My sister in Dubai bought a flat that is being constructed and she asked me to go and enquire with the builders when it will be ready for handing over. I, Durai, 20, tall and well built, was in my holidays from the college and hence I went to the builder to ask when the flats will be ready for

occupation. He said they will ready soon, say within 15 days. When I told this to my sister she asked me to get the flat cleaned up of all surplus building materials and other rubbish so that they can come and have the house warming done.

They consulted as astrologer and according to his suggestion a date was fixed. She urged me to have somebody engaged for cleaning the flat. I told her I dont know anybody there. She asked me to ask the neighbouring flat owner or the builder to help find somebody to clean the house.

Finally one of the flat owners who had done housewarming told me that he can ask the lady who cleaned up their flat before house warming. He asked me to come on the following day so that he will ask her to come and I may talk to her directly about wages etc.

Next day when I went there there was an old lady asking me to show her the flat. I opened and showed her the flat. She went around and told me that she will come the next day evening at 5 pm or she will send her daugter and that I have to pay Rs. 500/-.

After tough bargain we fixed the charges at Rs.300/- and departed. Next day I reached the flat at 4.30 pm and was waiting for the old lady to come. She did not turn up.. At about 5.15 pm, a girl of about 18 came and told me that the old lady is laid up and she will not come.

I asked her whether she is her daughter, she said yes, then why dont you do it I will pay whatever I had promised to your mother. She looked at me and then said yes. She went and brought some broom and bolted the door from inside.

She was not a beauty but she had a magnetic charm in her face. Her prominent boobs and raised ass took me by surprise and I was getting hot because I am locked up inside a flat with her. She was very slow in her work and took her own time for cleaning but she did a thorough

job. I moved and stood in different corners to enjoy her different poses and many a times her cleavage was visible and her firm boobs made my cock to rise. I was in a dhothi and hence I had difficulty in controlling my bulge. I think she noticed and was smiling whenever she turned to me.

We had five rooms to clean and she has just done one room in one hour. But cleaning and mopping was done nicely and there was not a spec of dust. From the drawing room she moved into the bedroom. The bed room was already furnished and the newly laid cot and the mattress

was very inviting. There was no sheet was spread on the bed. I asked her to help me to spread the sheet on the bed. She came willingly and after the sheet was spread, I just sat to know how soft is the bed. It was nice. She smilingly asked me whether she too just try sitting.

I said yes and asked her to sit close to me. She boldly came and sat just near me touching me. Her thigh was touching mine and my cock was in full erection. I just looked at her happy face and smiled. She too smiled and looked happy at the sudden luxury she had.

I asked her her name she said she is Rani. I asked whether she is in the college. She said no, she had sone her schooling and is now not doing anything at all. She said her house is close by and is in walkable distance. Who else is there in her house,

I asked, she said nobody except mother. since her father has gone to another city for work. I just put my hand over her shoulder and drew her closer. She did not show any resistance. I asked her whether she will stay with me for the whole night.

She showed fear in her face and told me that it is not possible since her mother has told her to complete the work and come back home as soon as possible. In the meantime my hand was lowering pressing her boobs.

She was breathing heavily and was looking serious and turned and looked into my eyes. I just pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded and she wound her hands around me in embrace. I did not want to waste any time,

I just removed the pins of her blouse and her firm boobs jumped out with her erect nipples. I just made her to lie on the mattress. Her blouse was totally open and her both boobs were exposed and I lowered my face and kissed her nipples and licked them.

She started to moan and closed her eyes. I just lifted her saree and looked at her pussy. There were dark hair and it was giving a peculiar smell. I just leaned forward and pressed her boobs with both of my hands and try to position my cock at her cunt.

Her cunt was totally wet with white viscous fluids and I rolled my cock on this fluid. I took her hand and placed it on my cock and asked her to put it at the entrance of the hole. She said please dont do it with me. Just kiss me here and there and that will do.

I am still a virgin and if I get pregnant, it will a shame on the family and I have to commit suicide. I told her, foolish girl, just because I am putting my cock inside you will not get pregnant, if I dont allow my milk inside. I will be careful and take out my milk when it comes. dont worry.

