It was about 7 in the morning as Haasini breezed into the bedroom with a tray of tea. The 28 year old housewife was clad in nothing except a pair of thong panty and a shirt, the buttons of which were loosely done and through which her well-endowed breasts gave an occasional peep. Her husband Udit was still drowsy and browsing through the newspaper with little interest.

`Hi, Love! Good Morning.’ She said planting a kiss on his cheek.

`Good Morning, darling.’ He reciprocated.

Curling one shapely leg under a thigh she casually picked up a magazine and after a while said in all seriousness.

`You went through all those articles. I really can’t understand the logic behind rape. I mean how can a man get an erection when the woman is crying and in pain? It is so sick’

Udit peered from over his specs. `Of course it is. Well there are all sorts of people. Moreover, rape is not as such a sexual act as it is a show of power.’

`But in these cases the rapists did this just to humiliate the husbands of those hapless women.’ Haasini argued.

`Yes, but…’Udit shrugged.

`Tell me, Udit do you have any such enemies.’

`You mean people who would rape you to humiliate me? No, thankfully I don’t.’ Udit smiled.

`But this is so heavily loaded in favour of males. Suppose I have an enemy, how do I settle scores?’ Haasini asked lashing her eyelids and bending forward to hand over the cup of tea to Udit who could not resist fixing his eyes on her dark nipple that came into view for a second.

`I must say… What you can do is to enter into a lesbian relationship with his wife. Or if you want more, I can lend you a helping hand.. or if a hand is not sufficient, any other part of my anatomy.’ Udit said wickedly.

You are so mean. Always wanting to fuck someone else.’ Haasini laughed.Okay and suppose my enemy is a woman, how do I get even with her?’

Well, what else? If you do have a female enemy and if you must take revenge by way of a sexual act, it is her husband who you must target.’ Udit said sipping the tea and looking at the watch. God! It seems I am going to be late today.’

Haasini drank in the concluding statement of Udit. Life had been carrying on quite well for Haasini and Udit till the Sharmas had moved into the flat opposite theirs. Haasini had gone out of her way to make them comfortable but Mrs. Sharma was one of the most snooty females Haasini had ever seen. She had nothing but contempt for others. Her behaviour with others was obnoxious and she only exhibited scorn in response to Haasini’s friendly gestures. Mr. Sharma seemed far too henpecked to be able to mutter a word. Not only that they had rudely removed Haasini’s flowerpots and replaced them with their own. They did not even have the courtesy to inform Haasini. This and a couple of other rude acts had brought Haasini to the end of her tether and she was just wondering as to how to get even with Mrs. Sharma.

Well, she decided, if she could not rape Mr. Sharma to spite Mrs. Sharma she would certainly take steps that would bring them to heel. Due to office exigencies, Udit had to leave at around 8 in the morning. It was around that time that Mrs. Sharma had started taking driving lessons. Haasini knew that this fad for driving had nothing to do with driving as such. It was just to learn a skill that Haasini knew; a crude game of oneupmanship This time between 8 and 9 seemed most appropriate to Haasini to go in for the kill.

As soon as she had kissed Udit goodbye, she went to take a shower wondering as to how to execute her plan. Emerging from the bathroom she admired her nude self in the six feet high mirror. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a height of 5 feet 6 inches but also a clear complexion.A lissome body complimented with perfectly rounded breasts capped by chocolatish brown nipples with small aerola that had the hue of a combination of pink-chocolate. The slender neck, the flawless satin skin, the sparse hair in the shaved and shaped pussy which did not do much to hide the lips of the labia, the long and lovely legs and her nail polished bare feet all put together made for a very lovely young woman. A light golden chain in the neck with appropriately designed bangles on her wrists and a cute pair of anklets to adorn the bare feet completed this picture. Surprisingly it took the little nipples very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment/pride for Haasini, especially if she was without a bra depending on whether she wanted to hide them or accentuate them.

Haasini was intelligent enough to know that nature’s bounty has to be respected and so she took the right steps to accentuate all her strong points. Her pussy was perfectly shaped with a trimmed mop of hair covering the mound while she deliberately left the puffy lips of the pussy defiantly exposed. Not right away but gradually this was the armory with which she planned to trap Mr. Ashok Sharma.

She changed into a cream coloured sleeveless nightie. Her dark brown nipples could easily be seen through the diaphanous material of the nightie and if not through that, then surely when she would bend. Through the keyhole, she saw Mrs. Sharma leaving haughtily for the driving class. A smile played on Haasini’s lips as she prepared pot of tea. Arranging it nicely on a tray she emerged from her flat and slowly made her way towards the Sharmas’ flat. Her bare feet made no noise of movement. The only noise was the light tinkle of her anklets but she was sure that it would be unheard.

