When I met Rakesh and Silviya, their marriage was in a bad shape. The problem was not uncommon. Both were mid 40’s and mid 30’s. And like many husbands, Rakesh’s interest and capability in sex had reduced while Silviya was still very much sexually active. Rakesh used to be busy with his work and could give hardly any time for his wife.

Their kids had grown up and Silviya had ample time for herself, but alone. So then they started having frequent fights and most time the cause was lack of sexual satisfaction. By the way, I am Raj from Pune. I am 29 years old, tall and well built. I have written a couple of stories about my past experiences with unsatisfied married couples.

Again this is not new to me, I receive many such emails. We exchanged a few mails and then started chatting. He clearly told me his problem. He told me how weak he is sexually and that he has a small dick. He also told me that he has developed a fantasy of seeing his wife with another man, a younger one. He told me he can get an erection only when he starts fancying his wife with another man. Then we exchanged photos.

He immediately liked me. His wife is hot even at the age of 34. She was quite attractive, fair, voluptuous & chubby, just the way I like women!! She was a typical mallu woman, and had heavyset boobs and ass. He told me her figure as 42D-35-44. I was hard looking at her pictures even though they were normal pictures in sari and salwar kameez.

I told him I can help him but he has to talk to his wife about our plan. I told him I shall be happy to seduce her in front of him and make love to her. Also meeting them was easy since even they are from Pune. Then I told him to bring his wife on chat. Silviya was hesitant at first; she didn’t know how to respond to her husband’s request.

She told me that she is aware of the chat between me and her husband. So I asked her what you think about it. Silviya said, ‘Raj I really liked your photo, you look very handsome and seem so experienced, plus you are very young.

But I don’t know what to do. I have never been with any man other than my husband. I am from an orthodox mallu family. Also, what if someone else find it out? I assured Silviya not to worry as these are common worries among all the married women. I told her to meet me over coffee and if she finds it uncomfortable we can leave this issue aside.

I continued chatting with her for a few days and she started to open up. Finally, we got ready for this. We decided to meet at a Cafe Coffee Day on Ferguson Road, Deccan Gymkhana. I was wearing a jeans and t-shirt. I immediately spotted them; they had arrived before me and were waiting for me. Silviya looked ever sexier and desirable in real.

She was wearing a navy blue coloured sari which was hugging her curvy voluptuous body well. They both looked from a typical middle class family. He was working in a bank and she was a housewife. We shook hands and ordered coffee. I could sense the tension between them. I took Silviya’s hand in my hand and said, ‘Silviya and Rakesh, just relax, do not worry.

We are friends now. I have done this many times before and I know how to handle such a situation. So just trust me, we all can have great fun together.’ We started talking on various topics. I could not help but stare at Silviya’s sexy mature body, similar was Silviya’s situation. Initially she felt shy looking at me, but soon she shed off her shyness and started looking at me openly.

Finally I broke the ice by saying, ‘Silviya, Rakesh told me that you both are having a troubled marriage. Can you please tell me what your side is?’ Hearing this Silviya hesitated but then replied, Raj, mere inko sex me bilkul interest nahi raha hai. Who sirf unke kaam me busy rehte hai aur kuch nahi. Woh mere needs ko kabhi nahi samajhte.

It has been over 4 months since he last made love to me. Woh mujhe touch bhi nahi karte hai. Mein to pareshan ho chuki hoon. Mere feelings ka kya? Mere needs ka kya? Kab tak mein aisi hi unsatisfied rahoongi? Unka woh bahut hi chota hai aur woh bahut unromantic hai. I was busy so many years looking after our kids but now I have so much time to think about myself.

I replied, ‘Silviya, yeh to bahut common problem hai, bahut gharon me yeh hota hai. I shall be happy to help you both provided you trust me. I can give you all the pleasure you have been missing at the same time I can improve your married life. See, Rajesh aapko bahut pyaar karta hai.

