Haasini, 24 was staying in an apartment complex in a corner flat with her Chartered Accountant husband, Venkatesh, 28. Though they were married for four years they did not have children, but they seem to be not bothered about it. Haasini, with lean structure, but with big boobs and big ass but narrow waist, was very fair and beautiful.

She was trained in classical music and practiced on Veena everyday during her spare time. Venky, a busy man used to be away for nearly a week or 10 days every month in connection with audit of the accounts of his clients. During his absence Haasini used to be alone in her flat and she was not bothered about it. Her next flat was vacant for quite some time.

She had very few friends in the building block. One day in the afternoon there was a doorbell ringing when Haasini was getting ready for her music practice. She went and opened the door there was a stranger standing with a smiling face, introducing himself as Babu, her new neighbour. He was tall and well built and handsome, in simple dhothi and shirt.

He had a very pleasant face and he asked for her husband. She asked him to come in and to be seated in the sofa and she sat in the sofa opposite to him and told him that her husband was a Charetered Acctt, Mr.Venkatesh and he is away in office. Babu asked for her name and other details which she willingly disclosed.

She asked about his family, to which Babu replied that he was recently married and that his wife was employed in a bank and that she had applied for a transfer to the branch in the local town and she expects to join him shortly. Haasini got up, went to the kitchen and brought him a cup of coffee as a matter of courtesy.

He sat well relaxed and told her that she was exceptionally beautiful and that there is an air of divinity around her. He noticed that she was about to start her music practice and was sorry that he disturbed her. He told her that she would look like goddess Saraswathi with veena in her hands. Haasini was very much elated by his praise and just sat blushing.

He asked her how they did not get any children even after four years of marriage. Her husband may be a busy man that he is neglecting his duties as a husband. She did not know what to answer him, but just sat with her head bowed. Babu was devouring her beauty and was asking whether they consulted any doctor. She again blushed and said no.

She was embarrased at the way the conversation was going. You have a wonderful complexion, Mrs Haasini, do you mind if I come near you and take a closer look at your face, he said. Before she could respond, he got up and went near her. She too got up, wondering what he is up to.

He came very close to her and stared into her face, her cheeks, her neck, he took her hands in his and felt their softness of her palms. He looked very good natured and never created any alarm in her. He looked behind her and touched her ass. He said he is fascinated by her beauty and her body features. She was standing near him without uttering any word.

Suddenly he parted the ends of his dhothi and took out his cock. It was a moster cock about 8″ long and with huge girth of the size of the fore arm. Haasini was shocked and showed extreme fright in her face and stepped back in horror. Babu laughed and said I am sorry I did not want to frighten you, Ms.Haasini, have you seen any cock of this size.

She did not know what to answer but simply said no. I am sure your husband may not be having one of this size, just touch it and feel it, Ms. Haasini, said Babu. She was looking at it in great wonder. Her husband had a very small cock which was not sufficient to give her real conjugal pleasure.

She could have asked Babu to go back to his flat and sent him out and close the door after him. But she did not. The fright and horror on her face was reduced to just a wonder. But she did not acept the invitation of Babu and went forward to touch his monster. But she was staring at it. Babu waited when his cock gained full erection and was pulsating.

He just moved back two steps and smiled at her. He called her again to come near and touch it with both of her hands. His voice was very persuasive that she took two steps forward. Now he came near her and took her hand and placed it on his cock. She did not resist. He told her to hold it with both of her hands and feel the strength of it.

She just obeyed and held it with both of her hands and pressed it. It was like a iron rod. He asked her to pull back the skin and see the tip of it. She looked at his face and he was smiling reassuringly. She pulled back the skin and his red tomato like tip was visible. She again looked at him. He asked her why are you looking at me, examine it thoroughly and be satisfied yourself.

He removed his dhothi and he was naked from waist below. He pulled her hand and placed it on his balls. Surprisingly she did not resist. She ran her hand all over his cock and balls. She touched the tip of the cock where a drop of colourless liquid was there. She wiped her hand on her saree. Babu put his hand around her and guided her to her bedroom.

