This was a while ago when I was in college and had just finished my catering course we had a very energetic group. It was our college social and we had a couple of married women in our batch. Most of them were happy being married; however Pooja a sweet pudding of a Punjabi father and a Kashmiri mother was not too happy with Sanju who was dating other women. I happened to be very good friends with all the women as I could make any and everyone feel really comfortable. She was very fond of me because of the way I used to treat her. It was quite chill that evening, as it was the beginning of the month of December. Just as usual I was dancing with all the so-called Aunties – what we used to call them. We were having a ball and throughout Pooja, was looking at me, but never said a word. However, just when the social ended the evening really began.

It was one of those unexpected chilly evenings, starry skies and Pooja was cold and shivering. I offered to drop her home on my bike, as she lived near to where I was living. This was the first time in my life that I really took a good look at her in spite of being in the same class and in the same group for practical cooking sessions. She was dressed in a loose silky top and a black trouser. Her hair was loose and curly (I love curly hair), beautiful glassy eyes, she was about 5’5” wearing high heels that made her look like a perfectly made woman, a pair of juicy lips with a dark shade looked like a cherry on a Christmas Pie as she had a very fair complexion. I could see an ocean of tears behind those beautiful eyes and sweet smile. I was wearing a semi-formal shirt with a T-shirt inside on a pair of dark jeans and as usual I had my loose sweatshirt, which I always wore when I rode anywhere. In my mind I just wanted to grab her in my arms, kiss her, caress her, squeeze her beautiful sumptuous fruits and make love to her, I had never thought of any woman like this in my life before, and Pooja? Well I couldn’t have even imagined looking at her that way. I asked her to wear my sweatshirt as it was cold, she took it wore it and what she said next swept me off my feet, she said “Sunny, I don’t want to go home, I don’t care about what you think of me at this point, but I just don’t want to go home, so you can take me anywhere you like, and please, please, pleeeeaaaassse don’t ask me questions”.

We got on to the bike I asked her if she’d like to go over to my place, she just held me from behind and asked me to go anywhere I’d want to take her, she just wanted to be with me. I was a bit nervous but we rode, I too was feeling cold and was shivering while riding so she held me tight from behind with an effort to make me warm. I had never had a girl pressing her breasts on my back like this before. Little Johnny wanted to play but didn’t know if Ginny wanted it or not, so I just kept quiet and we reached home at about 1.15 in the morning. I lived alone at that time and had the house to myself, other than me it was only my maid who would come in the mornings clean up and go off. I put on some soft music, as she sat on the couch lost in thoughts. I made us some coffee and sat at a distance, the music played, we listened and I was happy she was comfortable. I just couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful lady sitting in front of me at an arms distance; She pulled off the sweatshirt and as she pulled it off her loose top too came off her. She didn’t know where to look, what to do, she had become all pink and was blushing. Our eyes met and we didn’t shift our eyes off each other for I can’t remember how long. She covered herself with my sweatshirt and her silk top in her hand. The look in her eyes was as if inviting me to come and hold her in my arms, but obviously I was scared and wouldn’t dare to. I gathered courage and slowly moved up to her and began helping her with her top, she stopped me and kissed me. I was dumb founded, she gave me one more look to see my reaction, I was awestruck I couldn’t believe that an angel was kissing me. She was really an angel in disguise, with dimple cheeks and loving eyes.

We kissed, our tongues tickled each others mouth, our love juices and saliva began their work of escalating and rousing our desire, it was Chariots of Fire when we kissed and with each motif of music and every beat of the drum, our kisses became more and more passionate. I had my fingers running thru her hair, our breathing had gotten very heavy and at that moment there was nothing that could have stopped us from wanting each other. This wasn’t a pre-planned date, it was destiny, we had to be together at that time at that hour and the weather conditions were on our side. She pulled of my Shirt and T-Shirt and licked the tips of my nipples, I caught hold of her, carried her and made her stand against the wall, I continued to kiss her, I stopped for a moment gave her a deep look and aggressively snapped off her bra which had front hooks. Her sumptuous fruits jumped on to my face as if they had been freed fro m captivity. I kissed them and gently tickled and circled the tips of her nipples with the tip of my tongue. She now wanted me desperately, she wanted me to bite into her sumptuous breasts, but I teased her as if teasing a baby with a candy bar. “Bite it Sunny… bite it!” she murmured, but I wanted her to enjoy every bit of what I was giving her. It was a fantasy, which had now come alive and I didn’t want to let go of the real so easily. I wanted to go slow so both of us could make the most of this night that was gifted to us by destiny.

