Haasini had got some complaints about her son ritu and now she had to visit his Bank as was going to rusticate him. She grabbed her handbag with some cash as she knew that she had to pay for the damage her son had caused in the Bank accidently. She took a taxi and headed to the Bank all the way she was just thinking about her son and his future. Haasini was going to be 49 next month she was beautiful

Black shiny hair always tied in a bun, small earrings not so expensive wearing a simple white saree. Not much make up just some light pink lipstick that’s all she had.She wanted her son to be a successful man and her son was doing his job quite good taking good grades always but now he had done some damage in the Bank accidently so she had to have a talk with his Branch Manager she was just thinking all this when taxi stopped and she realized that she reached the Bank

She came out of taxi and entered the Bank by enquiring some people she finally got outside the Branch Managers room where she met the Peon. Peon knew Haasini as the Bank is on rent in her building very well, as she was a professor of his and he was secretly admiring the beauty of Rekha all the time and had desired for her body. Peon and Manager were real friends and had Beer together. Peon had once told the Manager of Haasini and even he was keen on meeting her

And had planned of having sex with her somehow, Peon told Haasini outside the room, she sat with her handbag in her lap after a minute her name called and she entered in this big room with a table in the centre and some couch in one side of room and a man in white shirt who looked around 40 was sitting on a chair behind the table. Haasini wished him good morning and he responded in a polite manner.

She sat on a chair in front of the man when he offered him seat closing a file after signing, he explained the trouble caused by her son. Haasini tried to explain that it must be some accident as she knew her son and he will never do anything like this But the manager told he forged signature and wanted to withdraw 40 lakhs wasn’t ready to hear a word of her. Finally she asked that how much she had to pay for damages, but he said that he was going to send to jail and she didn’t need to pay.

Haasini said a few more words in the defense of her son and then she kept quite it’s not about money, our Banks earns a lot and so I don’t need your money, she heard “but as you know some things are more precious then money he said looking at her blouse that was trying to cover her more than half breast you understand what I am saying” he added and Haasini was shell shocked at the proposal by Manager and she was really confused at what to do.

She cared a lot about her son and she was very concerned about the future of her son.So she knew that she had to listen to what the Manager says and that will only help her son’s future. So she looked at Manager and with teary face just nodded in yes. Manager smiled and pressed a buzzer on table and peon locked the door from outside so. I guess you will show me something important than money.

He arched back on his chair resting his head on the head rest and playing with a pen in his hand, actually he was waiting for response from Haasini. Haasini took a deep breathe like she was saying that this is all about to save my son and his future. She unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her white lacy push up bra that was giving a beautiful cleavage to her boobs pretty good and juicy, he said. Joytsna felt embarrassed but she didn’t have any other way.

My wife left me because of a lot of pain she felt in bed with me, and now I am looking for some one who could bear that much pain. He got up from his chair and came behind her and grabbed her shoulder and did some massage moves and slipped his hands on her bra and squeezed them. Haasini wanted to scream because of pain but she bit her lips and controlled it. He squeezed them one more time and went to the couch lighting a cigaretteette and sat there and he pulled . he said sorry madam I am helpless .

Haasini near him and pulled her saree loose and Haasini was just standing in her bra and petticoat and the Manager pulled the knot of the petticoat and petticoat fell down in heap near her feet so you wanna pay for your son, He still has a chance to survive here, he said breathing out smoke. Thousands of thoughts were moving in Haasini mind but she had to take a decision she looked at the man who was enjoying his cigarette and the sensual view of her half exposing breast.,

Manager pulled Haasini close to him and told her to start the act and make him happy. He opened his legs wide and Haasini sat between them. Her hands were shivering she didn’t have sex from past 10 years and as the man already told her that his wife left him because she cant take the pain in her holes. I was a bit afraid, she moved her hand in his pants and tried to grab his cock as she grabbed it she got shocked, it was really fat she pulled it out from his pants but his cock was

Very big and she couldn’t get his cock out of his pants. So she stopped and looked at him. He raised his butt and pulled down his pants along with his briefs and he sat again with a long hard cock standing like a tower “I am sure you had never seen like this? He sat back feeling comfortable in that couch and looked at Haasini giving a nervous smile. Haasini grabbed his cock and started stroking it, she kept stroking about a minute then he grabbed her head and pulled it over his cock,

Haasini knew that she had made her decision and now she is sitting in a bra in front of this dirty guy holding his cock, That man could feel her breath on his cock head and then he felt his cock going in a moist warm hole, and Haasini sucked it first time, his cock was fat and was just sucking his cock head but he pushed Haasini over his cock so that she could take it deep, her lips were tearing and paining a lot.

Haasini stood up grabbed her bra and pulled it down to her hand and step out of it leaving it on the floor, she laid on the couch exposing her smooth pussy, there was no love no sensuality just clean fuck so the man didn’t wasted his time on sucking her hole although he wanted to do but he didn’t and touched her pussy fingered it feeling the moisture and grabbed her thighs. So you are ready to feel the pain” he whispered like he was going to fuck her.

Haasini cried and just nodded , her lips were already caught under her teeth to bear the pain. He inserted his cock head very slowly and made his grip strong on her body and gave the first push instead of any moan or screams only tears were flowing from Haasini eyes, she thought she could bear it, but when she felt the second push she could not controlled herself and screamed like aaaah and asked him to pull out his monster cock just one more for your son saying he pushed it again.

His cock was almost in and Haasini

was feeling pain as her pussy was stretching beyond its limit, ooh baby you are still really tight, just one more for the future of your son and he pushed his hard massive cock deep in her hole. Tears were dropping from her beautiful eyes which were looking so innocent and pretty now. The man waited for a minute and then he started fucking her pussy, Haasini started moaning out of pain.

But he didn’t care and increased his speed and after fucking about 10 minutes he pulled out his cock and Haasini was feeling like she had lost all her energy. That man held her and made her in doggy position when he saw her round ass cheeks, he spanked it really hard but now Haasini wasn’t feeling any pain. He held her by her torso and pushed his cock again in her pussy this time he did it in one push and without waiting any more he started fucking her and

Haasini moaned loudly soon her pain turned into pleasure and without her liking she started to enjoy and cooperate more to the thrusts of the Manager and soon she came with a loud orgasm and he fucked her continuously for 10 more minutes, and now the man was going to cum and he was moaning loudly, he pulled out his cock and shoot her cum on her ass cheeks, and sat on couch after 5 minutes man dressed himself and sat back on his chair while Haasini took some more time to feel relax.

After some minutes she grabbed her clothes came to the table and took out some tissues from the box and cleaned her, Man offered him a glass of water that she took in one sip and got dressed again and looked at him like she wanted to ask something. Don’t worry, everything is fine now, your son can join us from tomorrow. Haasini didn’t say a word and turned to the door grabbing her handbag.

Hey you were really great and hot” he said, but Haasini didn’t look back she just went outside the door but she her steps were not perfect she was feeling so much pain.

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