I am the only spoilt child of my parents. My parents are open minded and believe in enjoying life freely. The latest developments and the favorable circumstances gave me the opportunity to come sexually close to my horny mom and enjoy exciting sex like a lover. The developments were incidental in a natural way which turned into a memorable event for which we are not feeling guilty or ashamed.

It was natural instinct, besides demand of body like hunger, which drove us up to the level of madness and we couldn’t stop doing such thin which is not common and accepted by society. My mom is very beautiful with attractive features and figure. She is very health cautious and has maintained her fully developed and firm boobs in good shape.

Her flawless flat belly with deep navel and bulges of boobs attracts every one at first sight. She is keeping fit and maintaining her beauty by visiting gym and beauty parlor regularly. She looks younger than her age. She is younger by 8 years than my father. They believe in modern life style and drinks beer moderately in parties and clubs.

She is very fond of sexy outfits and mixes up with every one freely due to her pleasant & carefree nature. She is very cooperative and submissive besides sweet & soft in talking. I have no restrictions from their side. She is loving and caring, besides open and free with every one. She is very soft spoken, polite and caring, besides cooperative and submissive. We don’t keep any secret in between.

The wind started blowing in favorable direction & new developments started taking shape in sexy atmosphere in the absence of my father, who left abroad for a lucrative job about a year back. I could sense and feel that mom was badly missing my father and feeling very lonely besides sexually starved in his long time absence.

She joined a club and kitty party to developed new friendship with like minded young & sexy ladies. All these activities added fuel to fire in her sex life and she started taking active part in such activities. She became popular very soon. She also managed a fabulous party at our residence to mix up freely.

They played Housie, Antakshri & cutting dirty sexy jokes openly to create hot and sexy atmosphere. I was watching all their activities hiding in my room & without their knowledge. Mom became popular among her sexy friend circle & started exchanging pornographic material with close friends. My curiosity & interest increased to search her bedroom.

I could find one porno magazine under her pillow, containing nude pictures and stories about sex encounters between son and moms. The stories were very interesting and I also developed a desire to enjoy sex with my mom. My curiosity further increased to know more about the secrets of my mom’s sex life.

She was keeping one of the Elmira always locked. I managed to unlock the same and found lot of sexy material, like see thru lingerie, two piece bikinis, nude album of my mom, stripping nude & exhibiting her private parts wide open, besides a real looking, king size battery operated multifunction dildo (sex toy) to stimulate and satisfy horny ladies all the way.

I also found few mail ID of her close friends, besides her ID & Password. This helped me to know about her private life and connections. I discovered that mom had friendship with mostly young boys and girls. I was badly excited to learn and know that mom is most sexy and horny women & believes in free sex. She is also having lesbian connection with one of her close kitty party associate.

She is divorcee and very young at the age of 27 whereas mom is 43. I was feeling badly excited at this point and started to develop adult friendship with her kitty friend. Our friendship brought good results and I succeeded to fuck her twice to know more about mom. She very much praised her and committed that mom is very horny with excessive and uncontrolled sex desires.

Both of them are fast friends and enjoy sex freely irrespective to age difference. She also disclosed that she has introduced her with an African Negro student. I got his mail ID from the diary of mom. My curiosity further further increased and I got thru to develop friendship with him thru mail first Then with personal meetings with him.

He also confirmed his connections and disclosed that she is very active and demanding in bed. He had very nice time with her and enjoyed fucking three times. I went a long way & established contacts with mom by false mail ID. I introduced my self as a strong gigolo & easily convinced Mom. She is very easy going & agreed to sleep with me.

We exchanged few sexy mails in which we disclosed our desires and private life to convince each other. I also sent few picture of my dick, which she liked very much. She became very open and free with me and when I asked her about her views on sex relationship of mother and, she affirmed that she doesn’t mind such sex relationship, if the opportunity arrives and situation demands.

This way my desires became stronger to come closer to her and create such situation to sleep with her and enjoy passionate sex with mom taking her into full confidence. Frankly speaking I am peeping tom and got few very good opportunities to see nudity and vital organs of both male and females in different ways.

I am very happy that God has gifted me a very strong and proportionately big dick to satisfy and stand for long time. I have a good control on discharge and can maintain erection for long time with different technique. Slowly the things started going in right directions and in our favor, after we moved to a new & independent terrace apartment on the three story building in a new atmosphere.

We had full freedom to use terrace with full privacy in this building. In the summer we were enjoying sleeping out on the terrace under the open sky. One day it so happened that I got up early to study. I urinated on the drain & accidently looked down in the neighborhood. I was excited to notice a young couple, lying half naked on their terrace of double story house.

