This was Haasini first visit to Dipti’s place after the time when she inadvertently seduced her nephew, Dipti’s son. On that visit, she had taken the nineteen year old’s virginity. Since then, Dipti who was deeply possessive of her son had decided that she could not afford to let Ajay lust after his aunt. She took him and gave herself sexu

To break that hold Dipti made sure she visited her son’s room often enough to ensure that he remained sated. She also stayed away enough to make sure she didn’t become his habit. It was after all, fundamentally a taboo relationship. There was a fine line between bonding and comforting through sex and outright debauchery. And she didn’t want to cross that line, even by mistake.

On this visit of Haasini’s, both women exchanged notes on Ajay. Haasini was intrigued that her co-sister had been bold enough to break taboos and sexually engage her own son. As Haasini and Dipti exchanged notes, the arousal was dramatic. With each woman having told the other all, there were no barriers left. In lust, they melted into one another.

The women discovered that a fully intense pleasure and release from one another could come only with tonguing. First she tongued Dipti. And then Dipti returned the favor only to be shocked by the flooding from her pussy. Dipti flowed in the same way when Ajay fucked her. (Her husband just about managed to cum himself, so her pleasure in those encounters was limited.)

But Haasini discovered a new dimension to orgasm. The energy with which she took Dipti was compounded by the intensity with Dipti made her cum. Finally, when Haasini returned to her bedroom she was ragged and tired from the exertions. In a few months of visits, taboo sex and now a warm lesbian relationship with her co-sister had transformed her.

And for all the intensity, the uniqueness of feeling a woman’s breasts and the connect, there remained the strong feeling in both of them, that a man was needed after all. There was something about the filling of the womb with a throbbing hot member. Preferably, Ajay’s manliness.

As she lay there, drowsy with sleep and exhaustion, her mind wandered to the strong youth who was in bed in the room across the corridor. She had had him only once. But Dipti had feasted on the boy. Haasini’s loins incredibly, stirred with lust at the thought of that young man. She wanted him, to feel his youthful vigor. She also wanted to teach him to eat her out. She wanted to cum on his face the way she had on Dipti’s.

She did not know when she fell asleep. Even as those lustful thoughts ran through her brain, her body succumbed to sleep. She awoke in the wee hours of the night. She felt fresh and her mind straightaway went back to the lustful thoughts of her nephew. Haasini crept out of her room and slid into her nephew’s room with the hunger of a tigress on a hunt.

She had tried to be as quiet as possible to make sure she didn’t wake up anyone. She wanted all the time she needed to feast on Ajay. But she need not have bothered. As she entered the room she could make out the outline of a woman atop the boy. It could only be Dipti. She watched as the woman shook and shuddered riding the supine body under her. The breasts were jiggling as Dipti groaned out in pleasure as her son’s cock, embedded up in her, gave her all the pleasure she wanted.

“The bitch!” thought Haasini, “She just had her fill of pleasure from me and now she wants him too,” she cursed inwardly. She herself felt that way but that was not what was running in her mind. It was jealousy that Dipti had beaten her to Ajay’ room. Dipti was riding her son vigorously, her head flailing and her hands playing with her breasts and resting on Ajay’s chest for support. She still had on her bangles and her gold chain around the neck. They tinkled as she bounced, serving as reminders of the traditional background of all the dramatis personae. Each of those jewelry items was traditional in design and worn by tradition.

The wanton display from Dipti made her Haasini’s juices flow. They had already moistened her walls as she walked towards Ajay’s room in anticipation. But now there was a flow. And her co-sister did look radiant with all those adornments.

Haasini wanted in. The only way she could have her release was by fucking Ajay. She needed that throbbing, stocky cock plundering her. She had fantasized about him for months between the two visits. She had discussed him with Dipti and got turned on. Both women had fallen on each other and feasted. All turn-ons had been taken care of by furious and vigorous masturbation. Now she needed the young man himself; nothing else would do.

With determination to retain some of his erection for herself Haasini stepped forward. She grabbed Dipti’s shoulders and pulled her to herself. Her hands grabbed the woman’s bouncing breasts and clutched them, giving a shocked Dipti the relief of her grip and caress. Dipti was sobbing out her orgasms as Haasini clutched her. At any other time she could have stopped Haasini. But her cunt was in meltdown, her breasts were aching and Ajay was busy thrusting up. She wanted his hands on her but that was not happening. The boy was barely awake and hardly ready to respond when his mother started marauding him.

