Rahul knew that his wife was bisexual before he married her. She and her best friend had been to bed several times in high school, and even shared a boyfriend a few times. That is what he had come to know and frankly a lesbian relationship made him excited. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had the pleasure of both of them before or even after they were married, although once when he came home one night, he could, after kissing Haasini, tell that she had been to bed with a girlfriend, so strong was the feminine aroma, very distinct from Haasini herself.

Their fifth wedding anniversary was coming up, and Haasini asked him what they were going to do to celebrate. Rahul had planned a nice dinner, perhaps a stageshow or dancing, then back home to make better love.It was after the two recent trips to a nudist beach resort that Haasini had become far bolder in sexual matters. When Rahul explained his plans and asked her whether a nude beach resort was what she had in mind, she simply smiled and suppressed a giggle, her black eyes twinkling with an impish gleam.

Luckily, their first anniversary fell on a Friday, and reservations made, they dolled themselves up and went out for the evening. Dinner at a fine restaurant and dancing at a local hot-spot kept them laughing and in a good mood. As they drove home, Haasini sitting next to Rahul, leaned over and caressed his thigh with her painted fingernails, sending a shiver through him.

“You want to have real wild sex with me tonight?” She cooed.She was wearing an electric blue saree with a sleeveless blouse and matching ethnic jewellery which included oxidised bangles,necklace and a pair of lovely and dainty anklets which,she knew was a tremendous put on for her husband.

Rahul said yes, he would happily keep her wet and jumping all night long. When Haasini came, no one could doubt that she wasn’t faking. Her tendency to “let go” in bed meant that she was prone to outbursts of very erotic (and sometimes downright dirty) talk, as well as moaning and thrashing wildly about the bed.

Arm in arm, they climbed the stairs to their apartment, and once inside, kissed passionately for several long moments, running their hands over each other and bring desire to a boil. Haasini broke the kiss and knelt straight down, unzipping Rahul’s pants in the entry hall. She pulled his hardening cock out of his pants and slipped it into her mouth. Tonguing the underside of the head, and teasing him, Rahul felt his balls tingle and her wet mouth sliding like wet velvet over his shaft.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her long and hard, his tongue exploring her mouth, teasing her tongue to follow his back, squeezing her tits through her blouse. As he knelt in the hall, lifting her saree, she leaned back against the wall, bending her knees and spreading her thighs. Rahul moved the hem of her saree up, and stared straight at her shapely pussy. She had been dressed in a thong panty, all night. He looked up at her, his warm breath tickling her bush, and she smiled that special way of hers, telling him she did it for their pleasure.

Rahul dove into her soft moist pussy, licking the glistening drops of cream from her bush. His tongue parted her moist lips, feeling the warmth of her, tasting her sweet eagerness. He circled her clit several times, holding on to her thighs when she tried to lower herself against his tongue.

She pulled him up and kissed him long and hard, showing him how very hot her passions had become. She pulled a scarf from the nearby drawer, smiling at her hubby.

“Stand still.” She said. “I have a surprise for you.”

She used the scarf as a blindfold and led Rahul into the darkened bedroom. He figured she’d gone out and bought some sexy clothes for him to take off of her. He heard matches striking, and the fragrance of scented candles impinged on his senses.

“Setting the mood” Rahul thought. She stood next to him, kissing him lightly on the cheek, her bare breast touching his arm. Slowly, she began to undress him. Making him feel every fiber move against his skin. Telling him to stay still, not to reach for her. She removed his shirt, gliding her hands lightly over his chest, tickling the hairs around his nipples. She removed the belt from his pants, slowly pulling it through the belt loops, making a long hissing sound as it slid against the fabric. She knelt and started untying his shoes, helping him out of them, sliding his socks off his feet. Her hands unfastened the snap at his waist, his zipper already undone, with his cock, hard and straight standing, waiting to be touched. She stopped and breathed into his ear, her tongue tracing the edge, warm and wet.

“Just a second.” She said softly.

