This incident took place in a rural area. Haasini, 20 just graduated and was helping her mother in the household matters. Theirs was an agricultural family with about 2 acres of land where they cultivated, vegetables, coconuts, and ever so many products. They had 2 milch animals which were looked after by the mother of Haasini.

They used to give about 10 liters of milk a day and hence they took very good care of them. Haasini was trying to get job and in the meantime her parents were searching for a bridegroom for her. Haasini had lot of friends out of whom many are married and settled with children. When she visits them usually the convesation moves around sex.

Haasini was very inquisitive about everything about sex. Her friends used to tell her about the pleasure part of it and how the sex play is done with the husband. Many said the cock of their husband was very big and long and very hard like steel. They used to have at least once a day. Haasini could not imagine, a male person getting on her and fucking her in her bedroom.

Usually the person who used to come for milching the cows comes at 4 am and Haasini’s mother used to be there to give him the vessels to be filled and pay him the wages. But one day she was not well and asked Haasini to do this job and Haasini got up at 4 am and when the milchman came she gave the milk can and that man did his job and handed over the milk to Haasini and she gave him his wages.

She kept the milk in the kitchen, closed the door and when the milchman went out she went to close the gate. She suddenly heard the cycle bell ringing from the darkness. She looked intently and found somebody standing near his cycle asking her to stop. She recognized him as Antony the newspaper man who delivers papers daily to his customers.

She asked him what is the matter. He put his cycle inside the compound and came near her and asked her to come along with him as he has something to say. It was totally dark except for a small bulb near the cowshed. He took her near the cowshed and led her to a corner and placed his hand on her shoulders. She looked into his eyes and asked what is the matter.

He just lowered his hand cover her firm and erect boob and gave it a soft squeeze. An electric shock went through her body and she did not resist his action. Without saying anything he took both of her books in his hands and gave a good squeeze. She was not wearing any bra and he unhooked her blouse and placed his hands over her naked boobs.

She was softly moaning and she leaned on him. He pulled her hand and took her to the hay stack and pulled some hay on the floor and spread his lungi over it and asked her to lie on his lungi. She obeyed and did as he asked. He removed her blouse and took her boobs and nipples in his mouth and sucked them.

He lifted her skirt up and found that she was not wearing any underwear. Her small pussy was covered with thin hair. He made her to wide her legs and he placed his face over her pussy and gave it a strong lick with his tongue. Haasini was covering her mouth with her hand to prevent her own sound from coming out. Antony asked her whether she has been fucked ever by any one.

She said no. She did not tell him that she had pierced her hole with her finger and with vegetable and broke her seal. Antony told her that if it is for the first time there may be some pain but not to cry because it will go away and then it will be alright. She nodded her head.

Antony found her tender cunt hole was filled with her cunt juice and he placed his cock and pushed it in and because of the tightness it went very slow. For Haasini the glow from the single bulb was not sufficient to see what is happening bue she recollected the stories told to her by her friends and understood she is being fucked.

The cock pushed its way in and the cunt walls gripped it strongly. By jerking it slowly he made his complete entry in and it filled her hole completely. Haasini had copious tears and her own hand was covering her mouth. Antony kissed her cheeks and then kissed and licked her nipples and started to pull his cock out slowly.

He made very slow action in pulling and pushing and after he realized that she is enjoying the action started to increase the speed. It was total silence except for the sound the body movements created over the hay. Haasini was enjoying that the iron rod was going into her and made her dream come true. Antony was enjoying a virgin cunt.

He was married and had two children. But when he goes to his wife he finds his children sucking her breasts and she was not able to move. She was very hot type but was helpless. Poor Antony was searching for a new pussy and he met Haasini luckily. She had a shuddering orgasm and he was continuously fucking.

He asked her about her periods and she said it is over three days back. Finally when he came he shot his fluids inside her and it was a fantastic expeience for both. He asked her whether she will have one more session. She said yes. He started his second session and he completed it within 20 minutes. He confirmed that she also got her orgasm.

He got up wiped his cock on her skirt and before she could get up, told her that he will come again the next day and disappeared into the darkness. Haasini got up with her fluids flowing down over her thighs and legs. She closed the gate and closed the door and went to the bathroom and cleaned her leg and her cunt. She felt a sense of victory.

All the stories of sex she heard she had experienced now and the pleasure part of it was great and inexplicable. The mere thought of her repeated orgasm gave her a shiver. Putting out the light she went to her bed and lied. Though she was tired, she did not sleep. Next day her mother was not well and she asked Haasini to look after the milching of cows for another few days.

Haasini agreed. Next day Antony was hiding for the milchman to go out and he came in and hugged Haasini and they ran to the hay stack to save time. Haasini has made it more cushion like. She unhooked her blouse and lifted her skirt and was ready. Antony as usual kised her kissed her boobs and licked her pussy and then inserted his cock and started to fuck.

Haasini widened her legs and gave more room for him to move up and down. He kissed and whispered some love words in her ears. She lifted her hip and made an attempt to meet him half way. They both had a great orgasm. He said since they are going to have it everyday he will fuck her just once. She agreed. As usual he wiped his cock in her skirt and ran to vanish in the darkness.

Haasini was simply in heaven. She never thought it will be so nice. She had to tell this to someone, but whom she will tell. She had no pain at all and overal she was physically and mentally happy. We went back to her bed and thought about the incidents of the previous day and this day. She just dozed off. In the morning the workers who work in their farm came.

