Part 1

Ashok told me there wasn’t any reason for us to leave the room all day, except to dine at night, so we would just lie around naked and we would talk and make love whenever we felt like it! He was a wonderful conversationalist and we had some very interesting talks about all sorts of subjects.

He is a very well educated man. We fucked three more times during the day before he told me it was time to go for a meal. We showered together for the first time and he enjoyed feeling me up under the water but he didn’t want me to play with him nor did he want to fuck me.

My dressing up was limited to just what I had been wearing the previous evening but Ashok was more than happy with my attire. This evening we were met by his limousine which whisked us away to a club which he seemed to know a lot about. When we arrived we were welcomed in by the doormen and the rest of the staff like long lost family!

We were shown into a private room which had been set up with just our table and chairs in it – we wouldn’t be disturbed by other diners! Again Ashok sat beside me just like the previous night and soon he had his hand on my leg and easing it up my thigh until he reached my cunt! He was fascinated by my cunt and he certainly loved to play with me.

Our wonderful meal was served by a whole range of waiters who were most attentive. The owner of the club came in to see us and asked if we were happy with the service and Ashok told him we would be wanting some entertainment after the main course and to arrange it for us. The owner bowed and told us he would see to it without delay.

I should have mentioned the bar was in a predominantly black area and most of the patrons in the club were black although there were a number of white people as well. The entertainment started when 12 black men wearing gaudy costumes formed a long line across the room in front of us. The music began from somewhere and the men began dancing for us.

They were very active dancers and some of their jumps and dance routines were quite spectacular. Ashok and I both enjoyed the performance. When that routine was finished the music changed tempo and the men started a more active type of dance.

It soon became obvious that this was a group of strippers and they soon swung into action and soon they were all standing in front of us completely naked with huge erections poking out from their bodies. Ashok clapped them and I followed suit. Ashok then told me to stand in front of the men and to remove my clothes. Oh no, I thought – looks like I am in for a gang-bang!

Sure enough I had no sooner removed all of my clothes and was standing naked in front of them when Ashok told me to get ready for a wonderful experience – being gang-banged by a dozen well hung men!

I feared for myself wondering how I could ever take on all of these huge cocks but I knew I would have to try. A waiter rolled in a bed which was in an adjacent room and so the scene was set for my gang-bang! Ashok took up a place alongside the bed on a chair and watched the whole performance when I was fucked some 20 times by this team of spunky men!

I accepted the first man and he just fucked me as hard as he could. I then had a procession of men who fucked and fucked me until my cunt was sore. When I complained Ashok told the men to use the alternative holes. I should have kept quiet! I was lifted up from the bed, a pile of pillows placed under my belly and, with my bum exposed to everyone, I was fucked in the ass by at least 6 of these huge men.

The first man was the hardest to enter my ass but with a little bit of lubrication provided from a tube he was soon deeply embedded in my ass where he came with his huge load and dumped it all deep in my ass. The rest followed and soon I had 6 loads of cum in my ass! My asshole had stopped hurting after the second man but when they stood me upright I just couldn’t believe how much cum ran from my asshole!

It just ran out and then slowed to a drip but the volume was quite large. Of course I had cocks in my mouth while this was going on so I had loads of cum which I swallowed as well. By the time Ashok dismissed the men, after giving them lots of money, I was one very sore little lady. My cunt and ass were still leaking long after the men had left.

Ashok told me to go to the toilet and clean up. We had a toilet next door to our room and I went in there still naked and tried to clean myself up as best I could and then dressed. After all of this we returned to the hotel in the limo. I was completely exhausted by all of this but I felt very, very satisfied with all of the fucking and sucking and felt really good!

Once in the room I quickly headed for the shower and attempted to clean myself up for Ashok. I knew he would want to fuck me after the show he had witnessed. When I returned to the room Ashok was lying naked on the bed and welcomed me with open arms. I sunk into his arms and he caressed me and all tiredness disappeared as he stroked and kissed me.

He soon placed my hand on his cock and it wasn’t long before he had a great erection ready for me. My cunt was sore but I wanted him to fuck me and that is what he did! Now I had become a real slut having been fucked by so many men – I didn’t know whether I would tell my husband about all of this!

After Ashok had cum in me I quietly asked him if he would mind if I now slept until breakfast as I was feeling quite exhausted. After all I still had to stay with him all of Sunday and Sunday night until the flight next morning. I guessed I was still in for a lot of fucking! Ashok seemed to be tired too and so we both slept until breakfast! I needed that sleep!

Next day we went for a ride in his limo after breakfast. We toured around the city and saw some of the sights of interest. All the time we were touring, Ashok was sitting close to me in the back of the limo with my mini-skirt pulled up to my waist, my blouse completely undone and just hanging on my shoulders showing my tits nicely while he played with my body.

Fortunately the windows were blacked out! He soon made me cum with his sucking of my nipples and playing with my clit. I was enjoying the attention but soon started to feel tired! We reached a hilltop restaurant for lunch which was delightful partly due to the scenery and the rest due to the wonderful food.