Rahul heard her climb onto the bed, moving around on the sheets. All he could hear was the light tinkle of her silver anklets and the bangles. His pants were pushed away from his hips, and he could feel her hair against his bare thighs as she lifted one leg, then the other out of his pants. Hands caressed his thighs, sliding up under the legs of his boxer shorts, fingernails lightly raking the skin there. Lips closed around the end of his shaft, with a tongue lightly caressing the head of his cock.

“Tease.” Rahul muttered.

Hands quickly pulled his shorts off, making him naked and blind in the fragrant darkness. He moved to the bed, and her hands pushed him back against the pillows. He could feel the warmth of her body near his and he longed to reach out an stroke her.

“Just lay back and enjoy this.” She purred.

More movements as she positioned herself on the bed. Again lips encircled the head of his cock, tongue swirling, wet and warm. The velvety smoothness caused him to moan softly, and he could feel her warm breath against his skin. All at once she swallowed his cock, deeply, into her throat. She’d never before been able to ‘throat’ his six inches, and Rahul gasped loudly as her lips tickled the hairs at the root. Rising slowly, lips tight against him, she flicked her tongue back and forth over the muscular ridge under his cock.

Rahul moaned my pleasure, letting her know he enjoyed this and wanted more. His hands reached out, only to be slapped away. He laid back and enjoyed the sensation of his cock being swallowed over and over. Slowly. Lovingly. She began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching the shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped his cock up and down, her efforts shaking the bed. Several fast strokes would be followed by a long plunge. Taking him deep into her throat, she’d pause, letting him know how deep he was, feeling the tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the back of her throat caressed the head of his cock, feeling sooo very nice. Then she would pull up quickly, and repeat her fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep.

She didn’t touch him except with her mouth. Her hands he could feel near him on the bed, her hair not touching him as it normally would. Lacking any other distractions, her world consisted of his cock and her mouth, eagerly trying to suck him off. He could feel his cock trying to stiffen even more, as his balls tightened and tingled.

“Unnghh…I’m…gonna…cum!” Rahul panted.

Her pace quickened, her saliva dripped onto his balls, feeding the fires in them instead of quenching them. His hips moved up, a primitive instinct taking over control. He wanted to come in her mouth, give her all of his sperm, never wanting to stop.

The dam broke, and the floods came. Sperm rushed from his cock as she held him about half way into her mouth. Spasms wracked Rahul’s body as come surged from him. After the fourth surge, he felt her let go and put his spurting rod against her chest, rubbing him back and forth until I spent myself.

Breathing heavily and moaning, he began to relax; to drift into that warm “afterglow” of total contentment and relaxation. He felt her hips move over his, as she sat just over his lower stomach. Her hands untying the blind- fold.

As the scarf fell away, revealing her slim form and pale skin in the flickering candlelight, Rahul looked at her smiling above him, wearing only her garter belt. As she sat, almost grinning at him, he realized that her chest and tits were dry, yet they should have been shiny and wet with white drops of come.

“Did you like that?” She laughed huskily.

“Mmm, yess!Need I reply?” he replied, still feeling the “glow”.

With a sudden motion, she moved off of him, laying on her side next to him.

“You’d better thank her then.” Haasini laughed.

Rahul looked down, and laying alongside his legs, he saw Sylvia, Haasini’s best friend and lover, naked, except for a red bow tied around her neck and a thong panty barely covering her pussy’ her bare breasts twinkling wetly in the dim light, her tongue licking her lips. She smiled at Rahul, her light brown hair seeming to glow as a candle’s light tried to weave its way through. Sylvia was the girl Haasini had a relationship with and to be frank Rahul did not know how they were presently placed.

“Happy Anniversary love!” Haasini laughed, kissing her husband on the cheek.

Rahul grabbed her and kissed her back, hard and rough, as much to thank her as to tell her that he had wished he had known it wasn’t her.

Sitting up, he pulled Sylvia to him and kissed her too, tasting the salty remnants of his come on her tongue.

“That, sweetheart, ” he said to Sylvia, “is for that tremendous headjob!”

Sylvia laughed, telling him how much fun it was to suck him while he thought it was Haasini going down. Haasini told her it would be a few minutes until he was ready again, indicating his flaccid cock.

“Well, I certainly got all worked up over that.” Sylvia said.

