I am Nick, no need to say mine and every name I have used in my sex experience is changed. My sex experience is about when I had sex with my cousin brother’s wife Haasini Bhabhi. Virtually that was first time I got intimate with a female, before that I was limited to just kissing with my girl friend and for me having sex with Haasini Bhabhi was equaled to heaven.

All this started when I got shifted to NCR and when after a week I reached to meet my cousin brother Vinay Bhaiya at his place, I met Haasini Bhabhi for the first time. You can say it was a kind of intuition that the moment I met Vinay Bhaiya and Haasini Bhabhi I sensed that there is something wrong in their marriage and over the period of few hours I was sure about that.

Apparently everything was fine but I was noticing that in my presence Vinay Bhaiya was insulting Haasini Bhabhi repeatedly with his kinky jokes. Initially it looked casual but after some time I saw Haasini Bhabhi was feeling embarrassed over Bhaiya’s comments and the way he was laughing while making fun of her.

While talking about the couple I will say they were married from around 7 long years and had a child who was around 3 but in the very first glance they seemed not unhappy with each other and in three four hours till I stayed there I sensed that the way Haasini Bhabhi was bearing her insult patiently it was Vinay Bhaiya who was reluctant to her.

I don’t know why Bhaiya was behaving like that with Haasini Bhabhi because I and my parents were very much in touch of Vinay Bhaiya’s parents and I have always heard well about Haasini Bhabhi from them.

To follow the rule of sex oriented site if I will talk about Haasini Bhabhi’s appearance and nature, after meeting her live, knowing her and also after having sex with her I will say she is a kind of female which I always desire as my wife. She is fair and average looking with pleasant smile, well educated, polite and very down to earth in nature.

Physically she is short in height with petite body, though she has a belly but neither she is thin or nor she is plump, rather in my perspective she has a balanced flesh all over her body; including her perfectly round shaped melons and nice jutting out ass.

Truly speaking when I saw her for the first time, it was an evening of a weekend and she was wearing a denim Capri with a nice top and being a young guy who was eager to get married and have sex, I was staring at her body lustfully.

In that outfit I could easily make out the heaviness of her milk melons and the amount flesh she has over her thighs and ass and I was somewhat enjoying when she was moving between living room and kitchen while serving us something or another thing to eat but gradually when I started realizing that she is suffering with Vinay Bhaiya’s comments

and notes over her I started feeling pity for her and after dinner when she walked out with me till the lift and we spoke to each other for while, from her gesture and facial expressions I felt that she is badly hurt because Bhaiya has teased her a lot in front of me and I was feeling guilty that I have laughed over his jokes initially.

Truly speaking friends she was so nice and good in talking that in the very first meeting I did not felt any hesitation and I said sorry to her for my laughter over her. That instant she was not at all expecting that from me and as I said that initially she felt bit embarrassed but ultimately she smiled back over my gesture of saying sorry.

After that evening I did not met her for long but unintentionally I started getting mentally occupied with her thoughts and her face started floating in front of my eyes and instead of forgetting I started memorizing my conversation with her and ultimately I always ended up masturbating on her name.

I don’t know it was love, infatuation or just attraction, I just know that I wanted to see her every day. I had her mobile no. and many times I thought about calling her casually just for knowhow but I never succeeded overcoming my hesitation and ultimately on one fine afternoon she called me.

Haasini Bhabhi started with casual hello and asked how I am and after replying I asked her about her, her child and also Vinay Bhaiya. We had casual conversation for a while and near ending she asked me when I am coming next at her place and I casually said that I will come whenever she call me and she told to come on same evening and invited me for the dinner.

Fortunately it was again a Saturday and I had half day at my work and above that I was little desperate to see her too, so I accepted her invitation for the dinner and reached at her place between 6 and 7. That time she was alone at home with her child and when I asked her when Vinay Bhaiya will come, she told me that he might get late.

I further asked he if he will reach at dinner time she avoided getting into detail by saying let’s see. I had good time her while eating and talking to her about my work and people around me and some time passed, may be an hour or bit more.

I asked her if Vinay Bhaiya knows that I am here and she denied and told me call him and ask him when he is coming and before I would dialed his number Bhabhi told me not mention this fact that she called me and invited me on the dinner.

I spoke to Vinay Bhaiya and he was little surprised to know that I am at his place and when I casually asked him that when he is coming, he said he will not come home in the night and gave me reason that he has some urgent order to finish and dispatch and later formally told me not to leave without having dinner.