Nipples aching, head and neck not in control Dipti was beside herself. The precise moment when Haasini touched her shocked her. But instinctively, she knew it was a woman’s hand and that could only be Haasini. She gratefully accepted the womanly caresses and the firm grip on her tits, postponing all thoughts of the incongruence of the situation to later.

She put her arms around Haasini and using the support of that woman, rammed down on Ajay’s hard-as-ever cock.

“Haasini –ah –ah –ah –ah!” sobbed Dipti as orgasms wracked her body. She too had gone to bed aroused and had awoken all aroused and thinking of both Haasini and Ajay. She came to Ajay to quench the fires already in a state of wild arousal. She had thrown the sheet back and with a quick manipulation of his cock, focused on her own pleasure. From her swollen cunt, the orgasm was near-instant.

It was Ajay who found his mother’s fucking rough and painful at first. The copious flow from the ramming cunt drenched him. His mother’s wild state left him with little to do. He watched in fascination at first when she posed atop him in dramatic views of flailing breasts and rippling body. Then he was shocked when he saw someone entering the room.

And his cock jerked to a new hardness when his mother sobbed out his aunt’s name. “Haasini, you shouldn’t be here! Go away,” pleaded Dipti as she clung on to the more generously built woman’s frame. It was heavenly hugging her and feeling her soft yet firm hands on her aching tits. But in front of her son? This had to stop.

She tried pushing Haasini away but the struggle only added to the eroticism. It was a sexual wrestle. Haasini was still wearing a bed sheet knotted around her breasts. From the hall downstairs where she and Dipti had sucked orgasms out of each other, both women had just managed to grab a random selection of clothes to appear modest. Haasini had collapsed on her bed, just clutching the odds and ends to cover herself. When she moved out of her bed to Ajay’s room she swept out with a bedsheet. That proved most useful now that Dipti was groping for her body.

She was groping for her to push her away. But that would come later. First would come the contact of warm flesh upon flesh. Haasini wantonly allowed the bedsheet to unravel and Dipti’s determination to push her way was badly dented. She gasped as she felt Haasini luscious tits once again. The grappling continued amidst the humping of her son.

The boy was writhing from the mauling his cock was receiving at Dipti’s cunt. As Dipti made up her mind to push away the intruding woman, Haasini slyly slid her hand down the other woman’s belly. The hand reached the moist hot valley between the two bodies. Her fingers expertly reached for the splayed open clit as Dipti pounded down on Ajay. She strummed the clit and teased the mother as she fucked the son. Her fingers opened to ride down across the pillar of flesh – Ajay’s cock – reaming Dipti.

“Chachi!” gasped Ajay as he called out to his aunt in agonized pleasure. “Yes beta,” replied the aunt huskily, looking deep into Dipti’s eyes. Dipti’s lips were agape and eyes glazed as Haasini squeezed another tremor out of her clit. She raised and dropped herself on Ajay, twisting and turning to the pleasure. Haasini’s other arm went under Dipti’s armpit gently prising her off the cock from the grip of the cunt.

Haasini was nervous Ajay would spill himself before she had a chance to feast on the cock. She needed that in her cunt and now. She abandoned finesse for her share of the loot and pulled Dipti up.

Dipti wailed in frustration as she felt him being sucked out of her. She tried to wriggle back but Haasini proved more able. She rapidly formed a pointed clutch of five fingers and rammed them up the grabbing, pulsating cunt. Even as she was grateful for the filling of the vacuum in her cunt, Dipti convulsed at the pain the pointed rough thrust of fingers.

Ajay groaned in agony as his orgasm fell back from where it was rising. Haasini pushed Dipti back and both women fell back, Haasini on top of the woman she was sexually assaulting.

The open sexual war between the women left Ajay bewildered. Both women were objects of his deep desire and he was desperate for his own satiation but not at the risk of alienating either. He didn’t know how to exercise his preference for one or the other. But his hands wanted to feel his chachi’s full cushiony breasts and her bubbling hot cunt was a memory over which he still masturbated. He would love to have her. Yet here was mother, who made sure he never missed womanly comfort.

