This happened 8 years back, but it is so fresh in my mind as if it has happened yesterday. I am now 35 and this was when I was 27 and I was working in my first job. I was unsuccessful in clearing my CA Final and instead of completing CA did my MBA Finance part time from Mumbai University and was just promoted into MIS and budgeting team from payroll. I am quite good looking, tall, nicely built and slightly on the darker side but okay for a south Indian.

 I used to work in New Marine line in Mumbai and in the same building where my office was, there was an advertising agency where my college friend Ravi worked. Ravi was also a south Indian, tall, dark, little out of shape and ordinary to look at, but he was also very obnoxious guy, and I had never liked him in college days and just tolerated him as he was also the division Representative in college. Ravi was a manager in the advertising company and he and his team used to sit in a small separate room there. 

I was okay with Ravi now, as I used to go to his office to ogle at the nice girls there and I guess he tolerated me because he used to eat in my office canteen and the food was very good and very cheap. Ravi’s team was re-organised and three trainees (two girls and a guy) joined his team. The boy (Dushyant) and one girl (Smita) were from Mumbai and from the same college. The other girl Shubha was a south Indian from Bangalore and lived with her brother and sister-in law in Chembur. I used to hang around in Ravi’s room as usual and slowly managed to strike a good relationship with Shubha. Ravi used to treat all of them very badly and I gathered nobody liked him at work.

 As Shubha was also south Indian, people in the office used to pair her up with Ravi and tease her. Shubha did not really like it but she did not mind it too much either. Shubha was very fair (fair as a white woman and very surprising for a south Indian) with slight brownish black sholder length hair. She was average in height (5 feet 5 inches) and very decent (quite beautiful) to look at. She always wore loose salwaars to work and one could not really make out her figure but I guessed she had a good one inside. Smita and Dushyant were not too friendly with me and were never warm with me, but Shubha was friendly and wanted to know a lot of Mumbai and we became nice friends.

 She also was the one who worked harder, but Ravi bullied her a lot. She used to work late usually and slowly we began to talk about everything in the evening including bordering on sex. I learnt that she had a boyfriend in the past in her college, but was a virgin, but they broke up. When she had gone around with him she had let him fondle and kiss her and she said she enjoyed it very much. I had mentioned this to Ravi and he was waiting for an opportunity to check her out. One day when going back home late in the night after work he managed to fondle her in the cab and she had not objected. The next day he called and told me that Shubha had really huge boobs under those loose salwars and in the evening in their room when no one was there, he put his hand in her salwar held it up for me in her salwars. 

They looked nice and big and more than a handful for Ravi and also Shubha just gave s shy smile and did not say anything and I was dying with envy that Ravi had enjoyed it. Then one day, Ravi asked me that Shubha needed a favor and we discussed it in the evening. Her brother had quit her job to study further and he wanted to withdraw his PF and it was getting delayed. He wanted to know whether I can use my contacts in the PF department to expedite it, which I could and did. But Ravi was negotiating with her and wanted to use this opportunity. He said I will help her only if she agreed to both of us fucking her.

 She was embarrassed, and was arguing with Ravi saying she was a virgin and was scared, but Ravi was adamant and he was saying to her that I will help her only if both of us get something in return and he said we both wanted a fuck. Finally she relented and agreed to give it to us as she also wanted to experience, but was scared. I was feeling guilty and did not like what Ravi was doing, but Ravi was adamant and did not want me to interfere and said he was going to fuck her anyways and if I felt guilty should not do it and that would be my decision. So all three of us took a day off and went to Bandra PF office and as I had already arranged, the PF was already credited to her brother’s account and the letter was dispatched to her address.

 Since we had all taken a holiday, Shubha was wearing tight jeans and tshirt and I realized what a fantastic figure she had. Her boobs were round and big and bursting out of her tshirt and her arse was round and shapely. After checking everything we went to my house which was closeby after lunch. She said her periods were due anytime and so we decided to skip the condoms as this was a safe period. She was a bit worried and wanted us to use condoms, but Ravi would not hear of it. As I was fixing some cool drinks, Ravi was already kissing her and had lifted her tshirt above her breasts. When I went she was said she was moaning and asking Ravi to wait. But Ravi removed both her tshirt and bra with one motion. Shubha’s breasts were beautiful and big. Her nipples were nice and big and pink in color and they were erect. Her skin was olive coloured and beautiful. Ravi told her ..come on don’t be shy.. by the end of the day we are going to fuck you.

 I could not help it and pressed her boobs and they were so soft, her skin was also very soft. Her nipples were erect with excitement. Ravi was undressing and he had no qualms about getting completely naked. His dick was strong and long. Shubha was now getting bolder and she got hold of Ravi’s penis and said, what happened.. big one happened. Ravi told that he was having the first fuck and removed her jeans and they were both kissing now and went to the bedroom. Her skin looked so beautiful and white a contrast with just her black panty. Then even that was off and she looked beautiful completely naked. Her pubic hair was also golden brown in colour instead of the standard black of an Indian. Her skin was milky white and her thighs so smooth and not a blemish and she looked beautiful.