“Well, Sylvia now that you have been so co operative why don’t you stay back and,well,see how the evening unfolds?” Haasini smiled.

Sylvia protested, ” No, Haasini.Not today. Today is your anniversary. Some other time.” But Haasini was in no mood to listen.

“What’s the harm? Let him also see how lovely you are down there. Moreover since you have seen his cock should he not see your pussy?” Haasini said.

Sylvia relented.She had to, since Haasini for some unknown reason was so insistent. Haasini had her lay back, and as Rahul watched, laid herself down between Sylvia’s thighs. Her black hair and fair skin contrasting to the slightly darker skin of her friend. She slid her hands under Sylvia’s thighs, and in a swift stroke pulled down her panty to show me a lovely little pussy.

As Haasini’s mouth found the moistness between them, Sylvia crossed her ankles over the middle of Haasini’s back as a tongue caressed her warm, damp flesh.

As Rahul watched, he could feel his rod begin to straighten, getting harder and fuller as Haasini moaned softly between Sylvia’s thighs. A candle on the headboard illuminated Haasini’s creamy ass, and he could see a glistening reflection deep between her legs. She continued to suck, her hands reaching up to pinch Sylvia’s dark nipples, squeeze her full breasts, caressing the soft tender area on their undersides with her fingers. He placed his hand on the back of her thigh, sliding up halfway to her asscheek, stopping to give her thigh a gentle squeeze to let her know that he was enjoying her “show”. She moaned again, wiggling her ass slightly.

Sylvia’s face was one of concentration. She was laying back, trying to concentrate on the pleasures Haasini was giving her, her legs locked tightly over the young wife’s back.

Rahul moved his hand up, cupping Haasini’s asscheek, pushing it up and away from him. The second time he did that, he heard a wet “smack” come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips parted stickily. Rahul leaned over and began to alternate lifting each asscheek, pushing them together and pulling them apart . It took only seconds to cause her pussy to make its approval known with wet noises. The candle light on her lips showed twinkling droplets of juice forming in her golden bush, moist and inviting. Her lips were full and beginning to swell as a white pearlescent drop began to peek from her pussy.

Rahul’s handling of her ass was driving her crazy, as she sucked and licked Sylvia’s pussy. Her soft moans indicated that she liked to have Rahul feeling her ass, and that she wanted to make Sylvia come.

Sylvia’s legs suddenly closed around Haasini’s head as her hips lifted off the bed, carrying Haasini’s head with them. Rahul watched as she stayed locked like this, her legs quivering, her breathing a series of short loud pants, until, finally, she collapsed on the bed.

Haasini caressed the dark bush and pussy, kissing it lightly several times in different places, causing Sylvia to ripple with shudders each time. When she sat up, she crawled down toward her friend, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

“I love to eat you like that.” Haasini said softly.

Sylvia replied lazily, “Ummmm, I love to cum in your mouth too.”

Haasini slipped off the foot of the bed and walked around to her husband, sitting on the edge of the bed. They grabbed each other and kissed passionately, their tongues tasting Sylvia’s cum together. Rahul licked the slick wetness from her chin and neck, squeezing her small tits and pinching her nipples. As their mouths parted, they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Like the girl you married?” She laughed.

“Yes, I can see what sort you are. Not only driving your husband but other girls crazy as well.” Rahul replied, playing on her horniness. “I saw how wet your cunt was getting while you fucked her with your tongue.”

“Oooh, yes, I’m so wet. See?” Her hand rose from her moist lips, the fingers glistening with a thick cream as she showed him her hand. “I’m so wet! Having you watch me suck pussy has made me ready to cum!” She purred again, as she rubbed her own slick juice over her nipples.

Rahul leaned down, his tongue circling her nipples, licking her cream from the hard tips. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, pulling hard as his hand slid between her thighs.

“Hmmm, suck my breasts.” She whispered. “Lick my nipples.”

Rahul slipped three fingers into her wet pussy, feeling her warm wetness ooze down into his hand. His cock touching her stomach caused her hands to encircle it and begin a slow stroking.

“I want to watch my wet darling rub her pussy all over Sylvia’s tits. Make her nipples all wet and creamy. I want to watch as my love tries to fuck those nice big tits. Can you feel how wet they are? How wet your thighs are?” Rahul said.

