From the early days of staying at her home, I would take any chance I had to go through her panties and bras, deeply inhaling the smell of her clothes and occasionally the smell of her pussy leftover in some dirty panties. My God, it was fantastic.

I’ve always thought she was extremely hot. Blond hair, nice-sized tits, and I knew for a fact she always wore thongs since they would always pop out of her pants when she bent over. Plus, I eventually tried on about every pair she owned while going through her drawers, feeling the soft satin and cotton on my own skin. I would often take her bras and pull them up over my chest and over my shoulders, feeling the satin bra cups slide over my chest. She always has the best taste in lingerie too. Nothing terribly fancy, just enough to make any guy hot while looking at them. Over the years I would order the same kinds of bras and panties she wore as gifts for my wife, that way I could fantasize about Haasini while I was eating my wife’s pussy or filling her pussy with my cum.

In fact, I’m so turned on by Haasini that I’ve even tried on her swimsuits, if that was all I could get access to while we stayed in hotels together or while sleeping in her guest room at their home (she would store them in a dresser in that room)

So many times I would be laying there with one of her bras draped across my chest, her thong pulled to the side while I stroked my own cock until I would blow my load all over her panties. Since I’ve known her, I can almost tell you exactly which bras she’s had over the years, which panties, and which are her favorites. So anyway, I know all about what kind of underwear she likes. And for years I’ve been trying to sneak a peek while she changes, either in the bathroom or in a bedroom, her house or ours, or at my in-laws house. It’s always a challenge to find a way to sneak outside to watch in the dark as she undresses, and very rarely has it ever been successful. Once or twice I’ve had a great shot of her in just a thong as she takes her pants off, but I’ve only seen her tits twice. While traveling with her and her husband in Manali, I was able to get away one evening and watch from outside the bedroom of her condo while she undressed after we had a nice dinner out that evening. I watched in amazement as she took her shirt and pants off with her back turned to me, then she unhooked her bra and set it aside. As she turned to walk to the bathroom, I saw her gorgeous tits with huge, dark pink nipples. She’s unreal. She grabbed a silk teddy from the bathroom and pulled it on partially covering the black thong she was wearing. Not long after that she turned the lights off and climbed into bed. And I went back to our condo completely satisfied.

More recently, the four of us were out again together for dinner, having a great time. Sara was wearing a nice blue dress, with just enough cleavage showing to keep things interesting. It was a given she was wearing a thong, but what else? Likely it was a biofit bra or a full coverage uplift bra, either nude color or navy I knew because I had masturbated with both earlier during the vacation.

At the end of the night we all arrived back at home. While my wife became absorbed in checking email on the computer, Haasini and her husband headed to their bedroom. I, once again, made an excuse about making sure the car was locked, looking for something in the car, etc. I quickly made my way around to the window that looked in on Haasini’s bedroom and discovered she was in the bathroom. But it didn’t take long before she reappeared in the bedroom, with the closet light still on. And then she started to strip.

She pulled the cute little blue dress over her head, revealing a smoking-hot, red thong, and eventually a dark-blue bra. I was in heaven. There she was, with her back to me, her gorgeous ass complemented by the perfect choice of underwear. And then it happened. She walked toward the window looking for something, and when she looked up she spotted be outside the window, with my hand in my pants rubbing myself.

I froze in my tracks, waiting for what her reaction would be. She glanced behind her and realized her husband was asleep already. Then, with a slight grin on her lips, she tilted her head towards the back door of the house, motioning me to head that way.

I couldn’t even believe it. As I walked toward the door, I realized I was still completely hard from watching her get out of her dress. The bulge in my pants had to be completely obvious. As she turned the latch and unlocked the back door, my heart began to race. The door creaked open and she was standing there, her gorgeous tits just resting in that beautiful satin bra. The red mesh of her thong couldn’t completely conceal her pussy, and I noticed immediately that she must have been doing a good job of shaving down there.

She reached out and pulled me into the bathroom and shut the door.

“Wow, Ravi, you must have really liked what you saw, she said as she reached down to squeeze my crotch, with her eyes still locked on mine.

She felt my bulging cock beneath my pants and started to take them off.

“How long were you out there?” she asked.

I’ve been watching you for a long time, Haasini. I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time, I told her.

“Well let me see if it compares to your fantasies” She said, her voice trailing off as she slipped to her knees to put my cock in her mouth. I leaned back in ecstasy as I felt her warm mouth surround me, with her blond hair brushing against me. I looked over her shoulder and saw her thong disappearing into her ass as she slowly, very slowly stroked my cock with her lips and tongue. In and out she took it, tilting her head once in a while to keep me wet all over.

After a few minutes she stood up, took a few steps back toward the countertop and leaned on the edge of it. She began to caress her own tits, teasing me by sliding her satin bra straps down from her shoulders and off to the side. “You want to help me get this off?””

