One day I was sitting in my cabin when the intercom buzzed.

‘Yes? ‘ I said.

‘Silvia, could you please come to my cabin? ‘ It was Varun my boss.

‘Sure, I’ll be right there.’ I replied pleasantly.

Varun was quite free when I walked in. I was wearing a blue saree. and a sleeveless blouse. The contrast of my fair skin against the dark color of the fabric was really fantastic. As was my habit, I had tied the petticoat well below my belly button which only made me look more sexy.

‘Please take your seat, Silvia.’ My boss Varun smiled at me.

‘Thank you.’

Varun seemed uneasy. He picked up a pen and started fiddling with it. ‘Silvia, it is about yesterday.’

‘Yes?” I seemed to be keen to hear further.

‘I. I just wanted to know about How you are feeling now ?’ Varun’s tone suggested that he wanted to be reassured.

I laughed and did not disappoint. ‘ Come on, Sir. Your intention was only to make us feel happy and full; to reassure me that I was loved. Why should I feel bad? ‘

‘Silvia, thanks. You are a darling. You have taken a big burden off my head.’

‘It is perfectly okay.’

My boss and I used to regularly indulge in sex simply because he just can’t have enough of me. I being a couple of years elder commanded some respect from him. He had a tastefully decorated and furnished bedroom attached to his cabin which was a closely gaurded secret. What a fine womanizer he was.. Oh I can’t tell you. And I am proud to announce that he grew up a sexy prince charming under me only. No matter how he maintained his sexual encounters with others, he always held me in a high esteem.

Yesterday, when he had returned from a trip abroad, he had sought me and we had fucked each other to our hearts’ content. Today, he had called me in his cabin for another round today and he was trying to make me feel okay.

He walked towards me and held me in his arms. We kissed each other passionately as he lifted me up and proceeded towards the secret bed room. As we entered the room, he put me down and again started kissing. Our mouths joined together and our tongues coiled against each other. He broke our kiss for a short while and stood in front of me devouring my beauty, and my glorious figure. He reached behind me and his arms encircled my waist from behind gently carressing the exposed flesh. “Ah’, a moan escaped my lips.

He was passionately kissing me on my neck, one of his hands was on my blouse covered breasts while the other covering my waist, I began to enjoy such a hug. I slowly whispered in his ear “Darling, do something today which I remember for the rest of my life, please…”. He then started removing my pallu and slowly pulled the folds of my sari from the petticoat. I was slowly made to rotate before my saree came off.

I was now standing in a black petticot and a blue blouse. My breasts valley was stood out clearly. He placed his hands over my breasts and caressed them slowly over the blouse. He then started unbuttoning my blouse, and to my surprise he didn’t remove it.He parted the two ends of the blouse and my blue lacy bra was visible.My big breasts were struggling to come out as soon as possible.But he kept his cool and he bit the flesh which was o utside bra region harshly.I said OUCHHH slow plz.Then he slurped his tounge his in the cleavage and tasted the raw flesh. He then pushed his hands in my bra and began rubbing my tits. I had to fling my chest out to give him more access and I reached behind my back to unhook my lacy bra.

He deliberately left my blouse and bra hanging open. He cupped one of my breasts with his left hand and pinched my nipple, I started moaning with pain, wanted more and more. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and trousers, unzipped his trousers to fall it down, he was wearing frenchie under wear inside barely concealing a tent. I slipped it down and sat on a corner of the bed and took his massive lund in my hands which was already erect, its tip glistening with dots of precum. While he stood rubbing and fondling my tits, my hands immediately grabbed his lund and I gobbled up its entire length in my mouth and really felt it wildly throbbing with life. He was actually enjoying that, he held my hair and started moving my head front and back as I was taking his big lund deep inside my mouth. I moved my mouth faster licking only his tip in between. He was pleasantly surprised at my hunger. “Aaraam se, Silvia, aaraam se”, let’s not hurry he muttered, carressing my breasts. Ah, what a difference it felt. Someone else’s hands on my tits !! I could hear his sudden gasp of pleasure as my mouth closed around his lund.

His hands then dug into my head, pulling me closer as his hips thrust frantically back and forth. I closed my eyes again, sucking hard and eagerly at his thick eight inches long lund. I could feel the head of his lund slam the back of my throat with powerful thrusts which excited me all the more. The feel of his hard, straining lund in my mouth awakened a savage hunger in me I’d rarely known before. He was fucking my mouth with short, hard strokes producing slurping sounds, and I loved every bit of it and wanted more. I took him in as much as I could each time, but I wanted it all. His hands tightened in my hair, but I kept his lund deep in my mouth, eagerly awaiting the hot, jetting spurts of cum I could feel building up in his swaying balls. In the wet and warm refuge of my mouth, with my tongue lapping around, his lund grew harder and stronger. Then I felt him shiver and the powerful jet blasts in my mouth, hot and wet and sticky. What a heavenly feeling it was… I sucked hard squeezing his balls and trying to draw out his every precious drop and savor the delicious taste..,.. It was actually my fantastic oral expertise that drove him really wild, and he came in a rush, drenching my mouth and throat with his cream. As if hypnotized, I slurped and swallowed every drop of his pearl.

