finally succeeded and as she brought the undies and the jeans down to below my knees the cock sprung up and started to dance for a while. Kavitha looked at it and then looked at me and licked her lips on which our joint saliva

was drying. Ooooooooh that made me feel so erotic that my hard-on twitched once and I felt the pain of an erection trying to become bigger than it can. I looked into her breast that was by and large covered with her open shirt and for the first time I could see the pinkish lacy bra crumpled

lying on top of boobs. However I could not see her nipples only the inside part of the roundness of her boobs. She slid off the sofa and as she started to straddle me still licking the edges of her lips I adjusted myself to get my hip at the edge of the sofa. Her tight skirt would not have

permitted a comfortable straddle and so she pulled it up enough so that she could sit on my cock comfortably. I tried to peek into the under of her skirt to check if she was wearing a panty and if so, what colour it was, but could not get a peek. As she descended on my cock,

she also leaned forward enough thrusting her breast close enough for me to move touch and fondle her breasts. I moved my hand to part the shirt that was covering her boobs but I did not want to remove it. I wanted to be able to see as much of her dress as that was what was

making me feel I was doing it with an air hostess. As I parted the shirt to get a first real glimpse of a woman’s boobs, her wet panty landed on my base of my standing dick, just at the joint of the shaft and the balls. I gasped loudly for air and let out a “oooooooooooh”.

My hands were now on her tits and massaging her boobs, kneading it and tugging at the nipples once in a while. She had by now started to move her panty lightly wet with her pussy fluids from the base of my shaft to almost the full way and back. Slowly.

Just slow enough for me to feel the wetness and the open pussy lips. She put her hands on my shoulder to balance herself, threw her head back and started to enjoy the new motions. I was now longing to take her lovely round boobs with her erect nipples into my mount so I moved my

hands around her boobs to her back and started pulling her towards me and licked my lips to make them wet. She bent her elbows lower her left boob into my mouth. I put some saliva on it, and blew lightly some cold air. “oooooohoooohhhhhooo” she let out a sigh revealing how this

excited her. I then repeated it with the other tit and she was now letting out short sighs with her eyes closed, tossing her head once to the left and then once to the right. My blowing on her nipples, gradually turned to tongue circling them, then flicking them,

and then short sucking them. Her forward-up and back-down motion of rubbing the various parts of her pussy on my shaft continued. My hands were now exploring her ass cheeks and occasionally I also inserted my fingers in her panties and gripped the full bums and helped her

with the forward-up and back-down motions. My sucking on her nipples became stronger and I was now taking in bigger and bigger bites of her globules too. I could also feel the my dick becoming wetter and wetter. Then all of a sudden I changed the boob sucking and put a light

bite around her erect nipple and tugging it with my teeth let it go. She yelped a small “Ooooooch” and “oooooooooooh” with it. “Do it again Vikram!” she sighed with between her increasing breathing and motions and did this time on her right boob, and then her left.

By now I had got hold of the rhythm she looking for and was bucking my hips just that little bit so that when she went down-back movement I was able to time it to press against her clit and I could see the tiny moments of relaxing joy on her face come and go.

I was enjoying her wet pussy panty on my cock and giving her real exiting time on her nipples when her movements started to speed up and I knew she was about to orgasm. The love sounds for the lovemaking of Haasini Ma’am and her favourite fuck buddy were only adding to the overall

excitement. With Kavitha’s breast thrust into my face I could bearly see anything around. Then all of a sudden Kavitha’s movement and sighs peaked as she orgasmed shouting “yyyyyesssss Vikram, yyyyeeessssssss, suck those damn nipples, bite them,

tugg them haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrd!” Her body tightened with her legs clutching me hard and my hip positioned such that my shaft was pressing hard on her clit. I began to feel the fluids flow down from her cock onto my balls … MMMMMAAAAAAAN.

That was something, that tricking and tickling almost made me cum. But I did not want to waste a cum like this – shooting all in the open on my tummy. I gasped holding her bum cheeks close to me and letting her enoy the first throbbing orgasm of along night.

Then as she began to relax I let her ease out and then she looked down on me and smiled …. “Vikram, that was amazing! What a boob sucker you are. I know believe Haasini completely when she says that your sucking and fucking can leave girls intoxicated!”

“Did I not tell you Kavitha!” We heard Haasini Ma’am’s voice. We turned to see they were watching us for god knows how long. Each side of her top had come of her shoulder and was hanging on the side and we could see her firm 36 sized breasts.