She then guided my cock to her hole and asked me to be soft and not to cause any pain to her. I just pushed my cock inside and it went a little and it was very tight. I withdrew and again pushed it in. Like that I made several attempts and finally it went in and the whole cock was fully

inside her. She also felt with her hand to make sure that my whole cock has gone in and looked at me and told me that it is a surprise that such a big cock has gone inside a small hole. I asked her how do you like it.She said it is nice.

I started my in and out movements slowly and she showed visible signs of enjoyment. Her moans grew loud and her cunt was flooding with the cunt juice. Finally I delayed my orgasm and allowed her to reach her orgasm first.

I could sense with the pulsations inside that her orgasm was whole and genuine. Her hand was hoding me tight. I then fucked her hard and fast and my orgasm was also coming. I pulled my cock out and took my cum in my hand and showed her.

She just touched it with her finger tip and tasted it. She said she liked the taste. I told her to get on to the work and she did it fast, keeping her blouse open and her boobs hanging. I occasionally went and sucked her nipples and she scolded me for being ‘nipple greedy’.

When she finished the second bedroom again the bed was spread and we spread the new sheet and I asked her for a second round of fucking. She came willingly and without much introduction and preparation, my cock was fully inside and my fucking was done in quite fast pace.

She enjoyed the second fucking immensely. She was raising her hip and meeting my thrusts midway. This time also I withdrew before the end and took my cum in my hand and showed it to her. As soon as I got up from her top,

she got into her job and completed the second bedroom fast. When we entered the third bedroom, again the same process was continued and this time I lied on the bed and asked her to climb on me and fuck. She said she does not know.

I asked her to climb up on the bed, put her both legs on either side of me and sit on my thighs and when she lowered herself I gave her my cock and asked her to insert it inside herself. She tried and tried and finally she was successful.

She pressed it so much that my whole cock was inside her in no time. Her face showed her thrill and she started to make her own movements according to her pleasure points. She moved up and down, front and back, she rotated her hip,

she stretched on me totally and pressed her clit on my cock and moved up and down. She was moaning constrantly and her face took a strange look. finally she reached ehr orgasm and pressed me so much that I had to release my cum inside her.

She said she does not care but the pleasure in this pose was the greatest. Her fluids and mine made a mess of the whole area. We both got up and cleaned ourselves up in the bathroom and came back. I looked at the watch it was 11 pm.

I told her to go home andcome back on the following day for the rest of the work. We both commented that we had inaugurated all the three beds and the bathroom. Now what is there to inaugurate. Rani was jubilant over the fucking episode.

I asked her whether she enjoyed, she said very much. Have you ever been fucked before, I asked her. She said no, but she used to insert finger and some vegetables. But this pleasure was the greatest.

She pulled my head down and kissed me. Closing the door of the flat we left. I dropped her at her house and gave her Rs.500/- and asked her to come next day. She said she will come.

ext day the furniture shop fellow telephoned and said that he is bringing the drawing room furniture in the morning and to keep the flat open. I had to rush to the flat and opened the door. the furniture for the drawing room was brought and arranged.

Since the room was cleaned on the previous day by Rani, it was ok to lay the furniture. After the furniture fellow left I went down to take food from the canteen and brought a parcel of biriyani for Rani to the flat. I didnt know when she may come.

Our flat was on 12th floor and there was total silence there. None of the other flats are occupied and hence no workers are also seen. I opened the lock and went and kept the food parcel on the table and sat on the settee.

I heard a soft knock and when I lifted my head I saw the smiling face of Rani peeping in through the crack of the door. I shouted in joy and asked her to come. Clever girl, she came in and bolted the door from inside and came running to me to embrace me.

She looked freshly bathed and nicely kept hair, nice and clean clothes. I just hugged her the kissed her all over her face and licked her cheeks. She was mouthing me for my tongue. My proding hands found that she was not wearing any bra or panty.

