Hi all, my name is Haasini. I am 26 and married for the last three years. It was an arranged marriage in a good and respectable family. My husband and his family had several retail stores in Delhi and such we always had all the worldly comfort I could ever wish. I am a reasonably fair coloured girl with long hair and a figure of 33-27-34.

Originally I belong to Dehradun where I was born and brought up till being married and settling down in Delhi. The event I am going to narrate actually took place a couple of months back when I was returning back to Delhi from Dehradun where I had gone to spend a few days. Initially my husband was too supposed to accompany me but due to some work I had to go alone so I had to take my car and driver for this journey.

When I was suppose to return back, my driver informed me that there was some problem in running of the car and he need to get it repaired before it is fit for the long journey. When he visited the workshop, the mechanic after inspection told him that it would take one whole day for the car to be repaired as there were some major faults.

I was really upset and annoyed with the driver for telling me all this when I was ready to leave. I called up my husband and he asked me to leave the car and driver there for repairs and I should take the deluxe bus that ran between the two places. I knew that due to some social engagements my presence was necessary. So I left by the afternoon bus that was supposed to reach Delhi by the evening.

It was an air conditioned coach where only two person could sit in a row with enough leg space to relax. There was a man already seated by the isle when I entered the bus. When he saw me coming to take my seat, he not only got up and greeted me with a smile but also helped me with my handbag to be placed above. The driver had already put in my luggage in the boot compartment.

It was a smooth journey and the cool temperature inside was relaxing. The person seated next to me introduced himself to me as Arvind who was returning to Delhi after his business tour. He was nice to chat with and always maintained that respect and manners reserved for the females. Everything was going so nice and we had covered half the distance when the sun set in and darkness began to follow.

The driver announced that he would be stopping for a few minutes in the resort that was coming up soon for all to get fresh and relax their muscles. He had hardly spoken these words when he had to stop the bus as there seem to be some problem ahead and all the vehicles had piled up ahead leaving no space at all to go ahead.

When the traffic did not move even an inch the conductor got down to enquire what was wrong ahead. He came back after a few minutes and announced that there was a pile up ahead between two trucks carrying petroleum and one of them caught fire so the whole highway was blocked and the traffic that had piled up had made the matter worse.

The fire had engulfed a couple of more cars so there was no possibility of moving ahead for several hours and he wouldn’t be surprised if it was the whole night. I was shocked and dumb struck as my whole scheduled ahead gone flat. How could I spend the night in a bus, it was even crazy to think about.

After some more time the driver announced that he had confirmation from the agencies involved that the traffic would not be able to start till early morning and it would still take a few hours to get the jam clear. He further informed that we could walk over to the resort that was about half a kilometer from there and could pass the time there, have something to eat and if things did not improve even book a room there to stay the night.

For me it was the most gruesome walk ever in the hot whether. Though Arvind my next seat traveller was there with me still it took me nearly half an hour to reach the resort and I almost slumped at the restaurant table. Arvind had left me there to get fresh and did not return for a considerable time but I was too tired to care about him, moreover he was just a fellow passenger.

I called up my husband and informed him about the situation and he too confirmed having seen it in the news. He too was upset with it but under the circumstances, he too was helpless and he asked me to book a room immediately as there could be a heavy rush for it as hundreds of people are stranded there.

When I enquired at the reception for a deluxe room for a night, I was informed that everyone has been taken following the mess outside. I got down to even an ordinary room to spend the night but there was none, He informed me that people are putting up in the lawns outside as the motel could not accommodate everyone.

The world seem to be spinning for me, spending the night out in the open was just unthinkable with scores of people out there. I was cursing my driver who could not get the car repaired in time, but even if he had, I would still be stuck here. All my requests got me no result and I finally left myself on my destiny, no one could help me here and it was like being among hundreds of people out there in the open.

I was standing alone outside the reception hall looking outside with moist eyes as I was feeling too alone to cope with the situation when I heard a voice asking me “did I get a room or what”. I looked around it was Arvind asking me, I shook my head and continued looking towards the highway mess.