The Sharmas’ door was slightly ajar. Haasini knew that etiquette demanded that she knock on the door but she was not here to show etiquette. With her shoulders, she pushed the door slightly open. Mr. Sharma’s was wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts and a T shirt. His back was towards the door. There was a slight creek so he turned and his mouth turned wide as he saw Haasini there.

`May I come in?’ Haasini asked in a whisper.

He signaled to her to come in and be seated. She sat on the sofa in the drawing room as Mr. Sharma finished the conversation.

`Good Morning.’ She said chirpily.

`Good Morning.’ He said in a voice which wanted to know the reason why he had been so pleasantly surprised by the pretty neighbour’s visit.

`Actually, Udit has to leave early and since both of us are alone, I just thought that I would share a cup of tea with you. I hope I am not infringing on your privacy.’ Haasini said in an eager and innocent tone.

`Well, no. I..’ Mr. Sharma seemed to be at a loss of words, his eyes desperately trying to find their way through the transparent cloth that hid her nipples.

`Its okay. I understand. I should not have come only.’ Haasini started getting up.

`No, no.. Please sit. I was just saying that it is so nice of you to…’

Don’t be formal. What are neighbours for?’ Haasini said warmly.Sugar?’

`One cube.’

She stirred the cup and leaned forward to hand over the cup knowing fully well that the nipple would be visible. Mr. Sharma must have noticed as was evident from the fact that his eyes became round as saucers and there appeared to be a positive movement in his shorts which embarrassed him. She finished her tea quickly and was amused to see Mr. Sharma’s eyes wandering from her feet to her legs to the upper part of her body as if trying to drink in everything all at once.

`I must go.’ She said as soon as he had finished his tea.

`Won’t you sit some more?’ Mr. Sharma said wistfully. He wanted her to sit but was wary lest his wife come and find Haasini there.

`No, I have work to do. Bye!’ she said and as she fleeted out of the room, was smiling to herself. Mr. Sharma appeared to be so smitten that it would not take her long to make him fall in line.

She repeated the same act for the next two days. On the fourth day, she did not visit Mr. Sharma. She knew that he would be waiting for her with baited breath, not knowing what she had in store for him. She deliberately avoided the nightie and instead wore one of Udit’s shirts over her thong panty. She also took care to put on a slender waist chain that highlighted her belly button and a dainty ring in the pierced belly button. During her recent correspondence with an internet friend he had told her men find a pierced belly button highly arousing since that draws the attention of the viewer to what is hidden that is the pussy which is just an inch or two below that. She did keep the tea ready knowing that Mr. Sharma’s curiosity would get the better of him. She was not wrong. Soon the doorbell rang. She opened the door and found Mr. Sharma standing there with a hurt expression on his face.

`Oh, Good Morning. Yes, I was about to come. Are you in a hurry?’ she asked innocently.

`No, I… I just waited you know.’ He said in a low voice.

Oh sorry.’ She said opening the door.Do come in and sorry for this skimpy attire. This is the way I remain and well, you are a friend so its okay.’

Oh, thank you.’ he said. May I come in and then take off the slippers? I mean if I take them off outside the door, somebody may think that..’ his voice trailed off.

`Don’t be so formal. I had come barefooted to your house. But anyway, do as you wish. By the way are you afraid that if somebody comes to know that you are here, he/she will pass on this piece of information to your wife?’ Haasini asked.

`No, no. What difference does it make if my wife comes to know? I was concerned about you that if Udit comes to know!’ Ashok laughed a sheepish laugh.

Well, let me tell you that I tell my husband everything. There is no secrecy and no scope for anyone else to tell him anything. However I believe that you haven’t told her about our tea meetings, have you?’ Haasini said in a straight tone.And if you don’t mind, may I call you by your first name Ashok. Mr. Sharma seems far too formal.’

Oh yes. Please do that.’ Ashok said as he entered and made himself comfortable on the sofa. With him he had brought his cordless phone.Haasini, may I tell you something?’


`You are very pretty, Haasini. Everything about you is absolutely stunning.’ Ashok said.

`Come, come! Don’t pull a fast one. If you are referring to this belly button and waist chain well, this is what Udit wants and I could hardly refuse what he wants. If you also like this, I am sure your wife too would have got it done. If not got it done already, tell her now and she will get it done. I see that you have brought your phone. She must be carrying the mobile. In touch with her?’

`Yes, I speak to her but no, Haasini. She is not like you are.’ Ashok’s voice showed exasperation.

