On her way home, Haasini decided to pick up dinner and a bottle of wine to enjoy a quite night alone since her fiance was out of town for business. She changed into her silk tank top and silk shorts and sat down in front of the TV with her dinner and drink. As she flipped through the channels, she came to see that her favorite movie was on and as she watched, she missed her fiance.

The phone started to ring. She jumped to the thought that it was her fiance but it wasn’t. It was her friend Raj. Haasini and Raj had been friends since college, and although everyone thought they would eventually end up together, Haasini and Raj always saw each other almost as best friends and nothing more.

They shared everything about their lives to each other and were each others’ confidantes. He sounded hurt and was rambling. Raj was having relationship problems with his girlfriend and had been trying to break-up with her for a while and finally he had caught her cheating. He was confused because he still loved her. Haasini told him to come over and they would talk about it.

After they hung up, Haasini ordered Raj’s favorite pizza from the corner restaurant so that by the time he would be over, there would be hot pizza waiting for him because she knew that he probably hadn’t eaten anything. She didn’t bother to change and just put her silk robe on because it was only Raj that was coming over.

She almost finished three-quarters of the wine bottle, the pizza had already arrived and still there was no sign of Raj. She already started to feel slightly tipsy and the bell rang. He walked in looking all distraught with two more bottles of wine, sat down opening the pizza box and started gorging on the pizza slice. She knew she had to wait for him to start spilling.

He already finished three slices of pizza and downed the rest of the opened wine bottle and started to drink straight and finished it. She just watched him as he opened the third bottle and poured a glass for each. He finally relaxed on the couch. She noticed he was wearing a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sandals,

which meant that he was probably at the gym and when he went home, he caught her then. He just got up then took his t-shirt off and said, “I’m feeling really hot, can you give me a towel, I want to take a shower.” As she gave him a towel, he took off his shirt and for the first time she noticed what a sexy and lean body he had, with 6-pack abs.

For once she thought of him differently and got a little aroused. She tried to get that image out of her mind because she was already engaged and she probably thought of it because she was missing her fiance. At that very moment, her fiance called and she told him about Raj’s situation.

She told her fiance how much she was missing him and was smiling at her fiance’s naughty words but when she saw Raj standing behind her, she hung up the phone. She didn’t want him to feel bad because of his troubled relationship. When she turned around she couldn’t help notice his body with steam dripping down his body to the towel wrapped around his waist.

She felt really thirsty and drank her glass of wine. They both sat on the couch. Raj was still wrapped in the towel and she sat quietly, aroused by his almost naked body. They watched the movie like old times, she in his arms. “You smell soo good, Haasini” Raj said and started caressing her arm. He sniffed her neck. She smacked his thigh and told him to stop it.

He didn’t. Instead he started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his wet kisses on her neck as he undid her robe. As he started to caress her breasts she stopped and realized what was happening. “We can’t do this Raj! You’re hurting and well I’m engaged.” He pulled her closer,

“I know but I’ve wanted you from the day we first met, and even though we decided we’d be friends, I can’t stop thinking of making love to you.” She knew he was telling the truth because alcohol always gets him to say the truth and well his hands all over her body got her all confused.

She knew she had to stop but was soo aroused that she couldn’t stop herself from letting him have her. When he kissed her again, at first, she neglected but then something came over her and kissed him back deeply. He kissed her chin, around her neck, her shoulder as he slid of her tank top straps to the side.

He pulled down her tank top and started kissing her left nipple. He flicked it with his tongue really fast to make it harder and started sucking on it deep. His left hand moved to her right breast and cupped it as he continued to suck her other breast. He switched and started to suck her right breast even more rigorously.

He squeezed both her breasts together and licked both nipples left to right, sticking his tongue in between them and tongue fucking her breasts. She lightly moaned and reached for the towel that he was wrapped in. She opened the knot and saw a gorgeous cock slightly hard. She’d never saw this side of her friend and couldn’t wait to touch his shaft.

She grabbed his cock and started to stroke it and pull on it. Raj kissed her lips and pulled on tank to take off. They continued to kiss deeply and laid down on the couch. His hand reach down to her shorts. He slid his hand in and started massaging on top of her thong. He moved her thong to the side and pinched her clit.

He suckled on her breast as he continued to rub her pussy. He then kissed her lower, tracing his kisses to her navel area, sliding down her shorts. He kissed her pussy on top of her thong. Kissed her thighs and licked her pussy sides. He then moved her thong to the side and started kissing her pussy lips. He sucked on them lightly and then slowly increasing the pressure.

He traced his tongue all over her pussy, up and down, around her clit in circles. He inserted his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her and she moaned, “Oh yeahhh, right there, harder, baby harder!!” He slid his index finger in her mouth so she could lick it. He took that wet finger and slid it inside her pussy. She was in total ecstasy; biting into her lips.

Her wet juices were flowing all over his mouth. She massaged his head as he continued to eat her. As he ate her, she was inching for his hard cock. She tried to get up and reached for his cock but he was pressed on her. She then whispered to him how much she wanted his cock in her mouth.

He sat up and she started kissing his abs, licking them all over slowly moving lower. She kissed his hip bone and blew on them which drove him insane. She kissed around his cock and licked it all up to the tip. She circled her tongue on his cock tip and started to give wet smooches and sucked just his cock tip. She used her teeth to pull on it.

When she heard his light moans she went deeper on his cock. Starting off slow, she slowly increased her pace. She grabbed his cock with both hands and jerked it as she sucked him, twisting around. She licked down to his balls and circled her tongue on each ball. Taking them in her mouth, she sucked on them hard, slightly pinching them in her mouth.

She did not stop jerking him as she sucked his balls. She then licked his cock up, pressing it on her tongue. She took him in her mouth again. In and out she went with his moans getting louder. He fingered her pussy as she sucked him maintaining the same pace. They couldn’t take the tease anymore so he led her to sit on his cock giving him a pretty view of her

38D tits jiggling on his face as they fucked each other….. “Ohh…mmmm….this feels soo good” “oh yeah baby right there, harder…fuck me harder, shove that cock in me!” “Oh yeahh….who knew you’d be soo good!!” They fucked each other soo hard, gyrating her hips on him so he could feel every inch of her pussy on his cock.

They were at each other fucking away hard and fast. He picked her up with his cock still inside him and laid her on the floor, resting her legs on his shoulders. He pounded inside her, making slapping noises with his cock. He squeezed her tits as he fucked her. He bent down to suck them but didn’t stop his thrusts. He slid his cock out and turned her over.

He spread her legs and slid his cock in her pussy fucking her doggy style. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as he forced in her. Both their moans got louder. He then pulled her back and kissed her lips, massaging her tits and sliding hands down her body to her clit and rubbing it while they rock together.

His touch on her clit tingled her and forced her to cum so loudly, she hadn’t cum like this ever. Her loud orgasm got him tight and was ready to cum too…He took his cock out and squirted all over her stomach and fell on top of her.

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