He added, “yeah I knew it would be tough getting a room once the driver had alerted us so I rushed to get a room as I came here and I just managed to get one room”. I nodded and said nothing. He was perhaps aware that I would not be able to spend the night out in the open with scores of people occupying the lawns so he offered the room to me and said that he would manage the night in the open and I should take a good night’s sleep.

I stared at him in astonishment, can a man be so generous? It was a lucrative offer but I could not accept it and I told him that I would manage somehow. But he asked me again to have the room but I plainly said no to him on that line. I could not allow him to spend the night outside while I sleep in comfort.

Finally he said that “okay you have the bed and I take the sofa, its a matter of a few hours and I can manage it”. For once I almost agreed but the thought that what if anyone come to know that I had spend one night in a motel room with some other man, this could ruin my life if it was open.

But then who is coming to know about it, there is no one known here, even Arvind do not know anything about me except my name and once we reach Delhi we would be lost forever. I knew that even my husband no matter how hard he try can not come over to help me here so it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if I do spend the night here in the room. Finally I agreed to his proposal and he was thankful to me for putting in my confidence on him.

But I needed at least my handbag for change of clothes and other toiletries. I requested him if he could accompany me to the bus and help me get my bag from there. He was ready for it as he too needed his things. The half a kilometer walk to the bus was really gruesome the vehicles were parked even on the kachcha footpath which was filled with bushes and potholes.

I was wearing my high heeled sandals and several times Arvind had to support me by holding my hand or a couple of times supporting me by encircling my waist. I do not know why but somehow I got aroused by all this. Being held in arms with another man was something turning me on. By the time I got back to the motel, it was totally dark and I was really tired and drenched with sweat.

Arvind too was feeling too hot but he still asked me if I needed a shower first. It was his room he was entitled to take it before me and moreover I was feeling hot too and needed to rest and dry myself in the cool wind of the air conditioner. When he came out after his shower, he was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt that was revealing his muscular body under it.

I could see his broad shoulders, flat tummy and well built up biceps, looked like he was a regular visitor to his gym. While immersed in a hot bath, I was still thinking of him and my hands started fondling my nipples and later rubbing my pussy. made me let out a soft moaning sound. I had read so many stories about one night off with a stranger and the more I was thinking the more II was getting hot and wanted him.

I was getting more aroused thinking of how it would go with a stranger and how he would take me. I was confident that no one could ever find out my this one night off and while I am at it, why not enjoy it and remember it for the rest of my life. A little while later I got up from the tub, dried myself and put on my pyjama slacks and a t-shirt as I was not having my nighty gown with me in the bag.

As a normal habit, I did not wear my bra but only my panties. I purposefully did a little makeup to make me more desirable. We were sitting on different sofas and watching television, I had the remote in my hands and I was just flipping channels when it slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor.

As I bent to pick it up, the front of my nighty too loosened up and as I was not wearing the bra, a good amount of my cleavage and almost half of my boobs were exposed and I found Arvind enjoying the show as I got up. He smiled at me and jokingly said, “sorry, I would not look if that remote fell again”.

This silly comment made me give out a embarrassing smile to him and it added some more fuel to the fire burning inside me. I was no longer interested in the television programs but still I kept on flipping the channels. I now found Arvind too was not interested in the TV programs and kept on looking at me and my cleavage that was visible above my nighty neck and my boobs which were rising and falling with every breath I was taking.

He was regularly shifting his position that made me wonder if it was his erection in his shorts that was proving too much for his comfort. I too was feeling my throat going dry and was unable to meet his eyes fearing that he might read what was going on in my mind. He was trying to make short conversations but I was unable to reply.

I gave the remote to him but he switched off the TV and getting up, he walked towards the window to see outside. It was then I saw a bulge in his shorts that showed me he too was getting aroused and wanted it as much as I did. He came back and this time sat besides me on the same sofa and flicked the TV again without actually being interested in it but just an excuse to be there.

