Vijay worked for a very reputed construction company in Mumbai as Senior Structural Engineer. The company had executed very high profile projects all around the country. Vijay was a very career minded person. Haasini, Vijay’s wife was a housewife.

Both had been married for 3 years and lived in a cozy flat at Malad. Vijay’s boss, Mr. Ankur Nath was a very renowned structural consultant in India. The company was very pleased with his work and he had great deal of decision making authority within the company.

But, he was known to be biased in making decisions. The man had an obsession towards food, alcohol and women. His subordinates always made sure to throw parties for Mr. Nath just to keep him at their side.

During one such party, Mr. Nath met Haasini, Vijay’s wife. It was a party thrown by the company on recent success achieved by Mr. Nath and his team. The party was being held at the garden of well reputed hotel in south Mumbai.

Being a high profile party, Vijay had instructed Haasini to wear the nicest attire from her wardrobe. Haasini had chosen to wear a black chiffon saree with a delicate white lace work on it, and a black sleeveless blouse.

Because of her fair complexion the black color looked very good on Haasini. When they arrived for the party, Vijay introduced Haasini to his colleagues. That time, Mr. Nath was chatting with few other guests, but he noticed Haasini being introduced to other folks.

He cut short his discussions with the group and moved towards Vijay and Haasini. He approached at Vijay from behind, patted Vijay and said “Hey Vijay, won’t you introduce me to your family?” Vijay turned back shook his hands with Mr. Nath,

and said “Oh, Mr. Nath, I did not see you earlier, here is my better half, My wife Haasini”. Mr. Nath released his hand from Vijay’s and forwarded them towards Haasini to shake hands and said “Oh Haasini, nice to meet you.

I must say Vijay is lucky to have a beautiful wife like you”. Haasini blushed and said “Thanks!” She realized that Mr. Nath was still holding her hands and also pressing them gently. She looked up to notice that Mr. Nath’s eyes were fixated on her chest.

Due to the transparency of her Saree, her cleavage could be seen through the saree. She freed her hand from Mr. Nath’s hands and looked at Vijay. Mr. Nath was still staring at her. Even Vijay noticed it, but chose to ignore.

Later, Haasini mingled with the spouses of Vijay’s colleagues. But she could avoid noticing that Mr. Nath was staring at her. She could easily make out that Mr. Nath was mesmerized by her beauty. And yes, there surely was a reason.

Haasini had a great figure, complimented by her 34C breasts and fair complexion. And she was looking stunning in the black transparent saree and a sleeveless blouse. Her belly button could be seen very easily through her saree.

And from a short distance, even her cleavage behind her saree was quite revealing. Whenever Haasini made and eye contact with Mr. Nath, she just smiled at him and continued talking to other ladies. Vijay was with his colleagues,

but he too had noticed the way Mr. Nath was staring at his wife. He felt uneasy, but he decided to ignore. During the dinner, Haasini and Vijay sat on the same table. Mr. Nath brought his plate full of the food and joined them and started chatting with them.

His talks were directed more towards Haasini and Vijay had a slight feeling of being ignored. After the dinner, Mr. Nath offered the couple to give a ride back home. Since it was late night, they agreed. Mr. Nath had a chauffeur driven black color Skoda Octavia.

When they approached the car, Mr Nath instructed Vijay to sit in the front and he and Haasini sat in the back. Vijay had a passion for the cars and he told Mr. Nath how he wanted to take the Skoda for a ride one day.

Mr. Nath smiled and said that May be he will let Vijay drive it one day and in return he would expect something from Vijay. All laughed. After dropping them home, Mr. Nath proceeded to his house. The couple went to their house.

After shutting the door, Vijay turned to Haasini and pulled her in his arms. He kissed her and said, “You were the most beautiful girl in the party”. Haasini blushed and said “Really?” “Yes my love. I think everyone was looking at you”.

“I don’t know about everyone, but your boss was surely staring at me”. “Hmmm, I saw that. Looks like you enjoyed his stares”. Haasini looked naughtily at him and said “Its a good feeling to know that someone is appreciating me”.

Vijay kissed her neck and said “I will show you how I appreciate you” and pulled her closer. Then he nibbled her earlobes. He whispered in her ears, “Remove your blouse and bra”. She obliged. Now Vijay held her hand and took her in the bedroom

and made her stand in front of the full view mirror and he stood right behind us. Haasini’s breasts were clearly visible through her saree. Vijay held her from behind. His hands were on her waistline. He looked in the mirror and bit her neck very gently.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Haasini. Now Vijay slid his hands inside her saree and cupped her breasts. His erect penis was rubbing against Haasini’s buttocks. Haasini turned her face towards Vijay and they both kissed while Vijay

continued to press her breasts and rub his penis against Haasini’s buttocks. Later, they both got undressed and moved on the bed. Vijay rode on Haasini and started kissing her body. He kissed her breasts, belly button and then her clitoris.