Her head tossed back as he crooned their “bedtalk” to her, her mouth open slightly, she moaned and hissed her reply.

“I think I should leave.You guys have a nice time.” Sylvia said as she started looking for the panty that had been pulled off by Haasini.

“Please, Sylvia. Stay back. Why be so formal?” Haasini said.

“Yes, do stay back.” Rahul also joined in. After all it is not every day that one gets to see one’s wife’s best friend naked and Rahul did not want to wait for another opportunity.

“But what will I do while you two make love?” Sylvia asked sheepishly.

“You too join us.” Haasini said.

“Ow, come on Haasini! You had said that my job was to give your hubby a blow job. That’s all.I,..I can’t have sex with him.” Sylvia explained.

“OK! Old values? Anyway he can give you as good a blow job as you gave him.” Haasini reasoned.

“Relax. It’s not like your cheating on your boyfriend or having an affair, it’s just a little oral sex,” Rahul told her in a casual and matter of fact manner.

She looked into his eyes and that of Haasini and her defenses began to crumble. Was it OK she asked herself. Is oral sex cheating on one’s lover she questioned herself. She apparently began to see the point of view of Rahul and Haasini. However that she had allowed herself to be in this position made her a bit peeved. She was angry at herself for letting the little game go too far, for letting it get to this point, but mostly she was mad for being physically attracted to another man i.e. her friend’s husband due to which she had agreed to give the blow job. Naturally she did not love him but sex with him was something she desired. She was not sure whether this was a mistake i.e oral sex with someone other than her future husband, but her passion was battling her heart and her heart was losing this battle despite her best efforts.

“Alright I’ll do it, but I want to set some things clear. It is just oral sex and I will do nothing to you now. You will go down on me, but I will do nothing to you. Think of me as an empty shell. When it’s over you will not talk about this with anybody. Is that clear,” she said sternly. Rahul just wore a wide smile. Both Haasini and he nodded their heads in agreement to signify that they did not disagree with Sylvia.

“Ok let’s get this over with,” As Rahul’s hands massaged her inner thighs Sylvia began to breathe heavier and moan silently. He pressed his nose right up against her pussy and inhaled deeply. Her scent was intoxicating to Rahul, a mixture of femininity and animal lust, which caused his cock to again become as erect as it was when she was giving him the blow job. Sylvia had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as he continued to deeply inhale her fragrance, and she felt his hot breath all over her body.

Rahul gently bent down and inhaled her sex deeply, the musky scent driving him insane with lust and desire. His desire was taking control of him now. He wanted to taste her and to hear her squeal with pleasure the like of which she would not have experienced.

“Oh God,” she cried as his tongue slid deeply into her dripping pussy. He began to explore every pocket of her sex, and savoring the taste along the way. Rahul loved the way she tasted, the salty flavor coating his tongue and filling his mouth. Sylvia was moaning loudly and working her nipples faster and faster as he continued to feed from her. Rahul made his way up to her clit and began to lightly bite and suck it as she ground her very wet and willing crotch into his face with lot of pressure.

“Oh baby! Yes…oh no, please…stop.STOP! Oh God..don’t stop baby..oh please…oh baby,” she cried muttering both things as little waves of pleasure began to form inside of her. Inspired by her squeals of delight Rahul began to suck on her for all she was worth. He darted his tongue inside of her faster and faster as she ground her sex into his face harder and harder. All the while Haasini sat back and enjoyed the show occasionally playing with her breasts and playing with her lovely nipples.

“Oh God..oh baby.oh.please…oh…Godd,” she cried as all of the pleasure points erupted inside of her like one big explosion. She lay back on the chair with her eyes closed and chest heaving as Rahul lapped up all of her juices. When she opened her eyes she was looking directly into his face and was aroused to see it covered in her juices. She reached out to kiss him and to taste her juices, but as she was going to kiss me she felt a new type of pressure on her pussy. The feel of something large being pushed up into her caused her to look down and gasp in horror as the head of her friend’s husband’s large cock began to slide into her ravaged pussy. When Haasini had asked Sylvia to stay back even Rahul had not known that this was something he would be doing. Nevertheless he decided to make an attempt to see the way things went.