I was looking at him when he too turned his face and looked straight in my eyes which I immediately lowered as I could not look at him for I was getting too weak for him.. But perhaps it was too late as he got what he wanted to know. Slowly he put his hand on mine which I withdrew slowly. He again caught my hand and tried to pull me towards him.

As there was no force in it I remained where I was seated so he shifted and came towards me and slowly brought his face down to kiss my cheek for once. The touch of his lips on mine made me melt and I had hardly any strength left to stop him or get up from there. He bent down on my cleavage kissing it and fondling my nipples with his other hand.

Slowly he took his one hand inside my shirt and started fondling my boobs. I was not wearing any bra so he started caressing and pinching my nipples making them hard and erect and I let out a soft sigh in pain and pleasure. With his one quick movement, he rolled up my shirt and removed it from my body making me topless in front of him.

Being almost nude in front of an stranger made me shy and I covered my boobs with my both hands. He too removed his shirt exposing his muscular body and mild hairs on the middle of his chest. He hugged me to kiss all over my neck, shoulders, breasts and he was biting me all over. He had now started sucking my nipples one by one as he pinched them slowly causing my nipples to stand erect even more.

He was sucking them so hard that they almost turned pink and stood like a small hill. I had arched my body in excitement and asked him to suck them harder and longer. He was biting my breasts so hard that it was leaving several marks on them. I really wanted him to go wild with me, this was something I had never experienced before as my husband was a gentle lover.

I wanted to be bitten, to be crushed and fucked as hard as it could be. I was beyond wondering how would I explain about the bite marks to my hubby when he see them any time later. In no time my slacks and panties were off my body and I now lay totally naked in front of him. He was still kissing me all over my body starting from my neck all the way down to my navel and waist.

I could not handle the tickling feeling on my stomach when his stubble face touched me and I let out a loud moaning sound in ecstacy. This was enough for him to turn me over to my stomach and once again kiss me all the way from my neck to the bottom of the spine and finally he bit my shoulders very hard and I almost cried out in pain which made him more aggressive and taking him more to ecstasy.

Tears were coming out of my eyes in pain and pleasure. II pleaded, “please…. Arvind…. stop please… no…. aaahhhh…….. uuuuuummmmmm……… not here Arvind…… please.. please Arvind……no no not here my husband would see the mark….. aaaaahhhhhh……. ” but he was not there to listen to me and continued to lick my back on my spine and continued biting hard my body.

With one movement, he removed his boxers and stood totally naked showing his fully erect six inches long penis in front of my face. It was thick like a big banana and had hairs all around his groin. I touched it softly with my fingers and made him moan in more excitement. He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed.

Before I could realise he had started kissing the inner of my thighs and was working his tongue into my already wet pussy. I spread my legs more to make it easy for him and he first licked the lips of my pussy slowly and then started rubbing it with his fingers to open it a bit more to insert his tongue inside till it touched my love hole.

I was getting so high and filled with orgasm that I was pulling his hairs and had raised my legs to rest on his shoulders so that he could suck deep inside me. I was moaning out loudly, AAAAHHHHH….. HHHMMMM… ARVINNNNN…. UUFFFFF….. ARVINNNNDDDD…. PLEASE LOVE ME NOW…. TAKE ME NOW….. AAAAHHHH…. I CANT WAIT ARVINDPLEASE… COME ON NOW….. INSIDE…. AAAAAHHHHHH…… HHHHHMMMMM…… TAKE ME…..


He was rolling his tongue expertly in my vagina, touching every corner. The tip of his tongue would hit even the deepest wall inside. The continuance touch in my vagina was taking me high with every stroke. I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and in no time I was releasing a stream of my love juice in his mouth which he sucked and drank till the last drop.

Once he was finished sucking, he began licking me inside with his tongue to make me release more juice which he continued to lick and take inside him. Finally, he came up now over me and softly whispered in my ears, “it’s now your turn now Haasini”. I was hot, horny and exhausted after his fierce sucking of my pussy. He stood before me with his rock hard penis in front of me.

