I am Soumitra Ray, working at a private Firm at Kolkata. My age is now 32, while my good-looking wife, Sunita, now aged 27, is a house-wife. We stay at Sonarpur, some 20 kms away from Calcutta City. And either by (heavily over-crowded) local train or (crowded) auto-rickshaw,

I travel all the way from my place to Calcutta (Sealdah station) to attend my office and back home, daily, like many other ordinary office-goers. Well, I married Sunita some 5 years ago, and we had no child out of this wedlock. I had no complex or fiasco for this, but my wife had ever wanted to be a mother. As per medical tests, done 3 years ago, the problem or dysfunction was with me and not with my wife.

Doctor had advised us to try out the artificial insemination-process through donor’s sperm etc. I did have no objection to it, but my wife did then refuse this medical advice. But eventually she received the required lively sperm…under a strange situation…four months subsequent to our medical tests, and it granted her the boon of proud motherhood 2 years ago. She is again pregnant now.


The first incident thus happened: Well, after my [sperm-count] test (which showed negative result) I found my wife (who didn’t agree to doctor’s suggestion also) quite upset. But I was seriously thinking out a solution to fulfill her desire. The solution was nothing else but to arrange a situation in which another male, may be known or unknown,

could be scoped to impregnate my fair-complexioned wife who looked not only comely but was endowed with a mouth-watering body (36-28-26). Any adult male would feel himself luckiest to savour her arrogant youth if situation permitted. But I was at a fix to single out a proper or able male for the impregnation of my wife by physical unions.

For this purpose, the best choice could have been a cousin, either of mine or hers, or a friend. But consequence of such modus-operandi could beget a predicament in future or could come out to be an open secret. So I rejected all this, and besides, I knew my wife would not be emotionally ready for it least it might endanger our marriage.

But frantically and honestly I wanted her to mother children, by any means, although we’re otherwise a happy couple. I continued to think over it; and finally I concluded that I should first make or help my wife overcome all her inhibitions as well as taboos. So the first thing I did was that I started taking her on outings here and there, mostly on Sundays,

so that in over-crowded local train she could often experience the naughty touches of the tactile commuters or strangers. And be used to such naughty touches. And it worked out…On one Sunday, as usual, we were standing on Ballegunge railway station to aboard a local train to return home, and while awaiting the train I saw a group of collegian boys waiting for the train.

Some of those boys, who were hardly in their twenties were checking on my wife’s assets. Of them two boys were looking, or rather ogling, at my wife. I thought it’s a good opportunity to somehow push Sunita into their circle in the compartment. By now day had aged into evening. Along with my wife I somehow pushed into the very compartment where those entered.

It was quite congested. I was keeping my eyes on those boys, and as the train resumed running, little by little I paved the way for my wife to reach a corner where they were standing, including those two boys who’d been earlier leering her my wife at Ballegunge station. In no time she was already cozily encircled by those young commuters.

I positioned myself or standing behind a boy in whose front was standing one of those two boys. I was observing the stealthily, knowing they would try to take little liberty with my standing wife, taking most of the cosy situation or unbothering crowds inside. My wife was in her traditional outfits Shari, blouse etc. But haphazard pressure from all sides had left her disheveled.

My heart was beating hard…with utter curiosity to watch how she would be reacting to such odd advances if taken place. Strangely I was feeling excited about it also. I was watching Sunita’s face also, knowing that if someone stealthily tried to take liberties with her, on the blind side of the crowds around, it could be easily traced from her facial mien.

And it happened. Suddenly I saw she was biting nether lip, which she ever did during the beginning of our foreplay. So it suggested that someone must be intimately touching her body. I was a bit surprised that she did not react angrily to that man who was doing it to her! She is certainly enjoying such unnoticed pranks, I though. It gladdened me.

I further pushed myself little forward so that I could clearly find out what was exactly happening and come to her rescue if something goes awry. And found out a boy was brushing his protuberant erection against my wife’s bums, while simultaneously he had pushed one his hand underneath her Shari’s annachal, obviously cupping her firm breasts, either over the blouse or his hand might be already inside her blouse.

But still I was not sure of it. I prayed to God in mind that He should help us.. by virtue of her full sex with this stranger in this very cosy congested compartment itself. And strange! God helped… Suddenly the running train stopped midway and electricity in the compartment went off. Darkness, if not fully, pervaded our noisy compartment.