She had some white sticky fluid on the side of her lips and it was clear she would have given Sachin a mind blowing blowjob as Sachin still lay on his back with only his shirt buttons open and a limp cock sticking under the elastic of his blue undies and his trousers were still right up till his thighs.

Kavitha, un-straddled me and sank on the sofa, lifting her right leg and placing it on the handle of the sofa next to hers. This exposed her panty that was fully wet with her pussy juices to Sachin as it was directly in front of him and at his eye level.

I think this started to turn him on and I could see his cock starting to slowly bulge and then stand up. As his excitement for a second round grew he said: “Fuck man!! Kavitha what an orgasm that was. Have I ever made you come that way?”

Kavitha was half sighing and half laughing looking directly up at the ceiling. “Haasini, what a stud of a fucker. He is a real master in sucking breast. I am now looking to the full fuck with him – man that will be a mind blowing experience I am sure.”

My that time Haasini Ma’am, had got up from her diwan and was walking up to me with a naughty smile on her face. I could still see some of Sachin’s cum on the side of her chin and as she came closer I also spotted some droplets of the sticky fluid on her breast.

“Vikram don’t move, I want to taste Kavitha’s come from your cock. I gasped, It was almost an hour now since we all were having sex and I was not sure how much longer I would be able to hold my first spurting. But she was my boss and I needed to please her too so I smiled in return

and waited. She sat in between my legs and started licking my balls first with the tip of her tongue and then full length of the shaft as if she was licking on a chocolate cone ice-cream. After doing only 2or 3 strokes she looked down on the floor and said that my jeans still stuck

there between my legs was not making her comfortable so she unlaced my Caterpillars pulled them out and freed my legs completely from any bondages. She then started her licking again. All this while I was looking at Sachin and how he was looking at Kavitha’s open crotch covered

by a thin wet panty that I still did not know was pink like her bra or some other colour. “Kavitha” he said, “why don’t you pull down those wet panties and let me smell them and see you hairy wet pussy?” Kavitha still staring at the ceiling and enjoying the super sensation that had

electrified her body replied: “No Sachin, today I am Vikram’s and only he has the right to any part of my body or anything on my body.” She then finally came back to her elements and brought her gaze down and saw Haasini Ma’am licking my dick and swallowing all her the

wetness Kavitha had left there. “Hey, Haasini,” she said, “this is not fair, Vikram’s mine for the night, you can enjoy him as and when you like it.” She looked at my face and saw my breathing rise and thought that if Haasini Ma’am went on for some more time she would loose the chance

of enjoying my cum. She bent down and pulled Haasini Ma’am up and started kissing her taking her attention away from my cock. Thank god I thought – I too wanted to shoot my first cum of the night on Haasini. While they kissed for a while,

Sachin got up and said, “I need to visit the toilet and need a refill. Kavitha will you serve another round of drinks to all of us?” “Yes” Kavitha said between their kisses and then kept pushing Haasini Ma’am slowly away from me towards one of the rooms across the hall.

They continued to walk fondling each others hairs and making slurpy kissing sounds. I looked at them go away and thought for a while this was needed as the tension in my shaft and balls had come very close to an orgasm. I picked up my unfinished drink and went a bottoms up of 3

mouth fulls of the Vodka. The chest felt a little warm. I lay back on the soft sofa, put my neck back, closed my eyes to relax the tension and slowly let my own hands fondle very lightly on and around my cock. I do this when I feel horny and want something around that bulging flesh,

something light to more ease the tension and slow things down to prolong the orgasm. I don’t know how long I was doing this. All of a sudden, when I opened my eyes I saw that the muscular pilot had picked me in his arms and took me to that same room where I had seen

Kavitha take Haasini Ma’am. “Young man” the pilot said, “this is not the right place for the next session of the evening. We need a big bed”. He brought me into the room and lay me in the bed. I looked around and saw that I was the only one more or less completely naked and my cock

had become somewhat limp by now. Haasini Ma’am was still exposing only her boobs, Kavitha was still wearing that air hostess dress, the front of which I recalled I had opened some time back, and Sachin had pulled his cock back into his unties. Well did I get transported in the land

of nether mysteries? May be, as for a while I thought that all that fucking with Kavitha was a dream. I smiled and I heard Haasini Ma’am say, “come Vikram lye down here, we will now do a foursome.” Oh my! I thought phew! This too was a fantasy of mine that I had not opened up to

anyone as yet. Having sex in a group each one connected to the other and each one rhythmic unison and then finally coming one after the other! My heart started to beat faster and the limp cock started to regain life.