He held me by my arms and pulled me closer. His hands caught hold of my breasts. “You have a glorious body, Silvia.” My nipples grew harder, and I trembled in anticipation. Trailing his tongue down my neck, he licked my breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth.It felt so nice when he did that. Then he caught my nipple in his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it. “Ohh so nice!” I moaned deep inside and adjusted myself so that he had more access for his manipulations.He pushed his hand inside my open blouse and and I helped him remove it. It peeled off like a scale of onion. My glistening white body lay bare in front of him as his eyes feasted on what they were seeing. He bent down and licked and bit my breasts like a mad man. He sucked on my nipples, while I moaned in uncocealed pleasure, pulling his face harder into my breasts. After sometime, he freed himself, gasping for breath. My breasts were swelling all the more and were heaving up and down. Then he spread his hand spread over my right breast trying to catch my entire breast in his palm while lapping his tongue on my left breast. Like a man possessed he continued to maul my boobs with great fervour. My nipples grew sore by the constant friction with his mischievous tongue. Yet I craved for more, and held on to his head as he sought to devour my breasts one after the other.

He slowly pulled the string holding my petticoat. In a swipe it fell on the floor and I stepped out. His eyes were gazing at my black lace panties, which sharply contrasted with my smooth and fair skin. Feeling for my panties, he pushed his hands inside the panties from behind feeling my buns and massaging them. His hands gripped my ass tighter as he cupped and caressed my generous bottom. Then he pushed the panties down. His fingers traced my choot and gaand at the same time. My body jerked with a sizzling sensation. “Oh my goodness, what are you doing?” I moaned in pleasure. He appeared to be such an expert in such ministrations that his fingers aroused my clit steadily. He was slow and steady! This pleasured me so much that my hips jerked with every touch of his fingers to my clit. He pushed his finger right into my choot and started to finger fuck me. It was slow and steady, no hurry no worry! When I felt that his movements were increased, I whispered, “Hey my dear lover, Slow! Why so hurry.”

“Don’t worry Silvia. Just enjoy, be quite and I will do what is to be done!” He murmured while his tongue continued to lick my nipples one after the other.

His fingers moved in and out very fast now and suddenly my vagina contracted and caught his finger. The contractions sucked in the fingers and I felt that I could not bear it anymore. I let it go. I came! My body stiffened and juices flowed into my vagina and flooded it. The vaginal walls relaxed! I came! I came. “Ahhh, ” I cried out. He removed his finger from my choot and put it in his mouth. “Delicious,” he muttered. Ohh! He was tasting my juices! He was not yet over though. Bringing his face firmly against my choot he pressed his mouth and applied a string of kisses which slowly became even more erotic. His arms encircled my buttocks and his mouth lay glued to my choot.

Gradually I could feel wetness welling up again deep inside me. Lost in his own world he remained rooted between my thighs. Using his fingertips to spread my pussy lips, he started exploring the sensitive folds of my skin. When I arched my back and moaned, he skillfully put his fingers inside me. Playing with me a bit, he then extended the tip of his tongue to push it inside my excited clit. His tongue started darting in and out of my already creamy interior. Licking gently with some long, flat strokes across the length of my choot, he savoured me like a little boy licking an ice cream cone.

“Bari rasili hai, tumhari choot!” he whispered, his head still hidden between my thighs.

Finally I knew I could not withstand any more. I pushed him first on to the bed and mounted him. He grabbed my ass and positioned my choot over his lund. His lund, rigid in attention, saluted my choot first by stroking it and running its tip along the length of the clit. I slowly raised my self and begged him to insert it. He slowly aimed his lund towards my pussy. Then it smoothly entered me and it instantly received a wet welcome. A giant wave of pure joy filled me as his amazing lund filled my choot. For some moments we simply lay there trying to live this moment of coupulation forever. I then started the first slow moves. Slow, hard and full. My buttocks tightening and loosening, his lund pistoning in and out of my moist choot. I slowly rocked back and forth, my pussy moving up and down on his cock.

I moaned out aloud and I laid down on him, my breasts swaying up against his chest as I started to fuck him. He was urging me to increase my speed. And I requested him to push more and more of his lund with full thrust into my hot and wet vagina. He further increased his speed. I eased up and rose back up, grabbing my breasts and fondling, sighing at the amount of pleasure that we were both experiencing. He begged me to fuck him, and give him the much needed fulfilment. I just swayed away in this dance of lust. My breasts bouncing up and down. My hips smashed against his, trying to engulf more and more of his lund. He showered me with kisses on my lips, kneaded, nibbled and sucked my boobs to his heart’s content as my breasts swayed over his face.

Without the ability to stop it, I experienced one of the most intense orgasms I think I’ve ever experienced in so many years. I was screaming audibly with joy as orgasmic spasms wracked my body one after another.He stiffened, and I thrust my hips towards him, impaling myself deeply; and I felt the first wild,liquid burst inside my choot, his entire body shuddering with the release of it. I arched my back, and he grabbed my breasts as he spasmed again and again, his release fuelling my passion all the more. I moaned deeply as I felt his semen flood my vagina. He collapsed and I fell on him, my choot still holding his lund. After a while, we both lay in each other’s arms. I could only feel our juices mixed and trickling down my creamy thighs.

We lay still for a while, then I got up and started to dress back. He also got dressed. I give him a big hug and a long lingering kiss before going back to my place. I whispered in his ear that I will be waiting for you in bed when I get home.

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