She meekly went along with him. He asked her to undress. She said no, I cannot betray my husband. No, I am not asking you to betray him. I just want to see how tight is your cunt. I will just pull back and go home. He removed her saree, her blouse, her bra, her pettycoat, and made her lie in the bed and pulled down her panty.

She was very much aroused and was taking deep breaths. Her boobs were erect and seemed to have been untouched by her husband at all. Her pussy was hairless and he asked her when did she shave. She told him she shaved every week. Her fair skin on her pussy, thighs, mount and on her boobs made him very hot.

He lowered himself and kissed her on her cheeks and then took her lips in his mouth and sucked them. He thrust his tongue in her mouth she was responding well. He then came down and licked her boobs and nipples, She gave out a hissing sound and seem to enjoy it. He sucked her nipple one by one and his hand circled around her boob squeezing it softly.

He kissed her abdomen and kissed her mount and licked it. He licked her entire pussy. She opened her legs widely giving him maximum space. He dug his tongue tip into the cunt and searched for the fuck hole and the clitoris. He could locate the fuckhole and inserted his tongue into it. His tongue met the clitoris at the top of the orifice, a small button like projection.

Her circled his tonge tip around it and it responded and increased in size. Haasini was in extreme pleasure and his continued licking of the clitoris gave her an orgasm like never before experienced. She did not want a stanger to make so much inroads into her pleasure zones into her body, but each step he took made her enjoy and she was eagerly waiting for the next move.

Babu was not in a hurry, he proceeded very slowly and his rough tongue rubbed agasint her clitoris and sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. He was not familiar to this kind of new sensations. Babu licked her inner thighs, mount, cunt lips and again came back to the clitoris. He asked her how do you feel, Haasini, shall I proceed. I am enjoying, yes, please proceed.

There was a steady flow cunt fuilds oozing and Babu licked and found it to be no offensive in taste. I just looked up and told, Haasini, I think I will insert my cock into your cunt. We will do it slowly. You may experience pain or uneasiness because your vaginal wall has to stretch to accommodate my cock. If you feel uncomfortable tell me I wll withdraw. She nodded.

Leaning over her supporting his body on both of his hands, Babu adusted his cock to press against her cunt. He asked Haasini, please take my cock with one hand, open your cunt lips wide with your other hand and then place it in the entrance of your cunt hole and guide it inside, I will apply pressure. She did as he told her.

She took his cock with one hand, opened her cunt lips with the other and placed his cock at the entrance of the fuck hole and looked at his face. Babu pushed his cock into her hole. It was stopped within one inch. He could see her face was winced in pain. He asked her should I stop and withdraw. She said no, He pushed again and made a small progress.

With one hand he tiltillated her clitoris to enhance her pleasure and again pushed and pushed and half of his cock went in and was tightly held by her vaginal walls. He could see, her suffering and tears flowing down her closed eyes, but not uttering a cry of protest.

Babu lifted her legs and placed it on his shoulder and he holding her hip in his hands gave two or three powerful thrusts and his cock went inside fully. He could see that Haasini was crying outof pain. Leaning over her he kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears and told her that his cock is fully inside her hole and it is divinely tight.

He told her as promised, my mission is fulfilled and I am ready to withdraw and go away. If you want me to proceed tell me then I will proceed with the fucking. I assure you, I will not cause you any more pain and you will have pleasue and more pleasue. Haasini looked at his face, her lips were all dry, dried up tears gave her a great tragic look. Babu asked her tell me, you decide, my goddess.

She told him, to proceed. He tickled her and made her to smile. He told her to keep a smiling face so that he can proceed happily. She looked at him smiling. Babu made a jerky withdrawal and short fucks..There was more lubrication in her cunt hole and his cock could move easily. He drew slowly and plunged in slowly. She gasped at his each stroke.

She supported her knee with both her hands and kept them wide for making him move freely. Slowly he increased his speed. Haasini could feel that many or her erotic zones in her vagina were being activated and new pleasures were emanating. Her vaginal muscles were pulsating against his cock and he was slowly increasing his speed.

His changed the angle of his insertion and his cock head was rubbing against her G spot. Suddenly there was a torrent of pleasure and she gave out a series of incoherant sounds and reached her wild orgasm. She would her legs around him and her hip was supporting him in his downward thrusts. Her orgasm was very deep and prolonged one.