`The fault lies with you, Ashok. You don’t assert yourself. See, when we went for our honeymoon, it was Udit who insisted that I take my top off.’ Haasini said.

`You did? On your honeymoon?’ Ashok was salivating.

`Yes. Don’t believe me? I can show you photographs.’ Haasini said in a matter of fact tone.

`That would be really nice.’ Ashok said.

Okay.’ Haasini padded into the bedroom and shortly returned with an album.But wait. These are personal snaps; not for everyone. Since I consider you as a good friend, I am showing you these. Not a word to anyone.’

`Of course not.’ Ashok said trying to hide his growing erection. The photographs were lovely. There were at least eight photographs that showed Haasini’s breasts, and three were from close quarters. However she was not nude in any, which is what Ashok had secretly hoped.

`They are absolutely lovely.’ He said finally.

`Thank you.’

`Er.. can’t I… I mean ..?’ he stammered.

`You want to see them real.’ Haasini asked pointedly.

Ashok swallowed hard and nodded.

`Look, you are asking your neighbour’s wife to go topless. Well, I will show you but you too will have to do something in return. It has to be a deal.’ Haasini said.

`Anything.’ Ashok was emphatic.

`Well, I want the space for my flowerpots back. Today itself. And no silly arguments. Ever. Another thing… what I am showing you is merely a way out of boredom. Ultimately, you have to tell your wife to broaden her outlook.’ As she said this Haasini unbuttoned her shirt and casually threw it off. Shook was mesmerized seeing the full bare breasts, firm and proud with the chocolatish dark nipples fully erect.

Unable to control himself, he got up and hugged Haasini, his lips losing no time in finding the nipples and sucking them. Haasini did not make any particular effort to disentangle him.

`Its okay, Ashok. I think by now you should collect yourself.’ She said firmly as she sat down on a chair.

`I… Please don’t mind Haasini but I want to make love to you.’ Ashok said.

Haasini threw her head back and laughed. Ashok could not help notice the cleavage between the breasts where the pendent of her necklace bounced.

`Why do you want to make love to me? You hardly know me. I have good sex as it is. But well, if you say so, I will consider it. But you have not seen me nude; neither have I seen you nude. As a lady surely you don’t expect me to strip first.’ Haasini said naughtily keeping one foot over her knee and playing with the anklet.

It was as if Ashok had become a puppy, willing to carry out all her instructions. He wasted no time in stripping off his Bermuda and T shirt.

Hmm. Not bad.’ Haasini said sizing him up.You know Udit is very fastidious about all this. If he is nude and I don’t give him a suck, he takes it very badly. What about Mrs. Sharma? Surely she too would be equally upset if she doesn’t give you a good suck. And please don’t mind but I think that if you really want any girl to give you a second look, work hard to knock off that paunch. As we do.’

`Haasini, I will join a gym. Promise… Please. Nishi doesn’t do it. Please you are so.. so good.’

Haasini got up from the chair;knelt down on the floor and with her fingers caught hold of his cock.

`If you really want me to help you out with this, please give me the phone.. your phone.’ Haasini said. Ashok handed the phone to Haasini who dialled a number and gave it to Ashok as she rolled back his foreskin with her lips.

`Who is it?’ Ashok asked as he heard the ringing tone.

`Your wife.’ Haasini said as she licked the underside of the cock with her tongue gradually taking the swollen head between her lips. As Ashok said hello she started motioning back and forth; Ashok’s cock dripping with her saliva as she played with his balls. She could feel the discomfiture of Ashok as she could feel the taste of precum oozing from his cock into her mouth. She relished his discomfort tremendously thinking of the times when his wife was misbehaving and he was standing by her side like a faithful cur. He concluded the conversation quickly as she continued with sucking the head of his cock.

`Oh God. Haasini.. You are such an expert.’ He said just as he discharged. Haasini had sensed that the moment of discharge was coming and she had deftly removed her face and replaced it with Ashok’s Bermudas into which all the cum went.

For two or three minutes Ashok kept writhing in sheer ecstasy. When he finally got hold of his senses he said ` Well, now how about you getting nude?’

`Sure, I will do that but in your house.’ She said impishly.

`No, please understand and Haasini, please hurry up. Do it here only. Nishi will be back any time. She doesn’t understand and will unnecessarily create a nuisance.’ Ashok literally begged her.

`Well, then if you so mortified of her, go and stand outside the house. I will slip off the panty so that you can see my pussy. I give it the shape it has and the beautiful smell which it imparts because of Udit. If you want to smell it, you will do today what I have asked you to and after a few days I will perhaps let you smell it. It all depends on how you behave and make your wife behave. Or else goodbye.’