I saw Kavitha hand over Sachin his drink, keep the other glass in her hand and come towards my face while walking on her knees on the bed. Haasini Ma’am got onto her fours, sticking her ass up in the air behind and started fondling my cock, preparing it for a blowjob.

And Sachin stood, taking large gulps of his drink moved behind Haasini Ma’am to take her from behind. He was tall enough and the Haasini Ma’am’s ass arched upward provided for a perfect doggy fuck. Kavitha reached by the side of my head and completely got rid of her top leaving

only the lacy pink bra contrasting her wheatish skin colour and making me feel sexy once again. She removed her top one arm at a time holding that drink and then she did something that really blew my mind – and literally so. I was already feeling a little high with that strong 3

gulp drink. She added to it by taking a big gulp in her mouth and then letting it ease into mine as she started the French kiss. On one side Haasini Ma’am was playing with my cock and as she played I could also fee the slow movement of Sachin’s in and out being transmitted to me.

I gulped the mouthful of Vodka from Kavitha’s mouth and within a few seconds I began to feel the swoon rise in my head. I gasped for air and let out “Ooooooooh,” “Yyyyyeaaaaahhhhhh, this is incredible. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm”. My left hand reached and began to caress

Kavitha’s boobs and right was just about stretched enough to be able to flick the tip of Haasini Ma’am’s hanging erect nipples on her left boob. Each one of us were now making our own sounds. “Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, “ Said Haasini Ma’am in the same

rhythm as Sachin bucked her. “Yeah, Haasini, I have been waiting for this for the past 3 months.Ahhh” I heard Sachin say, “Your soft silky ass, your soft pink love hole, aaaahhhh, your soft downy like pubic hair, … I have been waiting for this for such a long time, aaaaannnnnhhhh.

You are my best, you are my best ever, Aaaahhhh”. Kavitha had started to talk to me and say Vikram, I want you to eat my pussy. I put you a challenge if you can give me more than one orgasm, I will open my house doors to you for a fuck any time. I have never had a multiple

orgasm and my friends keep talking about it. I want it now, I want it today.” As she said this she moved her mouth away from mine, pulled her skirt up to her hips and stradled my face. For the first time I would see a female pussy in front of me.

My fuck night with Haasini Ma’am was in the dark! I finally saw that the colour of her panty was pink or whatever part was not wet was at least pink. I put my hands on her soft bums and lightly started to caress it with the tip of of my fingers, this gave her an instant goose bumps and she

sighed in strongly “Aaaaaahhhhhhh”, “Kavitha”, I spoke to her for the first time that night. “Why don’t you remove your skirt so that I can see you full naked body.” She stood up, unbuckled her skirt from the side and let it fall on my face. She stepped out of them, picked it up and set it

aside. Then she kneeled with each knee on either side of my ears and brought that beautiful pussy down on my face again. She then did something more to excite me. She poured Vodka in the middle of her breast and it came trickling down her body and started to wet her panty and as

I started the licking process close to her vagina still hidden from my eyes, the mixed smell and taste of her love juices and the Spirited Vodka began to make me wild. While I continue to caress and fondle her ass cheeks, she parted her panty to the side and exposed her almost

clean shaven pussy. I saw a completely clean vagina for the first time – just like in the pictures of the porn books. She had a little bit of hair forming a small triangle clearly over the slit. Maaaaan! What a sight. She was a sex doll I thought.

She really took care of how she looked at every part of her body. I brought my hands around and parted the soft flabby top of the lips that were dangling in front of my eyes and gaped into the pink love tunnel. Instantly my back arched, my cock twitched strongly and I let out some

pre-cum into the mouth of Haasini Ma’am. “mmmmmm!” She said and let go of my cock, “Vikram, easy, easy. You can’t come now, we are all far away from the our orgasms”. I ignored her because she knew what to do to cool things down abit. I was more focused on the new

tunnel of love that I had seen for the first time. I put my nose and then my mouth to it and then gradually inserted my tongue. The Vodka was still dribbling in and I took advantage of that. Instead of drinking it I let it collect in my mouth abit rolled my tongue in it and stuck it out

placing it on the soft sensitive insides of her vagina. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” “Oooooooooooohhhhhhh.” Kavitha let out couple of long sighs and her body almost tensed up that way she had tensed in her first orgasm – but the pleasures didn’t take her to that height as