But Babu was proceeding with his thrusts. Now his cock was moving freely moving in and out and she enjoyed it very much. He gave her new new pleasures which she had never experienced and she did not want him to stop. Her third orgasm was building up and the sensations she experienced gave her an indication that another pleasure storm is coming.

Babu was kissing her boobs, licking them and sucking her nipples to increase her pleasure which she enjoyed thoroughly. Suddenly Babu said he is also coming and asked her to join him in his orgasm. They both combined theier orgasms and both embraced each other with their arms and both kissed each other.

He sprayed his copious fluids into her deep hole and they lied, interlocked like that for some time. He asked her whether she enjoyed the fuck. She said yes, very much. Have you ever experience like this before, he asked. She smiled and said, no, never. Do you want more, he asked. She said yes, of course.

He pulled out his cock and went to the bathroom to wash away the fluids sticking to his cock. It has not lost its erection fully. Haasini came with her hand covering her pussy. Both were stark naked. She sat in the commode and with the hand spray cleaned her pussy. Babu’s cock was right in front of her in erect condition.

She caught it and brought it to her mouth and kissed it and licked it. There may be fissures in her vaginal wall that it gave a burning sensation. Babu said pour some hot water, the pain will subside. They both came back to the bed and embraced and lied in the bed. She told him that her busband is away in Mumbai and is expected back only after two days.

She asked Babu to come for supper and she will prepare food for him and they may sleep together. Babu said Haasini, I am the most lucky man, because I told you you are looking like a goddess, You are really my goddess. He took her feet and kept them on his head. Haasini said nonsense, dont talk nonsense. He told her that he did not feel like going at all.

She also said she did not feel like getting up from the bed. He told her that after the first violent fuck, she had to take some time for the next,Baby came back at 8 pm, and brought Haasini a costly gift. Whatever gift he may give her is not enough because she betrayed her husband for him. It is the way Babu approached the ladies first and everytime he succeeds he is happy at the method adopted by him.

He keeps his eyes on rich single women, NRI wives whose husbands are away, rich young widows who are employed to kill time, dissatisfied wives, because their husbands are too busy to take care of them. These ladies are there everywhere, in the shopping complexes, malls, or temples or churches for you to identify and pick them up.

For Babu it takes only a few minutes to identify such women and he will be in their bed within minutes. He fucked Haasini within 40 minutes of entering their house. By writing this story, I dont encourage or glorify adultery. But fact is fact. A sexually frustrated woman throws morality to the winds. Incestuous relationships develop mainly because of sexual frustration.

The hunger of the cunt is more severe than the hunger of the stomach. Haasini, such a faithful wife, brought up in high moral background could not say no, to a stranger when he displayed his cock to her. Her husband carried a five inch tool and he never bothered about the subsidiary pleasures like boob sucking or oral sex etc.

When he fucked his wife, he always had a balance sheet in his mind and never bothered to know whether she enjoyed his riding her. Luckily Babu was a good man, otherwise there are vultures in the society who will blackmail her and take away money and gold besides fucking her. Seeing the gold ornament Babu had brought for her, she was overwhelmed and embraced and kissed him.

She put her hand inside his dothi, took out his limp cock and sucked it. She said this is too much and you should not have brought any gift for me. Babu said this is only to show a fraction of my affection. They sat and talked for some time. Babu asked her to play veena and he listened with great interest. She stopped music at 9 and said she will serve food.

But her mobile rang and she took it and went in her bedroom and closed to door. It was her husband Venkatesh calling to inquire about her and to tell her that he will come two days hence. After closing the call she came to the sitting room and told Babu that it was her husband and he says he will come day after tomorrow evening.

Babu said that is a happy news, I will have one day and two nights to fuck you. Both laughed and she served him food on the dining table. She was a good cook and he relished her dishes. After supper she spent some time in the kitchen to put things in order and came out by 10. Without wasting any time they went to the bedroom.