The man was in under wear and the lady was in petticoat and blouse. Her petticoat was all the up and her bottoms were fully exposed. I could see her pubic region and cunt clearly. Her blouse was open from front and she was topless with her boobs fully exposed while the one hand of her hubby above her boob. I was badly excited and had a good look.

I was totally lost, unaware of any thing in surrounding. When I turned back suddenly, I was struck with my mom,who was standing behind me taking note of my activities. I fell down on her & incidentally my hands touched her boobs all the way on her naked bulges exposed half the way. She supported me warmly and held me in her arms.I felt the heat of her boobs and got excited.

She was also excited by my touch and watching the nude scene. She didn’t mind and gave me a sexy smile & encourage me by patting on my butts in naughty style. This was turning point and just beginning with good indications. I was very pleased by her behavior and sensed a nice time ahead.

Thus my day passed very happily and after the dinner I watched a very interesting English movie, till late in the night. Mom went out to sleep as usual, on the on the terrace, under the sky. When I came out to sleep I was surprised to see my cot joined with her. She was lying flat in petticoat and sleeveless low cut blouse. The string of petticoat was very loose and tied low on the waist.

The scene was almost identical to morning & her thighs were expose her thighs were exposed to maximum. The blouse was unhooked from the waist to feel comfortable and the bulges of boobs from bottom were exposed half the way but I could make out the nipples and aura clearly thru fine & see thru material of blouse,

This development excited me badly and I was compelled to take a very close and good look of he nudity first, then gathered courage to raise her petticoat further up to expose her bottoms all the way up to expose her pubic region. She had very beautiful balled cunt with a large clitoris and labia sticking out of clit.

I couldn’t sleep and lied down very close to her on my cot for some time. It was time to take lead & I mustered courage to place my hand on her silky smooth bare belly. Thereafter I watched for her reaction or activity from her side for some time. Then I advanced further to explore her boobs after exploring the depth of her navel with my finger.

Soon my hand was cupping her bare breast, exploring one by one after pushing the blouse further up to release the boobs all the way. Since there was no reaction, I was encouraged to fondle with her nipples, which became tight and erect easily. This was a clear indication that she was willing and enjoying each and every step silently.

There after I moved my hand back to her navel and further down to her bottoms to explore her assets and tunnel thru the loose string. To my surprise she was badly excited and her cunt was wet & oozing. I explored her genitals for some time with full satisfaction. Since there was no reaction and initiative from her, I stopped further and withdrew my self for time being.

In the morning we met normally as if nothing has happened in between us, but the heat was on, either sides to to wait and watch. I was very happy today. It was luckiest day as my dreams were coming true one by one. I won a competition and got a reward of Rupee ten Lakhs. I was going to share this good news with my mom and hand over the claque to her.

I was disappointed that mom was late from kitty party. I was surprised to see the drawing room decorated tastefully with balloons and a bottle of champagne lying on the center table, besides some porno material lying on her bed. Mean while I decided to go for shower and when came out I was surprised to see mom waiting for me.

She was looking very happy and good mood, beside seductive beauty queen in the sexy outfit which was showing her nudity to maximum. She always goes to beauty parlor for facial and waxing before attending kitty party. On the other hand I was also in very good mood and came out with only towel, murmuring English song.

We both were eager to share good news & I forgot the decency and good manners. She took lead and informed me that she has won ten thousand rupees in gambling, which took place after kitty was over and caused her being late. I congratulated her and gave my news to her and handed over the chaque. She was badly excited to see the amount and extended her hands to hug me.

I responded her with equally warmth while forgetting that I was in towel only. The passionate and warm hug with showers of kisses on my face and lips shaked me and waves of pleasure started running thru my nerves all over. This sensation caused my dick to get instant erection. I am very sure that she must have got the feeling of touch.

This way we were completely lost in making passionate love. I didn’t realize that my towel has become loose all the way and when we parted after some time, my towel fell down on the floor. It was very odd situation & I was standing completely nude with my dick fully erect,in front of my mom. I was feeling awkward and tried to pick up towel.

But mom stopped me by holding me with his hands and told me not to mind & it is fine while giving me sexy smile. She also reminded me that today is her wedding anniversary. She expressed her desire to celebrate in birthday suit with drinks to gather in candle lights, to enjoy differently. She asked me to help her to strip her clothes to join him.

I accepted and got immense pleasure by touching my fingers and feeling the warmth of her sexy body during unbuttoning & unhooking her bra and lowering her panty until she was totally nude. She was looking very beautiful in shapely and proportionate figure. There after she started lightning candles and switched of lights. Then she served the champagne and sat down besides me.

My eyes were constantly gazing her assets all the time. None of us was in hurry for intercourse and wanted to make the event more interesting and memorable. She started serving drink and sat down very close to me. After the cheers I place one of my hand across her shoulders to pull her and placed my other hand on her boobs to feel the heat, while stamping a passionate kiss.