Slowly his hand wandered downward to take charge of his lonely if messy cock as his aunt devoured his mother.

And that was exactly what she was doing; devouring her. Fingers stabbed up the cunt and in the other hand was a twisted and tortured breast of Dipti’s. Haasini’s tongue was deep inside Dipti’s mouth as the she breathed into her mouth as the other woman moaned her delight into her throat. Out of thee corner of her eye Haasini saw Ajay stroking himself. Her hand left Dipti’s cunt and shot out to grab Ajay’s wrist. She pulled his hand off the cock and whispered into Dipti’s mouth, “Didi, dekho, hamara Ajay,” (Sister, look, our Ajay)

With that sentence she set the agenda of a shared passion rather than a sexual predatory war between them for Ajay. That was exactly what both women had agreed while suckling on each other earlier on. It was easy to agree on everything in the heat of cum smeared faces sliding on each others bodies, lips kissing and hands caressing one another.

But in front of her son, Dipti felt hopelessly compromised and threatened as well. When Haasini characterized Ajay as “our” Ajay Dipti looked at her son, and watched the brutally aggressive Haasini changed into tender loving maternal figure; her hand was ever so gently and feather like moving up and down that marvelous specimen of manhood. Neither of their husbands were so specially endowed. Nor did they know how to use whatever they had. And Ajay had proved a great stud to have around by remaining shy; responding manfully but never demanding sexual favors.

For Ajay, yes, there was the sexually liberating experience of being dramatically seduced by women he had long admired. In hindsight, it seemed that much of his admiration was longing for those bosoms and the mystical dark secrets of a woman that magically attracted him. But somehow, Ajay never overcame his shyness or awe of his mother or of his Chachi.

At least, in his mother’s case there had been a lot of coming and going. Still it was mostly in the dark and there were implicit “rules”; he never went to his mother – she came to him. Till she came to him and outside his bedroom, she was ‘Mom’, strict and all. Affection had grown but their physical sharing of that affection and the sexually explosive interaction was always by the soft shadows of night in his bedroom.

In his aunt’s case, she had always been saucy and desirable and she had been the center of many a fantasy prior to the night of pleasurable mistakes. And that sauciness merely bubbled forth in their one sexual encounter. Secretly, even as he screamed to Dipti that she would be the only woman he could lust in that fashion, there were many nights when he shagged to the memory of his aunt mouthing him, sucking him, and fucking him.

He also had briefly tasted her pussy and now, after more of mum, he wanted to go further. Both Haasini and Dipti had simulated the effect of a cunt on his cock with their lips. He wanted to fully return the favor. But there was no asking, talking or telling. Both women were seniors in the rather structured Indian family and both relationships were seriously taboo. He stayed within the confines of that fearing the loss of his private sexual paradise.

He never spoke to anyone about it and never pushed the envelope by asking his mother to do more than what came naturally n their encounters. So the shyness remained and that explained the shock of having his mother and aunt openly acknowledge their relationship with him, in front of him. And demonstrating their own lust for one another, something he had not imagined. He knew he had a new scenario to fantasise upon and masturbate between sessions with his mom.

He watched in disbelief as Haasini tugged away her bedsheet-wrap and opened out her body to mother and son. Her body was all curves with heavy succulent breasts, in between them in the deep valley nestled her gold mangalsutra reminding everyone of the sheer illicitness of these events. She was saucy with the desirability of a mature, experienced woman.

As her fingers played the cock she rubbed her body against Dipti’s. Dipti was slick with sweat from her exertions and Haasini luxuriated in smearing herself with the other woman’s perspiration. Dipti thrust back up at Haasini even as she watched her son gaze reverentially at Haasini. As her body undulated in search of pleasurable contact, her pubic region rubbed against Haasini’s less-than-flat stomach. Haasini felt a smear of a wet, warm, soppy, mess which was a testimony to how drenched Dipti was in her brief fucking of Ajay.

Dipti watched her son’s eyes devour Haasini. Dipti realized that regardless of her control over the boy, which she had so deliberately established by feeding him sexually, Haasini held a special place in Ajay’s mind.