They relieved of all their clothes and Babu was looking at her and was enjoying her beauty. She tied her hair in a knot on the top of her head and called him to the bed. She lied there and Babu lied near her. His cock was in semilimp condition. Haasini took it and wanted to put it in her mouth and suck it. But soon it took its monster dimentions and she could not open her mouth to take it in.

She lay on his side pressing her boobs on his side and throwing her legs across him and embracing him. They were talking so many things relating to sex. She was very ignorant of the ways of sex. Babu told her that she will straddle him now and she has to do all the action and he will just simply lie. She said she does not know.

He told her to get on top of him with her begs on his both sides and take his cock and insert into her cunt and push her bottom down so that the cock will enter her hole. She tried to do it but failed many times. Finally Babu helped her and it was still very tight and but the pain was less for her. She was sitting on him with his cock deeply buried into her. She asked him how does it feel.

He asked her tell me how do you feel it. She said it is very nice. She was squatting him, and then she lowered her knees and tried to move up and down. When the cock travelled inside her it gave her strange sensation and pleasure. She twisted her hip and changed the angle and again it was more enjoyable.

She rotated her bottom and his cock was going around in her cunt to areas hitherto unexplored. She leaned forward and her clitoris pressed against his cock. It was very good feeling. Babu was squeezing her ample boobs and he raised and licked and sucked her nipples. Haasini was squeeling in pleasure.

With this much action she was getting into the orgasmic storm and she expected to reach the peak in a short time. She told Babu that she is reaching her peak shortly. But Babu was nowhere near orgasm. She lied on him flat and with her hands extended over his shoulders, boobs pressed against his chest, moved her body in a swimming motion with the helpof her legs.

She moved about six inches forward and again six inches backwards. His cock was pressing her clitoris and her G spot alternatively. She cried out loud when she reached her orgasm. But she did not stop, going on moving her body and she had a continuous orgasm.

After some time she lied still on him and he could feel her vaginal muscles pulsating and transmitting to him the intensity of her orgasm. With his cock deeply inside her, he rolled over and she came down and he was on top. He went on sucking her nipples and readied her for the second round. He started his action of pumping into her briskly.

She was getting hotter and hotter at every fuck and she said she is near her next orgasm. Babu said wait I am coming and he made a brisk fuck and they both came simultaneously. Haasini embraced him and tied her legs around him. He was spurting his fluids for a long time. She too was discharging her fluids. She said it was just heaven and nothing short.

She said she never knew that there is so much pleasure in sex. Babu kissed her and as he got up, she kept a towel ready for wiping his tool and her cunt. Babu said he too never enjoyed so much before and she was just his sex goddess. After fucking her husband used to go away leaving her in the bed, but Babu lay kissing her and embracing her, which was a new experience for her.

They had two more rounds in the night. Babu licked her cunt and clitoris. She asked him to suck her clitoris, but Babu said no. But deep sucking her clitoris may loose its sensitivity. He said let me just lick it and lick so that pleasure may last long. They fucked day and night many times during the absence of her husband.

On the third day after one round of fucking Babu went away and Haasini, waiting for her husband. Venky came and embraced his wife and sat for some time and talking about his trip. He did not sense how busy his wife and paramour were during his absence. Everything was in the proper place. He took his wife in the evening out and they went to a movie and dined out.

He fucked her in his usual fashion. She asked him to go and meet a doctor and find out why they are not able to a child. Next day they went to see a doctor, who on examination found that his cell count of his semen was less and he gave medication to increase his count. She asked him to fuck her at least two times a day. She found that she missed her menstrual day.

They again went to a doctor and he confirmed that she was pregnant. After two days Babu came and got himself introduced to Venky and they chatted freely. When Haasini entered the room, Babu got up and paid his respects to her. She gave him coffee. When Venky started going to his office, Babu came and started his bouts with Haasini.

She told not to give too much weight on her because his child is growing in her stomach. She preferred to ride him which gave her too much pleasure as she controlled the action. They had their own way in the world. Babu never brought his wife to the flat. It appeared he vacated the flat and some other family came to occupy it.

Babu made himself available less and less. Haasini was busy with her own bulging stomach expecting the childbirth. At last she gave birth to a baby boy, weighing more then three and half kilos. It was celebration all around.

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