But he is weak sexually. So I can give you sexual pleasure and romance while Rakesh can do his duties towards you as your husband. I can seduce you well, romance with you then make love to you as if you are my lover.’ She was very happy hearing this. She pressed my hand and said thanks to me. After some time we left CCD and went on a drive in my car.

I asked Silviya to come and sit with me while her husband sat in the back. While driving I took her hand in my hand. She found it very romantic and commented that her husband never did that to her. Slowly I put my hand on her plump thighs and started caressing her thighs. She let out an audible moan clearly indicating this was all new to her.

We drove around for a while and then stopped at a secluded place on the outskirts of Pune. There I pulled Silviya’s sweet face to me and started kissing her lips passionately. Initially she hesitated but then started responding very well. I placed a hand on her breast and started pressing them.

Rakesh was watching this action happily. I asked her to touch my cock over my jeans which she happily complied. After kissing her for a while n fondling her breasts, I started rubbing her pussy over her sari.

It was getting dark outside, so I started pulling her sari up slowly to which she objected initially but gave up eventually. I pulled her sari till her knees and then further up, exposing her plump thighs and her red panties. She was wearing a very ordinary panties very commonly used by mature middle class women. I could see big wet patch on the crotch of her panties.

Now my fingers were rubbing her naked thighs and touching the crotch of her panties. She was in heaven. Rakesh was watching all this intently and commenting on how well I was handling this. I tried to put my fingers inside her panties but Silviya asked to not now and to go easy. She told me she wanted to make this moment a very special and at their home.

I was fine with it. My finger got wet when I touched her crotch. I brought that finger to my nose and inhaled deeply. She smelled so wonderful, so intoxicating, so sexy, I then tasted her juices on my fingers and commented, ‘Rakesh, your wife surely tastes very good, both on top as well as bottom.’

I gave her 2 orgasms there just by kissing and rubbing her pussy and boobs over her clothes. She was very loud when she was getting orgasms. After her 2nd orgasm, she calmed down. It was getting late so we decided to leave. She straightened up her sari and blouse. Her panties were totally soaked by that time.

After she recovered from the pleasure she said, ‘Raj, thank you very much. This was the best orgasm I ever got. Rakesh is very lousy in bed and I rarely got orgasms with him. Most of the times I finger myself to make orgasm. Thanks a lot Raj, you made me feel like a woman once again, you made me feel so special.

I am so much elder to you but you still like me. Thanks.’ Saying this she kissed me once again and then we started heading back to Pune. We then went for dinner. Over dinner I could see that the tension has eased off and Silviya was very open with me, we discussed various topics including sex. I told them my various sexual encounters. They both were thrilled. Silviya told me her inner sexual desires and fantasies.

I told her not to worry as I shall fulfil them. We met again the following evening and again after that. After our 3rd meeting Silviya removed her totally soaked panties and handed over to me as a gift. That time we decided to proceed further and meet at their home on Friday. Before that we all got our HIV tests done. So now we can have sex without condom without any tension.

Silviya called me every day and we talked for long time. Even Rakesh joined our conversation at times. He sexual feels were buried for so many years, now suddenly she opened up. She told me she never felt happier. Silviya asked me what to wear for our special night. I asked her to wear sari, red coloured. I arrived at their place at 8 o’clock on Friday evening.

They were both eagerly waiting for me. Silviya greeted me at the door with a big welcome kiss and a hug. Their house was in middle class area and were not so well to do, just average. She looked like a typical Indian woman about whom one cannot even imagine that she could be ready for such an act.

Their house had just 3 rooms. He used to sleep in the bedroom with his wife while his kids used to sleep in the hall. They had sent both their kids off to Silviya’s parents’ place and were not expected to return before Sunday afternoon.

Silviya brought some snacks and soft drinks. I pulled her near me and asked Rakesh to sit in front of us so he can watch the whole action. She was looking so sexy in that red sari and red sindoor. I had bought an expensive perfume and sexy lingerie along with some Swiss chocolates for her. She was so happy to receive those gifts, saying her husband never bought such expensive and lovely gifts for her.