After ending the call I spoke to Haasini Bhabhi and unintentionally from my side somewhat tried to inform her that Bhaiya will not come in the night and suddenly water started floating in her eyes. I was surprised with that and I asked what happened and Haasini Bhabhi failed to control her and walked to the kitchen while crying.

For an instant it was really very weird situation for me to handle and I could not decide how to react and I thought about going from there. I asked to leave to Haasini Bhabhi and turning her face to me she requested me to stay for dinner and I casually replied while saying that I will stay only if she will tell me her problem and after giving a thought to it she agreed.

After washing her face she came back to the living room and when I asked her about the matter initially she tried to avoid but I continued insisting her and after bit of hesitation she revealed the fact that Vinay Bhaiya has a extra marital affair and right now he is not in the factory but he is at his girl friend’s place and he will stay in the night there only.

And the moment she said that he will stay there in the night she started crying again, not with that intensity but once again for me it was really very strange situation to face. I was speechless and could not think of doing anything and for a moment escaped from there to bring water.

Haasini Bhabhi had few sips and once again went to washroom to wash her face and came back with a superficial smile and asked me if I would like to have dinner now. I said yes to it and while having dinner we had casual conversation, bit about my parents and bit about the difference of lifestyle in my home town and Delhi NCR.

Later when she served me sweet she said sorry to me for losing her control over her emotions and I just remained silent in response. I had many questions in my mind which I wanted to ask her about Vinay Bhaiya’s extra marital affair but anyhow they were coming out of me.

I don’t know why I was scared to ask anything and major time just passed like that when she saw me that I am looking at the clock she requested me not to talk to anybody about all this especially to my parents. You can say I was waiting for something like that to start and after that I tried getting into detail of all this.

Once again Haasini Bhabhi tried to avoid saying anything against her husband but I insisted her and ultimately came to knew that Vinay Bhaiya is involved with that girl even before his marriage and Bhabhi has came to knew about this hardly an year back and since then her life is badly disturbed.

Haasini Bhabhi further told me that Bhaiya stays with that girl once or twice a month for two nights in a row, mostly on weekends that is Saturday and Sunday and use to come back home straightway on Mondays evenings after attending a day at work.

I wanted to ask her why she does not take divorce from Bhaiya but once again it did not came out of me, may be because I was related to Bhaiya and I did not wanted to get into any controversy later among relatives; that I have provoked Haasini Bhabhi to get separated from Bhaiya.

But in a moment Haasini Bhabhi herself spoke that, that she cannot divorce because she do not want to trouble her parents at this age and above that she do not want a divorce for the sake of her child, having him grow up without his father is something she is not willing to live with.

Friends I don’t know if I have succeeded in describing the whole situation properly, that instant neither I was comfortable in listening all that nor Haasini Bhabhi was at ease in revealing the bitter truth of her life. I believe like in very first meeting I was impressed with Haasini Bhabhi’s nature, possibly she had same outlook for me and that is why she spoke to me about all that.

I could easily sense that deep inside she is very lonely and needs a friend and fortunately it was me whom she found and shared her problem. That night I stayed with Bhabhi for really long and after that day I was in her regular touch.

Many times she called me in the evening when I was at my work place and whenever I was little free I spoke to her for long and if not then I called her in the night after asking her if she free to speak through SMS. Time passed and over the period of two months or bit more gradually we were bit free in talking to each other and we had lot of chit chat over the phone,

apart from knowing her past married life with Vinay Bhaiya I came to know many things about Vinay Bhaiya’s present attitude towards Haasini Bhabhi and it was disgusting. Actually it was an arrange marriage and Vinay Bhaiya was somewhat made to do that,

his girl friend was belonging to different religion and that is why his parents never agreed for that relation and told him that if he will marry that girl then they will disown him and Bhaiya did this marriage under pressure and continued his affair with that girl even after getting married.

When Haasini Bhabhi somehow came to know his affair and annoyed he threatened her that if she will tell anything to his parents then he will divorce her, as now he was not much worried about getting disowned because over the period of five years most of his inherited properties were register on his name and above that he was having a well established business in NCR.

Like this once during late night conversation I asked her about her sex life with Bhaiya and she told me that Bhaiya do whenever he wants to do, she never ask for physical love and nor she disapprove his wish whenever he desires.