Haasini was fully wet. She was enjoying Vijay’s kissing. Now they both rolled so that Vijay was on his back while Haasini on top of him. She took his penis and entered it in her vagina. She started stroking. Her breasts were swinging up and down as she moved.

Vijay was enjoying the every moment. Haasini was very wet and the warm feeling from inside her vagina was giving pleasures to Vijay. Haasini continued the stroking for some time before she threw herself on Vijay. They again rolled to bring Vijay on top.

Vijay now started stroking Haasini harder. His every stroke made Haasini scream. Vijay stroked for a minute or two before he ejaculated in Haasini. But he continued to stroke until Haasini had her orgasm. After about a month, one day Vijay came home very happy.

Haasini asked him about the reason and he told that he had found out that there is a year long construction assignment in UK and Mr. Nath and his team would have to execute it. And seniority wise, he had a very high chance of going with family to UK.

Haasini started jumping. She had more interest in going to UK since her brother lived there. She missed her brother and his wife. She stared calling everyone telling that she might be going to UK. Next day, when Vijay went to work, Mr. Nath called him in his cabin.

Vijay was very sure that Mr. Nath called him to break the news. As he entered Mr. Nath’s cabin, Mr. Nath signaled him to sit. Mr. Nath told him about the assignment and how his team was chosen to execute it. Then Mr. Nath said that he was not sure who should be going to UK.

Vijay asked Mr. Nath why he was not considering sending Vijay. Mr. Nath looked at him and said he was not sure. Vijay was shocked by his answer. His face became pale. Mr. Nath asked him “What happened?”

Vijay told him how he thought he would be going and how Haasini broke the news to everyone. “I was so looking forward to it. Sir, I really want to go”. “Does Haasini want to go to?” Asked Mr. Nath. Vijay nodded. “Hmm, now you make me thinking”.

Vijay didn’t understand and he looked at Mr. Nath with a question mark on his face. Mr. Nath continued without looking at Vijay, “I like that sweet lady. It must be tough to see her sad”. Vijay was surprised by his comment and said “What do you mean Sir?”

Mr. Nath looked at him and said, “You must make sure Vijay that Haasini goes to UK”. “How much do you love her?” Vijay was puzzled. He said “I love her a lot Sir”. “Won’t you fulfill her wishes at any cost?” “Of course sir”.

“I meant at any cost Vijay” Vijay didn’t understand he said “yes at any cost. Why sir?” Mr. Nath got up from his chair and stood behind Vijay and pressed his shoulders. Then he said, “Vijay, I am very sorry but I am not a perfect man.

I have many friends at Air force and I have too much of influence of the lifestyle in aviation.” Vijay turned his head to look at Mr. Nath. He continued, “You know how some of them get promotions there?” Vijay looked surprised.

“There wives help them get the promotion by sleeping with their bosses”. Vijay stood up. He raised his voice and said “No sir! This is bullshit”. Mr. Nath stayed calm. He walked to the cabin’s door and said “Vijay, I will think of your going to UK.

You think about whatever I said”. He opened the door. Vijay had no choice but leave the cabin. That evening when Haasini opened the door, she saw Vijay in exactly in opposite mood compared to the earlier day. She asked him what happened. Vijay said nothing.

He entered the house and shut the door and asked Haasini to serve him dinner. Both ate the dinner in silence. At night, when they went to the bed, Vijay turned to her and narrated what Mr. Nath had said. Haasini was shocked. Both of them could not sleep that night.

In the morning, Vijay asked Haasini, “What is your opinion?” “Is there an opinion here Vijay? How can I think of sleeping with anyone other than you?” Vijay nodded and said “Yes, true. But this is going to cost me my career”. Haasini looked at Vijay.

She did not expect this answer. She said “Are you saying this because I am not ready to sleep?” Vijay told her “Don’t get me wrong Haasini. But I am sorry to say this, this is the price we got to pay for my career.

Besides you will get to spend time with your brother and their family. You know we won’t afford to go there on our own”. Haasini remained quiet. Vijay kissed his forehead and left for work. It was very difficult for Vijay to focus on the design he was working on.

At home, Haasini thought about the whole thing. The idea of meeting her brother in UK was making her exciting. Also, it was a feather in her husband’s cap that he had worked in a UK project. It was very good for his career and their prosperity.

Varsha remembered how Mr. Nath was staring at her in the party. Actually, she had liked it that time. Now she shut her eyes and imagined Mr. Nath having sex with her. And to her utter surprise, the very thought made her wet.