“What the hell are you doing? Stop this right now! This wasn’t part of the deal,” she cried as Rahul continued to penetrate her. His momentum was constant as the head of his cock found a place in the lips of her pussy and slowly but steadily thrust deep inside of her, stretching her sex and breaking her resolve with each centimeter. She bit her lip as she felt this massive animalistic tool invade her most intimate and secret place, and her will to stop Rahul was rapidly draining away, like her resolve.

“This is wrong! Haasini! Listen! Rahul,look. I am your wife’s friend. I have a fiancee and I love him. Please stop..Oh God..stop now,” she moaned as his prick burrowed further into her. Rahul made no verbal reply to her plea and his only response was to continue his invasion into her especially since, despite her words her hips were thrusting forward to accommodate his cock inside the depths of her pussy. She moaned deeply as she felt the feel of Rahul’s manhood fill her to capacity; and felt her heart begin to race as their pubic bones finally met. God,it was inside her pussy! Fully! Rahul remained motionless, his cock fully inside Sylvia for a moment, and gradually as her will was all but gone, he withdrew it fully and then began to slowly move in and out. The rapid thrusts made a clapping noise as his testicles slapped on her buttocks. All the while Haasini just sat motionless with an amused expression on her face somewhat akin to that when one is watching a film.

“Please stop baby. I need you.to stop…oh God ,” she still cried weekly as Rahul began to pick up the pace and slam into her harder. He made no attempt to stop, but moved his hands down to her hips and began to pump even harder. Sylvia tried to resist as best she could to resist the passion burning in her loins perhaps out of loyalty to her fianciee but with the tremendous desire swelling in her heart she could no longer keep up the battle, and as desire took hold, she began to fuck Rahul back thrust for thrust.

“.Oh..God.. baby,” she cried biting her lips. Inspired by her reaction,he began to thrust her harder and harder, each time bring his cock full out and then thrusting into her with all his strength. She reached up and pulled his face to hers, and with her tongue in his mouth, tasted her own juices. Rahul moved his hands up to her breasts, and pushing them together, began to lick and gently bite each nipple. Sylvia pulled herself up against him as hard as she could and began to kiss his earlobes and lick his neck, as Rahul continued to piston myself deep into the folds of her beautiful pussy.

“Oh…Oh Please! Oh God,” she cried as she felt her orgasm building inside of her.

Rahul too was nearing his climax as well again, and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he continued to pound. She held onto him tightly as her pleasure waves began to flow throughout every inch of her lovely body and engulf her completely.

“Oh God..,” she cried as she experienced a sweet release of pleasure, that drowned out any thought of this event with somebody else being wrong. She closed her eyes deeply and locked her legs around Rahul as she sensed him about to release.

“Oh Sylvia..oh Sylvia.oh thank you so much Sylvia oh GOD ,” Rahul cried as he erupted inside of her and coated her womb with his discahrge. He collapsed down on top of her, their heaving bodies drenched with sweat rose and fell with their labored breathing. Sylvia grabbed Rahul and kissed him on the mouth, their tongues dancing with one another, as her hands gently stroked his hair. They lay there for a while just listening to the sound of their own breathing, and holding each other tight.

Rahul got up and slowly pulled out of her. However when Sylvia saw the size of his cock limp though it was, her arousal once again began to grow. Nonetheless, she stared hungrily at it through lust filled eyes and was consumed by the passion to posses it. Again! She got up from the bed and walked towards Haasini. She was looking very sexy as she walked towards her friend with her large breasts swaying and her slick covered belly and legs.

“Thank You, Haasini. You have been such a darling.”she said to her friend. “However now that the initial inhibitions have been gone, may I,just once again?”

Haasini smiled, pulled Sylvia’s face towards her, kissed her lips and said loudly,” Why only today? You are most welcome any time.”

Sylvia walked back towards rahul her bare feet making absolutely no noise. Seeing her walking so seductively,Rahul’s cock again began to twitch.She lightly kissed him on the mouth then slowly kneeling down in front of him, took it into her mouth.