“Dekho, didi!” exclaimed Haasini as if on cue. (Look!) She was expertly playing the sexual politics of the situation. She was making it possible to feast on her prey and extend her access but without alienating the custodian, Dipti, the mother. If she wanted, she would have to share. If she wanted more, she would have to showcase greater pleasure for Dipti. If she wanted to own both, she would have to feed Dipti’s sexual curiosity and innocence.

“Isn’t he marvelous?” she asked her stunned co-sister as she gently fisted him, her hands dealing with the sticky coating left by Dipti even as Ajay flowed afresh to her ministrations.

Dipti’s throat choked. She started to say something but only a croaking sound emanated. Her hand clutched Haasini’s ass trying to pull her in so she could grind her cunt against something pleasurable. Haasini turned to face Dipti fully. With a deliberate wide open set of lips she covered Dipti’s mouth and slobbered on her lips, kissing as if she were sucking on overripe peach. Her fist closed tight on Ajay and her thumb ran teasing circles on the engorged head of his cock.

“Chachee!” groaned the boy as with each flick of the thumb he shuddered involuntarily, his whole body wracked by waves of pleasure.

“This,” Haasini told Dipti tracing an outline of her lips with a pointed tongue, “belongs around this,” she concluded, rewarding Ajay with a strong firm fist stroke.

Dipti gasped. In front of Haasini? God! But the woman held her head and ever so gently brought her face within inches of her son’s throbbing aching cock. Ajay thrust his hips upward searching for his next stroke of Haasini’s fist but there was no fist; Haasini just held the slab by two fingers, twitching and convulsing as it was.

Dipti opened her mouth to protest and suggest something else but she didn’t really have anything ideas. She was ruled by lust. Her mind was dizzy. She could now simultaneously indulge in a banquet; the softness of a woman’s love and breasts and the exciting prospect of a filling that only a male cock. There were some things only a snug, live, throbbing and real cock could provide; her Ajay’s cock could provide.

Ajay grabbed his mom’s head and with deft guidance from Haasini the open mouth was soon filled. Dipti squealed in protest as Ajay wildly – inconsiderately – rammed himself into her mouth, the cockhead hitting the back of her mouth. She pushed his thigh back and bobbed her head, getting more control and delivering more pleasure to the young man. Frantically she searched for Haasini’s hand to plunge her fingers back into her cunt.

Dipti was desperate for relief. But Haasini was too preoccupied with introducing son to mother. Her lips were close to Dipti’s lips. She was kissing her lips rather than looking to partake of the cock that was sliding in and out of those wide luscious lips. Her fingers outlined the bulge of the cock that she could feel through Dipti’s cheek.

She loomed over both of them, her breasts swinging and swaying in their fullness as she coaxed them on. “Yes, Didi. Mouth him the way we want him to mouth us,” urged Haasini. Ajay’s eyes widened in disbelief. Obviously both women had been discussing him, in a very sexual way.

Out of the corner of her eye Dipti could see those magnificent breasts she had feasted on just a few hours ago. She wanted them at the same time as she wanted this cock. She wanted everything at the same time. Her cunt felt vacant, her breasts were screaming for attention and her hands wanted to maul Haasini.

But her son’s vigor kept her occupied as she tried to make sure no thrust was missed and no occasion was spared in which lips slid over the cockhead effectively. She wanted every stroke to be an ounce of pleasure for her boy, her own little boy now grown into a strong young man. She was also content that Haasini had given her the more intimate role of pleasuring him, keeping her own involvement to directing mother and son.

But Ajay was eyeing those same delectable breasts at that very moment. If they were alluring to Dipti- an older woman, they were objects of wild desire for the youngster. Having been subdued in the confusion and embarrassment at the turn of events, Ajay now moved to a more active role. His mother had been rough and abrupt with him tonight and rammed herself down on his just-erect cock. Usually there was murmuring, stroking and a gentle arousal from sleep. Today it was quick and instantaneous.

He could not have known that Dipti had been in play with Haasini, though there were enough hints in the conversation now.

No doubt, Haasini had satiated her with a never-before clitoral orgasm. Very womanly, very warm, very intuitive touching her in all the right places. But is not the same as consuming a man like Ajay. And she had woken just a bit before Haasini and made the same decision her co-sister was to take. Feed on the young man!

