It all begin when I was 18 years. I stayed at Nagpur with my parents but I wasn’t serious in studies and hoping that fear of my elder brother will make me serious, my parents sent me to Hyderabad for my further studies.

My elder brother, who was 26 years old, stayed there for his job, got married last year to the local girl and settled there since last one year. Moreover I was sent to Hyderabad because my bhabhi was pregnant and had gone to her mother’s

place for delivery and was suppose to stay there for three months. I knew cooking so I was were to cook food for my brother after my study time. When I arrived here, my bhabhi’s brother Madan was already here to help my brother out in day to day work.

On my arrival Madan wanted to leave for his house. But my brother asked him to stay for some more days because I was new in Hyderabad He asked Madan to give me company and make me familiar with this city. Madan agreed to stay for some more days.

Madan was 24 years old, fair and tall. The actual reason for his stay came to my knowledge later. At night I slept on the bed whereas my brother and Madan slept on the floor, In the middle of the night, I don’t know how but I woke up and heard some sounds and I look down.

I saw that both Madan and my brother were kissing each other making strange sounds. They both were naked below their waist. The lungi of my brother was lying faraway and the shorts of Madan were lying on the chair. So I was to witness a fucking session of JIJA and SALA.

As they departed after sometimes I had a look at both the lunds. My brother had a nice 7″ lund which was quite fat. Madan’s lund was about a inch longer then that of my brother’s but was a bit thinner. Both started playing with each others lund.

After a while my brother bent down and took Madan’s lund in his mouth and started sucking. Seeing my handsome brothers naked muscular body made me horny. It was a great sight seeing a manly person sucking his own saala’s lund.

With the other hand he was stroking his own lund. I wished I could grab his lund but was too scared to do it. I watched silently and kept stroking my own lund. After some time Madan told softly “Jija, paani nikalne wala hai,”

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My brother said very softly, “Abhi mat, abhi to teri gaand maarni baki hai” My brother took out Madan’ lund from his mouth and asked him to lie on his back. He mounted on him and Madan lifted his legs and rested on my brother’s shoulders.

My brother inserted his lund in Madan’s gaand and started fucking first slowly and then speedily. The lund made flapping sounds while going in and out. Madan told “Jija, dhire,” My brother told “Aaj kyon dhire chodne ko kehte ho.

Roj to maje se marvaate ho” Madan said “Woh jaag jayege” He did not knew that Woh to kab ka jaag gaya hai. My brother slowed down and fucked him slow and steady. Madan started stroking his own lund while my brother was fucking him.

I could not help playing with my own kadak lund. After a few minutes my brother increased his speed and started fucking furiously. Madan started stroking his own lund to keep pace with his Jija. At last Jija (my brother) collapsed on his saala after coming in his gaand.

Madan too came all over his own belly. My brother then licked him off. Both wore their clothes and slept. Knowing that both are fast asleep I then started stroking my own lund freely and fearlessly and came all over my hand. I too then slept quietly.

These type of live fucking shows, I witnessed for a week and enjoyed daily. It seemed that my brother was a great fucker and was expert in sucking the lund. He was enjoying his sex life without missing my bhabhi. This was a nice alternative.

Biwi na mili to uske bhai ko chodo. After a week, one night as usual they were indulged in sex, and I was watching them. After fucking Madan, my brother was sucking his lund, with his face downward. Madan also with his eyes closed, enjoyed getting sucked.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and caught me watching them. He gasped for a moment, try to withdraw his lund from my brother’s mouth. But my brother caught him tightly under his gaand, (with one finger inserted in it).

Soon Madan recovered from his fear and as if nothing has happened he carried on getting sucked. My brother kept inserting his finger in Madan’s cum-filled gaand, and sucked him furiously. At last Madan threw a handsome cum load in my brother’s mouth, and collapsed.

As usual, after they went to sleep I started stroking my lund it took no time for me to cum all over my belly. Next day, in the afternoon, after the lunch, I was relaxing in the bed, My brother had gone to work. Madan came to me and lied besides me.

He asked me whether I liked yesterday’s fuck show. I did not reply. On that he said there was no fun on simply watching. He will give me actual fun. And he grabbed my lund in his hand. We both were wearing just the shorts.

He removed my lund from my short and said “Tera lund bhi tere bhai ke lund jaisa tagda hai. Teri gaand to dikha” He removed my short and inserted one finger in my gaand and said “roj to tera bhai meri gaand maarta hai, aaj mein teri gaand marunga,”

He removed his short and placed his lund in my hand. He then turned me on my stomach, and slowly inserted his lund in me and started fucking me. It was a bit pain in the beginning but I really enjoyed gradually.

After cumming in me, he said “Kya kadak gaand hai, badaa mazaa aaya marne me, tu merega kya meri?” I told yes. And he lied down on his back and asked me to fuck him as and how I wished to. I inserted my lund in him. It went in easily.

And I started fucking him. In no time I came in him. He asked me “Mazaa aaya?” I said yes. He said “To phir roz din mein majaa marenge, Thik hai?”. I simply smiled at him. Henceforth, he enjoyed with my brother in night and with me in the day.

Daily night he used to give me a great fuck show. He caught my brother’s lund in such a way that I could see it more clearly. One day he sat on my brother’s mouth and covered his face. My brother licked his gaand while he gave me a smile with my brother’s lund in his hand.

He offered my brother’s lund to me. But I was very scared of my brother so I turned other side and slept quietly. This way he enjoyed with me & my brother simultaneously in day & night. This went on for three months until my bhabhi came home and Madan went back to his house.

Henceforth, I sleep in the varandah and so not able to see the fucking of my brother and his wife. But I did went to Madan’s house once in a week to enjoy with him. And as he said even my brother visited him occasionally to fuck and suck him.

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