From her side Haasini Bhabhi was completely surrendered to her husband with a hope that one day realizing her unconditional love Vinay Bhaiya will come back to her but for an instant Vinay Bhaiya was making unfounded use of her condition. Apparently Haasini Bhabhi’s life was running as it was running from last one year or so,

certainly because of me she had someone to whom she could speak and ultimately she was in much better metal state as compared to past but at my end I could see my life changing significantly. Instead of my girl friend I was always more interested in talking to Haasini Bhabhi, I don’t know how many time I skipped calling my girl friend because of her.

More and more I came to knew about her life, more and more I fell in love with her. I was masturbating while fantasizing Haasini Bhabhi almost every night. Not only that I started day dreaming that after getting her divorced from Vinay Bhaiya I have married her; she is with me on my bed as my wife and I am taking off her red color bridal wear to seduce her.

I can easily say that after seeing her second time, when she was alone at home I did not saw her for long, she never asked me to come and overcoming my hesitation I never succeeded saying her that I want to meet her, but still her face was clear in my mind and in that mind state she was most beautiful female I have ever seen.

I could myself see that gradually I am getting obsessed with her nature and way of talking. She was no more my brother’s wife; I wanted to make love to her like a man, although in age she was many years elder than me but I was ready go against everyone to marry her.

But I could see that my feeling or my obsession was one sided, Haasini Bhabhi never reflected any such gesture, that she is also in love with me. Although many time in telephonic conversation she mentioned that after my appearance in her life she is better unless in past many times she has thought about committing suicide.

I believed that she always consider me her friend with whom she can share her sorrow. Anyway life was just running like that and one day suddenly things changed a bit between me and Haasini Bhabhi. Once again it was a Saturday and once again Vinay Bhaiya was off from home to stay with his girl friend for whole weekend.

Haasini Bhabhi called me in the afternoon and somewhat told me that Bhaiya is once again gone to stay there, she knew that I have half day at office and she asked me if I can over at her place and stay till dinner. Initially I accepted her invitation but suddenly I thought about taking her out for a change and asked her if she wants watch movie and after some persuasion she agreed.

She came up with her child and we saw an evening show. By the time we came out it was dinner time and we settled down in the same mall to eat and somewhere through casual conversation we reached to the subject of my marriage and Haasini asked me if I have a girl friend.

I accepted but also added that we are not serious “haan…but we are not serious…” and then added that she (my girl friend) does not want to leave her mother’s town and live here and I don’t want to settle there” and Haasini Bhabhi casually replied with a words which were “aap youngsters ka achha hai, sab kuch karne ke baad…we are not serious”

I smiled a bit over her words and I spoke back to her with statement “maine kabhi usko touch bhi nahi kiya” and she sarcastically replied back with “Oh yes…aap to apne mummy papa ke sidhe saadhe bache ho”. After that somehow conversation turned somewhere else and eventually came to her life and she said that she cannot see any solution of her problem and she getting frustrated with her life.

She asked me to suggest what to do and I casually told her relax and eventually came up with a humorous idea; I suggested her to make a boy friend “Aap Bhi ek boy friend bana low”. I knew that she will not mind my words because over the period of two months we knew each other very well and as she heard that she smiled a bit and then sarcastically said “thanks for the suggestion” and then continued eating her meal.

I don’t know how it came to my mind, something was over the tip of my tongue and this time I wanted to speak out and without thinking about consequence of that I came up with another suggestion and it was of taking a Divorce from Vinay Bhaiya and in continuation I told her to marry me, “Bhaiya se Divorce le low …aur mujhse shaadi kar low”.

In my perspective that was an atom bomb which I threw over her seriously and it took her attention instantly but Haasini Bhabhi took that as joke too and asked me same “ye joke tha na?”. I was serious but I failed to gather courage to accept that and I smiled a bit, intentionally I did not uttered anything, neither Yes nor No, Now there was a question that what kind of job she can do, although she was well educated having a degree of masters in specific stream but her work experience was nil especially in this town. I was also new to the city and did not many contacts but I promised her that I will try talking to few people whom I know in my organization and we might succeed.

Like last time that night too I stayed with her for really late. I was restless and disparate to love her but I could not dare to step ahead. Although by the time we reached back her son was slept and we had coffee while sitting in balcony where there was nobody around but even after trying hard I dared to even raise the subject that I love her.

Eventually I came back home and virtually that whole evening passed totally uneventful but I could feel that deep inside I was more ignited to get her in my life and love her like my wife. From next day I madly started talking to various people about Haasini Bhabhi’s job and it was my sheer luck that just in one month or bit more I succeeded to set an interview for her for the job of teacher of the school of gifted ones (suffering from deflecses).