I knelt on the floor and leaned forward. I started by caressing his body by raising my arms to stroke his chest and slowly slided them down to his naval area with my fingers touching his skin softly and slowly brought my hands down and touched his warm and hard penis which was now fully erect and I could even see the thin veins covering it. It was brownish black in colour and thick like a raw banana.

I started kissing it from top to the bottom and in the process used my tongue to lick it. I had softly pulled back the skin on the tip of his penis to bring out the pink head and the moment I put my tongue over it, he began to moan loudly. “HAASINIIII…. YEAHHHHHH…… AAAAAHHHHHHHHH…. MORE HONEY…… YEAH….. COME ON HASINI…. SUCK IT…. SUCK IT MORE…TAKE IT SLOWLY….. UUUUMMMMM….. YEAHHHHH….. HAAAAASINIIIIIIIIIIII…”

Slowly I took Tapan’s entire penis in my mouth and started sucking it like sucking a lolly pop from the tip to the bottom, from over and under it. I was amused to see his face as he had closed his eyes and moaned his excitement loudly. His penis was touching and hitting my throat when I was taking it inside.

While sucking, I was also shaking his penis slowly with my one hand that was holding it while with the other I was tickling his balls to make him moan even louder. In between I several times took his penis out of my mouth and would start lick it from the sides and slowly tickle his tip to make him go mad in ecstasy, sometimes I would start sucking and licking his balls or just his tip.

I even took his penis out of my mouth and started rubbing it over my boobs and pressing it in between them to feel Arvind’s warm and wet hardness over my body.He was getting uncontrolled and was moaning so loud that I was afraid that someone might hear his sound outside. I continued sucking it and during the process, a couple of times I almost gagged myself since it was big enough for my mouth to take it completely.

He was now in a uncontrolled state and made me take off my hands off his penis and began pumping it into my mouth while he was holding my head by gripping my hairs. He was shouting and asking me, “use your tongue honey…. and take it sweetly” to which I simply nodded since I had his entire penis in my mouth and he had me by my hairs.

He pushed my head deeper on to his cock and the movement of his humping was now getting faster and faster. From his breathing and moaning and my personal experience too, I could realise that he was building up to cum and I started to lick his tip to make him even more wild and in ecstasy.

With my one hand I was stroking his penis and with the other, I was also pinching my nipples. I tried to take it out so that he could put it inside my vagina as now I wanted it inside me. But he had gripped my head so tightly that I was unable to take his penis out of my mouth. I knew that he wanted me to take his cum orally.

As I had anticipated, in the next few seconds a gush of white semen discharge was filled in my mouth. He had not yet released my head from his grip rather he further pushed his penis down my throat forcing me to gulp his cum. He had pressed my head further down and I was shaking my head desperately and rigorously for him to release his grip,

I gagged but he did not loosen his grip on me and kept on holding my head in the position and kept on pumping till he emptied most of his load down my throat. His cum was flowing out of my mouth down through my boobs and kept on flowing down and almost reached my pussy. I had wanted to take that cum inside my pussy not outside.

Slowly he released his grip over my head and I took out his wet and dripping penis and I collapsed on the bed exhausted with the blow job I had received and give. The salty taste of his cum was still in my mouth which I was swallowing slowly. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my body of the cum and sweat and later applied a liberal dose of freshner to feel normal again.

I came out and slumped on the bed and Arvind too came and slid besides me and taking me in his arms and hugging me tight he asked if I had liked it? I replied, “yes I did as I do not do oral sex with my husband too often and this one with him was amazing. He once again kissed my lips and started fondling my boobs and nipples.

After a little while, I could once again feel his cock grow on my thighs. He looked at me in my eyes and asked with a naughty smile, “ready for the next phase?” and I nodded my willingness as I too was turned on badly with his fingers playing with my nipples and his lips on my neck, ear lobs, cheeks and my entire body down under.

