This Story is about me(Haasini). I am from kolkata. My so-called ever loving husband returned home early from his work last Friday and immediately poured himself a large drink! He didn’t offer me one but then he seldom does. He took a large swig of his drink and then called me over to sit next to him on the couch.

He took my hand in his and squeezed it a little bit – I knew instantly he wanted something but, of course, I didn’t have any idea what it would be. I really didn’t know my husband, Rahul all that well.

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We have only been married for 10 months and we only courted for about 6 months before that. He isn’t a bad sort of husband and so far he has been very kind to me. He keeps reassuring me that I am the best fuck he has ever had and he wants nothing to change. He certainly isn’t the best fuck I have ever had but then that is another story.

Rahul is 29 and thinks he is a bit of a man of the world. He has been around quite a bit and often brags about how many girls he has fucked before he met me! I don’t get too upset because I have been fucked by lots of men too but more on that later. Rahul’s idea of a good fuck is to play with me for a minimum of time – this includes kissing my mouth, sucking on my nipples and ramming his fingers deep inside my cunt then shoving his cock inside me until he cum.

He isn’t a very gentle man when it comes to sex but he keeps me satisfied in a strange sort of way and that is about all I ask for. Lots of times he has been playing with my clit and has his fingers up inside my cunt and, of course, while this is going on I am usually sucking his rather long cock! He then suddenly feels it is time for him to cum and, if I am not quick enough, I get a mouthful of his cum to swallow!

It isn’t that I mind sucking him and swallowing his cum, in fact I love doing that and have done so ever since I started getting interested in boys at school. But back to the speed of things. As I said, I have to be quick if I want to have his cock in my cunt because he just loves to cum no matter where his cock is!

I have to pull my mouth off his cock and quickly turn over and spread my legs and get him into me before he cum. Anyway I have learned to grab his cock really hard while I am turning over and this stops him from coming straight away and I usually get a few wonderful pumps of his cock in my cunt before he cum in m!

Most times I can cum too. I can get very excited very quickly and cum like an express train! Of course, it doesn’t really matter whether he cum in me or not because I am one of those lucky people who can cum just by having my nipples sucked or my clit stroked and of course I can cum lots of times once I have a cock in my cunt!

Anyway back to this day when we were sitting on the couch! Rahul was holding my hand too tightly for it to be a “I love you type squeeze” and so I had to get ready for whatever he wanted. Often this would be a sign he wants me to do something really special like let him fuck me in the ass or perhaps have me lying naked on the dining table with the blinds open and the lights on.

He will get up on the table and fuck me in full view of anyone looking at the window! I realize this is a bit of a turn on for him and also me too but I don’t like the idea of other people seeing me get fucked! So you will be able to see he is quite a bit kinky!

Back to the day in question. He said, in a very quiet voice, “Sweetheart, I want you to fuck my best customer (Rahul is an architect) because he has given me a large contract and expects me to provide a hooker for him to fuck while he is in town!” I was, of course, quite stunned and began to protest but Rahul just pointed his finger at me which meant I had to shut up and told me he wanted me to do this for him!

Naturally I asked him why he wouldn’t just get a hooker for the man but he told me he wanted someone special who would know how to treat this man correctly and he couldn’t rely on hookers for that! Incredibly the matter was closed – I was to go and fuck this customer and keep him happy.

Despite my protests Rahul just kept on telling me it would be good for his business and it wouldn’t hurt me anyway. He could trust this customer! When I asked Rahul when this was supposed to take place he stunned me by saying, “Tonight darling and he will be in our city for the rest of the week Rahuld so you can stay with him until he leaves on his plane on Monday morning!

That will give you plenty of time to make him very happy and I will be able to expect more business!” What sort of a slut did my husband think I am? Terribly sudden notice but I thought I could do it if Rahul insisted and after all it was a while since I had been fucked by anyone other than Rahul! I asked Rahul what I should wear and he helped me pick out some clothes to wear.

These included a couple of very sheer blouses and shirts which needed a bra underneath to hide my nipples, and several very short mini-skirts which I must admit looked very good on my body. I have very long legs and the short skirts show them off best! He also gave me two pairs of very high heel shoes and told me that would be all I would need for the weekend.

When I asked about a bra and panties he told me I would be dining out with this customer and he would expect me to be available at all times and especially because he was a horny bastard and would probably want to feel me up during the meals. There would be meals on each evening but other meals would be served in the room!

The room, by the way, was at a very swanky hotel in the city! I didn’t like the idea of becoming a slut even if it was to promote my husband’s business but I would have to do it! Rahul helped me to get ready! He told me to make sure I shaved my legs and my underarms! Rahul helped me shave my legs – he often does that (it is one of his fetishes) and does a very good job.

He then took a pair of scissors and trimmed very lightly my pubic hair only cutting long hairs which hung down over my cunt! Next I had a thorough shower and scented my body with several sprays and then put on the sheer blouse which Rahul had picked out. It had two ties at the bottom and when these were tied under by breasts they hid, but only slightly, my nipples, but would leave a lot of bare skin from under my breasts down to my low slung mini-skirt.