It was a kind of NGO who were not paying much because of which they were short of good people to work with them. Anyway by now I had a bike and taking a day off from my work I took her for an interview and like I already knew Haasini Bhabhi got appointed there,

although she was not getting many monetary gains from that job but she was realizing that for her it was an opportunity to enter in professional world and she was happy with that. At my end I was flying somewhere on ninth cloud, I was delighted with a fact that I am playing a vital role in her happiness and that day I was feeling that my desperation for her body and love has multiplied many times and I somehow wanted to move ahead.

In a way that day I had a clear way to approach her, after interview by afternoon we were back home and we were alone there. No need to mention that Vinay Bhaiya was off to his factory and her child was in daycare. Bhabhi asked me for a lunch and I agreed, throughout the time she cooked and I waited while watching television I prepared myself for asking her to marry me but by the time we sat down to eat I stepped back.

She was very happy and most of the time smiling and because I knew that she has always considered me a friend and never thought me with that perspective, I could not dare to reveal my real feeling to her with a thought she might get upset with that. I was scared of losing her even as a friend, I did not wanted ruin my and her happiness.

Once again even that day was uneventful in sex’s perspective. I came back home in the evening and had two beers in a row and slept in strange depression for really long. Somewhere around twelve in the mid night Haasini Bhabhi called me to somewhat inform me that Vinay Bhaiya does not have any problem with her job. I greeted her with a pleasant voice and soon slept again.

One more month passed and every day I was getting more and madder over Haasini Bhabhi. She called me every day to update whatever was happening in her job and with every passing day I was getting strong over my decision for proposing her to marry me. I was realizing that because she has started working, her mind has diverted a bit and she in much better mental state.

Finally a day came when I decided that today I will do or die. Once again it Saturday and like always Haasini Bhabhi called me when Vinay Bhaiya was off to stay with his girl friend. Haasini Bhabhi had her first salary in her hand and she invited me to dine out as treat. Something was running in my mind, I knew that if I had to talk to her then we have to be at home,

obviously I had hope that if she say yes then we will have sex but apart from that I wanted to speak to her in piece. With this thought I said that I will bring food at home and we mutually decide to have Chinese in dinner. I reached at her place, we had dinner with a casual chit chat and best part was unlike so many times in past that day I was disparate to speak to her.

I was waiting for a right moment in the conversation to open that subject and soon it rose. After dinner Haasini Bhabhi tried to give me money I paid for the food and I denied to accept and she said tha in that case her treat to me is still due.

I said I don’t want any treat “Mujhe koi treat nahi chahiye…” and she came up with “…Ok then I will give you a gift” and I denied for that too by saying “Please no” and she instantly tried to dominate me a bit by asking “why?” and I asked her back “tell me what will you get me?” and she came up with an idea of nice shirt “ek achhi si shirt” and I denied by saying “I don’t need a shirt…”

I was on my way to speak out and before Haasini Bhabhi would have asked me what do I need I spoke out “give me something which I badly need” and Haasini Bhabhi smiled a bit and asked me what is it, “bolo kya chahiye aapko” and I spoke out just two words and they were “Marry me”.

For a moment Haasini Bhabhi thought that I am joking and she asked me back with a casual smile “what are you saying…fir wohi mazzak” this time I did not smiled back and once again uttered as less as possible “I am serious” and then after couple of seconds spoke out “I am in love with you”.

Truly speaking friends I don’t know that day what kind of fever was ruling my senses, once again I will say that in past as such there was no such hint from Haasini Bhabhi’s side, she was always casual and friendly with me and never reflected any such attraction to me, she always addressed me Bhaiya, which actually means brother, even then I dared to speak out that.

Haasini Bhabhi was looking at my face without flicking her eyes, she could sense that I am serious over what I have just said and from her gesture I could sense that I have stepped too ahead and next I spoke out everything I had in my mind and I started with “Bhabhi I am going…. I think now you will never call me… and I have lost you as a friend…actually I don’t want to be just your friend;

I want to be your husband” that’s what I could think that instant and after saying that I spoke out good night and simply walked out of her house and did not realized when I reached back at my place. I don’t know how I passed that night, I was restless like hell there was no sign of sexual arousal in my gesture.

It was chains of thoughts, one presumption after other which troubled me like hell and I was awake for almost whole night and slept around 5 in the morning. It was a Sunday so I did not had rush to my work so I continued sleeping, my parents called, my girl friend called but giving them excuse that I am tired and sill sleeping I did not spoke to them for more than few second and ultimately got up with Haasini Bhabhi’s call.