I wasted no time and started kissing and fondling her, commenting in between how sexy she is and how good she tastes. She opened the chocolate pack and started eating. I asked her not to chew the chocolate, just hold it in her mouth. Then I pressed my lips against hers and asked her to push that chocolate in my lips. Her saliva coated chocolate tasted even well after a few seconds I pushed the chocolate back into her mouth.

We kept doing that back and forth till the time the chocolate got over. During the process I was fondling her body. Silviya was so excited when I was doing this to her, she had a lovely orgasm. ‘Wow Raj, I have never experienced something like this before. This is so romantic. Thanks so much. I asked Rakesh to come and help us undress. He was happy to do that.

First I asked him to remove his wife’s sari. I unhooked her blouse and untied her petticoat. Her melons sprang free, only held by a blue coloured bra. She was again wearing very old fashion pale blue panties. There was nothing sexy about those panties but still in that situation I found those panties very sexy.

They were not the bikini types, just a regular pair of panties which most of the middle class Indian women wear. I then asked him to remove my t-shirt and jeans and also asked him to strip down. All three of us were in our underwear. I started savouring on Silviya’s sexy, plump, mature body.

I unhooked her bra and her big boobs fell free and then slowly inserted my fingers around the waist band of her panties n started pulling them down. They sagged but looked very sexy. Her ass looked even bigger when naked. She was a hairy woman, having a big bunch of curly black hair around her pussy and even ass.

Also her armpits were hairy. Silviya noticed me staring at her hairy pussy and pubic and said I always like growing my hair; I can shave if you don’t like. I said no, its fine with me. Actually the sight of her hairy pussy and armpits turned me on a lot. I started licking her hairy armpits. Her armpits were sweaty, but the smell of her sweat was sexy. I asked her to go ahead and remove my underwear.

She was obviously very happy to see my young, hard cock. I asked her to kneel down and take me in her mouth. She started licking my cock and balls and soon I was inside her mouth. I looked at Rakesh and said, ‘Is this you wanted Rakesh to see your wife suck another man’s cock? Look at her, how happy she is sucking my big cock. And look at your tiny cock. Your cock shows why your wife is so much unsatisfied.

Now I am going to fuck her so good that she will never want me to end our relationship. I am gonna fuck all her holes. Hearing this Silviya got even more excited and started sucking me harder. She started running her fingers along my buttcrack and inserted a finger in my ass. Even Rakesh started getting an erection. Then I asked them to go to the bedroom. I asked Silviya to lie down on the bed as I wanted to lick her pussy.

I asked her husband to hold her legs open for me. I started moving my tongue along her hairy pussy and she started moaning very loudly. I started moving my tongue in and out of her pussy and then all along her buttcrack which got her even wilder. Slowly I touched her hairy asshole with my tongue and she got a wild orgasm. I started licking her sexy fat ass and her moaning grew louder. ‘Wow Raj, please don’t stop.

Rakesh has rarely licked my pussy and never ever licked my ass. Your tongue feels so wonderful inside my ass. Raj please lick my ass harder. Make me your bitch; I continued licking her pussy and ass for some more time. After some time Silviya declared she wanted to lick my ass. I loved it when her wet tongue was entering my asshole. She kissed her husband after that, giving him the taste of my cock and ass.

Then it was time for the real fucking. I asked Rakesh to hold his wife’s legs apart for me to enter. Her pussy was well lubricated. I asked her to suck me some to get wet. With one thrust, I entered her ahhhh Raj, come inside me mmm, wow you feel so wonderful inside me you have filled my pussy completely. Silviya was totally in my control, she was crazy for me. I started moving in and out of her pussy.

I asked Rakesh to bend down and lick my balls as I fuck his wife. It felt so nice me fucking Silviya while her husband was licking my balls. After a while we changed position. I started fucking Silviya in doogie style. Rakesh was keeping his wife’s ass open for me and watching with excitement my cock moving in and out of her pussy. He was stroking his tiny dick.