Mom is very polite and soft spoken and sweet. She never feels or become angry even if somebody brushes her boobs. She is carefree and moderate lady. I like her by nature and her beautiful figure and smiling face. After taking first sip she made me to drink from her mouth(by filling her mouth with the drink and then transferring into my mouth) its awesome.

She didn’t stop there and made me to drink from her cunt also(filling drink in her cunt and making me to drink from her cunt) Fantastic. Something new and enjoyable with difference. I liked her ideas. After the first round was over, she was fully delighted in light mood. The atmosphere became hot and sexy and our topic of discussion concentrated on extra marital affairs.

She was feeling free and sheded all her inhibitions and started disclosing her private sex life and extra marital affairs which started due to long time absence of my father and she felt lonely besides sexually starved. She accepted that it was the need of time and her body for which she is not ashamed at all and it is normal and natural.

She proudly described me the development of her lesbian relationship with the divorcee young lady and with the Negro student. She preferred black as they are very strong and dynamic persons in the bed. She was very happy and delighted with the affairs with both of them. She also disclosed that she that she prefer to enjoy in house sex, rather than going out.

She also enjoyed all the activities last night and allowed me to explore her vital organs silently and expecting good results. She then inserted a porno disc into the player which was very interesting. The movie was on body massage and genital piercing. She asked me if I would like to give her body massage to arouse and stimulate her passion and then fuck her hard?

I accepted the challenge and made her to lie down on her face down. Then started giving oil massage from her feet, moving up on her back. I tried to give her very good soothing and relaxing massage, besides fondling and fingering her private parts to stimulate and arouse her passions. While giving massage on he thighs I gave magic touch on her genitals and made her to drip.

I played with her nipples to bring tightness and erection. On the whole she was fully satisfied and badly aroused to proceed ahead for fucking. This way we were feeling badly attracted and excited and crossed all our limits besides shedding our inhibition after the massage. She sat down and held mick in her hands and was very much pleased with the size of dick.

She started sucking after removing the tight skin back. There after we lied down on the bed and started making love like true lovers. She made me to suck her nipples by holding her breasts in her hand like a baby until the nipples were tight and erect. I played with her boobs like a child and then move down step by step to have a glimpse of my birth place and heavenly tunnel.

She raised and parted her legs wide open to five me exploded view of her hairless fleshy cunt, stuffed with big clitoris and large lobes of Labia. I was badly excited and started kissing and licking genitals which belonged to me and were very attractive and tasteful. She placed a thick pillow to raise her ass and give me better access.

I was madly smooching and nibbling her mouth filling genitals and she was proudly moaning with full pleasure. She was so much overjoyed that she couldn’t control and started leaking. It was maddening pleasure to drink her pee.

After some time we changed the position to her favorite “69”. She moved the tight fore skin back and started sucking my dick like a lollypop. Her wide open fleshy and wet cunt was above and over my mouth and I parted the lips with my both hands to sucking & nibbling her mouth filling genital, which worked well and her cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure.

Soon her ass started rising high & she reached the height of climax. Suddenly her body started jerking and she shuddered with heavy Orgasm in abundance with spasms in her cunt. She was completely drained and became calm. I could see the sign of full satisfaction and peace on her face and her eyes were close.

We remained in compromised position for some time until she regained for a steamy intercourse. She opened her eyes and expressed her happiness by hugging and kissing me like a child. I also responded warmly expressing my happiness.

She was very sweet and soft in talking and treating me like a real lover and motherfucker. She lied down on the edge of the bed and invited me to fuck her by raising and spreading her legs wide open. I took my position and she held my tip to guide the entry of love tunnel. I pushed and glided my rock hard and strong dick all the way in, smoothly and plugged her tight hole.

Her breasts were rising high and mouth open with pleasant sound during penetration with a heavenly pleasure. Then I bent down over her and started kissing and caressing, besides playing with her boobs and sucking nipples to arouse passions. She could not resist further and started demanding fucking.

I was also in full heat and started stroking her by holding her under my clutches by putting my hands under her shoulders. Her body was shaking with the strong thrusts and my dick was working like a plunger in her tight hole. She started demanding to make her cum while moaning loudly.

Soon she reached in ecstasy and her legs started flying in the air till she attained Orgasm and I spurted my cum in her cunt. We calmed down while exhausted & remained tandem position until my dick became loose and slide out of her hot fucking cunt.

There after we became open and free in discussion and action besides drinking. One day I took her to confidence and asked her her opinion for group sex with her lesbian and negro friend. She was very happy to hear this from me and arranged group sex. She discussed with them and invited them at home.

It was maddening pleasure to see live fucking show of mom being fucked by throbbing black dick and lesbian show with her kitty friend. I never thought of a group sex, which further added spices in our sex life with a change and lots of fun.

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