Now Ajay’s hands cupped those swinging breasts, changing Haasini from facilitator to a making a debut in the participation. She laughed and looking Ajay deep in the eye tousled his hair. With her lips she made a smacking sound- a flying kiss. The smacking sound of her lips was familiar to Ajay. That is how most mothers and aunts in India signal affection publicly.

In this setting, it made him feel that his aunt had been seductively kissing him in front of the world for

He wanted to kiss her back but what he ended up doing surprised them both. When he opened his mouth his tongue snaked out and he flicked it at Haasini. Haasini felt her pussy juices flow in a gush as she saw an unmistakable sign and a chance to shift gears.

That very flicking on her pussylips and clit would be sheer delight. That night of first seduction he had kissed and licked but not taken her the whole distance. Today, she would teach him, in front of his mother. To take her own pleasure but also so he could treat Dipti to that intensity of orgasm, later, in the leisure of their daily life.

Her hand snaked upward, stroking the young man’s flat abdomen and toggled the nipples. Ajay groaned in a loud and ragged voice and Dipti, whose head was bobbing up and down in rhythm, could not help feel that the groan and voice had a special tinge of aching desire.

He enjoyed mother’s sexual bonding, but the aunt was clearly the saucy, raunchy wench with whom sex was racy. Trying to keep pace with the writer/director of the script Dipti too moved her hand up to Ajay’s other nipple. She found her fingers claimed by the warm soft hands of Haasini. Fingers intertwined, Haasini’s hand made love to Dipti’s hand, denying her the pleasure of touching Ajay.

Leaving both mother and son alone briefly she moved to the head of the bed. Dipti and Ajay were aligned with Dipti buried between his legs. Ajay looked around desperately around for his aunt but could not spot her. He locked his legs behind Dipti’s back, closed his eyes and fucked the mouth sliding on his cock. In his mind, Haasini was everywhere.

A kiss on his forehead made him open his eyes. Haasini’s flowing hair smothered his face and chest tickling him. Haasini had aligned herself to the two of them, but coming from completely the opposite side over Ajay’s head. The curtain hair prevented Dipti from clearly seeing Haasini slide forward, kissing Ajay’s nose and now opening wide and open over his mouth. The boy kissed back tentatively, shuddering deeply when a wet supple tongue from Haasini invaded his mouth. Her breasts rested against the top of his head and while he was enjoying the tongue-duel he wanted to stuff the pounds of flesh into his mouth and suck, suck hard.

Before that came the swinging mangalsutra, caressing his face, reminding him of his aunt’s married status. The metal felt cold against his skin, a stark contrast to the warm and wet bodies covering him in lust. Perhaps the contrast was not just in the temperatures. The symbol of a traditional married woman and the symbolism of how the women were taking him were at odds.

The succulent breasts came to his mouth when she moved forward to kiss his chest. She laughed as his lips frantically searched for the nipple but grabbed at whatever flesh was at his mouth. There was a naughtiness and playfulness in that laughter which helped Ajay and Dipti. Ajay felt less shy and slowly focused more on the copious gifts of pleasure from both women.

For Dipti the playfulness allowed her to push out of her mind the permissiveness of the situation. Not only was she indulging in sexually intimacy with her son, she was allowing another taboo relationship to meld with her own. She was letting her son experience a threesome sexual relationship; he should neither be having sex, nor with two relatives and definitely not at the same time. His mother would be expected to put an end to any or all of that.

But Haasini’s playful, saucy and raunchy spin on it seemed to offer an opening to let go of some, if not all, of it.

Haasini swayed her upper body slapping Ajay’s face with her breasts, absorbed by the sight of her own sexy self and the catch-me-if-you-can game she was playing with Ajay. Licks touched her electrifying her nipples. Lips brushed her allowing them to rise to their very own erections. The caresses caused her to desire a full mouthing and Ajay did not disappoint as his hand caught one then another breast. Holding them as close together he treated both nipples to a vigorous flicking, sending the heat soaring in Haasini’s body.

She raised her head, eyes closed as she savored the detailed attention. A boy she had seen and nurtured as a baby was feeding on her; not for physical or emotional nourishment. This was intimately sexual nourishment.

