This is Haasini from Hyderabad. I am 26 years old young lady with good looks and hot assets, 36-29-36. I am fair in color and have silky black shoulder length hairs. My father works for a cell-phone company and lives with second lady, now my step-mom. It was 4 years ago. I just finished my college and started working in a boutique. I plan to open my own one-day pretty soon. In my college I had a boyfriend named Sriniwas. I used to call him Srinu. He is a nice boy, sweetie, simple and very caring person. We used to like each other’s company.

I got married today, not to my college love, Srinu, but to another man whom I hardly know and who is after my body more than me as a person. today is my first night or suhaaggraat I noticed that it was a huge room and wonderfully decorated to welcome newly wed couple. It surely talked about richness of their family. It smelled of fresh roses and jasmine all over. It was really exciting to be in this room. This was the room where I am gonna start my married life and going to surrender myself to my husband. One wall of the room was whole mirror and I was admiring myself in it. Then I noticed that door opened and Sanjay walked in dressed in his silk churidar kurta.

He was looking handsome too. He had typical victory smile on his face as if saying to himself – “O yeah now I am gonna have this hot babe”. He walked towards me and hugged me from behind. I had the tingling felling all over my body. My blood started to rush in every part of my body and I shivered a little with excitement. I closed my eyes. Then he whispered in my ears that he is so glad today and is on top of the world that he got married to me. I knew exactly why he was so happy. Finally his penis will get my pussy today. His lust will be satisfied today. This was a great night he had been so eagerly waiting for. He said he loved me and kissed me on my neck from behind. It sent shivers in my body.

I was still dressed in my complete bridal dress and makeup with jewelry and big chunni over my head. Sanjay turned me around and pushed me a little against mirror wall and came closer to me. I started feeling his breath over my face now. I had closed my eyes and he kissed me on my lips. Though I had kissed once or twice with Srinu, but they were like short ones. So I was more or less of a novice in kissing. However Sanjay looked like a player. He kissed my lips hard and started sucking my lips like a candy. He was sucking my lips hard. I also started responding a bit and kissed him back. He didn’t need any more encouragement and he tried to insert his tongue inside my mouth.

I got the signal and opened my mouth a little bit to take his tongue inside my mouth. He was now licking inside of my lips and mouth. He started playing with my tongue and my lips. It was feeling great. I moaned a little one also. He was holding me. His arms were wrapped around my back. His fingers were exploring my exposed back and waist. Suddenly I wanted to forget Srinu and I started liking this person. I liked his aggressiveness. He kissed and licked my mouth for more than 15 min and we broke for a while to catch the breath.

Then I asked him to hold on for few minutes, because I wanted to get rid of these jewelry and heavy clothes. I was tired of holding them over me for whole day. I wanted to go towards bathroom so that I can go and change. But then he stopped me and held my hands. He said he wanted to help me removing them. He said that since this is our first night he wanted to make it remember-able and enjoyable night. Before I could reply to him, he already started removing pins from my chunni and in no time it was gone. I was shying and not feeling comfortable that he undressed me. This was the first time, some guy was trying to open my dress. But then he showed his aggressiveness on me. He tossed my chunni away on the sofa in one corner of the room. Now I was in my lehnga and matching choli. I was looking down, because I was feeling shy to show my tight blouse without chunni to him. But he was enjoying it. I looked towards him from the corner of my eyes. I wanted to check his reactions. His eyes sort of popped out when he saw my full boobs hidden in my choli. It was so tight that my boobs were fighting to pop out from my choli. Then he held my hand and made me sit on the stool in front of dressing table. I just followed him. I had no choice but to forget about anything else and follow his instructions.