It was now time to go a bit further, I sucked her boobs and was biting them now just as she wanted me to, I slipped my hands down to her trousers and unhooked her belt, beneath the belt was the waist hook of her trouser, just as I snapped off the hook her trousers fell and I saw her wet lingerie dripping with honey and nectar, I spread her legs slowly and asked if I could explore what’s here, she said “Sunny I’m all yours, do whatever you want with me” then she let out the secret, “Sunny I’ve been waiting to be with you for a very long time. You may have not even looked at me in that manner, but I always have wanted you.” I smiled and with my tongue I licked her dripping pussy through her wet lingerie. She was now moaning and breathing very heavily, I gently nibbled at her pussy, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh she moaned, I nibbled again… “Oh Sunny, this is wonderful” she exclaimed! Ooooooooohhhhh….Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..Oooh hhhh…. Sunny, Please don’t stop, pleeease” I slowly slipped off her lingerie from her body, this was the first time in my life that I saw a beautiful woman standing completely naked in front of me and moreover I was having a great time with her. Her shaven pussy was like a treat. I could smell her juices and that added on to the ecstasy of the moment. Smooth curves and a beautifully folded pussy, this was what I had seen when I saw a blue film some time ago with my friends and I had puked after seeing it and promised myself I wouldn’t see this stuff again. Now that I was licking pussy myself I knew what they were doing in the film. I slowly made love to her first with my tongue, which I tried to insert as deep as possible, I wriggled it inside her vagina rubbing the inner walls of the vagina and happened to hit the G-Spot, at that time I did not know it was the G-Spot, but I realized that every time I stroked it with the tip of my tongue she moaned and wriggled her body. I sucked her pussy for a while. She l o oked at my face and said “Sunny, I think you’ve done enough, now it’s my turn, so sit back and relax.”

As I sat back she got down and pulled off my jeans and saw the huge mound against my underwear. She asked “What the hell have you got inside there? I hope I can take this inside me” she pulled off my undies and Johny bravo didn’t know what else to do but dangle out and hit her right into her face. She held my cock and stroked it a few times, she licked the wet tip of my cock and with the tip of her tongue started her work on my water pistol. She stroked it and licked it and sucked it I had never imagined a woman sucking my dick. I remember when I was young I had got angry and screamed at a guy “Suck my dick” but today when I had a woman doing that I was a bit embarrassed and blushing, she sucked and sucked, it was a spine chilling experience. Every time she stroked it I could feel shivers running through my spine. “Pooja, how long have you been doing this?” I asked, “Shut up sunny and don’t ask me silly qu estions” she said. The build up was so high, that I could not hold, my cum any longer and I had to release, there was so much heat from our bodies and we were both sweating even with the fans on. She kept jerking me and just didn’t stop, I tried to pull her mouth away but it was too late, I had jerked off right into her mouth. To my surprise she licked every drop of it and was shocked and exclaimed “God Sunny, it was like gulping a hold drink!”

Now we were cuddling with each other and kissing, I knew that now was the opportunity and I may not have a chance like this again, so I didn’t want to lose the momentum of the passionate atmosphere at home. The room was aromatized with our scents of love and lust for each other. The passion meter had soared to an unimaginable level. Pooja continued to massage my penis and hardly she had touched it Johnny was up and ready to work out again. She looked at me smilingly and asked “have you ever been out with a woman before” I said “This is my first, though I do masturbate quite often fantasizing about beautiful women, but Pooja I had never even looked at you and today you are here with me in my arms.” “Would you make love to me then?” she asked, I just looked dep into her eyes and kissed her and slowly reached for her love hole. Johnny was totally out of control and I’m glad that he didn’t misbehave and was be ing a true gentleman. I slowly moved my cock to the opening of the love hole and tried to push in, but as this was my first time I had a bit of a problem and again Pooja surprised me by guiding Johnny to meet Giny. I entered her slowly and she whispered “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Sunny this is so heavenly…. Do it slooooowly….” I pushed a bit more as she was very tight and I had to make an effort to push, I gave one hard push and she screamed “Sunnnnnnyyyy, what are you doing?” I thought I hurt her and pulled my penis out of the hole and asked “Poo did I hurt you?” “No daaarliiing” she replied in a very seductive voice, “I really am feeling very nice, just go for it and don’t stop whatever you are doing.” This was my green signal, I positioned myself on top of her and pushed hard, my cock thumped her not once not twice but constantly and with every push she gave out a soft scream “aaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. yes, yes, do it baby… harder, harder, push, push” I continu e d to pump harder and harder, she was reaching her moment of release and she gave out a scream and let go, she had now gone absolutely out of control and was screaming, the music Vanessa Mae’s Storm was at it’s crescendo and I kept pumping and fucking Pooja with the rhythm of the music, I could see Pooja going crazy, my energy levels within me were at their peak and I was holding back my cum, I was just about to cum and I pulled my dick hard and squeezed the shaft hard to delay, I could see Pooja breathing heavily and looking at me, she saw the look in my eye and knew what was coming. As soon as I had gotten control of my ejaculation I lifted Poojas legs placed them on my shoulders and slowly began fucking her again.

“Storm” was now over and the song “I can, can you?” had just begun – what a track – and slowly with the build up of the music I began moving myself in a rhythmic action, she smiled and started moving her body in rhythm too, she asked what I was planning, I just kept moving with the beats and she was doing well with me and she kept moaning “aaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. yeah baby yeah come on give it to me”, I had got her to her peak for the fifth time already and she screamed and now she was all red her body was so hot I think she could have fried an egg on her belly, I was glad for her and wanted her to have the best time of her life, I continued thumping, till such time that she couldn’t take it anymore, she was having fun, with the build up of the music I shot my load right inside of her. After it was all over we just cuddled with each other and slept til l the next afternoon. I didn’t even realize when my maid came and went.

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