Haasini immediately opened her eyes and thought of Vijay. Now Haasini started thinking of what Vijay had said. She loved Vijay a lot. She was ready to sacrifice anything for Vijay’s love. But it seemed like Vijay was okay with the idea of letting her sleep with Mr. Nath.

She picked up the phone and called him. “Hello?” Vijay answered the call. “I have thought about it and I have one condition” said Haasini on the phone. “What is it?” “You have to promise me that you will continue to love me as much you love now.

I am ready to forget what happens from next moment. Are you?” “You mean are you ready to..” “Its not about me dear. Its about you. I could sacrifice anything for your love. Even if it means sacrificing my body. He can have me, not my mind. Its always for you”.

There were tears in Vijay’s eyes. “Thanks!” he said and he hung up the phone. Vijay sat on his desk, his hands resting on the table, holding his head. He thought about what he was going to do next. Then he picked up the phone and dialed

Haasini’s number and said “Look dear, I will never, never stop loving you. No matter what. I know you are doing this for me. I am going to go to his cabin and tell him I am ready”. “Okay! I love you Vijay. And wait, tell him that Condom is a must”. “OK” said Vijay and hung up.

Vijay got up and headed towards Mr. Nath’s cabin. He knocked the door. Mr. Nath let him in. Vijay got inside and shut the door and sat in the chair. “I and Haasini have thought about it sir. Its a very hard decision for us, but we are ready.

Haasini will be with you”. Mr. Nath smiled. His demands for women were always fulfilled in the past, but this was the first time he had asked someone for their wife. Vijay continued, “But sir, we have one condition. You have to use condom” Mr. Nath held Vijay’s hand and said,

“Vijay, my boy, you showed me how much this opportunity means to you. Your condition is accepted. We will go to Mahabaleshwar this weekend. I have a farm house there.” Vijay asked, “You want me to come too?”

“Of course! If you didn’t come people would doubt us wouldn’t they?” Vijay nodded. “And yes, I am giving you one more reward. You may drive the Skoda to Mahabaleshwar.” Vijay smiled. The whole thing was easier than he thought.

The very next day, Vijay and Haasini’s Visa processing was initiated by the company. On the Saturday, as decided, the couple met Mr. Nath on the highway. When they met, Mr. Nath handed the keys of his black Skoda to Vijay and he joined Haasini in the back seat.

Vijay took the keys and got in the driver seat. For first few minutes, there was a silence in the car. But Mr. Nath broke the ice by telling some jokes. Slowly as they reached past Chembur, Mr. Nath’s jokes started leaving the the boundaries of decency and started more adult.

After every joke, he would either pat on Haasini’s lap or back. The whole mood in the car was becoming lighter. Vijay was enjoying the way Skoda was responding him on the road. As Panvel left and they got on the expressway, Vijay was driving at around 130kmph.

Mr. Nath held Haasini’s hand and looked at her. Haasini was still shy. “Hey Vijay, how is my baby Skoda? Do you see any hesitation from her?” Not knowing what is happening in the back, Vijay replied, “No sir, its response is so good. I am loving her already”.

“But your baby Haasini is not responding to me boy! Where is her ignition key” said Mr. Nath and started laughing. Vijay looked at Haasini from rear view mirror. Haasini was looking at him puzzled. Vijay signaled her with his eyes that she should do what Mr. Nath expected.

Haasini obliged and she pressed Mr. Nath’s hand. Mr. Nath got the cue. He smiled at her and moved closer to her. He now put her hands around Haasini and whispered in her ears “You are stunning”. Haasini was in an awkward situation.

She actually liked it when Mr. Nath put his hand around her in the backseat of a luxury car. But the fact that it was not her husband and rather that her husband was sitting right in the same car was making him nervous.

She woke up from her thoughts when Mr. Nath had pressed her breasts. “Ouch” she exclaimed. Vijay was seeing through the rear view mirror how his wife was being enjoyed by his boss. It made him nervous, but the thought of staying in UK comforted him.

He decided not to look in the mirror. Mr. Nath now lifted Haasini’s saree to expose her thighs. He started caressing Haasini’s bare smooth thighs. His touch was pleasing Haasini and she could sense the wetness. She was biting her lower lip.

Vijay noticed that. He knew that Haasini bit her lower lip whenever she was aroused. But this time it was not him, it was Mr. Nath who was arousing Vijay’s wife. Vijay could understand what Haasini was going through.

Without looking back or in the rear view mirror, he said, “Haasini, don’t worry about me. I won’t be mad if you reciprocated to Mr. Nath.” Vijay’s words comforted Haasini. She wanted to enjoy the sensations she was getting with Mr. Nath’s touches.

