It happened some time ago. Haasini, 20 having done her graduation was not pursuing her studies and just just lazying around. Her big setback was that she had an attractive face and a big pair of boobs. She was staying in a joint family and there were many cousins of her age with whom she used to play all evening.

Haasini’s mother was worried about the growth of her daughter and she used to urge her husband to think of arranging the marriage of their only daughter. Haasini was not very keen to pursue her studies and hence getting her married was the only option available.

In the evenings she used to play hide and seek with her cousins which habit she was following since her childhood. When her boobs started showing up, her cousins liked to touch them as if by accident and Haasini never used to get angry or upset. She experienced a electric shock like experience whenever somebody squeezed her boobs.

But modesty prevented her from asking the boys to squeeze her boobs. When there was no resistance boys took turns to squeeze her boobs in some corner of the house or under the staircase or under the mango tree etc. They had a manservant, Bhaskar who used to watch the games these boys play with Haasini but he kept mum.

One day a letter was received from the Public Service commission, Chennai asking her to appear for a written test and interview. She remembered that her father asked her to sign some forms. She thought perhaps those forms she signed were connected with the Public Service Commission.

When Haasini’s mother showed the letter to her father, he hived a sigh of relief and was happy that she may a govt. job. He told his wife, if Haasini gets a govt job, they may be able to marry her off without any dowry. Hearing this her mother was also happy. But the exam was in Chennai. and she cannot be sent alone.

Somebody has to accompany her. Perhaps she may have to stay in Chennai for one or two days. They did not find anybody who knew Chennai very well to accompany her. Suddenly Haasini’s mother thought that Bhaskar had some experience in Chennai and he knew the city thoroughly. Haasini said she wont go with Bhaskar, the servant.

But all her uncles were busy and if they go they may have to call on the relatives and they all will know that she had come for writing the exam. Haasini’s mother persuaded Haasini to go with Bhaskar and he will take good care of her. Bhaskar was only 22 but he carried around a serious and matured look and was thoughtful and would not do anything recklessly.

The parents decided the he will be a suitable escort for her and two days prior to the date of the exam, Bhaskar and Haasini set out to Chennai. They were asked to take rooms in a decent hotel where the food also is good. Bhaskar said he will select Woodlands hotel.

They went in a crowded train and reached Chennai and they went to Woodlands and asked for two adjacent rooms. Rooms were available and they both moved into the rooms. Haasini was wondering about the traffic in Chennai roads, the size of the hotel etc.

The hotel was full and there were scores of uniformed servants moving around with trays full of food to be served in the rooms.They made so much of noice that Haasini not accustomed to such situations feared that their privacy was being invaded by the team of butlers.

When she went to the bath room she could see that the ventilator window was open and she could see the feet of the people climbing the stair case adjacent to the room. Somehow without putting on the light she undressing herself and took bath. She was keeping a watch over the ventilator to know anybody peeping into the bathroom.

Having got dressed she went to the door of Bhaskar and knocked. Bhaskar came out neatly dressed and she found him quite handsome. The time was in the morning 10 o’clock and after sumptuous breakfast they set out in search of the office of the PSC. They had to ask so many people for directions to reach the office of PSC.

And finally they arrived at the office and inquired about the exam to be held on the following day. They showed the board displaying the identity numbers of the candidates who where to write the exam. They went back to Woodlands by noon and took food in their restaurant and went to their rooms. Both were tired on account of the rigors of the travel on previous night.

They slept for about three to four hours and Haasini woke up and called Bhaskar to order for some coffee and snacks and asked it brought to the rooms. Bhaskar sat in the chair and Haasini in the cot. She noticed that her cot was big and two or even three people can sleep in it. They had bajji and coffee.

They both went out and had a stroll. While walking once or twice Bhaskar knocked against her and she impulsively sought for his hand and held it firm. Bhaskar was shocked, but did not say anything. While walking in the crowded footpath he had to put his hand around her and his hand was pressed against her boobs.

His rustic and strong fingers held her soft hand firmly and once or twice he had to hug her tightly to prevent her falling down. Haasini’s nipples were getting hardened and she felt wetness in the panties. While walking behind him once or twice her body was pressed against his back and her soft boobs were pressed hard against his back.