He stood behind me admiring me in the mirror. He looked down and feasted his eyes under my deep cleavage. Thanks to the great bra that Tanya and Richa picked for me. He started removing my jewelry one by one. He would keep kissing my part of the body that was holding jewelry. He bent down and kissed both my ears. Then his hands moved to my necklace and he kissed me all over my neck. I was enjoying the love I was getting from him. He complemented on my perfume and told me that my smell is making him wild. He removed my gold bangles and kissed my hands. His mouth followed his hands over to my fingers. And then the last piece of jewelry left on me was my ankles. So he just sat down, took my left leg in his lap and very lovingly removed my first sandal and then my payal (anklets). And then did the same to my right hand.

I felt so special treated this way. And then he lifted my feet and kissed them. He started licking my ankles and toes and I felt wet already. Then he made me stand, stood behind me brought his hands around me and opened my lehnga’s string. And in next second, my lehnga came down on the carpet. I stepped out of it. Now I was in my petticoat and choli. I was kind of feeling shy as well, but then I was making myself mentally prepared for what has to come next. I was thinking in my mind what would come next, my petticoat or my choli, and I thought that he would go for choli first. And I was right.

He held my hand and moved towards the bed. He sat down on the edge of the decorated bed and made me stand in front of him. I asked him to shut off the main light, but he wanted to have the lights on, because he wanted to see my every inch of the body. And he hugged me, with his face deep in my belly. He was licking all my stomach while his hands were caressing and squeezing my ass cheeks over my petticoat. I gradually put my hands on his head and caressed his hairs. He put his tongue in my navel and circled it around it. I loved the feeling and hold his head more tightly against me. Then he removed his head from my belly and looked at me with lust with his eyes saying,

“I want to eat you”. His hands now moved to hooks of my choli (blouse) and he started opening them one by one. He would kiss whatever skin shows up. It was difficult to stand straight, because I was getting excited now. I was tossing my weight on one leg and the other. His hands were opening the hooks while his mouth started kissing my boobs from over the blouse. Within no time, he opened my blouse completely from the front. His tongue came out dripping wet, looking at my silky sexy red lacy bra that were covering just half of my boobs. By his expression and his tongue wagging out I realized he liked my boobs and my bra.

He quickly put his mouth to one of my boob over my bra, started squeezing my other boob with his one hand and helped me in removing my blouse from my hands with his other free hand. He was sitting with his legs spread and I was standing in between his legs. He has not touched my pussy yet, yet it was so wet already. Parlor girls did a great thing in choosing a front open bra. Sanjay’s hands wasted no time and opened my bra right away. My tight hooters were in front on his eyes and near his mouth. His mouth remained wide open for a while at looking at my tight boobs. I was full in size, 36 inches, but my boobs were tight, as a teenager would have.

His squeezing and licking had made them harder and my nipples were erect. He gasped and said these are the best boobs he had seen in his life. And then with his mouth, lips, tongue and hands he attacked both my boobs, as if there is no tomorrow. He made so many love bites on my boobs all over. Now his right hand moved to my ass and started squeezing my full buttocks. I have hard and silky butts and I am proud of them. Some of my girl friends were jealous of my behind as well. They always said – men love them. The way Sanjay was squeezing my ass, I knew they were right.

Then he stood up and removed his kurta. He didn’t have any baniyan and I liked his muscular chest. He hugged me tight and my boobs were crushing against his chest. I wrapped my hands around his neck tightly and his both hands were caressing my back and my buttocks. I could feel his hardness against my thighs and it made me wet again. He pushed his pelvis against my pussy and pulled me closer to him from my ass. I could feel his penis heat against my pussy. This is the first time a penis was so close to my pussy. And then he kind of pushed me over the bed full of rose petals. He followed the same, lying on top of me. My tits were standing erect.

He started licking my whole body, every inch of it. He would kiss me and lick my flesh. His tongue felt great against my smooth skin. He was licking my face, ate my lips, kissed my neck and moved down. He spent plenty of time licking and squeezing my boobs and then moved downwards to my stomach and belly. I was feeling ticklish and horny at the same time. I was moaning as well. I am sure if it were a bit louder; it would go to next room as well. I wouldn’t mind if anybody was listening.