Ashok got up, sheepishly put on his Bermudas which had a big stain on account of the cum; went and stood outside. Haasini was as good as her word. She peeled down her thong panty till they fell down on her bare nailpolished feet. She stood there with no fabric covering any part of her and Ashok watched aghast as the door slowly closed on his face.

The next night she narrated the happenings of the past four days to Udit.

`My God, Haasini you are such a tease! This guy Ashok has been moving around all over the office as if in a trance and with a perpetual erection. I was wondering what has come over him. Now I know, so you are the female rapist.’

`No, I am punishing him because he just stood by and let his wife misbehave with all of us.’ Haasini replied.

Well, what can I say? If you have decided to set him right, well so be it.’ Udit shrugged as he pulled her close together.If this guy Ashok comes to know all the sexy and naughty things you usually are upto, he will not have a moment’s rest.’

`I want your cooperation for a few things. You will see the result this evening itself. We will get the place for flowerpots and his wife will behave. Once she does that, I have a plan for the day after tomorrow.’ Haasini said as she lightly nibbled Udit’s erect cock.

`Why day after tomorrow?’ Udit asked.

`Because his wife goes to a kitty party and he will be alone.’ Haasini replied.

`Well, just as you say, Madam.’ Udit said in an equally naughty tone as his hands groped for his wife’s pussy.

Two days went by but not before Haasini’s prophesy turned true. Not only were the vibes given by Ashok’s wife positively warm, she actually visited Haasini one day to enquire about everything and also happened to mention casually that she found pierced belly buttons attractive. She of course did not say that she had seen Haasini’s but Haasini secretly smiled that her actions had borne fruit far more quickly than she had imagined.

After two days had slowly gone by uneventfully, the evening approached. Haasini watched from the keyhole of the door as she watched Ashok’s wife Nishi leave for the party. She had explained the plan to Udit. It had been decided that Haasini would be wearing only a skimpy nightie with no undergarments. At the stipulated time she rang the bell to Ashok’s door. Ashok opened the door quickly and let her in. Haasini deliberately left the door unlocked so that Udit too could come in. Udit did and hid behind the heavy curtain near the door.

Hi Haasini. It is so nice of you to come. I. I did everything that you had asked me to, didn’t I?’ Ashok pleaded. Now will you please make love to me?’

`I agree that that was what I had promised but I feel slightly shy, so if you don’t mind I will tie this piece of cloth over your eyes and then we will proceed ahead.’ Haasini pouted.

`Okay. Anything will do.’ Ashok readily agreed. As soon as the cloth was securely tied, Haasini slipped out of her nightie, and called Udit over. She asked him to undress as quietly as possible and just as Ashok lay there in anticipation, she took Udit’s cock lovingly in her mouth.

Since there wasn’t much time, she promptly lay down on the bed and said to Ashok, `I had told you that I keep my pussy shaped and smelling nice for Udit. Well, Udit is out and you have already seen it, so today you can smell it.’

`Haasini, if you don’t mind I would like start with your breasts.’ Ashok sounded insistent and did not wait for any answer.

He found her breasts with his tongue and slid it back and forth between her shuddering breasts. He nuzzled the warm flesh of her cleavage, planting kisses on her hot, fair skin. Haasini arched her back, thrusting her chest forward, moaning blissfully as Ashok licked her dark brown nipples over and over, never tiring of the sweetness of her breasts.

As if automatically turned on by this,Haasini parted her legs. Gingerly as if a trifle unsure of himself Ashok leaned in on her and began sliding his middle finger in and out of her pussy. Just up to the knuckle to get her wet, but having given oral to Udit, Haasini was already wet. Ashok worked in the whole finger and started fucking her with it. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back trying to ignore what he was doing to her, but Udit could see Haasini bite her lip and start to hump back. He worked in a second finger and got a bit more energetic and she turned her head left and the right taking deep breaths. When he started thumbing her clit at the same time she lost it. No longer could she control what her body was going through. Udit watched with a throbbing erection as Ashok bent down and thrust his tongue inside Haasini’s pussy lips. She threw her head back in ecstasy as she felt his tongue on her. Ashok licked long and deeply inside of her wet opening. She reached down and placed her hands on his head to pull him closer to her. He then licked upward to her swollen, aroused clit and let his tongue brush against her. She squealed in delight. Ashok began to alternate between long, slow licks up to her clit and quick, probing flicks of his tongue on her hot button.

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.’ He kept on muttering.Udit is so lucky to have you for a wife.’

Haasini found to her surprise that Ashok was not bad at eating pussy. Within no time, she found herself moaning and her hand involuntarily went behind Ashok’s head. Udit found this sight strangely exciting.