A small tent like formation was seen in the dhothi of Bhaskar which he struggled to hide. They took supper in the restaurant and reach back their rooms well by 9 pm. But the touch of the hand of Bhaskar made lot of changes in the attitude of Haasini and so also vice versa. Haasini changed into a sleeping dress which was like a cloak like house coat.

The sound of the butlers in the corridor was very loud that she thought they are watching her through some crack in the window shutters. She was restless and was fearful of some invasion into her privacy. By 10 pm she was afraid and thought she cannot sleep alone in the room. She went out and knocked on the doors of Bhaskar.

He was semi nude with only a lungi on his waist and his broad hairy muscular chest exposed. He asked what is the matter. She called him to come to her room. They both rushed to her room. She closed and bolted the door and switched off the light and scrutinized the cracks in the wall, windows, doors, and the ventilator etc.

Bhaskar went through all the places and confirmed that there is nothing to get worried. But Haasini said she is afraid to sleep alone and why not Bhaskar come and sleep in her room. Bhaskar said ok and brought a pillow from his room and was ready to sleep on the floor. But Haasini insisted that he should sleep in the cot, since there was ample space in the cot.

Not showing his shock Bhaskar got into the bed and slept at the far end near the wall. Haasini said I will sleep near the wall and you sleep at the edge. OK said Bhaskar and moved to his new position and Haasini went to the wall end. In the process Bhaskar who had only a lungi forgot to put on an underwear was experiencing a glorious erection.

The manly smell of his body intoxicated Haasini and her juices were oozing. She had removed her bra and panties as was her practice and her wetness was visible Somebody has to get up and switch off the lights. She asked Bhaskar to switch off the light. The lights in the corridor was making the room brighter even without any lights.

When bhaskar got up he knew the danger, his tent was perfect. Without turning to her side he rushed and put the lights off. When he turned his toes got entangled in the lungi and the lungi got untied and fell down revealing him stark naked with an erect cock to the full gaze of Haasini.

She burst out in a laughter and closed her eyes with her hand in mock protest and asked him what happened and what is that standing erect in his body. Though picked his lungi and while tying it around his waist he again fumbled and his cock was projecting outside the lungi.

Haasini asked him to turn around and put her hand in his lungi and searched for that thing which stood erect. The 7 inch meat rod was a wonder thing for her. She never held one this big in her hand. It was throbbing and pulsating and hot. Removing his lungi totally she ran her hand over the cock and the balls. It was all a wonderful experience for her.

Neither Haasini or Bhaskar did not know how to proceed. Suddenly he saw her cleavage with two big shining boobs covered by the house coat. Bhaskar extended his hand and touched her boob. Haasini felt the electric shock. Bhaskar slowly unbuttoned her house coat and was surprised that she was totally naked underneath.

She did not protest. Her cunt scantily haired was shining with wetness. Bhaskar leaned forward and kissed her boobs and nipples. “SSsssssssssssssss” was the response from Haasini. She brought her face closer to the cock tip and sniffed at it. His manly smell coming from the crotch was arousing her immensely.

They had nothing to talk and only action is called for. Licking her breasts and navel and kissing it lavishly, Bhaskar came to the cunt and licked it deep. Raising her legs high, Haasini moaned “Ohhh…..ha…….” His mouth was full of her cunt lips and her mouth with his massive cock. They automatically 69ed and went on eating each other.

He shot his cum into her mouth and his mouth was full of her juices. His tongue touched her clit and she pressed his face down and was shivering on account of the orgasm. In the meantime another shot was getting ready to be sprayed into her mouth. Haasini seemed to enjoy the smell and taste of the new liquid and was licking his cock clean.

But Bhaskar was not loosing his erection at all. He buried his face into her cunt and went on licking and swalling all the fluids. After about an hour they thought why not try to put the rod inside the hole. First he tried from top. But she said I will try from top. It was not going in. Widening the legs and applying pressure and pushing it forcefully,

somehow they made a half entry. Tears were flowing from her eyes and no sound was emanating. Bhaskar made a final push and lo it was there fully. Time was flying and some distant clock stuck 12. But the new experimentations were going on he on top and she on top etc.

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