She looked at Mr. Nath and hinted him to kiss her. Mr. Nath immediately obliged and held her face and kissed her very passionately. Haasini returned his kiss with even more passion. She even moaned. Vijay could see what was going on through the mirror

and it gave him erection as well. Although it was his wife kissing his boss. Mr. Nath now pulled Haasini’s saree;s pallu and moved his fingers over her cleavage. That touch sent sensations through Haasini’s body.

Mr. Nath’s exploration of Haasini’s body continued throughout the journey. As they reached Mr. Nath’s farm house in Mahabaleshwar, Vijay asked Mr. Nath if he should go find an accommodation for him.

Mr. Nath said, he was would not object even if Vijay was present in the same bedroom, as long as both Vijay and Haasini were okay. The couple looked at each other and agreed to Mr. Nath’s proposal. They spent the afternoon and evening site seeing.

They returned to the farmhouse with some dinner items carried from a restaurant. Mr. Nath requested Haasini to arrange the table while opened up red wine for him and Vijay. After the dinner table was set, Mr. Nath called Haasini to join them.

He asked Haasini to sit on his lap. He wrapped his hand around Haasini’s waist. His fingers were touching Haasini’s bare waistline. He kissed Haasini and asked her if she would like some wine. To respect his offer, Haasini took a sip.

Haasini sensed that Mr. Nath’s penis was erect inside his pants. Mr. Nath now dropped her pallu and he buried his nose between Haasini’s cleavage and rubbed against it. Haasini looked at Vijay, it appeared to her that Vijay was enjoying seeing what his boss was doing to his wife.

Haasini could also notice a bulge in Vijay’s pants. Knowing that Vijay was not averse to what was happening, Haasini relaxed. She held Mr. Nath’s head and pressed against her breasts and moaned looking at Vijay.

She also sent a flying kiss to Vijay and Vijay returned it promptly. He adjusted his erect penis in his pants. Now Haasini pushed Mr. Nath’s head away from her and removed her blouse and bra. Then she held her left breast in her hand and took it closer to Mr. Nath’s mouth.

Mr. Nath kissed it and started sucking her erect nipple. Haasini looked at Vijay. Vijay was rubbing his penis. Mr. Nath was sucking her breast like a hungry calf sucking cow’s breasts. He was good at it. Better than Vijay, thought Haasini.

Mr. Nath asked Haasini get undressed. He too got up and removed his clothes. After Haasini became nude, Mr. Nath asked her to lie on the sofa and he came over her. His erect penis brushed against Haasini’s now wet genitals. Haasini wrapped her arms around him.

She looked at Vijay. Vijay had unzipped his pant and was playing with his cocks, watching what Mr. Nath was doing to his wife. He had also refilled the wine. Mr. Nath kissed her stomach and then belly button and then he moved onto her clitoris.

He licked Haasini’s clitoris and kissed it with a loud sucking noise. Haasini moaned. Vijay had never given a mouth job like that. Now Mr. Nath shoved his tongue inside Haasini’s vagina and started stroking her. Haasini started screaming.

She was loving it. To see his wife indulged in sexual acts with Mr. Nath, Vijay too got very excited and he started stroking his penis. Within few minutes, Haasini had a clitoral orgasm. She squirmed but Mr. Nath continued stroking his tongue inside her.

When he stroked, his nose rubbed against Haasini’s clitoris. Now, Mr. Nath got up. He got the condom from his wallet and opened it. He wore it on his hard penis. His penis was smaller in size compared to Vijay’s.

Mr. Nath asked Haasini to stand up and bend down to rest her hand on the coffee table. Haasini did so. Now Mr. Nath entered his penis into her vagina from rear. He wanted to have sex in doggy position. He started stroking Haasini.

Haasini was not having much fun because of the condom, but looked like Mr. Nath was enjoying it. Haasini was facing Vijay. Vijay could see her swinging boobs while Mr. Nath continued to stroke Haasini. Mr. Nath had held Haasini’s bare buttocks in his hands while stroking.

Vijay got up from his seat. His penis was handing out of his pants. He came near Haasini and shoved it in her mouth. Haasini loved it. In about few minutes, Mr. Nath had an orgasm. He screamed and stopped stroking.

He waited for a moment before he took his penis covered with condom out and threw himself on sofa. Seeing Mr. Nath releasing Haasini, Vijay took over from where Mr. Nath left. He now entered inside Haasini in same dogie position and started stroking her hard.

Haasini was very wet. She loved to have her husbands bigger penis inside. Very soon she had an orgasm and so did Vijay. Both of them got disengaged and threw themselves on the floor, with exhaustion. It was much more fun than they ever imagined!

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