As Haasini climaxed, Ashok said, `Haasini, please. Let me put my cock into you. Just once. Please.’ He implored.

Haasini and Udit had decided beforehand that Haasini would make him lie flat on the bed and tease him by letting his cock touch the lips of her pussy and nothing beyond that. Haasini therefore proceeded to tie his hands loosely and made him lie flat on the bed. She again bent down to tease his cock with her lips and as Udit watched, she let it slide down to her throat. She promptly withdrew it and gave the same treatment to Udit by calling him close.

`Haasini… please.’ Ashok seemed about to ejaculate. Haasini however wasn’t ready because Udit had not yet confirmed that Nishi was on the way. Seeing Ashok’s anxiety, Udit went into another room, talked to Nishi on the mobile, saying that he was a friend of Ashok’s and how long would she take to be home. She said that it would take about ten minutes. He passed on this information to Haasini by sign language and gave her the go ahead signal.

Haasini therefore climbed on the bed and just as she caught hold of Ashok’s cock with both of her hands and placed the tip of his erect cock over the lips of her wet pussy, Ashok humped and disbalanced Haasini who was balancing on her toes. Right in front of Udit, the foreskin of Ashok’s cock rolled back as the shaft went deep into the confines of Haasini’s pussy. The incident was so unexpected that both Haasini and Udit broke into a laughter; Haasini loudly whereas Udit had to muffle it. Ashok was now totally inside Haasini’s lovely and pussy, the same one that had been shown to him a few days before. His hipbones pressed against the luscious softness of her cheeks, his entire cock inside her virgin vaginal passage. It was so warm and tight – and so welcoming!

`You really are so impatient.’ She said to Ashok.

Haasini, please take some strokes. Please.’ Ashok was unable to control himself and thrusting his hips all the are so tight.’

`Wait for a while.’ Haasini said squeezing her sphincter muscles so as to put a tight pressure on his cock.

Just then Udit signaled the arrival of Nishi. Haasini promptly got up, clutched her nightie and both she and her husband moved on toes and quickly hid behind the heavy curtain just as the key turned in the door. All this was done so quickly that poor Ashok did not have any time to respond.

They both giggled as Nishi strode into the room and demanded from Ashok as to what was he doing nude with his eyes blindfolded and cock all wet and veins ready to burst. They both came to their house.

God. That was real close.’ Haasini said.Thanks love, you have been a darling.’

Well, how do you think I am to control myself when others can’t.’ Udit said picking up his wife.Most men secretly have a desire to see their wives have sex with someone. I had no idea that that desire would come true in such unbelievable circumstances.’

`Well, you needn’t control yourself at all. And what I had was not sex as such; just an accidental insertion. But who am I to complain if it enthralled my darling husband and excited him. His excitement is my excitement and vice verca. Right?’ Haasini said as they both started making passionate love.

`How was he like inside you?’ Udit asked.

`Hmmm. Curious? Well, a cock is a cock. That is all. That was unplanned and without feelings so nothing. And you yourself had said that I was a female rapist so the idea was just to bring him to heel using my, a female’s sexual prowess. With you, there is love, so everything.’ Haasini replied.

`Well, it was a great sight, watching you sitting astride him with not a stitch of clothing on you, your nipples nice and erect, and yet as confident and nonchalant as could be, his cock lost within the depths of your pussy. Did you feel the prick of his pubic hair?’ Udit enquired.

`Yeah. They pricked.’ Haasini laughed.

`Why didn’t you also take one or two strokes to tease him?’ Udit also laughed plunging his cock into the suitably lubricated pussy of his wife where the familiar soft walls held it in a tight grip.

`Didn’t you see that he was busy humping drawing his hips back about two inches and then thrusting the cock again, somehow wanting to discharge inside me. Fool!’ Haasini replied.

`Yes and I think he got some more time when you started tying your hair. Now that you mention it, I remember your breasts were really bouncing with his thrusts. You are so wet I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did discharge in you. You know when you were sitting there I couldn’t help noticing that the coca cola color of the nail polish of your toes by the side of his girth was looking very sexy and somehow I found its color similar to that of his cock. Wonder how Ashok coped after Nishi’s arrival?’ Udit reflected.

`Yes, even I noticed that his cock is unusually dark though I wouldn’t say that it is as dark as my nail polish but well, how is it our concern? Well, my experience says that Ashok would have told Mrs. Snooty that if she continued with her selfish, critical and loveless/sexless attitude he would actually get another girl one day. That would have set her right. Either she will improve or you will soon find Ashok enquiring about the way to the red light areas.’

Haasini’s words proved to be prophetic because they saw a new Nishi thereafter, cordial and helpful.

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