Time was bit passed to eleven and because of last night’s restlessness I still had a mild headache and first words from her side I heard after hello were “Bhaiya please come home, I want to talk to you” I was yet not out of last night’s attitude and I replied with “I will come if its yes from your side, otherwise I will not come… I am tired of my one sided love” it was flat and clear and hearing that Haasini Bhabhi went speechless.

“Tell me is it yes…?” I asked her again and Haasini Bhabhi started crying a bit and replied with no, “No…I can’t say yes” and before I would have reacted over her refusal she started crying like hell and spoke again “Bhaiya I need you as a friend…mera aur koi friend nahi hai…you can’t do this to me…I am telling you I will commit suicide”.

Her words shocked me like hell, in moment my sleepiness disappeared and I jumped out of bed while saying “Nahi Bhabhi please don’t say that” and she instantly spoke back “then please come and speak to me” I surrendered instantly and came out with “Ok I am coming”.

Like last night once again I don’t know how I reached to her place, I was never so scared in my life; I just drove my bike like a jet and reached to her place in nearly half the time. I ranged the door bell; Haasini Bhabhi she was somewhat waiting for me and she opened the door instantly.

She was not crying but her state was fragile and moment she appeared I raised my arms to get her and she instantly hugged me and once again started crying like a child. While gripping her hard in my arms I told her not to think about committing suicide ever “Suicide karne ke baaremein dobara kabhi mat sochna”.

She did not say anything and continued crying and I spoke again “Promise me” and she went holding me tight and hard. Wow it was most wonderful moment of my life since then, Haasini Bhabhi was in my arms and I was holding her with all my affection.

It took her nearly a minute to stop crying and while clearing her tears I once again told her promise me that she will not think about committing suicide and she accepted. I entered and brought her water and asked her about her son and Bhabhi told me that she has sent him to the neighborhood to play with a child of almost same age.

I was hungry and I asked her if she had a breakfast. Haasini Bhabhi denied and I too said that even I didn’t have a breakfast and I am hungry and she went to the kitchen to make something to eat. I sat down in the living room and switched on the television but my eyes were stuck to Haasini Bhabhi who was standing in the kitchen while facing away from me.

Possibly it was just a sexual attraction that I did not wanted to stop thinking about marring her, she was wearing lower of a track suit with casual t-shirt; while looking at her from behind I was getting hard and somewhat desperate to confront on bed with her. Finally she came up with sandwiches and cups of tea and we both had without much talking to each other.

After eating she cleaned the mess and once again came to me and sat down the opposite couch and once again I spoke same “Bhabhi marry me…main aapse bahut pyar karta hun”. Initially Haasini Bhabhi moved her head in no and then spoke “No…you don’t love me…you are attracted to me…and truth is that I am also attracted to you….”

Then after a pause continued “Bhaiya anyhow we cannot marry…practically it’s not possible” her acceptance that she is also attracted to me generated a strange energy in me and I moved to her and sat down on the same couch while facing her and spoke “mujhe aapka nahi patta… I am not just attracted to you main aapse pyar karta hun”

(means I don’t know about yours…I am not attracted to you I love you …) and she came up with “I can understand your mental state…you are young and right now you are not realizing what you are saying…” Haasini Bhabhi was looking into my eyes while saying that and she spoke again “It’s not easy….” I replied with “I am ready to face everything…” and she instantly said “You are ready…but I am not ready…”

Now I did not had anything to say and before I would thought about anything she spoke again “Bhaiya you are my only friend…promise me you will never leave me” “Ok…I promise” I accepted. Next Haasini Bhabhi moved forward and hugged me tight.

Once again for me it was a divine feeling and I was enjoying holding her soft body emitting feminine odor” and just then I heard something from her which for a moment I failed to believe and those magical words were “Bhaiya let’s have sex” I was surprised, I went through a pleasant sensation but controlling my feelings I replied with “what are you saying?”

and detaching herself from hugging me Haasini Bhabhi spoke back “Haan…we both need each other…” she was looking into my eyes and I replied with “Bhabhi don’t take me in that way…” and then added “It’s just not sex because of which I want to marry you…” and she spoke out “I know that…it’s me who wants to have sex with you….Vinay ke saath I don’t like having sex…I just do it…because I have to”

we started into each other’s eyes for few seconds without a flick and Haasini Bhabhi spoke again “Bhaiya let’s have sex…”…. “I want to make love with you” she was looking into my eyes with very soothing gesture, I don’t know if Bhabhi was doing all this just to keep me always connected with her but she was confident over whatever she was saying and next instant she once again came closer,

wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her rose petal lips over my lips and started sucking them. For a moment I failed to believe whatever was happening and also failed to resist myself and responded back to Haasini Bhabhi’s kiss very well.