He kept licking and keep moving down and down and stopped just above my pussy. He was teasing me now. I wanted my pussy to be touched and felt, but he was avoiding it more and more. Then he moved all the way to my feet and started kissing and licking my legs. He started his journey upwards, licking it slowly and spending time at every inch of flesh. He would keep pushing my petticoat upwards, as he kept moving upwards kissing me. Now I was all wet and it was difficult to control myself. I was squirming left and right on the bed and moving my ass upwards. He moved upwards towards my knees and then to thighs. His hands were also caressing my inner thighs while his lips were kissing them. I am sure he could smell my erotic aroma of my cunt juices.

He seems to like it, as his breathing became heavier along with mine. He finally opened the string of my petticoat and pulled it down. I raised my ass to remove it. From his looks I knew he liked what he was seeing. Who wouldn’t like a sexy pussy covered in sexy red silk panty? In appreciation and in lust he just bent down quickly and kissed my pussy over my panty. He took out his tongue and licked my entire panty and in-turn my pussy under it. My cunt started pouring more juices that had come over my panty as well. He moved his hands under my ass and his fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk he pulled them down. I liked his aggressiveness.

He was even more delighted to see my shaved pussy. I guess this was a sexy surprise for him. My cunt lips had swollen a bit and were saying – “Come on kiss me and lick me hard”. And as if he understood what my cunt lips said, Sanjay attacked my pussy with his lips and tongue. He was inserting his tongue inside my outer lips. I was on heaven. I started moaning loudly. I didn’t care whether anyone will hear it or not. I am sure Srinu did hear them. I started jerking my ass in upward motion in order to meet more of his tongue. In no time, I came and he kept on licking and eating me.

Now Sanjay couldn’t control any further and he quickly removed his pajama. I was surprised to see his huge penis. This is the first time I saw a hard live penis of a young man. I never imagined it would be so big and so thick. It was as thick as my wrist. I got scared that it would hurt me really badly. I was sure his penis would tear my cunt apart. I asked him to go really slow and told him that he is to big for me. I shivered just by the thought of it. He smiled, didn’t bother much, but asked me to relax. With his hands he started spreading my legs farther. I was new to fucking, but he was acting as if he knew it all. He spread my legs and asked me to spread them further and lift them as well. I followed his commands. He holds my legs and put them on his shoulders.

He brought his penis near to my pussy, adjusted the tip over my pussy and started to push it inside. I was tight, since I was virgin and it didn’t go in the first time. He spread my cunt lips with one hand and holding his penis with other hand, pushed it harder the next time and a loud scream came out of my mouth. He quickly kept his mouth over me to shut my mouth. It pained me a lot and part of his penis was inside me and has broken my virginity. He didn’t stop at my screaming or my pain, but pushed little more and more. I was dying of pain, but it looks like he didn’t care much about me. He was full of lust and thought about satisfying his sex desire. He kept his mouth over mine and kept on pushing it more inside. It appeared as if this pain will not go away.

But then after a few strokes, my cunt opened up a little and it got adjusted to his penis. I could feel fullness inside me. I closed my eyes and was now enjoying it. His hands were now kneading my breasts and he was pumping into me. Now I also started enjoying it. I was moaning loudly and I started moving my ass with his rhythm. Slowly I learned how to get fucked. His breathing started moving faster and looked as if he was about to come. My mom gave me good advice to start taking pills on time. And next second he came inside me. His cum filled my pussy and it felt hot inside. He jerked and jerked inside me and then calmed down over me. We lay there like this for some more time. Though we were tired from the wedding ceremony, but lust had overpowered sleep and we were fresh as ever.