“Absolutely” I said as I stepped close to her. I leaned in close enough to kiss her on the lips as my hands found their way around her back to her bra. I let my hands caress her bra strap for a minute, and even slid them around front to feel her beautiful tits beneath the satin material of her bra cups. Then I unhooked her bra, let it slide around my wrist and then to the floor. As she lifted my shirt over my head, I began to feel her tits resting against my chest ” the feeling was completely amazing. At that point the passion consumed both of us and we pulled each other tightly and kissed passionately, our tongues sharing each other”s fluids. As we kissed I reached down and slid my fingers into her thong, and for the first time I felt her warm, wet pussy beneath that gorgeous red-mesh thong. She squirmed a bit and grinned as she felt me start to explore her pussy ” she reached down and slid her panties to the floor. Then she hopped up onto the counter and spread her legs wide open. I dropped to my knees and began the glorious task of eating my sister-in-law”s amazing pussy. She tasted so sweet, and the lips of her pussy were so nicely trimmed I could see everything there as I slid my tongue over every inch of her. With one hand I reached down to stroke my own cock to keep myself nice and hard as I pleasured her. She arched her back over and over as I licked her pretty little pussy. After a few minutes I stood up in front of her as she grabbed my cock and pulled it in towards her. She leaned forward a bit, gently spitting her saliva into her own hand, then grabbed my cock and covered me with it.

“I want you in me right now, Ravi. Do me right fucking now.”

I pulled her to the edge of the countertop and let her guide my cock into her warm, wet pussy. As I entered her for the first time, I was nearly overcome by how good it felt. She was just perfect: not too tight but nice and firm around me. I put my arms around the small of her back and pulled myself deeper into her ” and we began to kiss again as my cock glided in and out of her.

For a minute or two I leaned back as I fucked her, far enough to watch her tits bounce back and forth and to watch her reaction as she fucked her brother-in-law. I tried to get my head around the fact that we were having sex ” it was unreal. I had masturbated so many times while thinking about her, and now I was living out that fantasy.

As she smiled at me we continued to fuck right there on the counter. After a while she said, “I want to watch us, ok?” She pulled herself off of me, turned around and put her elbows on the counter. As she looked at me in the mirror in front of her, she spoke in almost a whisper: “Fuck me, RAviiiiiiiiiiii. Fuck me from behind.”

Oh, my God. This was unbelievable. I grabbed her hips with my hands, pulled her ass toward me and slid my rock-hard cock back into her warm pussy. As I began to methodically fuck her harder and harder, her tits began to bounce on the countertop as she watched it all in the mirror. Her blond hair tossed back and forth as she smiled at me, just watching me continue to shove my cock deep into her absolutely amazing pussy.

In the middle of it, I pulled out and began to rub my warm, wet cock all up and down the crack of her ass, flirting a bit with her ass hole. I poked it in just a bit to gauge her reaction. When I looked at her she had her eyes closed and seemed lost in the pleasure of what I was doing ” so I went for it. I leaned over her, let a long drip of saliva slide down onto her ass hole, then I slowly pushed my cock into her ass. She began to moan a bit louder now, surely she hadn”t had a cock inside her ass before. As I pushed my cock into that virgin territory, expanding her hole to fit me, I realized it wasn”t going to be long before I was going to come all over her. I wouldn”t be able to control myself. I grabbed her hips again and began to thrust into her over and over again, pushing her back and forth on the counter. She was trying to stifle her moaning and screaming now, and I was even staring to groan with every thrust deeper into her ass. She glanced back to me:

“Come for me, Raviiiiiii. Come all over my fucking face. Do it. Do it, Raviiiiiiiiiiiii. Come on my face.”

I pulled my cock out of her ass and began to fuck her pussy so hard that I was sure I was hurting her against the hard edge of the countertop. But she seemed to love it ” moaning even more now that I was back in her pussy. Before long I was right there, on the edge of climax. I had my sister-in-law bent of the sink, and I was fucking her brains out. Her gorgeous bra and panties were on the floor and she was begging for me to come on her face. It was absolutely insane.

Just in time, I pulled out of her, spun her around and she dropped to her knees on the bathroom floor. I stroked my cock back and forth furiously as my cum exploded all over her face. Her cheeks, eyelids and lips were covered in warm, milky-white cum and she was waiting with an open mouth for it to drip onto her tongue. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock into her mouth so she could suck the last few drops right out of me. She moaned with pleasure as she began to taste me dripping down the back of her throat. She wiped my cum off her face with her fingers, licking each one off as she went. Then she reached for her bra and panties and slowly pulled her thong back on, never taking her eyes off me as I leaned back against the wall, exhausted.

“Would you like to help me get this back on?” she asked, holding her dark, satin bra out to me.

“I would love to,” I answered, helping her put it over her shoulders and around her beautiful tits. I secured the clasp against her back and turned her around to kiss her one more time.

We kissed, mouths wide open, as our breathing finally began to come back to normal after our little adventure in the bathroom.

“You were amazing,” she said, sliding her hand around my cock one last time.

“You were even better than I imagined,” I told her as I caressed her tits and felt for her pussy one more time, covered up again by that pretty little red thong.

“Let”s do this again sometime, Haasini darling” I told her as I slipped quietly out the back door and back to my room, hoping nobody had noticed I was gone for that long!

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