After the meal we returned to the limo but before we drove off Ashok invited the driver into the back of the limo where he asked him if he would like to fuck his wife? I suddenly felt excited when Ashok referred to me as his wife. The driver was a big man and he didn’t hesitate to remove his clothes, climb on me and fuck me very well.

Not only was the driver happy but Ashok seemed extra happy too. Late afternoon we returned to the hotel and we showered together this time Ashok played with me under the water and eventually fucked me before we left the shower. We rested before our evening meal but tonight Ashok decided we would eat in our room.

He ordered in due course and eventually the food arrived at the appointed time. I was sitting naked on the couch and Ashok motioned for me to remain there when the waiter brought in the food. I expected he would ask the waiter to fuck me but he didn’t and so we partook of a very nice meal sitting naked on the couch, watching some television – just like a married couple!

Needless to say we fucked again as soon as we climbed into bed and I must say I was really enjoying Ashok’s huge cock! It had been a long time since I had been able to enjoy such a cock and now I really wanted more of it! Ashok was really sweet and we talked about all sorts of subjects. He grinned at me once and asked me what I thought he might manufacture in his factories.

Of course I didn’t have any idea. He told me he experimented in medical dressings and his products were used all over the world because no one else manufactured anything like his range of products. He also told me he had a special surprise for me and for Rahul which I would take home with me when he had gone.

This made me wonder but I preferred to concentrate more on him and his lovely cock now and worry about what he might be up to tomorrow. Throughout the night we both slept without waking. Ashok didn’t even wake me to fuck me during the night although I was extremely horny in the morning and beginning to feel sorry I would be losing access to his wonderful cock.

Rahul’s cock is just average compared with Ashok’s but I had managed so far with Rahul’s smaller cock so I guessed I would be O.K. in the future. I had been spoilt very much by all of the cocks I had in me this weekend and I would hope I would be able to enjoy Rahul’s cock again.

We had breakfast together and Ashok told me he would be leaving on a flight at 10.00am and he would like me to come with him to the airport and see him off. I agreed of course and hoped I might just get one last fuck in the limo but that was probably just wistful thinking!

At precisely 8.30am there was a knock at the door and Ashok leapt up to open the door. He seemed very anxious but smiled when he saw the mass of black men who poured through the door. There must have been 20 black men all dressed in casual clothes and they greeted Ashok like old friends and high-fived each other. Ashok came over to me and told me he had a surprise for me.

I could guess I was going to get fucked by this lot but started to worry there might just be too many of them. Ashok told me he wanted me to go and use the toilet and empty out both waste holes! He told me also to then get into the shower and wash myself thoroughly and then return naked to the bedroom.

I quickly moved to the toilet and emptied both my bladder and my bowels then climbed into the shower as instructed and made sure every part of my body was clean. When I returned to the bedroom everyone including Ashok was naked and all were playing with their cocks to make them hard. The sight of more than 20 black men standing around with their huge cocks was just a little too much and I almost felt faint!

I quickly recovered and then Ashok told me about his surprise. He had asked all of these men to refrain from any sexual activity for the last 5 days – he told me he had paid them very well follow his orders – and therefore all of these men would have huge loads of cum in their balls! It was his intention for every man to fuck me at least once and more if possible and then he would show me one of his medical dressings!

It all sounded rather mysterious to me but there wasn’t anything I could do about it so I just nodded. Ashok pulled up a very well padded lounge chair and placed it in the center of the room. He then made me stand alongside one of the padded armrests and then he bent me over so that my head was resting on the seat of the chair and my bum was sticking up obscenely in the air!

I felt quite comfortable in this position and after a bit of prompting by Ashok about keeping my legs as wide apart as I could, he positioned himself at my rear and pushed his huge cock into my cunt! I can tell you I was very turned on by all of these black cocks standing so erect in front of me and Ashok was able to slide right into me and hit the back of my cunt in one push!

He then began fucking me! He fucked me hard and although I came too, he seemed to take extra delight when he pumped his load deep into my cunt! He pulled out without any ceremony and immediately I felt another cock in my cunt! The men just fucked me and then pulled out and made room for the next man to fuck me!

You can just about imagine how sloppy my cunt was with all this cum in me and I wanted to stand up to remove some of the goo but Ashok told me I had to remain in that position. Next I felt some lubricant poured into my asshole and realized what was coming next! The first hard cock entered my asshole and I was fucked furiously until the man came in me!

He pulled out and was replaced by the next man and load after load was dumped in my asshole. I could feel this strange pressure deep inside my bowels as the loads of cum were building up. It felt just as if I needed to go to the toilet urgently but there was no let up and the loads just increased!

Up to this time, although I hadn’t kept count, I guess I had been fucked in both my cunt and my asshole more than 30 times and it would be impossible to imagine how full of cum I actually felt. Ashok talked to me and told me he thought I might be getting very full by now but there was more to come so I had better hang on! Some of the men had their second erections and so began a second round of fucking both in my cunt and in my ass!