yet. I figured it was the heat of the Vodka that had done something to her through those sensitive hidden skins that were all flushing with blood circulation. I repeated it and she climbed a little closer to her climax and she let out loudly “ Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Vikkkraaaaammm!” That is fan-taaaaaaaastic! Do it, do it again. I am cummmmmmiiiiiiiing”. I didn’t do it immediately and held myself from doing it just a short while longer than she would have expected. When she didn’t feel my tongue come in to her she brought her hip down looking

for it. That is when I put both my lips on her cunt-hole and pushed all the Vodka and love juices that I had collected in my mouth and instantaneously she yelled into a shattering orgasm “Viiikkkkkraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm” and she let go her salty love juices as if a

balloon full of water had burst open. A lot of her cum went into my mouth and a lot of it spilled out all over the lower part of the face. I instantaneously intensified my licking, tongue probing and passionate kissing of her pussy – I had taken on the challenge she ahd given me of making

her come more than once. She was still recovering from her second shuddering orgasm of the night which I thought was more intense than the first and I was continuing to work on her pussy lips more vigorously. Just as I began to feel that her thigh muscles were beginning to loosen up I

turned my attention to her clit. Stretching the pussy lips as wide as I could, I made that little penis like member, that pleasure button that can turn any woman on at any time of the day. In a swift motion I flicked the tip of it with my tongue just once and landed my full mouth and started

to suck it, circle it and tug it just the way I had done it to Haasini Ma’am. Pheew! She immediately contracted into another orgasm yelling, Wwwwooooooooowww. Woooooooooooooooowwwww. And then lept to a third one as the second one had triggered

excitement barrier so much that it pulled the third one along. Her 3rd orgasm was just a series of sighs, lesser in intensity that the second one but it nevertheless gave her the pleasure she was looking for.

By this time, I too could not bear it any more and while Kavitha was rising to her second orgasm I was trying to move as much of my hip as I could to get my 7 inch cock in Haasini Ma’am’s mouth. Her expert lips were tightly rubbing my hard-on and she was also playing with my balls

with one hand. With Kavitha’s second orgasm I was so on the edge that I burst my think and juicy semen, my sticky semen that was sitting in my balls for more than 4 days now, into my bosses mouth. The load groanings and yelps of Kavitha was already adding a lot of heat to our

act of foursome. The atmosphere was fully charged when I let out my love juices. The sudden flush of so much hot cum in her mouth made Haasini Ma’am cum as well and she yelled out a loud “Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and stuck her ass hard on Sachin’s

crotch and let out all the hot cum onto my dick balls and pubic hair. Finally in that instant, feeling the bouncing ass of Haasini Ma’am stop hard and contract on his cock, he let out his sperms and semen deep inside his favorite fuck buddy.

For a moment we all froze like that, enjoying the tension of orgasm filling our whole bodies, and that wonderful sensation that is indescribable. The waves of pleasure now began to subside and we began to return to our regular senses and I saw a hugely satisfying smile on each face.

I was looking for Kavitha’s smile and hers was indeed one that suggested she had gone to some other world and returned. She turned around, bent and kiss me on the lips and said “Vikram, you are just toooooo good. I don’t know how Haasini Ma’am doesn’t call you for a fuck every day.

I am now all yours, whenever you want me to and even after my marriage you are welcome to make me your fuck buddy any time.” Sachin had now collapsed on the bed next to me and Haasini Ma’am had straddled him and collapsed on his chest,

with her head turned towards me and Kavitha. She was smiling with a complete satisfaction and winking at me. I smiled back a smile that I thought had an acknowledgement of thanks in it. As Kavitha moved her head up from the loving kiss she had just given me for taking her out of this

world 3 times in a row, Haasini Ma’am said. “Folks, the rest of the night is for the 2 of you, enjoy it the way you want and do not disturb us!” She got up and pulled Sachin up along with her, still in her frock and topless body she led naked Sachin out of the room and closed the door.

That is when Kavitha saw my cum lying all waste on my limp dick and the pubic hair. We closed the lights of the room, and she then worked me up for the 2nd fuck and orgasm of the night. My hard on was now dying to feel a pussy around it and Kavitha very willingly obliged a

long slow rocking fuck in 3 different positions. But we finished the night with me shooting my second round of my fuck fluids inside her soft pick vagina in missionary position and then fell asleep in each others arms.

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