One day it just happened and  I went to my friend’s house she asked me to come. My old friends want to meet me and I thought it was girls. I asked my husband he told me to go he was out of city. I went there were 3 girls and 5 boys. I wore red saree .

I asked my friend why you asked boys to come. She said my friend did it. My friend’s husband came and taken her back. We were talking and boys said you are in saree mini even you look hot and sexy. I said don’t use such kind of words they all are normal and dusky in colours 6 feets and gym bodies.

Boys seen my friend and said you did not said that to mini? She said no I will tell her now and her taken me to another room. She said this king sized bed for you mini for me? I did not get you. My point is you should sleep with 2 or 3 boys. I said no I won’t do you too know this how boys were following after us in those days.

Think that we are giving a gift to them. She keeps on saying me so I said I will do but I will do with a boy. How it will be work mini? Their 5 boys there if you sleep with a boy I have to sleep with 4 boys even that is there choose and if 4 boys want me and I will and if 4 boys wants you must have them at a time.

I said I don’t come there ask them to come here and she went off 2 boys came I said where is she? They are doing their work. I think she might be on her bra. I said don’t do it much boys. Moonu came and touched my cheeks and said you know mini i do masturbate everyday thinking that I’m fucking your ass. He kissed my cheeks if I don’t want it you guy should stop it.

He removed saree out of my shoulder and made me lay on bed he lay on me and kissing my neck. I seen another guy he had ditched his clothes. He was touching my lips slightly to get me hot I kissed him and I seen another guy and said what you are waiting for? I will fuck you after he did mini Moonu said I will fuck mini ass you can fuck her cunt.

I said no don’t do that and my husband wants to fuck my ass in this week. So nobody fucked your ass mini? No,he will fuck it but I will fuck it today. How he did not fuck you there mini? If I had been in that place I would fucked your ass mainly. My clothes were still on and this problem was remedied quick slid my clothes, exposing my bra.

Both of their hands were all over my body Kk turned me back and kissing my butts on my panty Moonu pulled him and said it is mine and don’t come to mini ass or butts. Kk said she told that for her husband Moonu said I’m going to fuck mini ass today even she knows that. What you say mini? You guys are already plan to fuck me and you have planned to fuck me there.

I know you won’t stop even I say no and he smelled my ass on panty and they removed my panty and bra kicked them out of the bed Kk said what a butts mini have even I fuck mini ass and this ass is being to me for today. Kk asked me mini even I want to fuck your ass. Why you are asking me? You guys are fixed to fuck my holes and he said it before that he will fuck my ass.

Mini said truth even she wants me to fuck her ass and I did not said that see that fellow smells my ass too and he came up and kissing me. Moonu tried to enter his cock in my ass. I did not go and I moved and said cant you wait? Don’t do much it is new to my ass how it will go in enter it later.

I can’t wait mini and he tried again it did not went and he tried again. He said it’s too tight mini. Do it later it will go how it will go you get to know that later both of their hands were all over my body. Kk with a hand on my tit and over my cunt Monu on my lean stomach and other tit.

The situation and the liquor were intoxicating me. You are hot mini exclamied kk may I come over? Kk asked and I laughed at the formality of it. Of course and he was kissing me on lips. I grabbed hold of kk’s hair. He licked me furiously. That sensation built up in me. I should have fucked you before mini. I gasped softly as I came fuck me now.

I noticed Monu approaching me from the other side of the bed Kk has condom in hand. He kneeled before my cunt, placing it on his cock. Monu meanwhile placed his cock near my mouth slowly entered me. I moaned as his cock slid into my lube cunt with all the dexterity. I could muster you feel great mini groaned Monu and I having a mouth full of cock, could only moan in reply.

I muttered as kk continued to fuck me in this modified missionary position which I presume not many missionaries used. The miniscule thread of cum attached from my lips as I attacked Monu’s cock with a passionate fury. His face was highly contorted. I’m going to cum soon he sighed. I turned my mouth away from the guy he had a really long cock. 