My cunt became full first! The men just weren’t able to pump anymore cum into me – it was just running out of me even though I was in an elevated position. They then began to concentrate on my asshole. I must have been fucked another 15 times in my ass before Ashok told me they were finished. I felt so bloated I didn’t know how I would be able to walk!

Ashok kept me in that position and made sure of that by having several of the men hold me in place! Many of the men had dressed by this and started to leave the room. Ashok then moved to my overflowing holes and told me he would explain his medical dressing as he used them! He first wiped all around the lips of my cunt with a special cloth.

He used a different cloth to wipe around my asshole. He next showed me some surgical tape which he told me is used in operations instead of stitches. He next proceeded to tape up my cunt lips with his tape making sure he was sealing the lips together completely. He applied several layers of his special tape and when he was satisfied he applied a different tape to my asshole making sure that was sealed also.

When he was satisfied all of the tape was in position and sealed properly he and the men helped me to stand up! I have never had such a strange feeling in all my life. My cunt was overfilled and it felt as if I had a huge lump up inside me! At the same time my poor rectum was bulging and I was so uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Ashok was dressed by this time and he dismissed the rest of the men! We were alone but I was so impossibly full I didn’t think I would be able to walk. Ashok slipped my blouse over my shoulders and tied the bow under my breasts but he first sucked my nipples and this made me very excited.

I was positively afraid I might have an orgasm which would be terribly painful but I managed to think of other things and the sensation passed off. Next my mini-skirt was fastened around my waist and my shoes ready to slip on. I was now dressed but still so bloated I felt terrible.

Ashok began a thank you speech and told me how much he had enjoyed my company and hoped we would be able to fuck again in the future. He kissed me deeply and I am sure there was some love between us – I had really fallen for this man. We struggled to the elevator and I knew just how any pregnant woman must feel with this great load in my belly!

The fall of the elevator almost made me scream because when we stopped there was an increased pressure on my body. Once we were in the limo I tried to sit in all sorts of positions but couldn’t get comfortable and the ride to the airport was extremely uncomfortable. Ashok held me and played with my tits and nipples as we drove along but I was too uneasy that I might just burst the tape and flood the limo!

Before Ashok strode to the airport door he handed me two special sprays which he told me would undo the dressings and release my load! He warned me not to use the spray for any other purpose and not to use it until I was home. He further cautioned me to hand the spray to Rahul and tell him to place me in the shower recess with my legs widely apart and then spray the dressings over my holes.

He told me I would have the most wonderful sensation once he had sprayed me. I was to tell Rahul this was his reward for allowing me to be with Ashok for the weekend. I was also to tell Rahul there would be lots of extra business given to him provided I was allowed to service Ashok each time!

The limo drove me home and I just couldn’t wait to get there – I needed relief so badly I was almost driven crazy! Fortunately Rahul was at home and he seemed very curious as to why I walked in such a drunken manner and had the appearance of a very pregnant woman. When we moved inside I told Rahul all about Ashok’s instructions and so Rahul took me straight into the shower,

removed all of my clothes and had me standing naked in the cubicle with my legs as far apart as the glass walls would permit. Rahul then walked out of the bathroom and I yelled at him but he went just the same.

When he returned he had a very attractive blonde woman with him. She was completely naked and she had a number of marks on her body which made me instantly realise she had spent the weekend with Rahul and he had abused her body just as he did for me when he was very aroused. I was terribly embarrassed with this woman present but all I wanted to do was have my holes released and Rahul was taking his time.

At last he agreed to spray me and both he and the blonde knelt down and looked intently between my legs. I was wishing they would move a little closer in the hope they might be hit by the cum when it was released. The woman knew why I was taped up because Rahul had told her and she thought it was a great joke!

Rahul sprayed this very cold spray between my legs and almost instantly the dressings gave way and an impossibly large amount of cum gushed out of me and on to the floor! The relief was something I had never experienced before and was much better than a dozen orgasms – it was incredibly exciting.

Rahul was amazed I had so much cum in my body and wanted to know how many times I had been fucked for that much to be in my body. When I explained how many men there were he just couldn’t believe it and told me I must be lying.

The relief continued for quite a few minutes and the cum on the floor seemed to be too thick to just run easily down the drain. I turned on the water and began to shower myself not realizing until I began washing myself just how sweaty I had become due to all the fucking and the pain.

Rahul told me he and Sherrie, his blonde, had been fucking for the whole weekend but he had no idea I would be fucked by so many men. He took Sherrie into our bedroom and pushed her gently over onto the bed! He then climbed between her legs and fucked her with me watching! I was beginning to think I was probably seeing the end of our marriage but I would have to wait to see for sure.

After Sherrie had been fucked and later dressed she was dismissed and Rahul paid her a huge sum of money for her services. I felt very used because I didn’t even get a cent for all of my work! I did however have the wonderful experience of having so many super large cocks in all parts of my body and that was something I would remember for a long time!

I told Rahul I wasn’t worried if we broke up but he became very upset when I said that. He thought I would want him always but he had a lot to learn about what women need to make them satisfied with a marriage partner. I was very sorry Ashok is married – he would make a wonderful husband but I guess there isn’t much hope of that but I will never give up on the thought!

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