This is Haasini and it is my first story . We are married couple 43/38 enjoyed the married life for 18 years and never tired of sex. We have two kids and both settled abroad.

We were having normal sex for few years and then my husband Babu started bringing home porno movies. First, I was reluctant to watch them but he used to force me to stay awake with him and after the movie is over he used to fuck me just the way in the movie.

I got the kick out of it and we started to follow the characters in the film and try to do all that goes on in the film slowly he started getting dildos, vibrators and expensive lingerie. He gets pleasure when I masturbate in front of him with dildos, some time he hides behind the curtain

And asks me to enjoy with vibrators and dildos. He asks me to imagine that his friend is fucking me and to show him how I enjoy that. I have to yell his friends name and keep taking pleasure and he jumps on me and takes so much pleasure by inserting his dick and ejaculating

To make him happy sometimes I ask him to fuck me thinking that it’s his bothers wife or our neighbor teacher actually I was the one who gets more pleasure out of this because he fucks me like anything during this type of Fuckings.

This was going on till 2020 and we never had any intention of having other partners but this all changed in 2020 when we visited Singapore for a week.

We reached Singapore at 4 am and checked in a 4 star hotel by 5 am as soon as we refreshed Babu brought me to the bed,

Threw my nightie and started licking my cunt and said this is the just beginning, it’s going to be a memorable trip.  I didn’t understand anything but started enjoying his licking. The juices were oozing out of my cunt, somehow I had an idea that Babu is for some mischief. We had nice fuck till 6 am and took rest up to 9.

We had our buffet oriental breakfast at the hotel and I was wearing a western out fit with short skirt and exposing my boobs in the lounge a few visitors were there and Babu kept asking me how about taking one of them to our room. I said I am all yurs come lets go to the room and enjoy before.

We go out as soon as I reached the room okay you asked me to fuck with those guys lets think that you are one of them and I will give pleasure to you. He was so happy and started kissing me and squeezing my boobs.

I sat down on the sofa, opened up his pant zip took his penis in my mouth he asked my whose prick you are sucking, the white one or Chinese.

I said it’s the white one and why don’t you fuck me like the Englishman that was enough for him and he picked me up from the sofa laid me on the bed, removed all the clothes and it was real pleasure the way he pounded me.

After that we slept for an hour and got freshened up. He didn’t allow me to wear anything and his 8”long dick was as erect as iron bar. I started playing with it and his one finger was on my clit and another inside my cunt. I was getting hot and ready for another fuck

He said all these times we were pretending that you are getting fucked by my friends and others why not try it for real , here no one will come to know as this is a foreign country then only I come to know his real intentions for this trip and I was excited but did not let him know immediately instead.

I asked him why you don’t call another lady so that I can watch the way you enjoy her. He was so happy and started licking my cunt once again, that’s what he does when he is happy. He picked up the yellow pages from the room, searched for escort’s page and dialled a number.

He explained to the agency that we are married couple and wants a girl around 22 preferably an Indian for oral sex immediately they called us back to verify the hotel and room number and said a girl named Bhavna is coming in another 30 minutes and going to stay with us till 9 pm 

And we have to pay 500 dollars immediately we got dressed up, me in Victoria secrets lingerie and he in t shirt and bermudas. There was a knock on the door and here comes Bhavna, a nice looking girl wearing a strapless long gown.

She was very tall almost 5.9″ and fluent in Hindi and Tamil as soon as she entered Babu gave her a hug and I was lying down on the bed, he brought her to me and she gave me a light kiss on the cheek. He made 3 drinks of John walker and they started sipping sitting on the sofa

And I was on the bed having my drink and watching them excitedly for thing s to happen. It seems she works for a software company and earns extra income once in a month thro this agency slowly he started fondling her boobs and I was taken back when she said why do you need me when you have such a voluptuous lady with you.

It’s not me and it is her who wanted you. I said don’t believe him. Bhavna said its okay I am here for your pleasure, use me as you like. Babu was also excited that this is really happening, he removed her gown and she has a pink bra and panties with nice boobs and long legs.

He asked me to come over but I said keep going let me watch, but in fact I was ready to jump on Bhavna and kiss her boobs but I was controlling slowly he made her nude and she took out his prick and started sucking in slow motion.

Babu said something to her and she got up and came to the bed it was glorious sight to see such tall woman with beautiful body coming towards me. She sat next to me and placed one hand on my crotch and started kissing me and that was enough for me I could not control.

I just dragged her on to me and started kissing her madly. Babu joined us and removed my dress and me and bhavna stared licking each other’s cunt and Babu was enjoying her boobs then he came to my side and asked me how she is.

I said don’t waste your time and show me how you wanted to fuck two of us. He pushed his penis in my mouth and opened her cunt with his hands, gave a lick and asked me to push his prick in to Bhavna’s cunt. I took it slowly from my mouth.

I put my tongue in her cunt once again, licked the juices and slowly pushed his dick inside her cunt. She started moaning and forcefully licking me, giving me more pleasure. The pleasure I was getting was so much and I started shouting at Babu to fuck bhavna more and more for almost 5 minutes.

He fucked her furiously and ejaculated in my mouth as soon as he got up from her Bhavna came to me and started licking the cum from my mouth This was the sight Babu said he never forgets after sucking all the cum from my mouth and she went down to my cunt and playing with my clit which gave me a strong orgasm.

He made another drink for us and she said she is happy today as usually she is called by males but this is the first time that she is with a couple that’s too with a beautiful lady, that’s me Haasini then she sat down between my legs and started licking my cunt.

I raised both my legs to give her more room and Babu got up and gave his half raised dick in my mouth. I took the scotch glass, took a big gulp in my mouth and took his dick and immersed in my mouth with scotch. Bhavna also took a gulp and poured in my cunt and started licking.

He came behind her and slightly raised her and started pumping her from the back, as she kept on licking me and I was pinching her boobs with all might. She couldn’t control for long and asked him to come all over her and he flew his semen on her buttocks and back. 

I got up wiped it clean by licking and babu pushed me to the bed and put his tongue in my cunt and gave me a glorious come. We lay together for 2 hours and I was the first to get up. I couldn’t control my elf seeing Bhavna, slowly I opened her legs

And stared playing with her clit her moans made Babu to get up and winking up at me see who wanted you more me or Haasini. Bhavna kissed him and said, I like both of you, it doesn’t matter who wants me after few drinks we went down to have lunch and back to room on the way back.

I told her this is the first time that we are having a 3rd person in our sex life, Babu said actually I wanted to call a male as I wanted to give her more pleasure but she is the one who wanted a girl, so please get me a person known to you, so that Haasini gets fully satisfied on this trip.

Bhavna hesitated a little, then she said, you are a nice couple, I like you so much, I don’t want Haasini to be fucked by a agency person. I will bring my husband Raghu, we will keep this one in between us, no need for the agency to come to know.

You don’t have to pay us anything in fact it’s my pleasure to et fucked by such nice couple. Raghu will be more than happy to suck and fuck Haasini, what do you say Haasini, My cunt juices were wetting my panty but I didn’t say anything but Babu was so happy that he threw on the bed asked me not to come near

And watch the show. I made a large drink stood aside watching their fucking as if there is no end and the fucking show was going on and on. I could not control myself, took out a large rubber dildo from the bag and started enjoying 

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