I then got up, went to bathroom and cleaned myself with warm water. I came out from the bathroom and I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed. I just walked over to him and saw he was still erect. He asked me to sit on the carpet in between his legs. Like a good wife I did. He put my right hand on his penis. This is the first time I hold a penis in my hand. It felt hard and warm in my hand. It was a different feeling, but then there is always a first time for everything. He found out that I am a novice with it. So he put his hand over my hand and sort of guided my hand in to-and-fro motion. Quickly I learnt and moved my hands like a pro. I can make out that I was doing it right from the satisfying expressions on his face.

Then after some minutes, he became fully erect and hard. And then next, he put his hands behind my head and moved my face closer to his penis. He removed my hand from his penis and pushed his penis towards my mouth and touched my lips. I could smell his pre-cum. He pushed a little more and gave me unsaid command to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and kissed and licked the tip of his penis. It tasted sour and salty. It was better than I expected. Taking green signal from my actions, he pushed his penis deeper into my mouth. I had to open my mouth really wide. I never imagined such a big piece of meat could fill my mouth. I giggled as his penis touched the back of my throat.

I could hardly breath. And then he started pulling my head towards his penis and I started moving my head in back and forth motion. I sort of became expert and gave him a great blowjob. I was playing with his balls with my hands and sucking his penis. He moved his hands down and started playing and squeezing my boobs. It felt as if I was a whore giving a blowjob to a guy who was playing with my boobs. But then good part was I was doing it to my husband. I thought to myself that I will give one blowjob to Srinu to compensate for not marrying him. He deserves at least this much for being so nice to me so long. Sanjay started moaning now and he was becoming tighter in my mouth. He pushed my head closer to his penis and I sort of increased my speed and in no seconds he came in my mouth. I gulped every drop of his cum and licked him clean. He left me there, got up to bathroom to pee. I got up and lay down on the bed inside the sheet. I thought that finally it was end of the night and we can get some rest and sleep.

Soon after he came out of the bathroom and came inside the sheets and hugged me. He made me lie on my side and he slid behind me and hugged me from behind. I was now kind of tired and sleepy. We lay there in this position for some time. Sanjay told me, “You are the most hottest girls he has ever seen and you make me so much horny”. I just smiled and didn’t say anything, waiting for him to praise me more. He then said, “You have got the amazing pair of tits and sexy smooth ass to die for”. He put his hands on my ass cheeks and caressed them. Now I was glad that my mom fixed my whole day appointment with Richa for whole body waxing. My body had become like silk.

I was kind of asleep a little bit. But then I found his hard penis against my ass cheeks. He told me that my ass had made him hard again. I couldn’t believe it. This guy was a real horse. He just ejaculated two times in less than 1 hour and he was hard again for third time. He started kissing me on my neck and back while squeezing my boobs from behind. I started feeling little awake due to his caressing and his lust for me. He made me lie on my stomach and started kissing me all over my back and then moved downward licking my spine and to my buttocks. He kissed and sucked me ass cheeks and licked them all over. He was kissing my ass as if there is no tomorrow. I started liking his passion and lust for me. What else a woman will like that his husbands love her like a mad dog.

He was kind of sitting between my legs, squeezing and kissing my ass. Then he moved his hands under my stomach and pulled me upward from my waist. I was now on my knees and my hands. He made me in doggy style. Now this was a surprise for me. I had never imagined fucked by him in doggy style on my first night itself. My pussy was still soaring from the heavy fucking we just did few minutes ago, but he didn’t care and he was ready for the next round with full force. He pointed his penis over my pussy from behind and within split of second he pushed it so hard that I was out of breath. It was hurting me and paining me like anything. My pussy was so new to penis, just got the first taste few minutes ago. It was still so tight and he just rammed into me mercilessly. He didn’t give me a chance to recover from the pain and started moving his penis in and out of my pussy. He was holding me from my waist and pulling me towards him while he was really giving huge jerks towards my pussy. He bent a little bit over me and started playing with my tits. He was twitching my tits between his thumb and fingers. He was hurting me, but he didn’t care. I was kind of moaning but more because of pain in my pussy and my tits. He didn’t care for my groans and kept on fucking me hard.