I asked her to eat her food and then we will start our fuck session. She was shy and was searching for my cock which was already erect. Now I saw her in bright sunlight and found her to be far more beautiful that the previous night.

Her natural beauty was more captivating than the artificial make up. I opened the parcel and gave her the biriyani. She was surprised that she had so much of food. She started to ear slowly. I just unbuttoned he blouse and released her boobs from the blouse.

Lying on lap on the settee, I opened my mouth and took one nipple in my mouth and asked her not to look at me but continue to eat. She asked how can she eat when her nipple is being sucked and her nerves all over the body are invigorated.

I said ok, I will wait. eat first and then come. She ate the food relishing it. She licked her fingers of all remenants of food and then went to the bathroom and washed her hands and face and mouth. When she came out I told her that her mouth is full of chilly and hence she should not

suck my cock immediately because it will give me a burning sensation. She laughed and said ok I will suck later. I removed her saree and blouse and made her totally nude. She had a mignificent figure. Certainly her measurements would not be less than 36-24-36.

I pulled her near and made her to lie down on the sofa and made her open her legs to give full view of her pussy. Although I fucked this pussy three times on the previous night, it gave a fresh appearance and fresh smell and fluids were oozing from it.

I buried my nose in her cunt and smelled. It gave a fragrance to give nice pep up for my libido. I licked her cunt and rubbed my tongue tip on her clit. She was moaning loudly and pushed up her cunt to meet my face.

I kept my hands beneath her ass and pulled her hip us to make me lick her clit. she was having a orgasm and her pulsations were reflected in my mouth. Poor thing was having a massive orgasm within two minutes of her opening up of her legs.

I raised myself and took my cock and inserted it in her cunt. Her tight cunt muscles gave me multiple pleasure. My cock was deeply buried inside her cunt and felt very tight. I kept it like that for some time. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her face.

I leaned forward and kissed her on her mouth and kissed her erect nipples and looked into her eyes. She said why are you keeping quiet. I said let it remain like that and get soaked in you cunt juices. Then it is ok. I asked how is it. She said she feels like in heaven.

So you have gone to the heaven before. No. this is my heaven. Your cock is tight fitting for me. Slowly I moved it in and out. Suddenly she opened her mouth and gave out a cry. I started to fuck her slowly at first and then I gained speed. She was in real heaven.

Keeping my hands on her boobs I pressed them to coincide with my fucking. Rani was enjoying the fucking very much. She made movements of her hip to coincide with my fucking movements. I asked her whether she was to be on top of me. She said yes.

We just rolled over and without pulling out she came on top of me. Her big boobs were hanging in front of me and I could take one by one in my mouth when Rani was making her hip move front and back to enhance her pleasure.

When a pleasure spot is pressed she gave out a growl like a lion. Her face was contorted and her mouth open and with great pressure she was taking my cock deeply inside her. Balancing on her feet she lifted her hip and rotated it so that my cock my go around her vagina.

I was wondering how this girl learnt all this tricks within a day. Finally she was coming to an orgasm. Putting my both hands around her and hugging her I fucked her up and I too was arriving at my orgasm. I shot my cum inside her.

She seemed to have noticed it but did not object. We both enjoyed the first fuck of the day. Lying on me she was enjoying my softened cock inside her. I made her to get up and wash herself otherwise my good uphostery ofthe sofa may get spoiled with the cum.

I too went with her and made her to wash my cock of all the cum. She cleaned it well and then put it in her mouth. The first fuck and the orgasm did not seem to have reduced her sex apetite. I took her to the bed room and made her to lie down on the bed.

I fucked her real rough she took all my strokes very well and seemed to have enjoyed like me. She was a real hot stuff. I fucked her in doggy style. and in every conceivable posture. She seemed to be taking everything in her usual stride. Her favourite pose to sit on top of me.

Doggy style is also good she said since it made deep penetration into her. We fucked and fucked till evening and we were very tired. I dropped her in my bike at her house and asked her whether she wants any money. Otherwise how will she explain her absence to her mother.