When her eyes opened she met Dipti’s wide open eyes; very jealous eyes. Her son had stopped thrusting into her mouth. His legs were back down resting on the bed next to his mother’s body. She had her mouth on him but not moving. When Haasini swung into action, the sex between Ajay and Dipti seemed mechanical in comparison. She watching closely as boy and aunt connected. When Haasini had raised her head throwing it back to savor the sucking, licking and nibbling, the curtain of hair had lifted.

Dipti sighted her Ajay going at his Haasini. She was mesmerized by the look of concentration and pleasure on her co-sister’s face. She had felt similarly; but this seemed a class apart. She was wondering about that and watching, jealousy never too far away, when Haasini’s eyes opened.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes. Haasini could see the jealousy, but her own needs were slowly rising to a crescendo from where the political balance of sharing pleasure was likely to be lost. In fact, her breasts were so well and lovingly treated by the young man that her cunt had started tingling. It was time for to proceed along for that journey which she had set out on.

Haasini stopped the involuntarily and meaningless humping of her hips and moved forward. Eyes still locked on each other the two women made their moves. Haasini allowed her torso to touch, caress and kiss Ajay’s face as she slowly made way to her position. Dipti closed her fist around Ajay’s cock with her lips focusing on the head as she shifted from mimicking her cunt to a hand-mouth masturbation of his cock. His release would be hers, she thought.

Suddenly, Haasini was near Dipti’s head and she couldn’t move much more forward. At this position, her cunt was a little above and a lot higher than where Ajay could reach it. The descent in slope of her tummy into the folds of her lap and luscious wet valley of her pussy were well beyond their target – Ajay’s hungry mouth.

Haasini used the moment to find common pleasure with her co-sister. She kissed the top of her head. She was on her elbows resting her body. She lifted one hand and joined Dipti in a gentle sliding of interlinked fingers up and down Ajay’s cock. The young man wanted harder and he thrust his hips upward in agony. He was ignored by both women.

He looked down to check what was happening. Craning his neck he was amazed to see both women in a deep kiss. “Can she taste her son’s saliva in me? Do we know anymore where one person ends and the other one begins?” wondered Haasini, marveling at how sexual heat fused the three of them together as one.

Sucking hard on Dipti’s mouth to keep it moving with the direction of her head, Haasini guided the older woman toward her son’s cock. Lips parted as the cock rose up between their lips. Haasini reached for Dipti’s lips closing around the cylinder of Ajay’s cock in the process. If Dipti were to search out her lips she too would have to close around Ajay’s cock.

And thus it came to the amazement of Ajay that his mom and aunt had their lips locked around his cock. Frantic in his desire he grabbed at Haasini’s buttocks above him. But he could not pull her down to his lips without the cock escaping her lips and she was not about to let that happen. He kissed her thighs and tentatively craned his neck to make passing slurps at the hair of her pussy.

Haasini let saliva bubble past her lips and run down his cock. Her lips slid up and down the thick cock that both women salivated for. Dipti learned from Haasini and slid up and down likewise. The women were going at him as if it were an ice cream bar being licked from opposite sides simultaneously. Like it might happen with an ice cream, there came moments when lips brushed, touched and kissed.

It was a smorgasbord of new flavors for both women. Was it the other woman’s saliva that was so scented? Did some of the aroma come from Dipti’s cunt which had been riding this cock a while ago? And what of Ajay’s saliva on Haasini’s lips? The salt was surely Ajay. But was it the skin or the precum?

Both women were now holding hands, fingers intertwined. Dipti felt ecstatic at the shared moments and felt it would be wonderful if Ajay came now, when neither woman would be deprived. But Haasini had other plans. In preparation to withdraw, she moved from total focus on the cock. She touched his cock with her cheek, playing the pillar, allowing to spring back and forth. Dipti joined her in that. The faces were streaked with his juices as they played his erection with their entire faces and mouthed him totally.

After maddening Ajay, she left Dipti to Ajay’s cock. Dipti herself marveled at how instinctively she responded to that; the next time her lips traveled up the cock she moved over his head giving him the pleasure of lips moving over the most sensitive engorged section of his engorged penis. She was rewarded with something thicker than precum. The young man was losing it slowly.

“Kidhar jaa rahi ho?” she took time out to ask Haasini. (Where are you going?) Ajay was ready to explode it seemed and Haasini was invited.