It was a kind of a moment which I can never be described in any language, we kissed and did not stopped until we got short of breath and after breaking the kiss Haasini Bhabhi hugged me once again and it was wonderful embrace. She was holding me tight in her arms with all her affection and I was getting uneasy in my lower with every passing moment.

“Bhaiya…let’s go to the bedroom” Bhabhi somewhat whispered in my ear and once again I asked her if she is sure about what she is asking for and she confirmed with a simple ‘haan” while looking into my closely after breaking the hug. After that don’t know when we reached to the bedroom over the soft and spongy bed.

As curtains were on room was dark and after getting on bed we started with a kissing again. Once again it was a wonderful kiss; long and delicate after breaking the kiss I kissed her entire face and gradually moved down to her neck and brushed my lips over her soft skin. Haasini Bhabhi was moaning in low voice and slowly she started grabbing my body in her arms.

I was somewhat crushing her petite body under my broad shoulders and Haasini Bhabhi was enjoying. She slowly lifted bit of my shirt from behind and touched my bare skin and I went through strange shivering. Soon her hands were under my shirt and she caressing my back with her soft hands and gradually Bhabhi went on lifting my t-shirt and ultimately tried to take it out from my arms.

I helped her to take out my t-shirt and next while sitting beside her I lifted her top, while being on her back she raised her arms and in a moment she was lying in front of me with just a bra over her top. Ohh…wow she was looking beautiful, once again I lied over her again started kissing over her neck and uncovered portion of her breast and with our pleasure moans heat and passion went on rising in the room.

Slowly I pulled her track suit lower out of her legs and then took off my lower too. By the time I came to back to her on the bed after taking off my lower, Haasini Bhabhi unhooked her bra and got bare from her top and I started sucking her luscious fruits. We were getting mad lust and don’t know when we both got stark naked and touch each others pleasure organs with our hands.

While moaning and humming in extreme pleasure I was rubbing her pleasure hole with my palm and holding my hard penis Haasini Bhabhi was moving it back and forward with a steady pace. Bhabhi was getting wetter and wetter and I was getting harder and harder, she was moaning in a low voice but I was getting mad in pleasure;

it was a first time when I was getting touched by a female over my gentile and feeling I was going through was just amazing. Anyway with in hardly a minute we both were in the state that nobody has to ask what to do and I came over her, Haasini Bhabhi herself guided my Penis in her pleasure hole and next instant I slipped inside her.

We both moaned in delight at the same moment and grabbed each other firmly. For me it was moment of pure bliss, anyhow I cannot explain that how it feels while being inside a woman like Haasini Bhabhi. She was hot and wet, I saw her beautiful face while being buried in the depth of love hole and as I realized this fact that finally I am fucking her I went through strange sensation.

Excitement rose into me and in a moment I began moving back and forward in Haasini Bhabhi’s womb and she started moaning erotically. Although room was dark but we could see each other clearly and while I was moving in and out of her we were looking into each other’s eyes without any hesitation,

why not we were not doing anything wrong, we were in love with each other and love has no bars and that was the only way we knew to express our love. Gradually excitement rose further high and my pace of fucking Haasini Bhabhi enhanced significantly, while flexing my bottom I buried my face into her breasts and Bhabhi started caressing my scalp and back while moaning and gasping in evident pleasure.

Within few more seconds I felt that I am reaching at the verge of explosion and unintentionally my pace of moving in and out of Haasini Bhabhi’s womb went on increasing and at the same time Haasini Bhabhi also started grunting loud. Her grip over my body went on going tight; Haasini Bhabhi embraced me in her arms and thighs with all her strength and ultimately cried in a shrill voice while arching her back like a bow.

Just then I too lost control over myself and squeezed my hips together twice or trice to release my gunk with a loud puff. We both reached to our climax one after another, just after releasing my seed in her womb I felt Haasini Bhabhi’s pleasure hole trembling a bit. Finally passion passed through our body and we both were totally spent.

For me everything happened so fast that even after lying naked on a bed with Haasini Bhabhi I could not believe that I have ultimately made lover to her. We lied on the bed for a while without a word in the same naked state; may be couple of minutes and then came to bed again after using the washroom and wearing back our clothes and relaxed.

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