My name is Varun, age 19. I’m brown in color and 6 feet in height. I’m doing my college. I have a friend, named Aji , he is my classmate. He is my best friend, we used to go to many places and spend our holidays with more fun. Aji is a Malayali guy.

One night he stayed with me in my home, with him another friend was also with us. We had a plan for studying and we studied up to 11 night. Then we went for sleep. We slept in a front room, which is separated from my home.

After some time we were talking about sex and making fun with each other. Then immediately my penis aroused. My other friend touched my penis (not Aji). Then I was so much tensed and I was so shy. Then Aji also touched my penis and I want to touch his.

When I touched his wow I felt some thing different and I want to see it but I’m afraid and felt so shy and we all slept after chatting. That was the first time I touched another guy’s dick. Then after three months I and Aji alone stayed in my home at the same room for studying.

After studying it was 12 night, we came to sleep. While sleeping I just want to touch his dick (Penis). But I was afraid to do. After some time he suddenly touched my aroused dick (Sunni). I can’t believe. Then later we touched each others dick and started to play

(without removing the dick from the pant) then we hugged each other, that time I could feel his dick touching my body. So I too let my hard dick to touch his body. So that night I couldn’t sleep at all. I came to know that he too is not sleeping.

Then we started to talk each other and in-between we touched our penis also. Then I think it was 3 a.m he suddenly asked where is u’r Sunni. I said it’s aroused and he said let us see our penis and measure it. I hesitated and said no.

But he told “come on da!!!” Open u’r Zip! Then I said ok da, show yours first. Then he immediately opened his zip and showed his Sunni. I can’t see it in the dark, so I lighted a match stick and saw it. To my surprise it was almost of same size of mine

and it was almost like my penis (in size & shape). And both of our disks were circumcised ones. Then I touched it nakedly. Wow! It was so hot. Then he voluntarily opened my shorts and took my tool out. He also lighted a match stick and saw mine.

He could see that both of our dicks were of almost same size. And we were talking about sex and started playing with the dick and started masturbating. I was shaking his tool then I found him that he is going to ejaculate. He emptied all his cumm on my stomach.

Then I used a paper to clean it and I went to the bath room to wash it. Then it’s his turn to shake my dick and he was doing that. But I told him to stop it and slept. I didn’t ejaculate the semen (Sperms) because I felt so shy and so hesitated too.

Then after this incident I’m very shy to see him. But no other way, he is my class mate and my friend too. I have to see him but I could not face him. After that, I used to sms him at nights. One day while sms-ing we suddenly started to talk about sex

and he told that he want to fuck me. I replied him that he can. This went for 1 hour. He said, on that day I couldn’t masturbate for U, so we can have another session. This exceeded and we were talking about sucking too. He also said that we can have sex.

Then the last sms he sent on that night was “Machan! This was just for joke da”, On hearing this I felt so disappointed. Then after 5 months, it was night 7 pm. He was with me in my home discussing about our subjects.

Then I was teasing him and asking for a treat (For his birthday). Suddenly he reminded me about that night, where I masturbated for him. He said “I felt bad becos on that day I was unable to give u pleasure”. Aji was mentioning that he didn’t masturbate my dick.

And so he wanted to do it that night for me in my home. I was shocked and surprised too. I was also happy at one side. But I said him to postpone this to some other day. But he immediately asked “Why da? Did u masturbate today?”

I said “yes da” and so we can have this thing on some other day. But he didn’t agree with my point and he said “I want to make u to ejaculate today it self” and then he said “I will go home, take bath and return at 9 night. So u get ready soon”.

Then he went home, after that I went to the bath room and took nice shower and went to bed room and saw my own body in front of the mirror, I was naked. I was amazed and felt happy because I was little prettier than before I was.

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(May be because of Aji’s proposal) Then I was waiting for Aji for about one and a half an hour, he was not arrived. That one and a half an hour was like years, I was more tensed and worried too. Then came my hero, he was in his dhoti (I told him to come in that dress).

Aji is a malayali, so he is little white than me and has so many hairs on his body. Then we soon went to bed and started our actions. He said “today is my treat so I want u to cumm first”. Then I slowly removed his shirt and I touched his hairy chest, he is so lean and had a good body.

I could feel some cuts on his abdomen and I was playing with his chest and crushing his nipples. Then he want to remove my shirt by him self, I let him to do it. And then we both removed each of our dhoti and jetty too.

Then I touched his dick it was so nice to touch it and we started talking about sex. Now we are in nude. Every thing was done in dark (because if I switch on the light, then my parents would see us through the transparent window).

Then I asked Aji “Shall I kiss U in lips?” he said “Sure dear!” Then I kissed his lips, he doesn’t know how to kiss!. I laughed and said “Aji U don’t know how to kiss, so I will help U!!”. Since I have watched many sex movies and read many sex stories. I was expert in kissing.

Then I started to lick his nipples, his cute belly button. He too sucked my nipples. He pressed my chest and said it’s like breast (because I had more muscle there). Then he suddenly went down and sucked my penis. I can’t believe my eyes.

My best friend sucking my dick, he took my penis fully and started sucking and also licked it like an ice cream. He said “Varun dear, you are so sexy and so hot. And your penis tastes well. Then I too want to have that experience and so went down and sucked his soft penis.

Then we were in 69 position and took each others dick in our mouth. We sucked and chewed it. It was so nice, I was enjoying it. I didn’t expect that my friend will suck my tool and I will suck his becos I didn’t even think about sucking a guys penis and got sucked by a guy.

While sucking he was saying Oombu da!! (Fuck me). My friend Aji’s skin was so soft, so I loved to touch his body. Then he touched my ass hole and started teasing all parts of my body. I was feeling like in heaven.

He was crushing my scrotum and sucked my balls and I too did the same. Then I touched his ass hole, his ass was so sexy and small. I was little tall than him and little stout than him. So he said “you are so sexy !”. Aji is so lean, like tamil actor Dhanush.

He licked my arm pits also and I too did the same. Then he said to insert my tool in to his ass, I tried but without any lubrication, I can’t insert it. Then he too tried to put his Sunni in to my ass hole, but mine was also so tight.

I was little afraid, because ass fucking will cause much pain (I studied this in books). So I told him to try this on some other day. We were just trying to fuck our ass with our fingers and then scratching the ass hole. Then he again suddenly went down and started licking my ass hole,

I can’t believe this too and he asked me to do the same for him. But I didn’t like to lick his ass, but what to do!! I have to do it because he did it for me and I don’t want to spoil that occasion. Then we sucked and licked our dicks many times,

that night and then lied on each other to fuck on the thighs. Then I lay on his hairy chest, licking his nipples and shaking his penis in one hand. He was shaking my penis in one hand and pressing my thighs in another hand. I enjoyed a lot…

Then finally I ejaculated first, on his naked stomach. Wow it was so so so so so nice. I said ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! And it was so great. On that day I leaked more sperms. Then I cleaned the semen with some papers and he helped me too.

Then it’s my turn, I was shaking his dick so fast. After some time he ejaculated on my thighs. He moaned ahhhhhhhhhh! And thanked me. We cleaned each other and went out for passing the urine and washed our hands. While passing urine I could see his dick became very small.

That night we ejaculated twice again. Second time I emptied all my drops of semen in his mouth; he drank it and kissed in my lips to make me to taste my own semen. It was a different taste… We didn’t sleep for the whole night; we were enjoying and enjoying a lot….

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