In no time I heard my wife’s two/three low-pitched moans, suggesting her enjoyment. I pushed myself further closer to her, and in dark, from side, I reached out under her aanchal ; my hand now touched a stranger male’s hand; his fingers were still fumbling on her blouse, trying in vain to unhook it…

I now helped him undoing all her blouse-hooks down her front, against no resistance from her end to my surprise. And I further helped that young stranger commuter to enjoy my wife by now pulling the bra-cups up, thus baring my wife’s youthful firm breasts for him to taste and love-molest to his heart’s content…in the dark.

Next moment I could feel his mouth came over one her breast, and in no time another such head occupied her other breast. I stood there to help them out as needed. Now with my body I pushed all three of them two strangers and my wife, little by little unto the wall of the corner as if a shepherd pushes his cronies.

There I found one hand of those two commuters (at Sunita’s breasts) trying to roll up her saree to unveil her legs and thighs. I straightway yanked it up for them, and then unzipped one of them in the dark and pulled out his wet as well as angry erection and guided it to my wife’s wet warm vagina.

She gasped at my touch thinking the commuter might have done that but suddenly she might have realized it to me so relaxed a bit. Those two were perhaps confused about their third helping friend they were unable to see me, nor was anyone. But I was not sure whether or not my wife could make it out but doubted she was sensing my touch!

She seemed to remain unbothered. She hissed as the stranger manhood entered her within. And stranger’s pumping began…while one head, or rather mouth, stayed glued to her succulent breasts, from her side. Two were at a time eating her. The only thing I was scared of was that no love-moans ought to escape her mouth, that it might draw attention of others towards her and then things would get out of hand.

But I did not want to take any risk, so I pulled up the breast-sucking head by his hair, forcibly, and brought it to my wife’ face, and spontaneously he sealed her mouth with his in a deep kiss. The other boy was still busy pumping himself into her… My sixth-sense said to me the light would come back in another five minutes. God again helped me.

That boy released his seed inside her within next minutes and collapsed on her. I pulled those two lover-boys aside, scoping her to hurriedly do up her disheveled Sharee or hook up her blouse etc. My hands felt after her front to be sure of it, and then I gradually pulled myself back thereof, and reached the opposite side. Soon after this the light flashed again, and train started…

After detraining, while we were walking along the station-road that headed unto our house she blurted, “This evening, in the train, something happened strange to me. Are you aware of it?!” I pretended innocence. She candidly narrated the incident, and pleaded she was not responsible for it. I smiled to myself, and soliloquized “No, dear! You are anything but responsible.

But I think you know it that your husband was helping you collect seeds outside marriage for a chance-motherhood…” Then I teased her, “Hmm! whatever, you may have enjoyed this unexpected fun or escapade!” Sunita blushed, but did not reply. Reaching home I pinned her down to bed and peeled all her clothes off.

She was blushing, closed-eye. I saw red patches all around her breast-flesh, and stains of dried seminal fluid on her inner thighs. I commented, “Hmm! Good! A lot of semen seems to have been poured in you, and it was so much in quantity that it overflowed and teemed down your thighs! My God!” She opened her eyes now, and then bust into a giggle, and said, “Don’t be over-smart.

I know you were helping those two stranger younger boys to taste my youth. And mind it, you were also touching me and as wife I am used to your touch. And as you wanted it I cooperated with them to fullest extent, instead of slapping on their faces. But what’s it? You ventured into it in public! God is kind that it happened in dark.”

I said sorry to her, explaining my purpose behind it. She smiled and planted a kiss on my lips, then uttered, “Ok. I need a child and you too. So, single out a procreative friend, or even stranger, for me who will impregnate me through sexual unions. Now I agree to it. But it should be kept secret. I was over-joyed by her candid words and consent.

That night we had a wild lovemaking, and also discussed our future trysts. I asked if someone was in her mind for it. I gave her some options, which she rejected. Then she finally came out with a very strange option, and he was none other than her own septuagenarian maternal Grand-father! I fell from the sky in surprise, as it were! “How can a senile oldman father a child with you, Sunita ?!!”, I curiously asked.

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