“Aap ke liye kuch sikhana hai isko,” replied Haasini. (I have to teach him something- for you.) Her lips were streaked with an amalgam of fluids defying classification. The streaks ran like silvery threads to the body below her in its more viscous form. The more fluid ones ran down her chin and coated her throat and down in part to her breasts.

Her statement was meant as a palliative to Dipti as Haasini knew her own immediate focused was the massive release of her pent-up sexual tension. Ajay had to lick her clit to orgasm; today; now!

She hoisted herself up, hands on his torso, not far from where Dipti’s face now was. Dipti had continued to slap her face with the springiness of Ajay’s cock and both her cheeks were now smeared and stained with his flows. Her slut-like obsession with that cock was exciting to watch and Haasini felt she had the best seat to that exhibition of lust. Her cunt was about to be seated on Ajay’s mouth and she could watch his cock being fed upon by Dipti.

She spread her knees apart to lower her pussy. It gaped open at the spreading and she sank down. Ajay was up to the moment, hands pulling those full asscheeks down. As she opened out over him, his tongue stabbed at the core of her opening, where his cock would typically sink. It was wet and slippery and he prodded and pushed. The tongue would go only so far. He let it travel along the length of those open lips, caressing her. It was pleasurable but the boy would have to be taught. Haasini let one hand slip between them and her fingers held her lips apart, framing the clit. She then angled her body and adjusted herself till Ajay felt the long slippery knob of flesh.

“Yessss!” she hissed signaling to Ajay the exact location of her clit. When his tongue roamed she kept particularly quiet and still. When he traveled across the spot out came the ‘Yes!’ and a sharp dig of her nails into his muscled abdomen to tell him he had it right. A few ‘yes’-es, digs and thrusts later, Ajay had learned what his chachi (aunt) wanted.

That extra shudder when his tongue traveled over that islet of firm flesh in the midst of that pubic forest and pulsating flesh – that shudder felt special. The musky scents, the wet invitation all seemed overwhelming. But the signal from his aunt was unmistakable. That spot was special and she wanted him there. Attention shifted from his cock and his mother’s mouth to his aunt’s cunt and his own tongue tip.

Haasini held herself steady, well –balanced on knees and hands rested on his abdomen. Her eyes were shut and the universe was his tongue tip at her clit. It started out as if he was eating ice-cream: long, savoring laps of his tongue. The juices flowed freely and Haasini luxuriated in the attention to her entire inflamed pussy lips. For too long, she had only been attending to the others. But the careful maneuvering and patience was necessary; her access to Ajay depended on how she handled Dipti.

The intense shudder from the stroking of her clit was fleeting. As the number of times he lapped at her increased, she ached for the speed to increase. What she wanted decreased was the length of the tongue strokes. On oral, both she and her ‘student’ were inexperienced. Haasini’s only experience with orgasms from being tongued was the warm, intense lovemaking with Dipti a few hours before.

Both Dipti and she had been new to the experience. But there lay the advantage of a woman loving a woman. Each instinctively knew how a woman’s body worked. Without the need to be told, Haasini knew how Dipti would like her tongue to focus on the clit. And when it was Haasini’s turn to be treated Dipti knew what had brought on her own explosions. At the precise moment, long strokes gave way to short focused jabs of the tongue. With a woman loving you, it was so easy.

Not so with a man, that too an inexperienced youngster like Ajay. He would have to be trained. Told. Guided. And Haasini did just that.

“Faster, faster!” she gasped, as she made a minute adjustment to the angle of her hips. Dipti’s fist completely relaxed even though it was around Ajay’s cock. She was mesmerized by the sight of Haasini’s pleasure; it fascinated her that whatever was on display on Haasini’s face was the creation of her offspring.

Haasini’s fingers rubbed little circles on Ajay’s abdomen signaling the effectiveness of his tonguing. Ajay picked up the signals and realized that faster, shorter strokes was what Chachi was looking for. When he totally hit the right spot consistently, Haasini pinched up his flesh between thumb and forefinger and massaged it feverishly. She may have been hurting him but nothing mattered to her more than her clit and the electric impulses shooting from there to various parts of her being.