My sexual need wasn’t satisfied yet as I hadn’t taken his penis inside me and without that, I am always hungry for sex.. I now wanted him to fuck me. He slid his right hand between my legs and started to rub my clit slowly while he kept on kissing the upper parts of my body. He went down and licked my naval, encircling it with the tip of his tongue and went further down to suck my pussy and suck it hard.



He continued to lick me so passionately that I could hardly stop him from doing so. I wanted him to go on and on. I wanted him more than anyone else now. I wanted him inside. I was turned on as he started to slide his middle finger inside my vagina while licking my clitoris. I just couldn’t control myself and pulled him up towards me and told him, “I can not take it any more Arvind now come inside and satisfied me.

Take me now, please do it to me now”, he smiled and said, “relax baby, dont be in a hurry, enjoy and let me give you the best fuck you ever got” I did not have an answer to that, I simply wanted him to fuck me. But he knew what I wanted and got up to his bag and took out a pack of condom.

I was already taking the pills and I always like to feel the touch of the penis inside me, I told him to forget about the condom and come in now and not waste time. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs wide enough for ease. He came on top of me kissing my lips with lots of passion.


He kept on rubbing his penis around my pussy without putting it inside and was teasing me a lot making me beg to him to come in now. I was begging him to come inside and then suddenly he entered his penis inside me and I could feel only the tip in me I sighed loudly in pain and pleasure. He had put the tip of his penis inside me while kissing me on my lips and playing with my tongue.

He kept going deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel him touch my deepest depth which was generally not touched by my hubby. I was moaning and wriggling under him. AAAAAHHHHH……. UUUUMMMMMMM……. ARVINNNNNNDDD…. UUUUUFFFFFFF…… MUJHE AB LE LO ARVIND….. TAKE ME NOW….. PLEASE LOVE ME…… COME NOW…… MAKE LOVE TO ME NOW ARVIND…

He started sucking my nipples and began slowly humping me. He too was moaning softly HHHAASINIIIIII…. LOVE YOU HONEEEEEEE…… HAASINI… MY LOVE…..I WOULD FUCK YOU NOW HAASINI…. FUCK YOU ALWAYS….. MY LOVE….AAAAHHHHHH….. YEAHHHHH….HHHHHAASINIIIII….. I could almost feel his dick growing inside me.

He would take his one hand down towards my lower part of pussy and rub if softly while fucking me. It was driving me crazy and to a huge orgasm while he continued to fuck me a bit faster increasing his thrust. I was now moaning loudly.

With his every stroke, he was going deeper and deeper inside me. I was thinking that he was about to come but he pulled his penis out and made me to take the doggy posture and re-entered from behind me without showing any mercy. He continued to hump me deeper and hard. He held me by my hairs and went on stroking me faster as I kept on moaning.

I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and the juices were flowing out of my vagina like a stream flowing. It was making patches on the bed but we were beyond caring. He changed multiple positions to make me cum several times. I was getting tired but he was not ready to listen to me.

He put me back on the missionary position and put my legs on his shoulders and kept on stroking me.

After nearly five more minutes of hard fucking, he started grunting and I could feel his penis vibrating deep inside me as he stroked, he came in finally. I felt as if I was in heaven and I too started to cum hard at the same time.

This was the most shattering experience I had since a long time. He finally collapsed over me with his face buried, in my cleavage. I was hugging him with my legs and had dug my nails deep inside his skin and bit him hard. We dozed off for some time, closely huddled together, in each other’s arms.

I could feel his warm breathing on my breasts and his wet groin on my pussy.. I kissed him softly on his forehead when he woke up. He once again took me in his arms and kissed me most passionately. After such a violent sex, where he had been absolutely dominating and brutal, I was feeling very tired. I wanted to rest and sleep and dozed off in his arms.

I finally woke up with the telephone call from the reception announcing that the jam had been cleared and the driver of the bus had brought the bus inside and would be leaving shortly. I hurriedly got up naked and rushed to the toilet to get ready. When I came out, Arvind had also got ready and he kissed me most passionately before leaving and I too left with the memories of my most shattering sex experience.

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