Then I ordered him to come from behind and start licking my ass. Rakesh looked surprised but Silviya said, ‘Rakesh ji, just do as Raj says. Unki baat mano. Woh jo kehte hai vaisa hi karo.’ Rakesh had no choice and he started licking my ass. I resumed fucking Silviya. Her big boobs were hanging in doogie style. I was playing with those melons, pinching them, biting on her shoulders and arms, spanking her fat ass.

Silviya loved all that. I was even pulling her hair and slapping her boobs. She enjoyed all that. Silviya was so excited, soon she had another orgasm. I lasted for a few more minutes and then came violently in Silviya’s pussy. I had a very intense orgasm. We lay in each other’s arms for a while. Rakesh stroked his cock while watching us and sniffing our underwear.

He came pretty soon. Silviya again started kissing me and said, ‘Raj, I never knew I can have multiple orgasms. This has been the best sex of my life. Thank you so much Raj for making love to an old lady like me. You are too good in bed. I feel so satisfied, so nice. Rakeshji, this is called love making. Aise treat karte hai aurat ko, samjhe?’ Rakesh just nodded.

He came to us and kisses his wife for a while. We had dinner in the nude. Silviya was sitting next to me, feeding me with her hands. After dinner we had another round of sex. It was past midnight when we finally fell asleep exhausted in each other’s arms. Rakesh slept in the hall. I got up on Saturday with a massive hard on. I started kissing Silviya without even washing our mouths.

Soon we both got excited and we made love then and there. Silviya once again complimented me saying Rakesh has never done such wonderful things to her. After breakfast we had bath together. In the afternoon we again started making love. That time Rakesh requested me if he can suck my cock. I told him, ‘Rakesh you can suck my cock only if you bring your daughter’s used panties for me to sniff.

He was shocked to hear this, but Silviya pushed him to do as I said. Since they had a small house, there was just one bathroom. Everyone’s underwear/panties were in the same bathroom. He brought me a pair of panties which their daughter had removed just before going to her grand parents’ place. That was a lovely pink coloured and sexier than her mother’s panties.

Even her panties were soaking wet. I deeply inhaled those panties while I fucked Silviya. I was commenting Silviya and Rakesh about how good their daughter also smells. Their daughter also seemed to have a big ass like her mother. The sight of me sniffing her daughter’s used panties turned Silviya on even more and she had 2 back to back orgasms.

I took out my cock and asked Rakesh to suck. He could taste his wife’s love juices on my cock. When I was about to come, I asked Silviya to open her mouth and shot my load in her mouth. Then I asked Rakesh to kiss his wife and swap my cum. After that we rested for a while, their daughter’s panties still in my hand.

I was sniffing both mother and daughter’s panties. For some reason I found Silviya’s old fashioned, boring panties sexier than her daughter’s. Then I even asked Rakesh to sniff both those panties. In the evening I fucked Silviya’s virgin ass. It pained initially but then it was a great feeling. I used Nivea lotion as lubricant.

While fucking her ass I was fingering her pussy. We tried different positions, different places. I fucked her on the bed, on the sofa, on the floor, on a chair, in the bathroom, even in the kitchen. I left their place on Sunday morning after a fresh round of sex. I asked her not to clean the cum from her pussy and asked her to wear panties so that my cum will stay inside her panties all day, making her feel very horny.

I kissed her for a long time. They both thanked me. We decided to meet again after 2-3 days. I went to their place again on Wednesday afternoon. Rakesh had off that day but the kids were in college. We had a nice afternoon session. Now we meet regularly. Sometimes we go on long drives. Sometimes I meet Silviya alone too. Once we 3 had gone for a movie.

It was an odd day and afternoon show. So the movie hall was nearly empty. In the darkness, We both played with Silviya’s sexy body there and she stroked me. Many times she has sucked me in the car. They both confess that they have never been happier and their married life has improved dramatically and they can’t thank me enough for that. I meet their children too.

Rakesh introduced me to his children as his colleague. Many times I go to their place for family dinner. Then I, Silviya and Rakesh go out on drives and have fun. Rakesh feels that he has started getting erection more often. He even tried to have sex with his wife 2-3 times.

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