My belly button was clearly visible – about midway between the top and bottom of my clothes! Next my mini-skirt was added and my shoes and then Rahul announced I was ready for his customer! This had all happened so suddenly I was having a job catching up with what was going on. What sort of a husband sends his wife out to fuck another man! Well, I guess I can’t do much about it!

A quick kiss and a lecture about what to say and talk to the customer about, and he pushed me out of the door to get into the taxi which he had called previously. The taxi driver leered at me guessing I was a hooker who had just serviced my client – my husband – but he was wrong. It didn’t take very long for me to get to the hotel and, after telling the driver to put his tongue back in his mouth, I walked into the lobby of the hotel.

I knew the client’s room number so I went straight to the lift and pushed the button to the penthouse! The client was called Mr. Vishal and I found that to be a bit of a mouthful. Of course I would soon learn that I had to have lots of mouths full of Mr. Vishal! When I rang the bell, Mr. Vishal came to the door and welcomed me! He was about 40 years old, tall well built with a very happy face.

He was also black! I hadn’t expected this and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to have a black man fuck me – I had been fucked once before by a black man, well before I met Rahul, and he had hurt me so much because of his huge cock I vowed never to fuck a black man again! But this was difficult because I was here under the instruction of my husband and would have to carry out the task!

Mr. Vishal soon got to a first name basis and I was June and he was Ashok! He made me feel welcome and stood back to admire my body and offered me a drink. He toasted us to a very pleasant weekend! This was the start of a very long weekend! Ashok wasn’t at all shy and soon placed his drink on the table and walked over to me.

He kissed me and soon had his tongue in my mouth. He then grabbed my breast and played with that through my blouse. Next he undid the knot below my breasts and then just pulled the blouse off my body exposing my well formed breasts and prominent nipples! I am very proud of my breasts and nipples. They tend to catch the eye of all men.

He played with my breasts and sucked and kissed my nipples and I became very aroused by the treatment he was giving me. He then reached down and pushed his hand between my legs and felt my bare cunt and pussy hair. He played with me for a couple of minutes and then undid the belt of my mini-skirt and dropped it on the carpet. I was now naked in front of him and I had only been in the room about 4 minutes! It was all going too fast.

Next he made me clasp my hands together above my head making sure my breasts were showing to the best effect and then sucked my nipples again! My nipples were very prominent and he loved sucking them gently. He then pushed his face into my armpits and licked and sucked them – apparently he had a bit of a fetish about armpits.

I was glad I had showered and used a non-invasive deodorant under my arms. I found he made me very excited licking and sucking my underarms and I was amazed that I came while he was doing it! He told me we would be dining in the restaurant in the hotel but he would like to fuck me before we go to eat! He didn’t mince words!

I had expected this and so I just nodded my agreement and stepped back to the bed. I simply spread my legs wide and exposed my very wet cunt to him. He didn’t need much prompting and quickly slipped off his clothes. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen – certainly much bigger than the last black dick I had endured!

He climbed onto the bed and moved between my legs. He pushed my legs even further apart and pulled them up so they rested on his wide shoulders with my legs bent at the knees. I must have looked a sight just lying there waiting for his huge cock to enter me! Well he entered me alright and although he was very gentle he just slid right inside me with a single thrust and I could feel his wiry pubic hair scratching my clit!

Fortunately he didn’t hurt me very much. He started his pumping action and I began to cum very quickly. He fucked me for a little while before I could feel his cock seeming to get even bigger – I knew he was about to cum in my cunt. Well, cum he did. It seemed like buckets of cum were pumped into me and the squelching noise coming from my cunt was very exciting.

Eventually he pulled out and asked me to suck his cock clean. This I did very readily, hungry to have a cock in my mouth. What sort of a slut have I become? I knew my husband had wanted me to do this so that was that! Ashok was a very considerate lover and the way he fucked me made me feel good! There wasn’t any treatment of me that would indicate he thought of me as a hooker!

Ashok suggested I might like to take a shower before we headed off for our meal and so I had my second shower for the day. I tried to remove all of his cum from my cunt but there seemed to be some of it which wouldn’t run out easily. This was a worry for me because I didn’t have any panties which would catch this last bit of cum which was certain to leak out of me while we were dining.

I wore another blouse for the meal – this was also see-through and I could see my nipples clearly when I looked in the mirror. My same short mini-skirt and shoes completed the dressing. When we were ready we headed for the restaurant leaving the room arm in arm. He treated me just like his wife (or better) and I began to enjoy the evening.

We were ushered into a private section of the restaurant where we were apart from the other guests – I guess he has a lot of pull at the hotel! We studied the menus and he ordered for me and, While we were waiting for the meals and drinks to arrive, he started talking to me in a most friendly manner. I learned he is married but doesn’t take his wife on any of his business trips.