He shot a load all over cheek cum seeping into my mouth. I was prostrate on a king size bed. Kk was pulling his thick cock out of my soaked cunt. I was moaning. You are hot mini exclaimed Monu. Kk was approached coming so I instructed him to cum on my face.

Kk presented his cock in front of my mouth the head of his cock was seemingly encased in cum i adjusted my head so I could place it in my mouth and suck the last drops out of it. Kk unleashed a ridiculously huge load over my mouth smearing it over my face. Shot a load all over my cheek cum seeping into my mouth positioned his cock over my face

And without saying or muttering anything, began to cum heavily all over face, with only some landing in mouth. Monu said I going to get a condom. Kk said you said that you will fuck mini ass? I will fuck that but before I fuck her as i then turned my attention to my new friend Monu. I devoured his long cock in on gulp.

He entered his long cock in my cunt it was itching to me. Later it was tight to go in and he said what mini your both holes are tight? He was doing his work speed. He was speeding more I held my hand up to Moonu chest, indicating that I wanted him to slowdown and I was moaning and I said this huge cock never fit to my ass. It’s never enter and he said I’m there to enter it is big but your ass small and cute in shape mini.

I know he was close to cum and he was pulling his thick cock out of my soaked cunt. He removed his condom and moved very quickly to the foot of the bed, where my head lay. I positioned my head so I could suck him off. I moaned loudly as shot a load all over my cheek both were slept besides me. I said where is my clothes?

It has not over yet and I have to go and you will go to stay here tonight. We know your husband is not coming today even what you guys will do with me till night? We will do the something what we did till now and you guys will fuck me till night? No and till morning so I got to know that I’m being fucked in my ass and cunt at the same time.

But I don’t know how his long and thick cock will enter in my ass. I said them to clean my face their cum was still on my face Kk removed all that with his finger and applied that on my lips you look more sexy with this cum mini. Monu said if you want to clean your ass go and clean it. You guys licked my ass neet why should I clean again?

No if you want to go to shit or else go and do it mini. I won’t give a chance to go later even you can’t sit for 2 to 3days mini. I think you should go now so I went and tried but I don’t get shit. Kk knocked the door I went and opened it. He came and locked the doors. He made me stand on wall side and he was licking my ass.

I said kk I went to shit and I did not washed it. I’m there to clean it mini. He kissed my butts and ass and he entered his cock in my ass now and he was to fuck my ass he might think bad. I locked his doors and we locked these doors. He was fucking my ass like a mad guy and I was moaning ahaaa kk do it slowly.

It’s difficult to me kk wait mini wait until I get cum mini. Do it soon and he cum in my ass and did pee in it. He peed on my butts and all. I sucked his cock it was nasty and salty and I went out and opened the door of Monu room. He seen me angrily and he came to me and said what Kk did? He fucked my ass.

I told you that it was mine why you did it with him mini? He came to bathroom and he entered his cock in my ass. How will I say no if I say no will he stop doing that? He said I can’t wait him locked the doors and lay me on bed and entered his cock in my ass fucking my ass speedily Monu stop no.

It’s too big stop fucking my ass Monu. I can’t mini and I was moaning and I won’t do sex with you again. I won’t take out my cock until I get satisfied. You won’t get satisfied even you fuck me hole day do you think it’s going to be over with me mini? Still 3 boys there to fuck you other guys were knocking the doors now.

He did not open the doors for 3 hrs and he fucked my ass for 3 hours. He given me panty and bra asked me to ware. I wore and slept and I feel somebody was kissing my legs. I seen 2boys were kissing my butts on panty.

Guy came up and hugged me on back and kissing my neck. I thought it was Kk and Monu but there were other guy’s frat removed my panty and I was on top of Hk. He entered his cock in my cunt and frat entered his cock in my ass 2 cocks at a time

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