 Her vulva was pink and her fair smooth skin and big firm boobs and her brown nipples and I was drinking her beauty. Ravi got her in the bed and was trying very hard to penetrate and the fact that he was a virgin was very clear. He could not enter and was struggling around for a while. Then he called me out and said, he was not able to figure out what was happening and wanted me to try. I quickly got of my clothes and was watching her looking at my dick. Mine was as long as Ravi’s, was about 7 inch long and 3 and a half inch thick (I thought Ravi was thinner). I looked down at her beautiful vagina and her pink vulva, the brown pubic hair. I reached with my fingers inside her vagina and played around. She was very moist inside and was beginning to enjoy this act.

 I knew all this not because that I was a experienced guy in sex, but had the privilege to watch a newly married couple in the act almost everyday from my window and I had almost memorized their moves. I continued to play with her vulva for about five minutes and she was writhing with desire. I got on top of her and both of kissed like mad. She arched her breasts and pleaded me to suck it. I sucked both her breasts one after another. She was crazy with desire. Then I lifted her legs up and separated them and had a clear vision of her beautiful opening. I placed my penis on the edge of the opening and slowly began to enter her. 

Two and three thrusts later, I was inside her and the feeling was amazing. I paused to look down at my penis completely disappeared inside her and the sight was mind-blowing. She immediately started moving under me and said, It hurts so please don’t stop.. keep moving and I obliged. I was fighting hard to prolong it and used to pause once a while, but this used to drive her crazy and she almost shouted, please don’t stop.. move please move. She was begging and then she exploded and almost threw me off. I held her tight and kept pumping and in three or four thrusts I exploded inside her. The cum was oozing out of her and I looked up and saw Ravi looking at all this action open mouthed.

 It was a greatest feeling. Immediately Ravi moved next to her. She was cleaning all our fluids from her privates with a cloth. I told Ravi that she is wet and he does not need to waste time on playing with her vagina and can try entering immediately. Ravi played with her boobs for a while and was saying this was great. He then lifted her legs and she held his penis and guided it into her love hole. It was good to watch and I was getting excited again. Once he had entered her, he also called out and wanted me to check whether he was completely inside her, but she was already moving.

 He bragged that he would put all his semen inside her. He then began pumping her and was also crushing her and in three or four thrusts he exploded inside her. I could see his white fluid flowing out her vagina and he collapsed on top of her. By this time I was erect again and as soon as she came back from cleaning, I started kissing her and sucking her beautiful breasts and began having my second round. We kissed for a while and I kissed every bit of her. She arched her beasts and said please suck me..and I obliged gladly. Then she took my head to the other breast and I again devoured her. She asked me… We both were lying sideways and I put my fingers inside her carefully. She moved back in surprise, but then got a bit used to my finger and I began to finger fuck her. 

I was also kissing her in her lips and my tongue was exploring her soft smooth lips and tongue. She had both her hands around my head and her eyes shut. My other hand was pressing her boobs, but could not move it much, so was just pressing her breasts rather mechanically. I could feel her wet juices on my finger and she was enjoying it. She then felt for my dick and held it in her hand and asked.. Big one happened? I then pushed her on to the back and in the missionary position and positioned my big dick at her love hole and asked her.. May I?? She said please.. I said “say the words”.. She then said.. “Please fuck me” and I entered her.. I moved very slowly this time and was enjoying her. She was soft and warm and her juices were all over dick. I was moving back and forth and I wanted to prolong this as much I could and also time it with her orgasm. 

Finally she was moaning and also used her hands near her clitoris and I realized she was close to coming. Her eyes were shut and she was moaning and suddenly she tightened and I realized she was close to coming. I did some hard, quick thrusts and I exploded inside her. She then also came and made a sobbing sound and said, it was so good. Both of us had completely forgotten about Ravi. She went first to clean and then came out wearing her black panty. I went then inside for a shower and I had a nice warm bath. By the time I came out, Ravi was forcing Shuba to suck his dick. She was not doing a good job, but finally took his tip in and then also the head of his penis in but was not moving her head, but I also realized that at the same time she was moving her hand and jerking him and was kissing his penis and in about 5 minutes he came. 

He did not cum too much and his juice was flowing out of his penis. He wanted her to lick it off, but she refused. It was already evening and both of them cleaned off and left and next day Subha got her periods and so it was all safe. Me and Subha used to have sex some Saturdays, but always used contraceptives and she also started giving me great blowjobs and we became more bolder and tried many stuffs. Ravi also had some sex but not as much as I did and he used to take advantage of the fact that they were at the same place and whenever they had to go for an office outing they would plan sex but he had to use a condom, her end of bargain if Ravi wanted to fuck and I used to feel so jealous.

 I was having more sex than Ravi as did not get so many opportunities, as I had an empty home as did not have a mother and my father used to travel and all Saturdays he used to be out of home for to hear some religious preaching and my sister was working and also engaged and Saturdays were her day of dating and she used to be out late. Then Ravi quit the job for a better job in Chennai and he proposed marriage to her. He never told me, but Subha did and she was not too keen on marrying him

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