I am sure Srinu and Tara could hear my loud pains in the next room. I am sure, Tara must be teasing him more as they would listen our fucking screams and moans. Tara was a good teaser and good leg puller and especially with the straight guy like Srinu. I am sure he must be feeling humiliated by listening his ex girl friend being fucked mercilessly in adjacent room. Later Tara told me that he wanted to leave their home and go away to his house, but then Tara made him stay right there, giving him excuses that he won’t find any transport so late in cold night. He hid his face inside the sheets and pretended to sleep. But then he couldn’t and he was shifting his sides every 10 minutes. And Tara would not let him sleep and would make him awake to listen to my fucking session and make him humiliated. I kind of felt sorry for him.

But then I didn’t have much time to think more about Srinu at this point of time. My mind was busy about my pain that I was feeling in my sore pussy now, because Sanjay was ramming his huge dick in to me for more than 20 minutes continuously. He was a real horse who wouldn’t slow down. Sanjay opened my hairs loose. He held me from my stomach with his right hand and held my hairs with the left. His was fucking me like a bitch now, with my hairs pulled by him at the same time, while his groin was making slap-slap noise while hitting against my ass. Though my pussy was paining, but then naturally my pussy was responding to his fucking and it started juicing up. And then I had orgasm after orgasm. I lost the count. I was feeling so week in my knees. I was so tired, but he wouldn’t come. I just wonder how much stamina he had.

And then I felt him slowing a little bit and he was getting harder inside me. I am sure he was about to come now. He immediately turned me over on my back now, he sat on my stomach with his legs on either side. His huge dick was glowing wrapped with my pussy juices. He held it in his hands and started jerking. And in no seconds he same in heavy loads. He sprinkled all over my boobs and some of his cum fell on my face as well. Finally he milked himself empty on my boobs and I was watching how he was treating me like a bitch and jerking on my boobs. He was really using me and satisfying his lust. His entire motives in marrying me were getting fulfilled. I saw great satisfaction on his face. His forehead was sweating. And his face had a glowing satisfactory smile.

He picked up some tissues from side table and handed over to me to clean myself. I cleaned my boobs and my face. Then like a good wife I gave one tissue to him to clean his penis as well. But then he refused it and brought his penis near my mouth. I understood his intentions. He wanted me to lick him clean. I took his half-erect penis in my right hand and brought out my long tongue and licked him from bottom to his tip. I repeated it couple of times like a bitch in heat and licked him clean. He removed it from my mouth when he was satisfied. I told him that he has got a big penis. He smiled approvingly and proudly. I got up and started moving towards bathroom. I needed to pee badly. He knew that I hadn’t opened my bags yet. He spoke from behind that I could use nightdress kept in bathroom closet and get shorts for him as well. I went inside and pee there.

My warm piss was feeling so soothing to my soar pussy. I finished, got up and opened the closet. And there was one set of pink bra, pink panty and a pink color silk nightgown. I wore bra and panty and I was surprised, it fitted me well. This guy had done his homework pretty well. I then wore the nightgown. It fitted my body perfectly. It was a sleeveless gown with low cut in the front and a slit in the side till my knees. I came out and got his shorts as well. I helped him wear his shorts and finally we landed up on bed for rest. He made me sleep on my side and he hugged from behind tightly. He felt his hands over my ass and found that I wore a panty. He inserted his hands inside my gown and pulled my panty down. He said he want to feel my smooth ass under the silky gown with no panty on.

He snuggled closer and adjusted his penis in between my ass crack. I whispered slowly and naughtily that his penis is really very big and very strong. I told him that his penis had scared me a lot. He liked his appreciation and kissed me on my neck. We talked for a few minutes more about how much he loves me and my body. Within no time we were fast asleep. After so much of sexercise we really slept well.

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