“Poor boy is tired. No? Is he willing for another round?” she addressed Rahul’s slowly hardening cock.

“Mmmm. Lick the head. That will awaken him even if he is dead” Haasini instructed. Pump him into your mouth… I want to watch while he cums in your mouth.” Sylvia opened her mouth and tried to take the whole cock in her mouth when Haasini too got up from her perch and joined her friend.She took hold of the cock and teased it, rubbing it against the side of her face, making her swing her head from side to side while she chased it. As it became erect again with sweet pain, she handed it over to Sylvia with instructions to keep teasing the head with her tongue and lips.Soon precum started trickling into Sylvia’s mouth

Haasini grabbed Sylvia’s head and pulled her down for a French kiss, both of them tasting rahul’s precum. As they kissed, more cum leaked past their lips, as Sylvia rubbed Rahul’s cock over his wife’s chest and tits. As they parted, Rahul could hear them both swallow.

“There is one more thing I want to tell you.” Sylvia said .”My boyfriend Sandeep’s birthday is after two days. Since things have gone so exceptionally wonderful today,I…well,…if you do not mind I would like Haasini to give him a similar surprise.”

This statement of her surprised Rahul.This meant that Sandeep would be given a surprise by his i.e. Rahul’s wife who would suck his cock and perhaps then be fucked by him.

This did not appear too fair. Haasini was his wife whereas Sylvia was just Sandeep’s girlfriend and fianciee.

However since Sylvia had sucked his cock with such passion he was a trifle undecided. However when he looked at Haasini she was smiling and appeared to be game and so he could hardly refuse without being a hypocrite.

“Okay” he said resignedly.”Provided Haasini has no problem.”he added a rider as an afterthought.

“Anything for you, darling. Rest assured that your wife will not be found wanting. I will see to it that Sandeep ends up envying you.”

Haasini replied her willingness to accept Sylvia’s offer by shoving her erect nipple in Sylvia’s mouth who pulled at it with her teeth till it was almost half an inch long. Sylvia naturally squeeled with pain and pleasure .She responded by pulling Haasini’s nipple with her teeth. She asked Rahul to grab the other nipple and together both of them feasted on Sylvia’s tits.It was at this moment that the telephone rang and Haasini left them to answer it. After Sylvia had expressed her keenness to take Haasini to give a blowjob to her boyfriend and well, perhaps even be fucked by him and also that his wife had not objected at all and had coolly expressed her willingness to do so, Rahul became even more active and shoved his cock into Sylvia’s pussy again. The grip of Sylvia’s pussy was a tight one, tighter than Haasini’s perhaps because she was unmarried but since it was dripping wet so it willingly took in Rahul’s cock everytime in a firm embrace. Rahul lay down flat and made Sylvia sit astride him and take his cock inside her. Sylvia smiled indulgently but complied. Haasini was at a slight distance attending to the telephone. At that moment Sylvia tied her hair with her hands and bent down so as to enable Rahul to nibble at her nipples. She then whispered in his ear ‘You must be careful and should not be so passionate and greedy when fucking somebody else’s wife/girlfriend lest your wife get jealous.’

Rahul realised that what she was saying was true. After making Sylvia take a few strokes by jumping up and down on his cock, she got off him and Rahul made no attempt to stop her.Haasini had also returned.Both Haasini and Sylvia,totally spent collapsed on the bed and licked each other off. Rahul too was very happy and very tired.

When they were all finally sated, all three of them cuddled and kissed, falling asleep together, content and smiling ! Rahul was not sure that what he overheard was real or a dream but while he snoozed Sylvia got up to leave.

“Haasini, why did you make me stay behind and well, let you hubby fuck me? Of course, it was very nice and magnanimous of you. Initially of course even I was very hesitant but well, it was wonderful.” she asked.

“Shhh,be quiet.At least this way I have managed to rid myself of some guilt..”Haasini replied with a whisper.

“What do you mean?” Sylvia asked incredulously.

“Well, I have not been exactly a model of virtue. Since my hubby has been so loving and cooperative I thought that a threesome would certainly be in order. And who better than my sexy and lovely friend?” Haasini replied.

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