He has two young children and he loves to fuck beautiful women! He asked me lots of questions about myself and Rahul including intimate details about our sex life! I didn’t tell him everything but I am sure he understood I wasn’t completely satisfied with my sex life with Rahul! We were seated next to each other on the same side of the table. We were in a sort of an alcove and even when the waiters and waitresses were at our table they couldn’t really see much below our waists!

Ashok had placed his hand on my leg soon after we sat down. He was slowly sliding his hand up and down my leg giving me a huge thrill. He didn’t reach right up to my cunt just stopping on my inner thigh some inches below it. The drinks arrived followed by the first of our courses for the dinner.

Ashok ran his hand right up my leg when the waitress arrived with the food and I had to try hard to suppress a sudden jump as he touched my cunt! He ran his fingers around inside my cunt making me very excited and even wetter! When we were alone again he removed his fingers and placed them in my mouth for me to suck his juices and mine! I loved doing his – his cum tasted very good.

We continued the meal and after the main course I excused myself to go to the toilet. Before he would let me go he asked me to pick out the waiter who excited me most! I thought this was a bizarre request but I chose the tallest of the three who had served us because he had the friendliest smile! I went to the toilet and, on my return, I was surprised to see the waiter sitting on the seat next to Ashok, exactly where I had been sitting!

When I reached the table Ashok stood leaving the waiter sitting. He then told me to sit on the waiter’s lap. As I moved to do this, Ashok pulled the table away so I had more room. Imagine my surprise to see the waiter sitting there without his pants or underpants on with his lovely long cock standing upright from his groin! I knew immediately what Ashok wanted!

I just moved into place, the waiter shuffled just a little bit to make sure I was in the right place and then I lowered myself right down on his hard cock! It entered my cunt so easily I just couldn’t believe it. From my past experience sometimes sitting on a man like that doesn’t make the angle right for an easy entry but this time I just slid down without any effort at all!

It felt good in my cunt and soon I began lifting myself up and down on his cock! I started to cum straight away much to Ashok’s delight. Before long the rest of the staff who had been looking after us were invited in to watch me getting fucked! It certainly changed my idea of not being happy when I am watched fucking! My waiter soon came and shot his load of cum deep into my cunt!

I stayed on his cock until I could feel it wilting and then lifted myself off and it just fell out of me! I also dripped some of his cum back onto his cock and balls! Ashok asked me if I would like to be fucked by either of the other men but I declined. Ashok then offered the two waitresses Rs 5000 each if either of them would allow one of the waiters to fuck them!

He also offered the same Rs 5000 to the waiter too. One of the girls stepped forward and accepted the offer as did one of the waiters! Soon we had the thrilling experience watching the couple fucking on the floor. The couple provided a thrilling scene and I could see everyone in the room was excited by this but no one else participated.

As soon as the waiter had cum in the girl’s cunt, Ashok told him to bring his soiled cock over to me and I would clean it up for him. Of course I had to lick and suck his cock tasting the girl’s cunt as well as his cum! I must say I didn’t mind at all. When he was cleaned up Ashok told the waitress to come over to me and I would clean her up as well.

He arranged me on the floor, flat on my back, and then moved the girl until she squatted over my face and mouth. I then began to lick and suck her cunt lips and in no time at all his load of cum started to drip down into my mouth. Ashok was quite excited as the big blobs of cum dripped down into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

I didn’t mind sucking this girl – she tasted surprisingly good! When the staff was dismissed and our meal was finished, Ashok said we would return to his room for the evening. He certainly tipped the staff well and also paid, in cash, the waiter and waitress who had participated in our sex show!

Once we were in our room Ashok suggested I should remove my clothes completely and he wanted to have a close look at my cunt! I had to lie on the bed while he pushed and probed my cunt trying to have a look inside me! He stuck his fingers inside me and felt around but didn’t tell me why he was doing this. He made me suck his fingers when he was finished and then told me to have a shower if I wished. I had my third shower for the day!

Ashok stood in the bathroom and watched me showering but made no attempt to join me. Once I was showered and dried we returned to the bedroom where he suggested I might like to suck his cock! By this time he was naked and was sporting this huge erection which just jutted out in front of him like a baseball bat! He was huge.

I certainly liked sucking him but he made my jaws ache because of his size but he eventually came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum with relish. The hour was now very late and Ashok told me we would now go to bed and sleep. He also warned me he would probably get very horny during the night and I could be expected to be awoken and fucked at any time!

Despite the fact I was being used by this man, and my husband had made me endure this degrading time with Ashok, I had to admit to myself I was really enjoying his body and the sex and I was very happy to think I would be having more! I had certainly fallen asleep quite quickly and was somewhat disoriented when Ashok woke me when he pushed his hard cock into my cunt having spread my legs while I was still asleep.

His huge length entered me, again without difficulty and I enjoyed being fucked by him but I guessed he had been very aroused when he entered me because he came very quickly and pumped his cum deep into me! We then slept again until I was awoken at about 9am when the breakfast arrived. So far I was enjoying my time with Ashok.

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