She said she will manage and declined the money offer. She came everyday in the morning at 10 and went back only 5 pm. In the meantime we fucked at least three to four times. I bought nice biriyani which she relished very much.

One day I brought my razor and shaved her pussy of the hair. It was smooth as her cheek. She too liked it. I said I will buy her a razor. I bought a new safety razor with a packet of blades and showed her how to use it.

After about a week she asked me whether I mind if she brings her cousin also along. I was shocked. I said why. She said she also wants to get fucked and requested me to fuck her also. I was angry. I told her how many girls are there in your locality wanting to get fucked by me.

She laughed apologetically and requested me just to fuck this girl and that is all. Next day I came to the flat at 10 am. and opened the flat. Within 10 minutes Rani came and she bought another girl along with her. She was a small girl and looked hardly 16.

She was shy and was not looking at my face. I asked Rani who this girl was. Rani said the girl was her uncles daughter and was studying for tenth standard. I asked her whether she has told her father where she is going. They both laughed.

Rani with her eyes pleaded me to take the girl. I called the girl near me and asked for her name. She said her name was Suni. I asked Suni to sit near me and I put my hand over her shoulder and drew her closer and raised her face and kissed her on her cheeks.

My hands found that she also did not wear any bra or panties. Her boobs were of medium size and hard. Her thighs were very strong and hard. I just asked Rani to come and help unbutton her blouse. Rani smilingly came and unhooked her blouse.

Suni’s boobs were very beautiful and her nipples were jutting out. I took one of thenipples in my mouth and sucked it. Suni gave out a gasping sound. In the meantime Rani removed the blouse of Suni and made her semi nude.

Suni was wearing a skirt and Rani untied the skirt and made the girl totally naked. I was keeping her boob firmly in my mouth and Suni seemed to enjoy my nipple sucking. I touched her pussy with my hand. Surprisingly there were no hairs and her pussy was smooth and silken to touch.

I asked Rani to get rid of all her clothes and come and sit on me and insert my cock in her cunt. Rani within no time came and sat on me and inserted my erect cock in her cunt. Suni was looking at her and was aghast at the liberties she took with me.

I asked Suni whether she has been ever fucked. She said no. I asked whethr she has seen a male organ. She said she has seen only of small children and not of the grown up ones. I told her to have a look at mine and asked Rani to get up and show her.

Rani got up from on top of me and asked Suni to sit there and take my cock and insert in her tiny cunt. Suni enthusiatically took my cock looked at it in surprise and Rani guided it in the cunt of Suni. Rani asked her to open her legs wide so that the cock may enter her cunt.

Both the girls were playing with my cock to get it inside the cunt of Suni. It went in by 50%. Suni got up and was humping but it never went any further. I was squeezing her boob. Occasionally I asked Rani to feed me her nipple also.

Both the girls were struggling to get my cock inserted inside the cunt of Suni. I asked them to stop at noon. I told them that I will go and buy them food and bring. They both wanted biriyani and I said ok and went took my food and got two parcels of biriyani for the girls.

When I came back both the girls were nude as I left them and were lying in the bedroom on their back. I placed the food on the table and went and cleaned my hand. Both the girls ate the biriyani and cleaned their hands and were ready for the onslaught.

I called Suni to come and lie down near me. I made her to open her leg wide and I inserted my finget inside her cunt and then I inserted two fingers and rotated it around and then I made it with three fingers. By this her hole became very wide and now my cock would easily go inside.

I got up and took my cock and inserted it into her cunt. By applying a little pressure, the whole of my cock went inside. I asked Rani and Suni to check. they both confirmed that it has gone inside. I started to fuck the girl slowly and then I increased my pace.

After about 15 minuted I noticed that Suni was experiencing pangs of the orgasm. I gave her a full orgasm andthen withdrew my cock. I asked Rani to take up her position. I fucked Rani with full force and asked Suni to watch it closely.

I squeezed Rani’s boobs, pumped her like hell. After fucking Rani and Suni twice each, we got tired and returned home. I dont know how long this luxury of two nice girls opening their legs for me for the whole day will last.

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