Her father got busy with his work and his mother was busy in the kitchen. After finishing kitchen work she went to tend the cows. Haasini took bath changed her clothes and remembered her friend Raji in the neighbourhood. Between them they dont keep any secrets. Raji told her how her cousin came and lying near her tried to molest her.

Haasini told her all that she heard about sex and sexual intercourse. She said today I have something more thrilling to tell you. She told about all that hapened very much in detail. They ran in search of a secret bush where they can hide and what they talked may not be overheard by any. Raji put several questions and Haasini replied. But accidentally the word Antony fell from her mouth.

Raji was a hotter girl. She was doing her degree in the local college. She was beautiful and big boobs, big bulky thighs and big buts. When they get too deep into sexual talk their hands go in search of the private parts of the partner and take physical pleasure manually. Haasini told her since this is going to be a daily affair they will fuck just once every day.

Suddenly Raji asked her whether she can join them the next day just for once. Haasini was shocked, she asked, do you know the dangers you would be exposed, can you manage to come hoodwinking your mother and others in the family. Raji said I will do anything just for trying it once. If it is so enjoyable please let me have it for once.

Haasini yielded, but said he will consult her partner and only if he agrees she may come. Next day early morning Antony came as usual they had a great fuck and she asked him whether he will fuck her close friend who wants to get fucked. He asked who is it. She told him the identity of the girl. Oh, she is really a plum, ok, ask her to come.

But you go on telling all your friends and they come in a queue to get fucked. That is not possible. He showed fake anger. Haasini hugged and kissed him and said just this one and none else. Antony was happy he gets another virgin to fuck the next day. Haasini signalled Raji and the matter was arranged. Raji was nervous for the whole day.

With a blade she shaved off her public hair and had a good bath to remove body odor. In the early morning she washed her pussy wiped it and sneaked out of the house without anybody noticing and came to the fence between her house and that of Haasini and waited. At four thirty she saw the milck man going out and Antony walking in briskly.

Raji crossed the fence and tip toed to the cow shed and waited for the events to happen. She saw Haasini lying in the hay stack and Antony getting ready with his monster. Seeing its legth Raji was shocked. As usual Antony kissed the cheeks of Haasini, kissed her boobs and licked them and sucked the nipples, went down and buried his face in her pussy and licked her pussy briskly.

Raji who was watching was overwhelmed and seeing the scene was fully aroused. Antony was fucking Haasini and Haasini was bearing his weight and enjoying every stroke. But she is not giving out any sound for fear of her mother or anybody hearing it. Haasini say the dark figure of Raji sqatting on the floor and watching their game.

In the final fast strokes, they both got their orgasm and Antony waited to pump his entire fluids into the cunt of Haasini and then got up. Haasini called Raji to come. Antony turned back and foud this new girl of 18 more chubby coming to get fucked. He had seen her many times when he throws the paper in their house.

In the meantime Haasini helped Raji to lie down instructed her to open the hooks of her blouse and lift her petty coat and skirt up and keep her legs wide. The heart of Raji was beating fast and she looked at Antony, a tall hefty figure with his erect cock murmuring something to Haasini. Haasini sat near Raji to give her confidence. The fair skin of Raji glowed in the light from the bulb.

Antony that this is the real ripe fruit and need some care to handle it. He kissed her on her cheeks and on her neck and then on her naked boobs and circled his tongue around her nipple and sucked them alternatively. He gave a soft squeeze to her boob and he could hear her soft moans. Haasini was watching. Antony buried his face into the new pussy and licked it.

Be cause it was clean shaven, his tongue searched for her clitoris and rubbed it. Slowly placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her fuckhole he pushed it in. Her cunt hole was narrow and he thought it will take more effort to achieve deeper penetration. Just to divert the attention of the girls he just looked around and it was dark and pitch dark everywhere.

He asked her whether she had ever been fucked. She said no. He wetting his cock with the cunt juices flowing in he inserted his cock into the hole and pushed it in. The cunt walls were resisting. Haasini kept her hand over the mouth of Raji to prevent any sound coming out, sound of pain or sound of pleasure. In the meantime she was squeezing the ample boobs of Raji.

Antony made a quick job and pushed his cock in with all force. He reached full penetration. Tears were flowing from the eyes of Raji. Haasini consoled her and wiped the tears. Starting slowly Antony fucked her and then briskly. Suddenly he pulled out and asked her to stand on all her fours to assume doggy style.

By keeping her legs apart he located her cunt and inserted his cock from behind. This gave deeper penetration and more pleasure for both. He reached for her boobs and gave them good squeeze. Haasini was aghast. at this new pose. The girl was fucking by moving her but behind.

They both reached immense orgasm. He pumped all his fluids into her and she too enjoyed to the maximum. Antony said ok, ok, my time is over and he ran to his cycle and pedalled his way into the darkness. Both the girls almost naked, sat on the hay and exchanged their experiences. Raji said this is fantastic. I never knew that this will be so great pleasurable.

She thanked Haasini for the opportunity. Haasini watched Raji entering her house. Raji’s mother was shouting at her where at this early morning she went. She gave some hush hush reply and mother asked her to take bath and get ready.

Next day Haasini came to know that a marriage alliance has been finalised for Raji and the marriage may take place within a week. The affair of Antony and Haasini continued for some more months when her marriage also got finalized.

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