“Hah!” she hollered and her head slung forward. “Unh!” she hissed in a long inhalation as she threw her head back, preparing for the next wave from inside her. Then again she threw her head forward with a ‘Hah’ which captured a violent exhalation of air.

A series of inhalations and exhalations followed. “Hah! Unh! Hah! Unh! Hah! Unh!” went Haasini as she took her pleasure unmindful of the noise, the shamelessness, the agape Dipti or the boy pressed under her.

When Ajay’s tongue ached and he felt the need to pause, her nails dug deep into his flesh making red marks and she screamed, “Don’t stop, beta!” The poor boy held on to her ass through the entire episode, his eyes closed and his tongue working ceaselessly. All that mattered was his Chachi’s approval of him, and his performance in bed. His cock lost a good bit of its hardness and was somewhat slanted under its own weight.

Dipti continued to stare at her husband’s brother’s wife, a complete picture of lust and abandon. Pure woman, pure pleasure and nothing else. No relationships, no taboos, no inhibitions, no shyness. In a room of three, she seemed all alone at the pinnacle of pleasure with nothing else holding her other than intense pleasure. It was a stellar performance which outshone anything that Dipti had felt herself, seen in movies or imagined in her fantasies.

The student learned that when a woman is aroused to this state in this method, the only thing that mattered was to her was her own self. For those minutes, she was all concentration on a simple activity that involved nothing more than his tongue.

As a young man who had lusted for, admired and fantasized about that very woman, he was in an emotional state of giving. It mattered a lot to him that she was finding such gut-wrenching pleasure from him. If it was any less intense it would dissatisfy him. And he was proud and happy she was getting it from him.

He would tell her later her promised himself: “Don’t take this from anyone else than me and come as often as you like. I wont touch you in any other way or ask you for my own pleasure. Just take this from me and only me.”

If teaching a novice involves quickly showing that what he is doing has the desired result, Haasini was in the required state of arousal for quick results. Within a few tongue-strokes the rhythm of her inhalation and exhalation at the waves from within ended in a chaotic series of convulsions. Flood gates opened and Haasini exulted in a series of triumphant ‘yes’ es spoken in her mother tongue, “han, han, han han, haaaaaaaaaaan,” the last one being long to coincide with a particularly huge, intense squirt.

The release of so much fluid surprised Ajay but he was also taken aback at the water-gun-like shot; a sharp hard stream. Then several more. His mouth flooded and he found himself gulping for breath.

“Didi, didi, didi, didi, didi, didi,” Haasini called out to Dipti in her uncontrolled state.. (Didi: elder sister). “Look!” she managed to say while she squeezed out her n-th convulsion. “Your son,” she stammered as an unexpected frisson shot through her body. “My Ajay. Look what he has made of me todayyyyyyyy” she babbled, the long ‘y’ coming from spasms coursing through her being.

Ajay had reached the limit of his endurance from the flooding. His mouth was choked and he needed to breathe. He moved his head to gulp air. Haasini missed the tonguing. Her hips thrust downward. She searched for and found his nose: its tip was harder and more stationary than that tongue tip. She rubbed her clit forward and back on the nose getting every single bit of pleasure and touching she needed. She was now leaning forward her breasts hanging and swaying as she fucked Ajay’s nose with her pussy.

“This,” she said rubbing herself up, “he can” she continued thrusting down, “do” she went up again, “for you” down, “now” up, “that” down, “Ieeeeeeeee” a long ‘I’ at an unexpectedly violent spasm, “have” down again, “taught” up, “him” down and she held there down and hard as she ended.

The violent spasming reduced to throbbing which didn’t need the stroke making. She savoured it. Ajay came back to life, rubbing her entire nether region with his face. She shuddered as the throbbing gave way to a humming series of micro-orgasms. Haasini laughed. “Hamara Ajay!” she murmured dreamily to Dipti. A wave of warmth washed over her. She needed to hug that boy.

She opened her eyes and looked down and there was Dipti. She leaned forward fully and as Dipti moved her head Haasini gained access to Ajay. She kissed the scrotum, the length of his cock and smothered it with her mouth. The cock rapidly gained its full strength and she quickly bobbed her mouth up and down on his erection. Then she swiveled around and kissed him fully on the lips, tasting herself there and giving him a taste of himself from her lips. she said. (Lets go else mother will get upset.)

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